‘Married At First Sight’ Season 2 Reunion Spoilers Hit the Internet Regarding Drug Use, Divorce & Lies– and Many Prove to be True


Warning: Spoilers lie below! Exit now if you do not wish to read any Married At First Sight Reunion spoilers…

Note from The Ashley: The Ashley wants to make it clear that she did not come up with the accusations listed below. She simply reposted what she found on the linked message board, and initially set out to DISPROVE the claims. However, as she began to do research, many of the claims made on the message board started to prove to have at least some truth. Her findings are posted below.

Earlier this week, The Ashley began getting emails from a person claiming to be involved with the production of the A&E hit show, Married At First Sight. The person in the email stated that they had some fantastic behind-the-scenes gossip regarding the three men who starred on the show’s second season, which is currently airing. From time to time, The Ashley gets emails like this and, after checking out their content, realizes that the person is simply a fan of the show looking for attention. These emails, however, were different.

The person pointed The Ashley in the direction of a series of message board posts, written right after last week’s episode aired on Tuesday. On the episode, two of the three couples– Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino and Ryan Ranellone and Jacyln Methuen— decided to stay together, while one couple–Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar–asked for a divorce.

The person stated that in the weeks between the taping of the “Decision Day” episode and the Reunion episode, things got crazy with the two couples who wanted to stay married. The online commenter made some pretty outrageous claims-– from drug use to casting shockers. After an in-depth investigation, The Ashley has been able to confirm that many of the claims made in the posting have at least some truth to them.

First, read the comment written on the message board by the person claiming to be a production source.

This may shed some light as to why this season doesn’t feel like last season. They had a male and separate female casting for its original season title was “a love experiment”. Which then changed to married at first site. Season one the “experts” took almost 1 year to make the matches from people both truly looking to be married.

This season they did the matches in a week! The show was set to start filming in mid March. They did a female casting call for women who wanted to be married. They called some people back from season 1 who had applied to reapply and Jessica got one of the spots this time.

Then we got orders shooting was changed and the crew had to leave early December and would now be away from our families over Christmas and New Years. Everyone was pissed! The producers thought the couples spending the holidays together would give added drama to the show.

There was no male casting done. One guy was found on match.com, one on facebook because he had acted and modeled prior, and one was a friend of a contestant on season 1. NONE of these men wanted to be married. They all wanted to advance their careers or have “fame.” The producers sold them that way. All the opportunities that would come their way afterwards. Plus the $1500.00 per episode they would get and anything that was filmed paid for during the 6 weeks. The matches were made quickly and everyone had two weeks until their wedding.

It is Jessica’s Ryan that storms off the set. Jess found out two weeks after the experiment was over that Ryan lied about his job and all the money he doesn’t have. He is an aspiring actor/ model that is broke. He stole the $100. The truth comes out he is really a drug dealer and addicted to cocaine. That’s why he leaves the set and then he began to threaten Jessica’s life.

Jacyln’s Ryan cheated on her during the experiment and had sex with his ex girlfriend. Other lies Ryan has told come out such as he does not support his family. He never paid his mother money to live there. His mom would complain she wanted Ryan to move out because he ate all their food and never contributed money.

Jess’s Ryan never showed up to film a few times and went MIA. She found out later he was having sex and cheating on her at his ex girlfriends apartment.

They did the casting so fast the men were never drug tested or std tested like the women were.

No one is together. Everyone is getting divorced. Their contract stated must wait 6 months before filing for divorce.

Not sure with editing what will be shown that happened at the reunion as we film much longer than the 1.5 hours they will show with commercials.

Season 3 started filming this past weekend in Atlanta. Three couples were married each a day apart on June 5,6,& 7.

In another comment, the alleged production source wrote what he/she claimed to be more inside details about the reunion…

Everyone knew something was going on with Ryan D. When he kept missing filming. None of us knew during filming he was on drugs or a drug dealer. Jess found this out during the two weeks they were together off camera. She says this at the reunion which causes Ruan to leave the set.

Jaclyn was producer influenced to say yes. She really tried with Ryan but he was such a mamas boy he never spent one night in that apartment with her. He said he had anxiety and had to go home. He went home every night. Or as she knows now some nights to his ex girlfriends house. You wont see shots of them waking up together until decision day.

A lot of the crew said they knew people during filming that said Sean was gay and he was on an all gay bowling team called the Rainbow Rollers. I looked it up online and it does exist and has all their bowling stats. Maybe he’s bi?

After the reunion shows everyone can speak out regarding their personal relationships. I can guarantee you have three very unhappy ladies.

Jess did say Ryan never physically abused her in the two weeks together after filming but he became much more verbally abusive and she mentions some off the wall things he did that only someone using does. After she left him Ryan’s friends went to her telling her how much worse he got once she ended things with him. He is losing a lot of his friends and they are actually on Jessica’s side.

Once she said he was not only addicted to cocaine but was a drug dealer ryan walked off set and started ranting and screaming how he is going to kill that f-ing b-itch when they get back and how she is dead! Everyone on set could hear him.

She was going to file a restraining order but the show talked her out of it as it would be in public records and spoil their show. Instead they gave her security guards that walk her to and from work and anywhere she goes until the reunion is over. With her agreeing to not file the restraining order she said she wants an annulment instead of a divorce since they put her life in danger. She used it as a bargaining tool so she may be the only one that will be allowed an annulment.

