‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 8 Recap: Fake Friends & Fighting in New York City

"Truthfully, I think you're both nuts!"
“Truthfully, I think you’re both nuts!”

Howdy, kids! This is the recap y’all have been asking The Ashley for all week! On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, basically Maci Bookout talks a big game and seems to want to rip Farrah Abraham a new a**hole (aside from the one James Deen decimated)…until, of course, she actually comes face-to-plastic-face with Farrah and then she gets all scared. The Ashley is not here to debate whether Maci or Farrah was right because, frankly, she doesn’t care. She really just wanted to watch them rip each other’s faces off. And that didn’t happen so…let’s get started!

The episode kicks off at Catelynn and Tyler‘s house, where they are packing for their upcoming trip to New York City to do press for ‘Teen Mom.’ Tyler can’t believe how much stuff they have to pack to bring Nova on the trip. (After all, when they used to bring Butch, they’d only have to bring something to cut off his court-ordered ankle bracelet! Oh, and a couple hundred packs of ciggies, of course.)

"Was it something I said?"
“Was it something I said?”

Cate just had a baby, so she’s stressing about finding something to wear for the photo shoot. Tyler, always the master of tact, suggests she scurry on down to the maternity store and go buy some sort of pregnancy dress. Um…why don’t you just send her to Omar the Tent Maker, Ty? Good Lord.

Farrah is already in New York because she wants to bone her boyfriend, Simon, before the other Teen Momers get there. They get into a limo and start kissing . Well, actually, to be fair, Farrah is kissing Simon, and Simon looks like he is just waiting until she turns her head to bust out his travel hand sanitizer and rub it all over the spot she kissed.

Farrah starts talking to the limo driver, who obviously recognizes her from her p0rn flick and is hoping she starts doing the same stuff she did in the limo when she was with James Deen.

The limo driver's face is priceless...
The limo driver’s face is priceless…

Instead, the limo driver and Simon start  talking about how much marriage sucks because all it means is that you are constantly nagged. Farrah, who is possibly the most grating person on Earth, is not amused.

The next day, Farrah’s bitching about Simon’s comment about marriage. She tells him that she’s looking to get hitched ASAP, and the fact that Simon hasn’t already proposed is worrisome to her. This whole time, mind you, Simon looks like he’d rather chew his own arm off than tell Farrah there’s a chance he’d marry her.

Um...check please!
“Um…check please! There will be $5 extra in your tip if you help me escape out the bathroom window!”

Can you imagine?! A lifetime of that weird baby voice, her putting photos of herself all over their house and being forced to appear on low-rent reality shows. That’s a fate worse than death.

In Indiana, Amber and Matt are (where else?) sitting on the couch, when producer Heather tells them that they will have to actually spatula themselves out of the living room and head to New York to do press. Amber’s not thrilled with the idea of getting up, but Matt seems excited about the free trip to “New Yaaahk.”

Maci and Taylor are also preparing for their trip. Taylor brings up Maci’s decades-long quest for her AA degree and asks if Maci will be starting school. “I’m not going this semester,” she tells him. “I can’t work, be traveling all over the place for the show and….and…Bentley’s playing baseball…and he’s in school and…”

"Hello, school? It's Maci.
“Hello, school? It’s Maci. Y’all give some sort of discount after you hit the 10 year mark as a student?”

Um…apparently only one person in the household can be in school at a time?

Also…since when does posting a few sponsored tweets a day count as “having to work?” COME.ON.

If Maci put half the time into going to school as she does coming up with excuses why she can’t go to school, she’d literally be a doctor by now. Seriously, she could go into practice with Dr. Drew and sit on the other side of the couch at the Reunions and make chicks cry. I just…can’t…

Taylor apparently has a real job (like one that’s not on Twitter) so he will only be able to attend some of the New York festivities. Maci is nervous to see Farrah for the first time in years, and is especially nervous to see how Farrah will react when she finds out that Maci quit the show over her.

