Exclusive Details on the Upcoming Season of ‘The Challenge: Bloodlines’– Meet the Cast!

The Challenge

The next season of MTV’s The Challenge is on its way—and this season’s theme will be like none before it! The Ashley can confirm that the cast left the country on their way to film next season’s ‘The Challenge: Bloodlines!’

In what will likely be a rip-off of the Survivor “Blood vs. Water” season, ‘Challenge’ participants will bring a family member with them to compete. It is not yet known whether the family members will compete as a duo, or if they will compete against each other.

The Ashley’s source tells her that Bodrum, Turkey, is the location of this ‘Challenge;’ however the source was unable to confirm that detail.

Calls for casting starting going out in March, the source tells The Ashley, and many regular and long-lost cast members were contacted. However, many of them were not cast because they weren’t able to find a suitable “bloodline” to bring along with them. (The “bloodlines” had to go through the same casting process that the ‘Real World’ folks do—applications, Skype interviews, tests, etc.)

"Of course I'm back! This is my job, people!"
“Of course I’m back! This is my job, people!”

As for the cast, MTV has once again dragged out its ‘Challenge’ staples: Johnny Bananas will be back to do his 512th ‘Challenge,’ as will Cara Maria Sorbello. They will once again dip into the Are You The One? cast pool.

The sleuthers over at Vevmo posted a confirmed cast list, and The Ashley’s show source has confirmed that all of the people listed below (and their “Bloodlines”) left Los Angeles earlier this week to film the season.

The ‘Challenge: Bloodlines’ female cast is:

Jenna Compono, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing her cousin Brianna Julig)

Aneesa Ferreira, ‘Real World: Chicago’ (Bringing her cousin Rianna Polin)

Camila Nakagawa, ‘Spring Break Challenge’ (Bringing her sister Larissa Nakagawa)

Kellyanne Judd, ‘Real World: Sydney’ (Bringing her cousin Anthony Cuomo)

Nany Gonzalez, ‘Real World: Las Vegas 2′ (Bringing her cousin Nicole Ramos)

Cara Maria Sorbello, ‘Fresh Meat 2’ (Bringing her cousin Jamie Banks)

Christina Leblanc, Are You the One? Season 2 (Bringing her sister Emily Reese)


The ‘Challenge: Bloodlines’ male cast is:

Abram Boise, ‘Road Rules: South Pacific’ (Bringing his brother, Michael Boise)

Johnny “Bananas”, ‘Real World: Key West’ (Bringing his cousin, Vinny Gliatta)

Leroy Garret, ‘Real World: Las Vegas 2’ (Bringing his cousin, Candice Fowler)

Cory Wharton, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing his cousin, Mitch Reid)

Cohutta Grindstaff, ‘Real World: Sydney’ (Bringing his cousin Jill Tuttle)

Dario Medrano, ‘Are You the One?’ Season 2 (Bringing his twin brother Raphy Medrano)

Thomas Buell, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing his twin brother Stephen Buell)

Tony Raines, ‘Real World: Skeletons’ (Bringing his brother Shane Raines)


Many of the ‘Challengers’ from last season are not appearing this season for various reasons. Last season’s winners, Sarah Rice and Jordan Wiseley have both stated that they have retired from the show, while Theresa Gonzalez is sitting it out because she’s pregnant, as is Paula Meronek. CT Tamburello, who has been a ‘Challenge’ regular for year, has been relatively silent since the death of Diem Brown in November. He has not stated whether or not he will ever return to the show.

Jemmye Carroll will not be doing any more ‘Challenges,’ due to the death of Ryan Knight in November.

One person who is less-than-thrilled with the new theme is Emilee Fitzpatrick. She blasted the show’s new theme with a tweet yesterday.

“It should be THE CHALLENGE,” she wrote. “Stretching so far that it no longer exists. Starring your repetitive cast and the same winner as last.”

Once again, shout out to the folks at Vevmo for the good work they do in regard to ‘Challenge’ sleuthing!

