‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Already Living with New Man: All the Exclusive Details!

Leah is already living with her new man, T.R.
Leah is already living with her new man, T.R.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert may be away at rehab right now, but she already has a man to come home to! Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that before she left for her second attempt at rehab, Leah was shacking up with a man she just met! (‘Member a few weeks ago when The Ashley told you Leah had made some “questionable parenting decisions” prior to leaving for rehab…..)

The Ashley checked in with her very good Leah/Jeremy source, who was happy to spill the tea on Leah’s new man, T.R. Dues.

The source says that Leah met T.R. when MTV hired him to be her personal trainer in early May. Their relationship quickly escalated and within a month of meeting, Leah had already moved T.R. into her mom, Dawn‘s house, where she and her three daughters have been living for a while.

“She moved him into Dawn’s home,” the source tells The Ashley. “Jeremy told Leah that she and the girls could stay at the home he bought for them before the split until she found a place, but Leah insisted on moving into her mom’s house.”

The Ashley can’t confirm that T.R. is still at Dawn’s, now that Leah is away at rehab. He may have moved back to his parents’ home.

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Leah and Jeremy Calvert made their divorce official (with MTV there to capture all the fun, of course!) Jeremy has moved on and has been dating Brooke Wehr for a while and is very happy.  Jeremy has yet to introduce Brooke to his and Leah’s daughter, Addy, the source said, because he wanted Brooke to meet Leah before meeting their daughter.

Leah does not share the same sentiments.

The Ashley has obtained a photo that Leah posted to her private Facebook page that shows her twin girls and Addy sleeping on a bed made of couch pillows. Leah tagged T.R. in the post, and the person that sent the photo to The Ashley says that Leah placed a heart over  T.R., who was sleeping on the other side of the “bed.” (The Ashley can’t confirm this; however here’s the photo. Check it out for yourself.)

The Ashley’s Leah/Jeremy source tells her that T.R. has been seen around town driving Leah’s car while she’s away at rehab.

"This is pretty normal, ain't it?"
“This is pretty normal, ain’t it?”

The source also mentioned that T.R. contacted Jeremy via social media a few weeks ago, and the two exchanged angry words.

The Ashley has discovered that T.R. has had his share of problems. In March 2009, a West Virginia man took him to court stating that T.R. bought a car from him in 2008 but never made any payments on the car. The car was later found “gutted and stripped” in Ohio. (The case was found in favor of the man who filed it against T.R.) The Ashley also discovered that T.R. was involved in another similar case in 2007.

The Ashley reached out to the mother of T.R.’s two children, who had nothing but good things to say about him.

“T.R. is a good guy,” she said. “Good parent. He has his flaws but I won’t and do not have anything negative to say about him,” she said.

Regardless, Jeremy and Corey are not happy that Leah is bringing a guy around their kids so early on in their relationship.

Rumors recently surfaced that Jeremy had been texting Leah while she was in rehab, begging to get back with her. The Ashley’s source says that this is not true; in fact, it’s not even possible!

“Currently, Leah only has access to email,” the source said. “She does not have her phone and cannot text anyone while in rehab, so the reports that Jeremy has been texting Leah to try to get back with her are completely false. That was started by Leah’s cousin, Chastity, I believe, and it’s just not true. Jeremy is totally done with Leah and so happy to be divorced!”

The Ashley will update when she gets more info!


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  1. Wow this”source ” is an asshole it’s obviously Someone that she trusts and they areTurning around and telling her whole life story to this website that’s really shady

    First of all, Leah! WTF!? you JUST got out rehab and you have some new random guy moved in to your mommas house!? huh!? and you have this strange dude sleeping next to your young daughters??? are you out of your MIND!?!??!?! Where are Corey and Jeremy? step in please. As the sole parent of a 3 year old little girl, I have never even introduced her to a new man, much less let them fucking stay overnight at my house, and sure as hell would not have them sleeping next to my little daughter. just sick.

  3. this girl is nuts she really needs to slow her life down shes making herself look bad by having all these kids and keep going in and out of relationships. its not about you Leah you need to realize its about your kids. put yourself aside for a minute. i hope she feels good about being 23 with three kids and two divorces. this teen mom crap has gone way too far and its stupid smh

  4. Jeremy wants Brooke to meet Leah?? Whatever, dysfunctional. And Dang this chic moves on fast!!!!!!she’ll be pregnant in a month. Well maybe now she can cut miranda some slack now that Brooke is in the picture! I think its her goal to get knocked up by eery man in WV before she turns 30.