Later, the girls have touched down in NYC, and are heading to their first photo shoot together in years. Farrah is pleasant to Maci, so she obviously hasn’t seen the clip of Maci quitting. (Don’t worry; MTV will fix that in a jiffy!)

"That feels like a spin-off show to me!"
“That feels like a spin-off show to me!”

Catelynn rubs Maci’s pregnant belly awkwardly and the girls all chat. Maci holds Nova as Amber arrives. The gang all meets Matt, whom Amber introduces as her fiance.

Things are going well as the four girls all take pictures together for the new season. Everyone seems happy, and the day ends on a good note…until the girls discover that the season’s trailer has come out. Farrah has already left, but Maci and the rest of the gang watch it together and see that Maci quitting because of Farrah will play a prominent part in it.

Man, I freaking love April.
Man, I freaking love April.

Maci looks more scared watching that trailer than Gary Shirley does when he opens the fridge and sees nothing but diet soda and apples.

Anyway, Farrah goes back to the studio to film her MTV interviews. (Farrah always looks like she’s shooting her own mini documentary within the Teen Mom show. I feel like she actually narrates her life in her head as she lives it. When she walks into a room, she thinks, “Farrah walked into the room, looking fabulous, and made note of the bright lights, something she’d become accustomed to while living this glamorous Hollywood life.”)

Maci and the other cast members are at dinner while Farrah is alone on the set. They’re all stuffing their gullets with pizza, and Matt seems amazed that he’s allowed to have as many brownies as he wants while on set.

Matt's totally gonna put a slice of pizza in his pocket when no one's looking...
Matt’s totally gonna put a slice of pizza in his pocket when no one’s looking…

They all small talk about chocolate chips or whatever until Maci brings up that she doesn’t want her son on a show with a big ol’ p0rn star. She explains that kids will ask Bentley if his mommy is the one that took it up the pooper in the sex tape.

UM?! Just what kind of kids does Bentley go to school with?!

Amber’s trying to stay out of it, and brings up that she’s done a lot of crap in her life that won’t exactly make her daughter proud. She then regales the gang with the tale of how Vivid approached her five years ago to make a p0rn and she turned the offer down, despite the fact that she was all drugged out and needed the money.

The gang is all upset that Farrah’s sexy movie had “Teen Mom” in the title because it reflects badly on them all. (To be fair, getting knocked up at 16 and then doing a reality show about it hasn’t exactly reflected all that great on you all… Just sayin’…)

"This bi-otch...."
“This bi-otch….”

Meanwhile, MTV, who loves to stir the damn pot, decides that Farrah needs to see what that bitch Maci said about her, so they show her the clip of Maci quitting. As Farrah watches it, it’s very obvious that Farrah is trying not to cry. She’s flapping her ridiculously long eyelashes in an attempt to hide it, but it’s obvious.

The producers try to dig into Farrah to see how she feels about what she just watched, but Farrah’s not really giving them sound bites they are hoping for. The producers basically tell her to answer the questions and talk crap about Maci so they can all make it home in time to watch Catfish.

Farrah actually answers semi-maturely. She suggests that Maci seek counseling if she hates her that much. The producers are still not happy so they keep pressing, but Farrah still won’t budge.

Luckily for MTV, they can always count on Maci to talk crap behind someone’s back, so they go film her eating pizza with her other friends. She talks for about two seconds about her unborn daughter J-A-Y-D-E and then starts right in on talking about Farrah.

Even Maci's friend is tired of hearing her whine. Look at her face!
Even Maci’s friend is tired of hearing her whine. Look at her face!

“I’m soooo tired,” Maci wails, while looking longingly at her friend’s beer. “I’m soooo stressed.”

She then tells her friends how swindled she felt when MTV sprung Farrah and her backdoor on her unexpectedly. Seriously, all Maci has done this episode is stuff her face with pizza and talk about how she has nothing against Farrah, all while talking crap on Farrah.

