‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Gives Birth to Second Child

Maci's about to birth a baby, y'all!
Another child has sprung from Macis’ loins, y’all!

This story has been updated.

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout her boyfriend Taylor McKinney have welcomed their second child today!

The reality star confirmed her daughter’s birth on her Twitter account on Friday night, stating that she and the baby are doing great!

“Jayde made her grand entrance at 1:59pm today. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. at birth. She is beautiful and as healthy as can be!” Maci tweeted.

The Ashley was the first to report that Maci was reportedly in labor earlier this afternoon.

Several of Maci’s long-time friends have been sending good vibes and best wishes to Maci and Taylor today, which seemed to confirm that was a child about to be sprung from Maci’s loins.

Sway Sandusky, a friend of Maci’s that has been featured on ‘Teen Mom’ and Maci’s 16 and Pregnant episode, tweeted to Maci this afternoon.

“Sending positive vibes to @MaciBookoutMTV and @tmon3yy right now!!”

Maci responded by thanking Sway and posting the “nervous emoji.” (Wait– is there such a thing as a “nervous emoji?”)

Maci had previously stated that her due date was June 12. Wanna see her baby registry? 

She is unlikely to share any photos for the time being, due to her contract with MTV. Oftentimes, the network will arrange a photo session with a magazine to debut the baby.

UPDATE: Maci’s mother, Sharon Bookout, tweeted out Bentley’s thoughts on his new baby sister.

“Bentley is over the moon for his baby sister, ” she said, adding that he told his grandmother Jen Edwards, “You can kiss her, she’s really soft.”

No photos of Baby Jayde have been released yet, and they likely won’t be, due to Maci and Taylor’s contract with MTV. The network will likely arrange a photoshoot with a magazine for Maci and Taylor to show off their baby.


  1. The comments on this post really say a lot about the lack of intelligence in the world around us. A 7lb baby is normal Allison. People are allowed to drink beer in the world if they are 21. And any girl’s name could be a stripper name Lizzle

  2. So the baby was born 2 week early at 7 lbs 15 oz….goes to show that she gained too much during her pregnancy…

    1. What? Maci is tiny! Lol. I’ve never seen a picture of her where she looked like she gained too much weight. I did gain too much weight during my pregnancy and delivered a baby that was just under 7 pounds at 41 weeks. And then recently saw a picture of a ridiculously toned skinny model give birth to a 8 pound + baby. I think you are mistaken in your facts

      1. When you look at the week/weight chart it clearly shows Jayde is about 1.5 lbs heavier then where she needs to be.

        1. Maybe Maci ovulated earlier than her LMP would indicate. Maybe it’s an ‘artificially high’ birth weight from IV fluids Maci received during the delivery. Maybe you’re weirdly fixated on this.
          She’s a healthy baby. These are averages (for the record, 10 lbs. is where gestational diabetes and the like start being investigated), some are above, some are below. I was a 7 lb. 6 oz. newborn born on my due date to a woman who gained 30 lbs during pregnancy. I also had feet so large that my newborn shoes were handed down to my cousins with the tags still attached. Like, nurses came in from other floors to check it out. But I was healthy, and the feet were normal, just really big, so no one worried. Granted, I outgrew children’s shoes when I was 7 and usually order shoes online out of practicality, but the point is, everything was fine. Just really off the normal curve. But fine. So chill.

        2. Oh dear god you know those weights are ESTIMATES right? Maybe Taylor was a big baby. You are absolutely clueless. Lol

    2. What a dumb person you are. Clearly, you don’t need to be having sex if you don’t even comprehend due dates.

    1. He seems like he may be too immature or lazy to handle fatherhood. I could ve mistaken and maybe its the fact that almost every clip he is drinking beers.

  3. So she really went through with it and named her Jayde… it just sounds like a stripper name to me. 🙁

  4. Huh. So if anyone was wondering, every possible item has been “gendered”. Hopefully nothing too dire happens to Bintley if he uses a “girl’s washcloth” by mistake.

    1. Sarcasm people, sarcasm. We’re wasting The Ashley’s posting of the baby registry if we don’t make snarky comments about it and retail in general.

  5. Congratulations maci and Taylor I’m so happy for y’all. Y’all are my favorite couple on the show. I think jaydes in the perfect hands !! Love y’all.

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