Amy Duggar’s Boyfriend Confirms Amy Wasn’t One of Josh Duggar’s Victims

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh's 2008 wedding...
Amy and Josh, shown at Josh’s 2008 wedding…

Amy Duggar has been a frequent guest star of 19 Kids and Counting, the TLC reality show starring her uncle, Jim Bob Duggar and his family, but on Friday she and her boyfriend of six months wanted to make it clear that she was not one of her cousin Josh Duggar‘s five sexual assault victims.

Amy’s boyfriend, Dillon King, posted a photo of Amy, along with a caption that seemed to serve as a statement to those speculating that Amy had been the fifth sexual abuse victim of Josh, who on Thursday admitted to molesting five girls, including four of his sisters, while he was in his teens.

According to the police reports released by In Touch Weekly on Thursday, one of the five girls was someone who did not live in the Duggar household, so some fans had assumed that girl was Amy. Dillon seemed to want to put that speculation to rest by posting about it.

“I’m so thankful for this beautiful girl in my life, praying for the Duggar family in this hard time,” Dillon wrote in the photo caption. “Thank you Jesus Amy wasn’t involved in the situation. Love you baby girl! Praying for your family and the love ones involved.”

Amy responded by thanking her boyfriend for posting that, and thanking her followers for their prayers.

While Amy and Dillion may have thought that they were doing right by clarifying that Amy wasn’t Josh’s fifth victim, they took some backlash from fans, many of whom stated that this was disrespectful to Amy’s cousins who were victims.

“I personally feel that posting a comment on Instagram about the fact that Amy wasn’t involved looks a bit insensitive to the victims who were,” one wrote.

“This is so tacky,” another commented.

Dillon responded to the negative comments and gave his perspective on the Josh molestation situation.

“How is praying for the Duggar family and the victims at this time as they are dealing with things, and being glad that my girlfriend wasn’t involved wrong?” he wrote, later adding that he found out about the molestation via the news stories earlier this week. “Please don’t think I’m only thinking of myself and Amy in this situation (that’s not the case). My prayers goes out to the Duggar family, the [people] involved and the families involved.”

For the time being, TLC has pulled all reruns of the air. The network has not, however, completely cancelled the show.
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  1. All people commenting need Jesus. He came to heal the sick help the broken hearted and lead sinners to repentance. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Without Jesus we can do nothing an thee Almighty GOD see,s deep in our hearts and if we have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus his son we can have peace and are forgiven. He is not like corrupt men who see not their own sin. He is a loving and holy GOD. so let us look in our own hearts and clean up our act people. Let us not try to see how long he has patience with us in america. Read the bible and see for yourself.

  2. I know Amy was a victim. It’s obvious because she and her boyfriend wouldn’t have come out so quickley to try to clear her name that she wasn’t. We’re praying for you too Amy.

    1. Amy has always seemed to be an outcast to the family because she doesn’t do or go by jb rules and ways and there are other family they don’t mention so her coming out quickly isn’t showing disrespect to the situation to the family and others involved maybe she just doesn’t want all the assumption in respect to herself and her boyfriend so to immediately say she was a victim because she says she isn’t seems to be a little far fetched I doesn’t believe they even said what ones of the sisters it happened to and what is their side let them speak up

  3. The Ashley,

    Can you make your website mobile-friendly? I use my phone more often than a computer on your site. Are you currently in the works for a mobile layout?

  4. Michelle and her wonderful husband Jim Bob should be made to pay dearly for living such a big lie and using God in very way.They use God to make money and 19 kids to make money! I feel sorry for the young beautiful sisters and the two that just got married. Jim Bob shame on you! All that business about side hugs…..and the whole time your SON in your home was doing such an ugly deed.

    1. I’m so glad you aren’t God. What Josh did was so wrong, since then he has gotten saved. When he ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins Jesus did. His sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Stop and put yourself in there place. They did take him to the law official. Are you without sin in your life? Christian aren’t perfect, if everyone would stop and look at there on life and take inventory of there on life. You would know you’re perfect yourself. As a Christian we are to pray for one another. I don’t see you talking about other in the news. If you don’t like the Duggar’s you don’t have to watch the show. There is a lot of people that hate people that try to live for Jesus. I was always taught if you can say anything good about someone, then don’t say anything.