Back in Farrah’s hotel room, Producer Heather (or “Heddy” as she is annoying called by the gals) is once again pumping Farrah to talk crap on Maci. (Is the executive producer giving a bonus to anyone who can get one of these girls to bitch slap another one?)

Finally, Farrah opens up, stating that even though she let someone put it in her butt on camera, at least she’s not in the same place she was six years ago, like Maci is. As Farrah talks about how fake Maci is, she is spraying her fake hair with her fake nailed hands. And staring at her fake face in the mirror. Just sayin’…

"She'll regret the day she ever met Candy Willow...er, Farrah Abraham!"
“She’ll regret the day she ever met Candy Willow…er, Farrah Abraham!”

Farrah does,however, make some valid points in regard to Maci not distancing herself from the show (and you know The Ashley hates to admit that). Luckily, she comes right back with a Classic Farrah-ism.

“If I was an actual p0rn person, I’d have a p0rn name. Like Candy Willow,” she tells Heather, suggesting that Maci’s ex, Ryan, would probably star in the movie with her. (Hey– he might as well! He’s probably already in bed anyway!)

Farrah says that she may ask Maci why the hell she is still on the show, and suggests that it’s because Maci needs the money.

Um…HELLO! Maci doesn’t need the money, she works full time at…oh…wait… Well, she’s going to school to get a career as a….oh, wait…

The next day, the girls are splitting up to do on-camera magazine interviews. Maci gets paired with Amber, while Farrah is working with Catelynn. Farrah has the biggest, fakest grin on her face during the interview, but when it comes time for the whole cast and crew to eat lunch together, that smile quickly goes away. Maci is hiding in the other room, afraid to see Farrah.

Maci, as she considers stabbing Farrah in the plastic face with a plastic fork.
Maci, as she considers stabbing Farrah in the plastic face with a plastic fork.

Maci is like that girl in high school who trash talks everyone and then one day says the wrong thing to some big girl with overplucked eyebrows and gets called out to fight. But instead of fighting, she calls her mom to pick her up from school early, complaining of cramps.

Anyway, Farrah’s ready to pounce as Maci enters the room. Farrah’s manager, and everyone else in the room gets these little smirks on their faces because they know sh*t is about to go down. April seems to be unable to believe her luck– usually she has to pay $14.95 on the Pay-Per-View to see this kind of action!

Farrah randomly asks Maci why she’s there, and Farrah tells her that she shouldn’t be here because she doesn’t want to be there. Maci seems kind of stunned that she got called out but tries to defend herself. However, Farrah won’t stop barking long enough to let Maci get in any words.

“I see my child everyday!” Farrah says. (Um…except for those days you’re in New York. Or Los Angeles. Or partying in Vegas. Or working at a strip club in Florida…)

Good Lord, she's bringing out the crazy eyes! It's serious!
Good Lord, she’s bringing out the crazy eyes! It’s serious!

Maci is handling things pretty maturely but is not apologizing for her actions. Farrah keeps screaming and Heather decides they need to turn this into a full-blown ‘Jerry Springer’ episode. She brings Farrah and Maci to an office alone to let them settle their differences.

Why do I have a feeling that the Larry producer guy is out trying to find a kiddie pool to fill with a bunch of Jello so they can settle their differences by Jello wrestling?

The discussion between the girls is useless, of course. Farrah demands that Maci explain “all parts” of what she said, and Maci is just confused. I mean, she trashed Farrah a lot, so it’s hard to figure out where to start.

If I Jello-wrestle Farrah will MTV give me those rad chairs?
If I Jello-wrestle Farrah will MTV give me those rad chairs?

Farrah starts barking like a chihuahua in heat again, and Maci is just done. She gets up to leave and the producers are frantically trying to get her to come back. (“Larry hasn’t even gotten back with the Jello pool yet!”)

