Farrah Abraham Says Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Maci Bookout Has a ‘Lying Problem’

The one-sided feud continues!
The one-sided feud continues!

File this one under: “Pot calling the kettle black.”

A week after her post-episode Twitter assault on her Teen Mom OG co-stars, Farrah Abraham continues to throw verbal daggers at Maci Bookout. This time, however, Farrah decided to use the tabloids to sling insults at Maci.

“Maci has a lying problem,” Farrah told In Touch Weekly recently. “Maybe she thinks there’s so much attention on me that she needs some.”

I just…can’t….

Farrah, who still denies that she had a part in organizing her sex tape, and has lied about numerous other things during her six years in the spotlight, claims that Maci is the one that needs therapy.

“I feel like she needs some mental help,” Farrah told In Touch. “I would never let my daughter around parents like Maci.”

Although Farrah claims that she and Maci have been enemies “for years,” their feud really kicked into high gear when Farrah found out that Maci had quit ‘Teen Mom OG’ once she found out that Farrah was returning to the show. Their infamous face-off in New York City earlier this year was caught on camera and shown during a recent episode.

As for her relationships with the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars– Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell— Farrah says she has patched things up.

“Catelynn and I are cool,” Farrah told In Touch. “Amber used to fight with me to the point where we couldn’t be in the same room. Now we’re honest with each other and have a friendship.”

Maci has not responded to Farrah’s jabs…yet.

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  1. Why does anyone expect Farrah to give anyone an ounce of respect when she cannot even give her own parents a smile? Her daughter, Sophia, is horrible. Just like her mom, her daughter is spoiled, a huge brat and down right terrible to see on tv. She is not only annoying, but you can tell with Farrah’s ‘mothering’ skills, she doesn’t know how to act. Farrah is as fake as her boobs and as annoying as a mosquito. I know MTV was looking for drama to spice this season up, but showing Farrah continue to be a horrible person, daughter and mother is not really what people want to tune into. I would much rather see Maci, a real down to earth and loving mother on my television with her adorable son and showing what being a real, awesome mom is about. People’s only argument is her dating other men throughout Bentley’s life? I promise you if you log onto facebook, many single mother’s date. They are allowed to find love again and have more than just a baby daddy or sex buddy. They don’t all let a camera crew into the bedroom when they’re having sex & claim it’s a homemade tape. If you defend Farrah, then you are just as terrible as she is and need to get your head checked.

  2. When Farrah gets the bit between her teeth she does not stop until she gets distracted by some other controversy.

  3. If Farrah had admitted from the beginning that it was a sex tape and not a so-called “home video” I think people would have been a lot more easy on her as we all know no one acts like that unless it’s for show.

    Regardless, it’s disgusting and my heart goes out to poor Sophia.

  4. The fact that Farrah keeps bad mouthing Maci while Maci remains poised and quiet speaks VOLUMES about who is the bigger and better person here. May I also point out that Maci maintains healthy relationships with friends and family, but Farrah doesn’t have any friends and is constantly at odds with family and her Teen Mom co-stars… Yet Maci is the one Farrah claims has mental issues? Ok.

  5. It’s too bad that those around her let her talk to them with such utter disrespect. Personnaly, I would have shut her down a long time ago. She’s a pornographic actress who thinks she is successful because she sold her surgically enhanced body. She’s no where near as attractive as she thinks she is.

  6. Maci is a plain Jane who has had more boyfriends in Bentley’s six years than Farrah had on her sex tape. She should to talk about someone. Maybe if she dye ugly carrot color hair and put some heels on and take off the steel toe boots and flannel shirts then she might could make some money other than teen mom. U see it did not take long for her to rejoin the show. Trust it wasn’t about Bentley. Money talks bull crap walk. She need to come clean because Bentley looks a lot like kyle.