  5. This guy looks like a thirsty opprotunist. Leah’s too stupid to stay single for a while and get herself together.

  6. She and Jenelle are very similar it seems. Neither of them can be alone for more then a few weeks. Remember she started with Jeremy very fast after Cory, and flip flopped between them. Be single for five minutes and get your act together before bringing another man around your children. They’re old enough to understand. They need stability. Not a revolving door of new “daddies” in their lives.

    1. Weird yes. Weirder still that she’s allows in a strange man to share the couch cushion bed with her young girls.

  7. After she cheated on Corey the day before their wedding I knew she just liked attention. I mean everyone does to a certain extent but come on. Corey was a good guy.

    1. Corey wasn’t completely innocent. I remember Leah or someone from her family say that he’d put his hands on her.

      1. Yeah, because Leah, the two time cheating loser, or anyone in her, family of enablers…are honest and reliable to actually believe.

  8. At first I was enjoying Leah’s fall from grace, but now it’s just very sad. Hoping somebody protects those girls. Also, I guess this is where Jeremy’s disgusting Oreo comment is coming from. When this inevitably blows up, I hope people keep it a “Leah” thing and not a race thing.

  9. Does this girl have a magic vagina or something? She has a new boyfriend already? Did he not watch the show?!

    1. It’s called a magic mtv paycheck….with this and JE split from Slingblade, I think it is safe to say TM2 is far from over….sigh.

    2. I don’t think she necessarily has a magic vagina but she certainly has an open, welcoming and undiscriminating vagina.

  10. Her eyesight also needs checked.
    Corey is cute. Jeremy is meh.
    This guy is no Denzel.

    MTV found another gold digger/famewhore to add to the decline of another teenage mother.
    No car, no place to live, 2 kids. Wow.
    Thought they couldn’t find worse than Nathan and Matt.
    Way to go MTV.

  11. Shows how incredibly respectful and mature Jeremy is being if he would like Brooke to meet Leah first before Addy. I really hope Jeremy takes this relationship slow. Brooke seems very well grounded, educated with a bright future ahead.

    My husband is a pipeliner also so I understand the strain it can have on a relationship but we dated 4 years before getting engaged so that I could focus on an education and a career. I really wanted to be indepedent before we married.

    Jeremy & Brooke – Take this slow, focus on a future and your children. You guys are both young so don’t rush….I see high hopes for the 2 of you

  12. This guys intentions can’t be good. What normal person without motives would move into the parents house of a twice divorced mother of three, apparently drive her car around, etc? This guy seems to have just as many red flags going up as dirty Matt from tmOG. And really mtv? A trainer? What because leahs arms didn’t look enough like a skeleton’s? Is this guy another Nathan? Oh well.

    1. I’m actually thinking she needed a trainer to help her gain muscle strength. She is very thin,she seems the type of person that stress shows on her body.

      1. Stress generally releases cotisol which usually causes weight gain. I’m guessing leah looks like this because of drugs if she’s really in as bad shape as we’ve been led to believe. Regardless, there are more important priorities in her life now than whether or not she can “tone up” or whatever goal she has in mind.

      2. I agree she is/was too skinny to the point of looking unhealthy, but the issue isn’t stress here. The issue is drug abuse. Not sure how much a trainer would help with that, especially when the druggie is in total denial like our WV trash queen here.

  13. This is terrible. I remember Jeremy texted to Leah some time ago about the next one being an Oreo or something to that effect. At the time it was thought this reference was possibly relative to Leah’s sister. I wonder now if Jeremy was upset due to Leah’s new relationship and ultimate possible pregnancy.

    I don’t mean any disrespect in bringing this prejudicial term up. Just wondered if Jeremy was referring to his disdain toward this guy living with Leah and his child and step-children.

    And, what us wrong with Leah’s mother that she would allow this guy to move in? She is as much to blame as Leah…

    1. Actually, on the teen mom catch up special it showed leah scanning through her contacts on her phone, and one of the contacts said “Oreo”… So Jeremy wasn’t being racist afterall. Oreo is actually a person, not a racist comment. 🙂

  14. Damn, ignoring everything that’s wrong with this for a while, this dude looked way more handsome in the Radar article.