Maci, meanwhile, heads back to the room where everyone else is, to (of course) eat pizza. The girls still have to film the After Shows, which makes all the girls nervous because they’ll be on stage with Farrah (or as Catelynn calls her “the Devil!”)

"I can eat pizza, too, bitches!"
“I can eat pizza, too, bitches!”

Just then, Cate sees a tweet that Farrah has posted that basically calls out Cate and Amber for being crappy parents because they didn’t put their kids’ photos on the cover of their books.

This angers Amber; but instead of going all batsh*t crazy and throwing the pizza in Farrah’s face like she might have done five years ago, she is completely rational and adult about it. Amber explains that it would not have been appropriate to have her six-year-old’s face on a book that discusses drugs and sex. (Farrah’s book, of course, discussed her baby-daddy’s man juice, but had Sophia on the cover. As you do.)

The girls all talk about how Farrah’s meanness has kept them from being friends with her. Maci, ever the martyr, then says that in order to fix the damage that’s been done, she’ll have to swallow her pride and apologize to Farrah.

MTV has set the After Show up for maximum drama– they have prepared a segment that will just feature Maci and Farrah. Maci, however, doesn’t want to be on set with Farrah alone. (I can’t really blame Maci here. She knows this was done with the sole purpose of getting them to scream at each other.)

Amber is so over it.
Amber is so over it.

Farrah’s basically chomping at the bit to see Maci again, but Maci refuses to go out there. Farrah’s sitting there with a smirk on her face, thinking that Maci is scared of her, as the head producer tries to go convince Maci to basically Jello wrestle Farrah for ratings. Again, Maci refuses (good for her!) and the producers slunk back all sad. They parade all four girls out there in order to get Maci to come out.

Can we talk about Nessa for a second? She’s serving as host of this mess but is unable to say simple words. If you are trying to make it as a TV host, and you’re still saying “wit” instead of “with” it’s time to hang it up. Besides, everyone knows that Barbara Evans would make a much better After Show host.

“So, Maci, ya wanna tell us why ya think Farrah’s a bitch of a co-star?”

Anyway, the conversation is super tense, and Maci and Farrah are trying to keep it civil. Catelynn then brings up Farrah’s book tweet, and Farrah comes up with some random explanation as to why she acted like a great big douche-nozzle and posted that tweet. Amber even speaks up, letting Farrah know that the tweet hurt her feelings. Farrah is unable to understand what “feelings” are, and Nessa doesn’t know what to do “wit” all of these chicks.

The Ashley needs to acknowledge Amber’s behavior in this scene. Amber was incredibly mature and impressive this whole episode. She calmly explained to Farrah why she was upset and was being very kind about everything. She has come so far, and that needs to be mentioned. Farrah, knowing Amber had a great point, just stares vacantly at Amber, unable to respond and admit that she was wrong.

"Waa! Why did Candy Willow replace me on the show?!"
“Waa! Why did Candy Willow replace me on the show?!”

The episode ends with Cate, Amber and Maci all hugging goodbye, as Farrah walks off alone. It’s actually kind of sad.

After this episode aired, the real drama began on Twitter between Farrah, Maci and other members of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast. Click here to read The Ashley’s play-by-play account of what happened.

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(Photos: MTV)

55 Responses

  1. Maci is like that girl in high school who trash talks everyone and then one day says the wrong thing to some big girl with overplucked eyebrows and gets called out to fight. But instead of fighting, she calls her mom to pick her up from school early, complaining of cramps.

    –I died!!!

  2. I’m starting to really love Amber. You can tell she has changed a lot. Although, she still has awful taste in men lol. As far as Maci goes, I think she made the right decision. I would’t want my child to be on a show where pornography was going to be discussed. People are saying she’s hypocritical because she got pregnant at 16 but getting pregnant and selling your body sexually are two completely different things. Farrah obviously regrets it and is ashamed because to this day she still tries to downplay it as a “sex tape” and not a porno.