    1. I don’t even know where to begin with this post … having a few boyfriends is a lot different than having anal sex on film for the world, possibly including her daughter, to see forever. Maci started dating, and met, Kyle when Bentley was a toddler.. how one could even begin to think he is the kids father is insane. And I won’t even touch on your atrocious grammar or your ridiculous comments on Maci’s looks or how she dresses. I am not a Maci fan per say but you’re reaching to say the least.

    2. Maci has had three boyfriends in those six years. Kyle, who she dated forever, another Kyle that was short lived, and now Taylor who she has been with for two years. Farrah made a porno with someone she just met.

  7. Both made questionable choices with their children.

    Maci was living in a frat house environment and allowed herself to slack on her school.
    Farrah took her daughter to sell her “sex tape” AND paraded around in barely nothing.

    Wonderful images they are giving their kids. Partying and sex. At least, Maci has toned down her wild life even though she is 23 & Pregnant.

  8. Mtv isn’t going to cut farrah loose. she’s creating a lot of press that make people tune in to watch the shit show. I wish I had cable so I could watch farrah embarrass herself. If I where maci I wouldn’t respond because it just ramps up farrah to make herself look all the more like a fool. As for why she’s crazy, she is very emotionally immature. Theres a thing called emotional intelligence and judging by her interactions with her parents, she never had a chance to develop it. Her parents created this rediculous mess of a human. She’s not very bright and I don’t think she’s smart enough to realize she needs help. Poor Sophia still has the pasifier for comfort because her mother wasn’t emotionally available and has been inconsistent her entire life. I imagine farrah had a similar up bring experience.

  9. I genuinely hope that after someone will punch this girl in the face. I would like it to be Maci after she has the baby. Maybe if she gets her a$$ handed to her she’ll stop acting like she’s invincible. And seriously MTV she’s not a celebrity or a movie star, stop catering to her and having hair and makeup fix her like she’s one. The other girls aren’t acting like freaking divas. TAKE HER OFF!!!

  10. Farrah is one of the worst narcissists I’ve ever seen including in the world outside TV. I still pity Sophia when Farrah and Debra realize she isn’t as attractive as they think they are. She will grow up with the worst kind of rejection or worse, multiple surgeries starting at about age 8. Do these kids really have no friends or do we just no see them on what is filmed?

    1. The other parents are probably smart enough to keep their kids away from Farrah and Sophia. We’ve seen bentleys friends on previous episodes but I know I would not allow my son to be filmed.

  11. Farrah is definitely delusional, but Maci isn’t the innocent victim she pretends to be. If Farrah wants to call Maci out for lying, it should be over the fact that Maci claimed she returned to the show because she “wanted her story to be told,” when in all honesty, it was clearly because she needed the $!

  12. Ha. She would never let her daughter around parents like Maci? Her own parents are psycho and so is she.

    1. What, you’d want *your* kid around someone they’d always compare you to unfavorably? I mean, Maci isn’t perfect, but she also doesn’t strike me as someone who requires intense, immediate psychological interventions.

  13. Mtv, please get this whack job off this show. She doesn’t need a reality show, she needs to be committed to a mental hospital.

  14. I still don’t understand what she’s accusing Maci of lying about? All she keeps saying is “Maci is a liar.” but still hasn’t said about what? What an idiot.

    1. Exactly. Most of the crap that comes out of Farrah’s mouth doesn’t even make sense so it’s impossible to take her seriously. She just keeps making herself look more and more pathetic the more she talks.

  15. I smell an orchestrated attempt by MTV to keep the drama going, to get a lot of viewers on Monday for the final episode. I don’t think they are allowed to do any interviews without MTV permission. These interviews are just spinning to get viewers to watch their dying show. The ratings are bad, and I don’t think it will come back for another season.

    1. Would you please change your tune already? I’ve seen you commenting like this over and over in the last few weeks. We get it! You don’t have to repeat yourself.

    1. It will never happen as long as Mtv and any other reality show decides to keep this psycho on tv.

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