Mackenzie McKee Explains Plastic Surgery Fundraiser After Farrah Abraham Rips Into Her

There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin'...
There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin’…

By Holly Rasmussen and The Ashley

Another week, another Teen Mom catfight! Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham just can’t seem to stop picking fights with other stars from the MTV franchise. This time, her victim was former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and it involved two of Farrah’s favorite things: plastic surgery and money!

At the OK! Magazine So Sexy party last Thursday night (which The Ashley attended), a reporter for TMZ asked Farrah for her thoughts on Mackenzie recently starting an online fundraiser to raise money for breast implants.

Farrah, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, said Mackenzie should shell out the money herself. In an interview today, however, Mackenzie stated that the fundraiser was “sort of a misunderstanding,” but Mackenzie’s explanation came after Farrah ripped into her for begging fans for boobs!

“If you don’t have the money don’t do it. You can work your ass off to pay for it,” Farrah said.

Farrah added that the fundraising website was for people who “sit on their couch all day and want to get their boobs done.”

“I could fund somebody who sits on their couch all day, so they could have boobs, or they can actually work hard for it, and they could get their boobs done,” Farrah added. “I’m personally not going to fund that, so maybe not bring that up to me.”

Um…didn’t Farrah just fund her mother, Debra Danielson’s face lift? Just sayin’….

Anyway, Farrah made sure to let us all know that, because she’s a big star, she didn’t have to pay for her own breast implants.

"Next time try being a bigger star if you want bigger boobs!"
“Next time try being a bigger star if you want bigger boobs!”

“I definitely got mine for free, so I think if you have a big enough name, you can do that,” she explained to TMZ.

When Farrah heard Mackenzie was asking for $20,000 for the surgery she said breast implants are cheaper than that and maybe Mackenzie was trying to rip off people.

Of course, someone sent the link to Farrah’s interview to Mackenzie, who tweeted several jabs at Farrah including, “No wonder everyone likes Maci and not Farrah,” and “Kudos to everyone who has never made a sex tape.”

Earlier today, Mackenzie did an interview with HollywoodLife in which she threw some more zingers at Farrah, and explained what was going on with her fundraising page.

“Farrah is Farrah and she is known for bashing others,” Mackenzie told the site. “Farrah…Yes you have a big name but if being a p0rn star is how to get there then I never want a name that big. I plan to go far in the fitness industry and just walking across the stage takes a lot more work than opening your legs on camera.”

In.The.(Plastic-Surgically-Altered) Face.

“I hope one day you [Farrah] can find peace in your heart to actually have positive things to say about others,” Mackenzie added. “I hope you one day realize that doing p0rn isn’t the best thing for your daughter.”

Mackenzie went on to explain that, while she did indeed set up a fundraising page for a boob job, she did so before she fully understood how the fundraising site actually worked.

“The whole MyFreeImplants site thing was a bit of a misunderstanding,” Mackenzie said. “I would never ask fans to pay for my boobs, which is why the profile was deleted the same day once I realized how the site works. I hope people don’t think I’m that lazy and greedy of a person.”

She confirmed that she does want to get a new rack, however.

“Other than working in a salon full time, I also have many social network endorsement deals which is how I’m paying for what I want,” she stated.





  1. A Read for a read! Farrah thinks she’s can take shots at people and they’re not supposed to respond.

  2. Not really a fan of either of these girls. But I don’t see how Farrah bashed her. If you can’t pay for it then don’t get a boob job.

    As for Mackenzie, I’m one person who doesn’t like that alcoholic Maci more than Farrah. Little miss bar hopping round the country while 80k in debt to the IRS. She’s not any better of a role model than Farrah is.

    Farrah is the only girl from the franchise who has finished a degree (not counting Chelsea since she went to a specialized school). What the hell has Maci or Mackenzie accomplished besides getting pregnant again?

    1. Maci isnt an alcoholic. What are you talking about? Maci isn’t perfect but at least she’s not doing anything and everything she can to keep her name in the press (like doing a porno and making up a fake boyfriend to get herself on Couple’s Therapy). Farrah obviously didn’t even care of how the porn would affect her daughter when she’s older. I don’t think Farrah getting a degree justifies any of that.