    1. To me it feels like Maci is being all high and mighty. She doesn’t want HER kid on the show, but Amber and Catelynn, don’t worry, it’s fine for you to have your kids on it. I just feel like she’s slapping them in the face while being all nice to them. She’s starting to annoy me.

      1. Well, Maci can’t tell the other moms not have their kids on the show. They aren’t her kids. She only has control over her own kid. She just doesn’t like that a porn star is going to be on a show that her young son is involved with. Can you really blame her for that?

      2. Maybe the other kids don’t happen to get asked about it at kindergarten? Some of that’s just chance of who’s in their class.

        1. I think it’s time for the parents and the school to have a sit down and discuss why 6 year Olds know about and are talking about teen mom og and porn at that age.

  3. ashley! I love your recaps they make me laugh every time I read them so thank you!! I’m so glad you brought up “nessa” the host. she bothers me so much. where did she come from? another mtv show? she is so random and tries desperately to seem young and appeal to a young audience.. it’s pathetic and annoying as hell. but I guess that’s how you get wit it to get the money for a half colored purple hair (with no roots showing and it’s braided? wtf) I totally vote for babs to host. or April. or larry. or you! that would be a dream come true…!

  4. The ashley or who ever she he is clearly has something against these girls. She talks major crap about Maci like seriously she or he whatever this ashley person is must have low self esteem she is an online bully. I didn’t really hear Maci talking crap about Farrah i just heard truths i wouldn’t want my kids on a show with a whore either. Talking about maci being in school seriously wahts tour job sitting on your fat a** all day writing blogs all day get outta here you get a real job before you trash others.

    1. I agree with you. I think Maci is very level headed and didn’t want to start a war with Farrah. She only had her son’t best interests at heart and nobody should criticize her for that. I think Ashley just likes to use humor to make the recap more interesting to read but some of the harsh digs are too much in my opinion.

    2. I don’t understand why people don’t get this concept. Okay, here it is…..if you don’t like reading what’s on this website…THEN STOP VISITING THE WEBSITE! But no, instead you read the entire article, complain about what you read, and then you will inevitably come back to the site later, read more articles, and complain about them too.

    3. I so agree with you, Maci is a good mom. Farrah just needs to get a life and focus on her “porn” career that she desperately needs to just say she is endorsing it. I wouldn’t want my kid on the same show, I only watch for the three, I wish they didn’t bring back Farrah! I miss Bentley!

  5. Great recap Ashley! Your recaps are more exciting than the actual show. Yet I continue to watch lol

  6. It’s hilarious to me that Farrah is always saying how “mature” she is and how much she has grown up and yet she continuely bashes Maci like there is no tomorrow. Maci is no angel either but shit. Farrah wouldn’t shut up. Talking to her is like talking to a wall.

  7. When 16 & pregnant 1st aired, I told my husband (then boyfriend) that what MTV needed to do down the road was show “25 and paying the consequences.” I think we are seeing a version of that now, except it’s slightly unrealistic. The truths are teen pregnancy can lead to not completing school (Maci), taking demeaning jobs for $ (Farrah, although she would disagree), depression (Amber & Catelynn). The unreal part is that because of MTV, these girls actually have fame or infamy in some cases and $ so they don’t really have to suffer consequences the same way a regular adult “teen mom” would. End rant.

    1. yep yep. you are sooooo right!!! and cheers to you for marrying a guy who watches 16 & pregnant with you! he’s a keeper! I love guys that watch stupid reality tv with me 🙂

  8. Love your recaps!

    I was proud of Maci for not letting Bentley film, but she should have also refused to film. Of course, money won out. I do think Maci lost all credibility for her decision on not letting Bentley film when she put Bentley in the MILF, af. Even if Bentley wasn’t there, it was still so inappropriate. Won’t Bentley want to know what MILF means? Not as bad as what Farrah has done, but very dumb and potentially hurtful for Bentley. Maci seems so fake now.

