Duggar Parents to Discuss Son Josh’s Sex Abuse Scandal in Upcoming TV Interview

"How are we gonna spin this one, JB?"
“How are we gonna spin this one, JB?”

After more than a week of complete silence, the Duggars are finally speaking.

Jim Bob and Michelle announced on their family’s website today that they will do their first sit-down interview since the news of the huge sex abuse scandal involving their oldest son, Josh Duggar, broke last week.

The Duggars, as well as Josh and his wife Anna, issued statements via People magazine on Thursday, but there has been dead silence in the Duggar camp since then. (Even Jill and Jessa Duggar— who update their social media followers any time they share a milkshake with their husbands–have been completely silent on Twitter and Instagram).

In a statement posted on their official website (and later picked up by the Duggar’s official media mouthpiece, People) Jim Bob and Michelle broke the news of their interview.

“Next week we will sit down with Megyn Kelly on Fox News to share our hearts with you about the pain that we walked through as a family twelve years ago, the tears we all shed and the forgiveness that was given. We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time,” they wrote.

Fox News issued a press release today stating that the Duggar interview with air on The Kelly File on Wednesday, June 3 at 9 p.m. There will also be a one-hour special featuring additional interview portions airing on Friday June 5 at 9 p.m.

Numerous news outlets were vying to secure the first post-scandal Duggar interview. After seeing how many viewers tuned in for Diane Sawyer’s recent Bruce Jenner interview, they knew an interview like this could mean big ratings and big bucks.

From what The Ashley could gather from various media reports, most of the interview will be shot in the Duggars’ home. There has been no indication that Josh or any of the other Duggar family members, other than Michelle and Jim Bob, will take part.

Set those DVRs!

To read The Ashley’s previous coverage of the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal, click here.


  1. Just look at the dumb, blank glazed over stare Michelle has on her face, same as Anna and sometimes Jill. There’s something not right happening there. Jessa still seems to have some sense and I hope Derek helps Jill get away. Anna and Michelle, are the perfect “dumb doras”

  2. I refuse to watch them or any interview where a station will directly monetize of this tragedy. Justice wil not be brought from it. i feel like they fail to focus at the problem at hand- God may have forgiven your sins but in the country where you live… There are still consequences for your actions. They keep forgetting that.

  3. Obviously they are doing a TV interview! These people are just as bad as the Kardashain’s turning any event in their life good or bad into a televised event. They might actually be worse than them as they are the most judgemental and closed minded people I have yet to see on TV

  4. Jim Bob and Michelle teach their daughters, who were sexually abused, that they cannot turn their husbands down for sex. That is so disguising. It also says to me that they really have no idea the kind of trauma that comes from child molestation.

  5. Who cares?

    Softball interview, chalk full of prearrange questions and answers, that will contain lies, and half truths to keep on promoting their brand.

    These people don’t deserve the luxury of ‘forgiveness’, they did not grow up in the cult they are forcing upon their children.

    As I’ve been saying (and posting) for years, may they reap, every single bit of, what they have sown.

    1. Forgiveness as I understand it doesn’t mean that the sin is forgotten/excused/allowed to continue unchecked. In any case, none of us really ‘deserves’ forgiveness.
      Other than that I agree with you 100%. Particularly that J-Bob and wife didn’t grow up in the Gothardite mess-she even keeps her old cheerleading photos on display! They kissed before they were even engaged, yet their kids probably think of Josh & Anna’s profoundly uncomfortable hand sex as ‘premarital interdigitation’!

      1. That was, sort of my point, and totally agree it ought to work that way. Except in the bogus cult the Duggars belong to, it doesn’t work like that.

        Their patriarchy BS they belong to, it’s always the females fault. Their ‘church’ makes the female go before the congregation and admit ‘their’ sin. The get re victimized over and over again.

        Not a damn thing happens to the perpetrator. Simply because he’s male.

        JimBob and Michelle, neither were raised like this. They certainly know better.

        Nope, I do not think for one second these two asshats deserve any type of forgiveness.

        …recovering grace….I highly recommend everyone check it out. Specifically, those who think the Duggars are such ‘wonder people’.

    1. Not that I won’t be watching for the train wreck of the specifics, but sexist/oblivious/bigoted/ignorant things. While MEchelle gazes upon his Lego-haired head with complete and utter adoration. (Seriously, whatever she’s on is GOOD.) So, yeah, the usual. 😉

        1. It makes my skin crawl too! Normally The Ashley’s captions are spot-on, but MEchelle can’t have that much processing with that expression. At most, it’s “Oh, Jim Bob. You always do everything the perfect way. [In her singsong baby voice]” More realistically, it’s “….*sigh*….”.

      1. The way all the girls look at their husbands is creepy. Its kinda like they are just constantly looking for approval or something.

        1. They are taught to do this (and from an early age!). When your “authority figure” (husband) is speaking, you should always be looking directly AT him. This is why is any of their interviews when the man is talking, the female is not looking into the camera, but has her head turned to him. It’s part of their beliefs about authority. It’s SO creepy.

  6. Why is it okay to have a child molester on a show, but not okay for Mama June to meet up with one when the cameras aren’t rolling? TLC are such hypocrites!

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