EXCLUSIVE! Update on Leah & Jeremy Calvert: The Latest News on Divorce & Rehab

leah and jeremy calvertOver the last week or so, there have been some major events taking place in the saga of Leah and Jeremy Calvert. The Teen Mom 2 couple is still very much on the path to divorce, and The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Leah and Jeremy met with their lawyers today to work out aspects of the divorce, including who will get custody of their two-year-old daughter, Adalynn.

A source very close to the couple tells The Ashley that Jeremy is very eager to get the details of the divorce figured out as fast as possible. (He is ready to be done with Leah, her drama-loving family and everything that comes with it.) Because of this, says the source, Jeremy is willing to give Leah way more money than he initially wanted to, just to get things squared away faster.

Although they only have one child together, the source tells The Ashley that Leah was seeking well over $1,450 a month in child support from Jeremy, a price that Jeremy was most likely going to agree to, even though he knows it’s unfair. This may explain the tweet he posted today about working and money.

“I’m so glad I grew up in the country and understand what it’s like to earn a dollar,” he wrote.

leah-messer-jeremy-calvertOne thing Jeremy is not willing to budge on is custody of Addy, the source tells The Ashley. He does not feel that Leah is currently a fit mother. The source tells The Ashley that Leah wants Addy spend more time at her house than at Jeremy’s and is seeking more than 50/50 custody. One can look to Jeremy’s Twitter account today to see yet another hint of what’s going on.

“60/40 bahahah,” he told his friend on Twitter. (The Ashley can’t confirm this particular fact but is almost positive that this is a reference to the 60/40 custody split Leah was initially seeking before going into the custody meeting.)

Oh, and The Ashley has one more bombshell for you regarding Leah: She did, indeed, go to some sort of therapy/treatment center for her (alleged) prescription drug habit over the weekend; multiple sources have confirmed this to The Ashley. However, Leah left almost immediately.

Leah’s trip was being kept very under-wraps; however Leah’s best friend, Kayla Roush, gave social media users a hint as to what was going on when she posted a photo of her and Leah in a car to her private Instagram account over the weekend. The photo featured the caption, “So proud of you. I love you forever. 23 years of the most insane friendship.” The photo wouldn’t have been noteworthy if it hadn’t been posted this past weekend. (Also, notice the suitcase in the backseat.)

Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, denied on Leah’s official Facebook page on April 20 that Leah was going to a “drug rehab.” However, multiple sources confirm to The Ashley that Leah did, indeed, go to some sort of treatment center (not sure what type) but has already left and come home, hence how she met with Jeremy and the lawyers today.

The Ashley was just made aware that In Touch Weekly published a story stating that Leah is currently in rehab, and will be there for a month. While this may have been the original plan, it is no longer true, as she has left.

At this time, The Ashley has no idea whether or not Leah’s (alleged) rehab stay, or her meeting with Jeremy today, was filmed for the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Also, The Ashley does not have any information on the current status of Leah’s custody of her twin girls with Corey Simms.

The Ashley will update this when she gets more information. To read all of the stories associated with the Leah/Jeremy Divorce Saga, click here!

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  1. I think leah has had her problems but I also think she was struggling while her hubby was never home, I dont think hes as perfect as he makes out he never wanted to do councilling or anything to help the relationship im not making excuses sounds like they both did wrong but how can he have even 40 % custody when hes never even home. child support does go on his earning so he must be making a mint if he has to pay that much. when me and my now husband spilt he had to pay me over $1000 a month for one child but that was only 18% of his pay.

    1. Leah knew very well that Jeremy would be out of town a lot when she married him and had a baby with him. I don’t know if Leah thought she;d be able to get Jeremy to change and work less or locally when they got married, but that there is the biggest mistake people make in relationships-thinking that they can make someone change.

      As far as the whole counseling thing, I am so sick of hearing Leah asking her husbands to go to marital counseling. She talks about it as though just the act of going to counseling will solve everything.

      Here’s an idea Leah-why don’t you go to counseling on your own? Don’t make it contingent on Jeremy (or Corey before) going. Go to counseling and figure your own shit out, there’s plenty of it to work through!

  2. Don’t be surprised if Corey and especially Miranda don’t go all big on full or even 50/50 now that She’s pregnant. This will change everything . I was going to mention this before. That if Miranda had the two girls and then had one of HER own with Corey she would be in the same situation that Leah was in with 3babies to raise . And she was alone most of the time cause Germy, was gone 95% of the time. Oh, wait doesn’t she have a child from her 1st marriage? Not sure but then that would be 4 . Any way I’m dying to see how this is all going to play out. Remember how Adams girlfriend Taylor felt about Chelsea before she found herself in the same predicament Chelsea was in with a child withAdam and he had moved on with a new girlfriend and having to have your child now with visitations with the DUI crash dummie lack of taking responsibilities father like Adam. Now she knew what Chelsea was going through. You can’t criticize unless you have the same fitting shoes.

  3. Why are people saying Leah doesn’t have a job? Isn’t she part owner of a makeup/hairstyling business, Gloss?

    1. She does not have a job. That so called “business” was illegal and has been shut down. Website pulled down and all.

      Shes trying to rake in easy money without going through the proper schooling. Someone reported her ass.