  9. Btw, Maci does speaking engagements all the time. Maybe that’s not necessarily a job but I wouldn’t say she’s lazy. At least she is going to school and not just making money off of James Deen’s d*ck in her ass and selling her vagina.

    1. Speaking engagements about how NOT to get pregnant, while she’s knocked up with “oops” number 2, from baby daddy number 2.

      How long she’s been working on the AA degree?

      Allowing Bentley in her “MILF” lipstick adds.

      No, she’s not a hypocrite, or lazy at all…right?

      1. She speaks to TEENS about getting pregnant. She waited 6 years to have another baby. She’s not a teenager anymore. She’s an adult that is in a committed relationship. If she wants to have more children, she has the right to do that.

          1. So what if she doesn’t have a degree? She’s a good mother and it’s not like she went to Mtv and begged them to put her on Teen Mom. They offered it to her after her 16 and Pregnant episode. I highly doubt anybody would of turned that offer down. I don’t understand why people watch this show if all they do is criticize these girls’ lives and choices.

          2. I don’t understand how you fail to get it? This girl has been in school for over SEVEN YEARS for a TWO YEAR degree.

            She’s also dumped her child for weeks on end to ‘party’. She moved her child into a party house, heck she drags her child to parties.

            She’s done nothing to improve herself, her situation, and she owes the government over 80 THOUSAND in back taxes. How much do YOU make a year, can you fathom that amount?

            A “good Mom”, sure?

            And yes, she did go and audition to be on 16 & Pregnant, they did not find her.

          3. You need to grow up. Maci never partied when Bentley was with her. She went out when Bentley was at Ryan’s house. She already clarified that. We only see 1% of these people’s lives. Who are you to judge them and make throw out accusations like that? I understand she’s been in school for a long time but why does you bother you so much? It’s not that big of a deal.

          4. If we only get to see about 1% of their lives, then how the hell can you say that Maci is a good mom? How would you know if all you see on TV is 1% of her life. She could be the worst mom of all time and then just play it up for cameras when MTV films. So who are you to make that claim? And if you have the right to make that claim, then why don’t others have the right to claim that she is lazy or parties too much??

  10. Thank you for pointing out that it’s taken Maci like 7 years to get an associate’s degree and she STILL is not done. Once again she’s postponing because she “can’t deal” with life. Girl just give it up, you’re not getting that degree!
    I also agree that Amber has come a long way and I think she’s handled the whole Farrah situation maturely. Farrah is so batcrap crazy and the problem I have with her is she’s so mean-spirited and doesn’t own up to her choices.
    Also, I think it’s a little hypocritical to pat yourself on the back for being “a good parent” by not letting your child on the show with a pOrn star yet you have no problem filming the show without her…a show about girls who got pregnant as teenagers…a show about the results of really bad decisions….

    End rant.

    1. At least Maci has been a responsible and good mother to her son. So what if she hasn’t gotten her degree yet? Big deal. And why does everyone that watch this show criticize these girls for being on the show? That REALLY makes sense. They were approached to do the show by Mtv. I think almost anyone would agree to do a tv show if they were asked to be on one. Why do they have to be crucified for that? Maci made the right decision. She doesn’t want her son to be on a show where pornography is going to be discussed. It’s not a subject appropriate for children.

      1. they weren’t “approached”, they ALL auditioned for the show desperately wanting to be on. They sent in audition tapes to MTV. How could MTV approach anyone? What do they do go around following pregnant girls and ‘approaching’ them?? They are ALL Losers, they are doing nothing of note with their lives, and Maci your girl owes money to the IRS, she’s an idiot!

        1. Well, duh I know they auditioned for ONE episode of 16 and Pregnant. I’m talking about Teen Mom. Mtv asked the girls to do Teen Mom after 16 and Pregnant became a big hit. Btw, why do you watch the show if you think they are all losers?