      Newton NC

  5. he needs serious help
    and so does his victims
    his wife also need,to make
    sure their kids r ok
    child molelesters don’t
    just stop like that
    as a survivor of child
    abuse,I still struggle
    as an adult.I still have
    rages, but very few now
    with counseling
    he needs to pay for what
    he’s done& get serious

  6. This is so wrong! What are you doing trying to expose who the victims are? He got counselling got healed it’s done it’s 9ver! LET THE PERSON’S WHO HAVE NEVER SINNED OR DONE WRONG IN ANY WAY CAST THE FIRST STONE! STOP IT N 0UT THE SHOW BACK ON! this is so ridiculous he was a kid a child LET IT GO! IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!I would love to know if all of the haters wouldIke their teen years n childhood mistakes be known to the world! I know I wouldnt! PAST IS PAST FORGIVE FORGET N GO ON! LORD JESUS HEAL THE FAMILY N FORGIVE OTHERS IGNORANCE! Satan YOU WON’T WIN!

    1. At 14 you should know right from wrong, especially being brought up in a Christian family.

      1. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?… I firmly believe you add nothing to society. I think people puking contribute more to conversation than you ever do.

      2. Yes he should know the difference between right and wrong, but just because his family have christian believes doesn’t mean he won’t make a mistake any more or less than any other 14 year old. What he did was wrong but he did get help and he was a minor. What I want to know how it is OK for someone to leak a legally sealed record of a minor, that’s actually criminal and no one seems to care!

        1. You are so ignorant! Being a Christian does not mean you will never make a mistake! If you are a parent you know they did everything they could to help the situation as ND the kids Stop being so stupid!

    2. I’m pretty sure my childhood mistakes were smoking weed and stealing candies, not touching my sister’s vajayjay. Just saying.

    3. You wouldn’t say that if your child was molested a mistake is drinking a lot more than intended. Molesting a child is life changing experience something the victims will have to live With for the rest of their lives. your ignorance about the topic shows its offensive for the victims for all of you to make this situation a joke. Hes not the victim he’s a pedophile who should not be allowed near children.

    4. Are you high? He molested his own siblings and it was swept under the rug. Clearly you were never violated by your brother. His own sisters were molested and they have been ignored in favor of the chosen first born. You must be some kind of a crazy wacko to actually defend this scumbag or his crazy religious family. You need serious help.

    5. Yes, Satan’s fault. No personal responsibility. Why don’t we blame Satan’s role in all the people who live lives we don’t agree with… The ones the Duggars sat in judgment of…

  7. Finally a man who respects women! Anyone who needs to be held responsible for this is Jim Bob and Michelle!!! This behavior is learned; from being a victim as well. Josh should have been arrested and seeked professonal help. And those girls,they should have been seen by a doctor and treated for the molestation. I knew something would come out about this so called righteous family, but not this. Its gross, nasty and thats why I always run from holy rollers!!! Especially the ones who point the finger and tell ya you gonna burn in hell for your sins!!!

    1. Yes that’s why he was the only one allowed to comment. We heard from him speaking on behalf of her.

      It might not be abuse but it is in no way respect either.

  8. This show needs to be cancelled ASAP. What children can learn from this show? It’s a bunch of breeders with no education making money from this show. If it’s not a show how would they support those kids? And plus this molester. Family is disgusting. Please cancel it?!!!

  9. So sad that Jill and Jessa’s men can’t say the same thing! I think it is great that he did this! he had every right to do so!

  10. Why is he thanking Jesus for protecting Amy? Does that mean Jesus didn’t protect the other girls who were actually molested? Does Jesus pick and choose who gets raped and who doesn’t? Ugh, so over this whole family.