  15. I stay off social media because I don’t like to contribute my opinion that does not matter.. But there are so many things about this situation that I’ve heard that Bother me… Jeremy weirded me out from the beginning. I don’t think it’s normal for a man to go to the father of his girlfriend’s children after she breaks up with him. That aside, I had respect for him, until he publicly called his wife a slut, nasty, whore etc. I don’t care how many times she cheats, you have a two year old daughter who you need to set an example for. I hope she never gets called those things by a man, sincerely. As for Leah, whatever happened to her in her life to lead her to this point, I hope she can find some clarity and strength somewhere because no man will give that to her. But I think it’s been pointed out that Corey,Jeremy,Leah, they all moved on really fast. They’re all too young for this.

  16. I don’t understand why Corey hasn’t gotten full custody yet.
    Both Corey and Jeremy need to man up and do something! Leah is on drugs and is letting someone she barely knows sleep in the same bed as the girls for God’s sake!

    1. I think it’s because Corey doesn’t want to take the girls completely away from Leah because he’s a good person and doesn’t want to hurt Leah. That’s just a guess though. Jeremy on the other hand travels a lot for work so I don’t think he could have full custody even if he wanted to.

    1. She can’t be without a man it seems. Her #1 priority should be taking care of her children, working and getting a house, not yet another guy. She blew it with Corey he is an amazing guy.

  17. This is terrible to imagine but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before someone gets molested due to Leah’s TERRIBLE choices.

    1. Sad, but very true. Even if it doesn’t happen during their childhood years, at the latest it will happen when they are teens/tweens and they repeat their mom’s pattern of promiscuity and seeking worth and approval from useless men.

  18. Leah, Leah, Leah!

    This girl has serious issues. She can’t be alone for any significant length of time. When she’s in a relationship she can’t be faithful.

    Why she always goes back to pimple-faced Robbie is one of the great mysteries of the world.

    This twice divorced mother of three (from two different baby, of course) MUST remain single for a good five years. Focus on your damn kids, not your dick of the month. Get some real counseling to address your painfully obvious daddy issues. Get a new hair dresser. Do not, under any circumstances, get back with pimple-faced Robbie.

    She’ll of course do none of these things. I can already hear the hillbilly wedding bells ringing for Mrs. Leah Messer-Simms-Calvert-????.

    It would be nice if (who am I kidding, if?), once she’s in a relationship if she has the good sense to wait a couple of years before tying the knot yet again. Seriously, she is 23 years old with two failed marriages under her certainly bedazzled belt. Slow down Leah!

    1. Amen to that! She is no different from Jenelle. She needs a man to make herself feel secure. She doesn’t even care about how many guys she puts in and out of her children’s life and how that affects them. I am so tired of these girls on this show doing anything and everything but do what is best for their kids. It’s starting to make me sick.

  19. She mite be happy now once u go black u nv go back she had a good men but she wants to be a hoe is up to her to learn the hard way is that what u gonna show ur daughters to sleep around with different me…grow up Leah

    1. and once you go black you lose you capability to write proper English? or your capability to make any sense? please stop saying played out phrases like that out of respect for interracial couples that are actually trying to break these ridiculous stereotypes. thanks.

      1. not that Leah and this r.j. whatever inital guy are a role model for interracial couples- not what I meant at all!

  20. I’m shocked,have she learned anything in the past few years?I think this girl is lost,really…such a shame…

  21. She is disgusting!!!! She is a horrible mother!!!! And her mom enables that! Those babies need stability. They need to be with responsible adults.

  22. A guy you JUST met should NOT be in the same bed as your daughters!!! Leah is disgusting! Her mother Dawn is just as disgusting. (When I say disgusting I mean as a parent)

  23. This actually pisses me off that she bringing this guy that she knows nothing about around her girls!

    1. And of COURSE she moved the girlses in with Ma Kettle instead of house Jerms bought…god forbid Leah raise those kids w/out someone to dump them on readily at hand.

  24. Why is MTV paying for personal trainers for the Teen Moms? It’s no wonder these girls don’t have jobs – they don’t need to when MTV is footing the bill for everything!

    1. I was gonna ask the same thing! The Ashley, any more info on the WHY of this little nugget? Do they do this for all the teen moms?

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