          1. I don’t watch it anymore, I come here for Ashley’s recaps because they are so funny, and I can see that I’m right they are losers. Maybe you should contact them, and apply to be a super fan? They all seem to need a super fan right about now! Maybe you can stop the show from being cancelled?? Word on the curb is that it will not be renewed for another season.

          2. You seem awfully obsessed with MacI….and let me.point out that if they only show 1% of their lives, none of us know if they are good mom’s.

          3. I watch for the same reason as i watch “Here comes honey boo boo” and “Sister wives”,it’s pure entertainment to me.And yes i have an opinion about these girls,but so have you.You’are a fan of Maci and your entitle to that,but i have an another one.I not a fan of any of these girls but they fasinate me how they live there lives that’s so much different than my own life here in the Netherlands.

          4. I’m not a superfan. I would be perfectly fine i the show went off the air. I just don’t like when people pretend to know everything about their lives and judge them when hardly any of their lives is shown. I just don’t think that is fair. All I was trying to say is when they originally were going to be on 16 and Pregnant, they didn’t think they’d still be on tv 6 or 7 years later. It’s not like they planned to live off of being on tv for the rest of their lives when they got pregnant. They only thought they were going to do the one episode and that’s it.

      2. I do agree that Maci is good mother, not knocking her on that. I just wonder why Farrah’s “backdoor” was the last straw when no one had a problem with drug felonies, teen sex and pregnancies. I was also not criticizing her participation on the show, that’s her life. However, the basis of the show revolves around the consequences of unprotected sex and unplanned pregnancy which is also not an appropriate subject for children. I pick Maci over Farrah any day but I do think she’s a little hypocritical.
        Whether Maci gets a degree or not is her business I just find the whole thing laughable because she puts out there how important it is to get a degree, for her and Bentley yet she seems to never get around to it. I’ve known quite a few people in life who have been in similar situations with full-time non-MTV jobs who not only found the time but made it a priority. I think the whole college thing is a front for MTV, I think most of them would be happy to do the show for a long time and live off whatever money they make from that along with their “speaking engagements” etc.

  11. The Ashley, you make some pretty unnecessary digs. I understand that most of it is humor but some of it comes off as immature bullying. Just sayin’

    1. IDK about that. I read some other blogs that recap Teen Mom and other reality shows and it’s boorrr-riiinnggg without sarcasm and humor. Some of these jokes lend themselves too. I’ve never read The Ashley as bullying as much as often writing what we were already thinking…

      1. I just think it The Ashley goes overboard on some things like making fun of Maci for skipping a semester of college. We don’t see everything that goes on in her life so I don’t think they had the right to say she was lazy and was only making excuses.

        1. True, everyone has battles and circumstances and what comes easy to others will be difficult for some. I don’t disagree with you there, nor do I fault Maci for not finishing yet. But, this is the nature of a blog like this so I also don’t knock The Ashley one iota for her humorous opinions on it either. All is fair in love, war, and gossip sites!

        2. Again, just like you don’t have a right to say what a wonderful person she is. Just like everyone else, you have no idea if she’s a good person or a crappy person. All the claims that you are making about her have just as much merit as those that say she is lazy and makes excuses.

    2. Yes, it’s things like musing over whether one of the producers was out looking for a kiddie pool to fill with Jello and suggesting that a mother from a spinoff show should host the events that tells you just what a serious film review it is. *rolls eyes*
      And Maci is *always* out of school. Because…um. Yes, she is a good (at least from what we see) mom to Bentley, but her reasons include her six-year-old playing T-ball. On the semesters she doesn’t drop all her classes partway through. Were she to just take a class or two at a time (some online, if that would work better for her) she would be at least be making steady progress towards her degree, would be able to spend time with her son, and be able to stay on top of the coursework. Just throwing that out there.

