Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Just Accidentally Spoil Her Season of ‘The Bachelorette?’

"No one saw that, right?"
“No one saw that, right?”

Warning: Potential spoilers lurk below. Enter at your own risk….

Kaitlyn Bristowe is certainly not the most interesting Bachelorette, and her latest action may have proved that she’s not the smartest one either! It appears that she just spoiled the ending of her season, revealing her final choice of man in a Snapchat story last night!

The Snapchats would be harmless– if we weren’t only on Week 4 of Kaitlyn’s season. Since the show has long since finishing taping, there’s no reason that the dude should have been in bed with Kaitlyn last night– unless he was the man she chose at the end of the season and they are hanging out in one of the secret rendezvous the winner and the ‘Bachelorette’ have in between filming and the finale airing.

Kaitlyn posted (and quickly deleted) a Snapchat story that showed her and a guy that looked just like contestant Shawn Booth hanging out together in bed. Shawn in seen lying shirtless and can be heard talking to Kaitlyn about some sort of mobile game (or something).

Kaitlyn has yet to speak out about the Snapchat, which only adds fuel to the fire.

It’s been clear throughout the season that Ryan-Gosling-lookalike Shawn has been a favorite of Kaitlyn’s. He got the first impression rose on the first night and has gotten more alone time with Kait than most of her other suitors.

"All hail the Queen of Bonehead Moves, Kaitlyn!"
“All hail the Queen of Bonehead Moves, Kaitlyn!”

This could be a very costly mistake for Kaitlyn. Past ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ stars have said that their contracts state that they can be sued for up to $5 million for giving away the ending of their season. Although it’s highly unlikely that ABC and the show’s producers would ever actually sue Kaitlyn for spoiling her season, it would certainly be in their right to do so if Shawn is, indeed, the man Kait chose at the end.

Before yesterday Reality Steve, the king of ‘Bachelor’/’Bachelorette’ spoilers, stated that Shawn was not the final guy chosen by Kaitlyn. (He has not addressed the Snapchat scandal, however.) Steve claimed that Shawn was one of the last two guys standing, however.

There’s a chance that this is all a big joke on the producers/Kaitlyn’s part (although it seems unlikely because…who goes to all that trouble?) It’s also possible that Kaitlyn really is that stupid and spoiled her own horrible season of ‘The Bachelorette.

The show’s producers have yet to speak out about SnapchatGate! If this is, indeed, a hoax…well played, guys.

Watch the Snapchat video below:



  1. What she did to Nick was reprehensible. She should have let him know earlier in the day. He’s better off without her – an ugly fish-mouthed girl with sea urchin teeth. Never trust the shorties.

  2. If you look closely it seems like he is actually taking the video and may have added it to her snap chat story without her knowing…

  3. I think she’s the worst and she’s ugly. big buck teeth and crooked mouth. And I will slut shame her — she’s like that Bob Gainey, who claims to have slept with six and a half of the women – – lol, never figured out who the one half was. btw Chris Hansen is the one who said that Bob said that.

    1. I think that she showed that she is a narcisist by bring another guy in the house.
      She totally disregarding the feeling of the other guys and made her statement
      “my husband is in this room” a total joke,

  4. If this does end up being a hoax then what’s the point of it?

    I could understand throwing some red herrings out there if EVERYONE knew about the Reality Steve spoilers, but most people that watch this show don’t even know about that, so what would be the point of ruining the season for them? and especially so early in the season.

  5. Hoax…nobody could be that dumb. It was probably a way to get people talking about this dull season, and it’s working.

  6. Actually Reality Steve didn’t say Shawn finished in second place. There is no ‘first place’ because according to him she chose no one.

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