  11. Molestation is a highly sensitive subject. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. It’s unbelievable. But my only issue with this whole Duggar story, is why is it ok for Lena Dunham to write about molesting her sister, and it’s given a free pass and swept under the rug like a JOKE? Cancel 19 Kids, but cancel Girls too, because Lena Dunham did the exact same thing.

    1. Why in the world is that your only issue with this story? You don’t have any issues with the Duggar molestation story except for your problems with Lena Dunham?! What is wrong with you?

      1. What I think she’s trying to say is, everyone is dragging the Duggar’s threw the mud. The Lena Dunham story and no one is dragging her threw the mud. People only want to try and bring down people who try to live for the Lord. Christian aren’t perfect, but they are forgiven by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. I DON’THE THINK WHAT JOSH DID WAS RIGHT, HE WAS SO WRONG. WHEN HE ASK JESUS TO SAVE HIM, JESUS SAVED HIM. HIS SIN WAS WASHED AWAY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS. ANYONE CAN BE SAVED IF THEY ASK JESUS TO SAVE THEM AND BELIEVE IN THEIR HEART HE HAS SAVED THEM. THEN CONFESS THAT JESUS HAS SAVE THEM. ROMANS CHAPTER 10 verse 9 and 10. We as Christians are to pray for one another. I was thought that if you can’t say anything good about someone then don’t say anything.

        Newton NC

    2. Stop trying to justify what Josh did by comparing it to what she did. First of all, Lena Dunham was 7 years old when the incident happened. Second, she was a curious kid and it wasn’t about sexual gratification. She wanted to know what was inside a vagina.

      Josh Duggar molested 5 young girls over a period of 2 years. He knew it was wrong and continued to do it. He continued to molest girls after his parents found out and disciplined him. He continued after being sent away for months. He was old enough to know that what he was doing was harmful to his victims and still continued to do it. Furthermore, he had yet to publicly show any concern for his victims.

    3. I disagree. A 7 year-old child isn’t capable of molestation as he/she doesn’t know what sex is or have sexual urges.
      Josh on the other hand was 14 years old and sexually preyed on multiple girls to satisfy his sexual desires. And he was old enough to know right from wrong!

  12. I think Amy’s boyfriend did the right thing! He loves Amy and was watching out for her! I don’t think he was putting anyone down by what he said. IMO

  13. Yeah, that was pretty tacky to clear Amy’s name as if she was a possible suspect accused of something vile. Those children were victims, not suspects. Just because he was “praying” for the Duggars does not make his unnecessary statement less tacky. If Amy had been one of the victims, nobody would of thought any less of her!! I guess it was important for him to say, “my woman is not tampered goods”!! Just does not seem right to make that statement.

    1. I don’t know, I think of it in context of “So grateful ‘X’ wasn’t over the night the masked gunman broke in”. Amy has the right to remove herself from the speculation just as she’d have a right to confirm it if it had been true.

      1. This is a hard one. I can see why people think it is tacky. However, at least he asked everyone to pray for the victims involved, which says a lot about me. Josh couldn’t even ask that people pray for the victims, he asked them to pray for he and his wife. Maybe he was trying to get attention, maybe he wasn’t; but I think it’s perfectly okay that he is thankful that Amy wasn’t harmed.

        1. It is obvious that he was only expressing support and trying to comfort Amy. I am positive she was informed as a child what happened. When a family sweep something like this under the rug; people who are not involved do too. I’m sure Amy is possible distraught that it was brought up again. whether she was involved or not she became a victim also. The entire family are victims. Now they have to relive the pain and hurt of Josh actions In the public eye. In my opinion the parents took the right steps to move towards forgiveness. However I also believe they played a part in it by sheltering all of their children. Only allowing them to associate with pepole with the same beliefs. Exposer to other (not just in the sense of helping) people would have helped some of them.

          1. I furthermore believe that The show should not abruptly end without the matter being addressed only by the ones who want to. This would be a moment to reachout and a moment to teach. Yes there is going to be back lash and sorrow but it would be on their on turns. They can attempt to put to rest some rumors and would allow them to release whatever they want the public to know.

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