      1. I just don’t see why it’s that big of a deal that she’s skipping a semester. She has her reasons. She’s the only one out of the four that has attempted to get a degree so I think she should get credit for that.

        1. Do you watch this show? Farrah has an AA degree in Culinary Arts.

          I do not like Farrah in anyway, but be real here, Maci is NO BETTER.

          1. Well obviously Farrah has decided to sell her vagina instead of using her degree so I don’t think that should count.

          2. AA degree:

            Metropolitan Community College
            associates, Culinary Arts & Management
            2009 – 2011

            Her certificate:

            Texas Food Handler Certification
            State of Texas
            2013 – 2016

            I do not like her one iota more than anyone else here does, but I have to give credit where credit is due…she holds more in education than anyone else in the Teen Mom franchise does, and probably ever will.

  12. All four are losers sadly, that have done nothing special in the last 6 years since they first appeared on MTV. Given the gifts they have received by being on the show, they all could have been doing huge things, yet not one even received a four year degree. They are lazy and lack any type of real ambition. Cate and Ty I hope both have given up smoking for their own sake and their daughter’s. Amber is with that user that sought her out on Twitter, and has successfully inserted himself into her MTV life and he’s in 7th heaven enjoying his 15 minutes which is what he wanted before he contacted Amber on Twitter. What a loser, and Amber is the worst loser because she was too blind and stupid to even see it. It won’t end well. Amber is drinking, she was drinking during this episode and drinking with her boyfriend, she’s an addict she should not be drinking and she is not even going to therapy which she desperately needs. She said when she got out she would be opening a home for girls that are in trouble and need assistance and she has started nothing. She’s taking online classes at Phoenix University, which has the credibility of Ronald McDonald, she is such a lost cause. Maci is a drunken loser too, and cate and ty are obsessed with the child they gave up for adoption, and it’s painful to watch them, as they talk about Carly on cue from MTV or on their own, either scenario it’s so sad to watch. She clearly got prego to keep ty, who clearly wants out. Farrah is no worse or better than any of these losers. The show is so lame now, all it is they are talking about Farrah coming back and Maci quitting, this makes a show? The problem is these four women are boring and doing nothing extraordinary now with their lives, the ratings are low compared to what they were once. I don’t see it coming back for another season, what will these losers do then? Vote me down all you want, I would have loved for them all to have risen above their circumstances, but all they all do is continue to make bad choices on MTV’s dime. What happens when MTV goes away for good? Scary!

  13. Where to begin?!

    Ok. Besides Farrah, an attention whore, everyone else is on the show for the money. Not just Maci.

    I really dislike MTV and how they play into amplifying Farrah’s likely multiple personality disorders. . They set the cast up with Farrah’s strange return halfway through. They told them on camera to get maximum drama. Heather definitely set Maci up by pumping Farrah up to start drama. Why is Farrah ok with being their ratings pawn? Suppose it increases her already inflated ego.

    I’m actually not a huge Maci fan and I agree she didn’t want a big Farrah confrontation but I also think that’s realistic and not necessarily completely out of fear. I think anyone who watches the show knows you can’t reason or talk to Farrah.

    Farrah calling anyone fake or a liar in her after show tweets floor me. She can’t express any reaction truthfully. Can’t express emotions. Lied about the sex tape. and her facial expressions really make me want to slap her. Because her anatomy is also so fake and those lips and teeth… I can’t. And I don’t even like bashing physical appearance but with her I can’t.

    Also. Why is not okay to have Bentley film but Maci’s new lip product with the MiLf title is packaged with Bentley’s picture. Why is that okay? that’s what seems hypocritical to me

  14. Until Farrah owns up to making a professional PORNO, everything else she says is moot (not that I believe much of it anyway.)

    Maci is lazy, and until she gets a job, finishes school, and makes money OUTSIDE of MTV, she needs to climb down off her high horse.

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