      And any job she has ever had, she ended up quitting because she was too ‘overwhelmed’.

  4. Well, let’s start making bets on how soon she will get hitched and knocked up again by another dude.

    1. You actually think a man will go for her after all this? She has a rap sheet now…I hardly think a respectable man would even waste their time….especially now that she used 2 baby daddy’s to rack in money…

      1. You really don’t think there is a dumb ass out there that would still go for her? Of course there is.

  5. I always disliked Leah, because she’s always about herself and money. I wonder how Jeremy feels when he was opening his big ass mouth about Corey, because now he’s standing in Corey’s shoes? Leah will never work, because she can live off that child support and whatever she makes from MTV…she’ll never have herself actually accomplish anything in life. Sure having children is an amazing thing, but that’s not an accomplishment. She will try to milk Jeremy dry for money, because that’s all she knows how to do, she tried to do the same thing with Corey. As for the custody battle, not sure which is good… you have Leah whom is a pill popper and Jeremy whom is always working out of state for long periods of time, even if he does come home on weekends, no judge is going to see that as fit. Jeremy is definitely the better choice, but who knows what the judge will say. I will say in the case of the twins, Corey and Miranda deserve either full custody or more custody of those girls. The only reason I say full custody is because Leah deserves no money. Yes, Corey, needs to pay for his girls, but I would be terrified to hand over money to Leah, because we all no it doesn’t 100% go to the girls. Crap, the amount Jeremy has to pay for 1 child is absurd, not even I got that. The laws in WV are very skewed, IMO.

  6. Leah will still be sitting pretty. She will be receiving 2450 in Child Support alone from Corey + Jeremy. Some working people dont even make that much in a month. And since that will probably be her only source of income because shes too lazy, she will more than likely spend minimum on the kids and the rest on herself.

    And she will be receiving spousal support. How does that work?, im young and never been married so Im naive lol.

    1. Corey had to pay her before but because custody is 50/50 he probably doesn’t have to pay anything.

      1. He still has to pay her though. She probably is listed as the “primary” caregiver and residence.

        My husband had 50/50 with his ex and has to pay child support because he makes less than him. Her home was their established residency. It doesn’t take away the obligation.

        1. That is ridiculous. What is wrong with our legal system?! If a child is with the father as much as the mother, why should he have to pay any child support? He’s already supporting the child!

      2. How child support laws are set up, he still has to pay Rachel. I wish they would just let them purchase items for their children instead of handing the money over to her. Im sure they would be much comfortable with that. Then Leah would have to get a REAL job and do her part instead of depending on her exes to solely financially support the kids.

        1. Oh ok thanks for the info 🙂 it might be a little different where I live. I know a couple who had 50/50 and so they just payed for the children while in there care and nobody payed anyone.

          1. It is based off income too. If both make about the same amount, they probably broke even. Or the party can mutually agree no one pays child’s support.

            I do think $1250 is a ridiculous cost for one child. Corey is supporting two and isn’t paying that much. But, again, it’s based off income. Leah might have MTV but who knows how that is figured. I know Jeremy makes good money. Probably more than Corey.

  7. Wait….why the hell is he having to pay her $1250 in child support if they have 60/40 custody? That is crazy.

    1. Same with Corey. I know he has 2 kids but he is suppose to pay the 1200 child support. Plus medical and all the extracurricular activities Leah choose to put them in. Corey has the girls Friday – Monday morning. I think child Support in WV is a big joke.

      1. WV isn’t the only state that does it. It’s screwy but that is how a lot of CS systems work. Especially if the primary caregiver isn’t making as much money as dad. I just speak from experience. I don’t know if they count MTV money.

      1. But I bet Leah makes more than Jeremy w/her MTV salary..why on earth would that not come into play?

  8. No way I’d agree to that amount of money in a 50/50 agreement, if I were him. Especially, if she agreed to go to rehab, and split from it only days later.

  9. Leahs is so money hungry. She would have probably have money if she did not spend it like there”s no tomorrow. Wonder what she’s going to do if the baby factor closes and there no more kids to get money for. KARMA’S A BITCH AND HER DAY WILL COME..

    1. What’s she going to do when MTV goes away? She’s got 3 kids, 2 divorces, and nothing else. No education, no ‘home’, no way of making a decent living, and the type of men she did attract, look at that and stay far away.

      Who needs karma, her poor choices are going to lead to her own downfall…

      1. She needs to find a job like everyone else! I have never been a big fan of hers but I really hope she gets it together for her girls

        1. She has a high school diploma, from a really crappy school. That will get her exactly nowhere.

          she’ll be lucky if she can find a job that includes the words, “Would you like fries with that”. Mostly because she seems the type to think she’s too good for that…

      2. True. There’s karma, and then there’s a very simple cause-and-effect relationship between stupid decisions and their consequences.

    2. I think karma already did bite her in the ass. She got caught cheating and now she has two ex-husbands and two baby daddies. She is in for a hell ride.

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