MTV has yet to provide a premiere date for the next season of ‘The Challenge,’ but The Ashley will keep you posted!


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  1. Doooo another Fresh Meat already damn, nobody wants to see AYTO or player family members. I’ve watched sense day one but the themes are really starting to kill me. Johnny bananas needs to retire if I wanted to see a 35yr old play a game I’d watch survivor. Can we get some new blood please!

  2. I think that there should be “THE CHALLENGE” where one vet is paired with a fresh meat. Thereby avoiding most of the newbies being kicked out and forced to the dome right away leaving the vets to win it all.

  3. I don’t like the new format as in them bringing in people from are you the one. Keep it old school. Gonna be different without CT or Zack.I woulda liked to seen them go head on or against Corey who said no one on there can stop him. Shouldn’t have changed it

  4. They need to stop pairing them up with people they think they’ll have drama with like exes and now bloodlines. Do another cutthroat or ruins with no you are the one? cast or family members we don’t even know. They need a full cast of challengers we want to see. Good to see bananas, camila, cohutta and the other vets but there’s not enough. Thomas adds nothing like jay last season. Need some hotheads like Frank and Bruno. I still love the show but there hasn’t been a great season since rivals 1

  5. This sounds so boring. Should have done a Fresh Meat 3 for new faces, not Blood Lines. Love that Cara Maria is back though! Hope she wins!!

  6. a few thoughts:

    glad that Kellyanne is back

    I would have preferred ‘Fresh Meat III’ or Free Agents 2 or Battle of the Seasons to be honest

    Is RW St. Thomas blacklisted or something?

  7. With a little genuine sleuthing, you might have learned that the people who used to provide vevmo with all the challenge spoilers no longer want anything to do with the site. There are lots of holes in the information because now all they have is what the picked up from twitter and instagram. The bloodlines theme info came from the people who gave the idea to MTV. Vevmo never had a clue. Real World is all but dead and Emilee is likely right about the challenge’s future, too .

    1. Pinkrose on vevmo have been right since free age ts, with eliminations/cast/theme and even the exile twist last season.

      Real world is casting for season 31 so bye.

      1. I think Mr Beautiful, carrying those filled buckets, & then with carrying that red headed arsehole w/this. I can really see where you could totally mess your spine up.

  8. I was hoping this was just a rumor. Pretty disappointed in the casting. I wasn’t a fan of the Fresh Meat crew, but I really don’t like the Are You the One people!

  9. I’ll watch no matter what because I have been watching from the beginning, but this theme proves the show is lacking some creativity.

  10. I’m soooo happy to see that The Ashley is beginning to make more posts about the challenge! Now we just need recaps of the episodes – even though it is time consuming there’s no doubt in my mind that they would be great!

    I’m not too excited about the theme though. It brings in too many unknown people the viewers have to get to know.

      1. Diem’s sister. I, and a lot of other people had heard that she and CT were going to team up, and kind of play for Diem,and Medgift, for quite a while, before bloodlines was called ‘bloodlines’. So it’s a bit dissappinting to know it isn’t happening, and to not have CT there in general, but I understand why, it’s just sad, everything surrounding Diem is just sad.

  11. I don’t like the road The Challege is taking..Are You the One cast and Bloodline? Why? I wish Road Rules would make a comeback!

  12. Johnny Bananas and his annoying bobble head need to go away. I’m so sick of his sense of entitlement. Get a real job! You’re like 35 years old. It’s about that time.

  13. Wait, wasn’t Jenna from Real World Explosion, not AYTO1? & Emilee Fitz hasn’t one a challenge, Rivals 2 winner was Emily Schromm.

    Either way I’m thrilled there’s no Nia after her vile bs last season if this list is true.

    I was hoping for another Duel, Gauntlet or something of that nature. Maybe next time…

    1. Yes, Jenna was from The Real World, not AYTO. I’m glad Nia wasn’t asked back too. She’s too high strung. You can’t sexually assault people. That’s a no-no.

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