‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Gary Shirley & Kristina Anderson Welcome Baby Girl

Another 'Teen Mom' star is born!
Another ‘Teen Mom’ star is born!

It’s baby time for Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley and his girlfriend, Kristina Anderson! The reality stars welcomed a baby girl late last night. The baby, whose name has not yet been released, is the second child for Gary, who has daughter Leah with ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood. Kristina also has daughter Karley with her ex-husband.

It appears that Kristina was induced last night, as Gary seemed to know the date that Kristina would give birth. Last night, he tweeted that they were heading to the hospital and, two hours later, that the baby had arrived safely.

From what The Ashley hears, the baby weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 ounces.

Leah seems to be thrilled to have a little sister.

“Leah’s been praying everyday that the baby would come, and that Kristina would be okay!” Gary wrote on Twitter before the baby’s birth.

Gary, too, seems to be relishing in becoming a father again. He tweeted that he was cuddling his new baby girl after her birth.

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans watched as Gary and Amber argued over Gary becoming a father again, with Amber stating that Gary had told her that he didn’t even want another baby. After the episode aired, however, Gary clarified via Twitter his feelings on becoming a dad again.

“Everyone needs to remember it’s a show & I always wanted my baby!” he wrote. “I wanted 2 wait to have another, but plans changed and I’m very happy! I really appreciate all who understand! And everyone who has stood beside me and not judged truly means a lot!”

"Baby making process complete!"
“Baby making process complete!”

Gary just purchased a new home for his growing family to live in, which he had been working to get fixed up before the new baby’s arrival.

“Very happy to be a dad again! I said ‘I wasn’t ready’ never said I didn’t want my baby!” he tweeted last month. “My words were twisted. I’m very excited. Ur nvr ready 4 a baby even if it’s planned, I was more shocked I think, but I’m completely in love with her. She hears me & starts kicking. I bought a house for my family & I’m doing my best to get it ready 4 her! Because my family deserves the best & I want my girls to be happy.”

The stork has surely made its rounds of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast. In January, Gary’s co-stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell welcomed daughter Nova, and Maci Bookout is due to give birth to her little girl, Jayde, in June.

So far, Amber and Farrah Abraham are the only ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls that have not gotten pregnant again; however, Amber is currently engaged and Farrah is in a relationship, so we may be hearing more pregnancy announcements soon. (Of course, we know Farrah enjoys her sexy time in the backdoor, so there may not be any possibility of a Farrah spawn.)

MTV has finished filming ‘Teen Mom’ Season 5, so it’s unlikely the birth of Gary’s baby will be included, unless MTV decides to add clips to the final episode or reunion special.

Anyway, congrats to Gary and Kristina!

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12 Responses

    1. I agree with You there you’re 100 percent he’s no good he uses his daughter against amber that way he will have the control over her.even worse I believe Garry could be a trigger for Amber because whenever Thay are around each other thay start to fight and you see old Amber start to come out then she will leave his house or she makes him leave her home she Handels it very well the messed up part is gary knows she is getting upset she has to yell 10 to 20 times to leave she has came longway to fix herself and stay clean and be a good mom and trying to be the best she can be for her and her daughter and I’m rooting for her i have so much respect for her especially when she requested for herself to be placed n prison to make sure she could get clean and stay clean honesty If i was her i don’t think i could have done That but that shows how much she loves her daughter and that’s why I say she is a good mom good job Amber stay strong 🙂

  1. I think all these girls are kind of “slow”. They just keep spreading their legs and popping out babies because they are too stupid to figure out how to use birth control. That, and they are just looking for a quick easy paycheck from MTV. Why should they be stars when anyone can have a kid? They are just too stupid or lazy to get a real job.

  2. He is such an asshole.. Cuz on the last episode he repeated that that pregnancy was a mistake.. I wonder 8f the baby mama seen the episode of how he expresses himself of her and the baby.. in the long run I feel so bad for those kids. I think MTV need to let these people alone already.

  3. he’s gross but so is Amber, with her freaky boyfriend that just sought her out for fame and money, she’s so desperate and lost.

  4. congrats….I guess…..it’s a weird thought to me that one day these children will most likely watch this show and see what the circumstances surrounding their births were really like.

  5. I kinda wonder if she (Kristina) stays with him for financial reasons. If she has no romantic feelings for Gary then maybe it’s easier to not care what he says. I mean he does provide a house for her and her daughter so it makes sense to me.

    1. His girlfriend (who does NOT have custody of her first child) comes across as kind of ‘slow’. Maybe it’s calculated, maybe not. Maybe she’s after a MTV paycheck. I don’t know.

      All I do know is that I’d rather be alone the rest of my life, than become a girlfriend of Gary’s. Or breed with him.

        1. because the dad didn’t want his daughter shown on mtv and sought custody and a restraining order i believe to keep it from happpenng

      1. I think she does have custody of her,just not primary custody, meaning the dad gets the kid most part of the time.

  6. How awful and embarrassing for her,to hear your man say on national tv,that he doesn’t know if he wants to be with you,and your baby was a mistake! Something is wrong with this chick,I would have left his a$$ a long time ago!

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