      1. I guess you haven’t heard of all the treehouse tales?? She’s definitely an alcoholic or binge drinker, whichever you prefer….

        1. Um….I guess I haven’t heard all the “treehouse tales” but all I know if she was an actual alcoholic I think Ryan, Ryan’s parents, Maci’s parents, Taylor or her friends would make sure Bentley was taken from her until she got treatment. If people think that because she partied with her friends (while Bentley was with Ryan) from time to time means she’s an alcoholic then you need to grow up.

          1. I agree with that entire statement except for the ‘Ryan would try’ bit. Like, he might think it was a good idea and even go so far as to mention it to his parents, but at that point we reach the end of Rahhhhn’s effort-making. Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

    2. Well said!! Dont like any of them but could not agree more! I actually applaud Farrah for not having child after child out of wedlock trapping guy after guy. Just my opinion. And wth is Mackenzie??

  3. I think mackenzie was talking about the fact that the site involved guys asking to see her boobs in return for them paying towards them. I don’t agree with her setting the page up but she’s still nowhere is bad as Farrah

  4. From her attitude to her actions Farrah is hands down one of the nastiest people in the WORLD. Shes so gross. Poor Sophia, lets all pray that she doesnt pick up any of Farrahs traits….although I would love to see her flip out on Farrah the way Farrah flips out on Debbie and MICHAELLLLL

  5. I’m only asking because I FF through all of Farrah’s scenes because I can’t stand her but this piqued my interest…why was the producer playing chauffeur in this week’s episode?

      1. Simon looked like he couldn’t get away from Farrah and Sophia fast enough. She was a total brat and it is obvious she is not being parented. Sadly she is going to end up just like her mother.

    1. I FAST FORWARD all of Farrah’s scenes too.

      Funniest line from this article, from BACK DOOR FARRAH herself:

      “If you don’t have the money don’t do it. You can work your ass off to pay for it,” Farrah said.

  6. I’m into fitness modeling and will say this: millions upon millions of woman are added to the pool of candidates a year.You don’t just become “famous.” And the ones who do become famous end up with severe health and hormone issues.

    For most of us – competitions are a way to push most of us toa new level – not become “famous.” .

    1. That’s great that you do that! I enjoy working out and eating healthy but I don’t know if I have that much discipline to do that! : )

  7. Just my opinion… Farrah is always calling people “fake”, but if you want to get technical she’s “fake” herself. Then she complains she doesn’t want to put up with peoples “bull$hit”, but she’s the one who constantly adds fuel the fire by responding to it, and keeps it going. She says that she doesn’t understand why people are judgement, rude, and hateful. When we’ve seen her on more than one occasion be rude, hateful, and disrespectful to her own parents, the people she works with, and pretty much anyone who dares to disagree with her. She also doesn’t want/like people judging her, but is quick to be judgmental and crucial of others. She can’t take any form of criticism even if it’s constructive. And hates when people comment or question the things she has done, but is the first to give her opinion on others if she’s asked or not. Basically if you’re not her “yes” person, she has know use for you. Sadly she throws her own insecurities at others instead of dealing with them herself.

  8. Why does everyone think that Farrah doing porn is the worst thing about her? It’s not. She’s a narcissistic fame whore that talks out of her ass to get attention.

    1. Exactly. Doing porn is the least of her troubles, she’s an entitled rude snatch who needs an attitude check.

  9. I’m sure Mackenzie knew exactly what the site was and decided to delete her account only because of backlash from others.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that’s what happened. She had to of known what it was when she signed up. I mean the name if the site explains it for crying out loud. It’s called “MyFreeImplants!”

  10. Farrah need too worry about her own life not others and if you watched last nights episode did you notice how when Simon can she was night to Sophia but before she was being a bitch she is a sluty fake bitch who need to leave people alone she probably just jealous

        1. DId you notice poor Simon couldn’t get way fast enough ?! I was surprised he remembered to take his luggage with him when he left

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