The Ashley has proven that some of these shocking claims to have merit. Let’s begin…

Claim #1: Ryan and Jessica are no longer together.

True! On Saturday morning, Ryan posted to his Instagram that “someone” had created a fake profile for him. He claimed to have tracked the fake profile back to someone who works at the Empire State Building. He later clarified in the comments section that his “wife” works there. (Nice use of quotation marks, buddy.)

In fact, Ryan and Jessica stopped following each other on Instagram a while back, and are no longer friends on their “real” Facebook pages (which, of course The Ashley sleuthed out.)

Ryan himself has proven that there is some truth to the statement above that Jessica wanted a restraining order against him! In fact, he posted a copy of a petition for a restraining order she filed against him to his Instagram on Saturday, along with the following caption:

“Unfortunately this isn’t something I’d wish on anyone. To hear and read about the forum on Thursday to come home and find this on Friday. To see the IG on Sat and see the location was enough. They say first 48 for a reason. This is another fact here’s the order of protection- which had me in awe and when I read it was disgusted. Bash me all you want, say whatever it is about me just remember this board don’t break for nada. Why I posted this will be thoroughly explained when the times right.”

The show’s experts have yet to respond to Ryan’s restraining order posting. The Ashley is shocked that the show’s producers have allowed Ryan’s post to remain on his Instagram, as it is likely a huge breach of his contract with the network to release any spoilers about the show’s ending before they air! He did tell a commenter on his Instagram that he “knows what [he’s] doing” in regard to that, however.

tumblr_nmgipeaV081ql56ddo1_500Claim #2: Ryan D. has a cocaine problem.

While The Ashley is not confirming that Ryan uses/sells cocaine as the commenter claims, she can confirm that the commenter is not the first to make these claims. In fact, several people that claim to know Ryan commented on his Instagram account earlier this month with similar claims, before these allegations came out. Also, on the fake profile that Ryan alleges that Jessica  created for him (using his real last name, Oehl), there is a meme about him selling coke and phones. (Click here to see it!)

The Ashley was unable to locate any drug-related arrests for Ryan De Nino or Ryan Oehl.

Claim #3: Ryan D. is not a “business owner” as the network stated. In fact, he actually works as a salesman for T-Mobile.

A peek at Ryan’s LinkedIn page reveals that he is, indeed, a sales rep for T-Mobile. Although his page also lists him as being the CEO of “Marquis Business Group” in the Greater New York City area, The Ashley was unable to find any mention of a business going by this name, even after an extensive search. 

"Thanks, Doug!"
“Thanks, Doug!”

Claim: One guy was picked because he is a friend of a Season 1 cast member. Another was picked because he had previously acted and modeled.

The commenter’s claims about how the Season 2 guys were chosen seem to have some merit. The Ashley located Sean’s “real” Facebook (not his FYI-sponsored page with the “blue check”) and found that he is, indeed, a friend of Doug Hehner’s brother, Matt. In fact, Sean’s brother was a groomsman in Doug and Jamie’s wedding during Season 1. Sean has stated in interviews that Doug is a family friend and that he was “inspired” to sign up for the show after watching Doug’s story play out. 

Ryan De Nino may be the cast member that the commenter states was found on Facebook due to his acting/modeling experience. Ryan once starred on the show “Brooklyn 11223.” 

The look of love....
The look of love….

Claim: Ryan R. and Jaclyn have broken up since the reunion.

This can’t be confirmed; however, Ryan and Jaclyn are no longer actual Facebook friends (although they once were). Ryan is friends with everyone from the Season 2 cast– except his “wife!”

The Ashley was not, however, able to confirm the commenter’s claims that Ryan R. cheated on Jacyln, or that he refused to stay at their apartment overnight. After the reports of his cheating circulated the Internet, Ryan posted to his Instagram that he was “always faithful.”

Claim: The third season of ‘Married at First Sight’ is already filming in Atlanta. The couples were married last week.

This has proven to be very true. In fact, Kinetic Content CEO Chris Coelen actually confirmed this in an interview he did with The Wrap. The casting notice for Season 3 went up on casting sites at the end of January.

Claim: Sean is/was on an all-gay bowling team called the Rainbow Rollers in New Jersey.

The Ashley can’t confirm this—however, she can confirm that Sean is Facebook friends with Randy Jens, who is currently the president of the Rainbow Rollers. This may be just a random coincidence; however on the show Sean stated that he was on a bowling team.

A Rounduper did a little bit more digging and found out that, according to his official profile on bowl.com, Sean has been bowling for the Rainbow Rollers since 2011. Of course, this does not confirm that he is gay. It simply confirms that he bowls on a gay bowling team.

To see how the show’s experts responded to the message board poster’s claims, click here!

The ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 2 Reunion airs Tuesday night on A&E. It will be interesting to see what is edited out and what is left in! Stay tuned!

UPDATE #1: Ryan D. and his pals continue to bash Jessica (and even Jacyln– who they said reminded them of a character on ‘Bugs Life’) in the comments section of Ryan’s Instagram posts. They deny that he stole the money on the show, and that he is a drug dealer.

UPDATE #2: Other media outlets are finally catching up on the ‘MAFS’ craziness that’s been happening all weekend! On Monday morning, People published a statement issued by the show’s production company, Kinetic Content:

“We don’t know all the details and can’t comment on the specifics. What we can say is that unfortunately, couples on the show can go through real divorces, and divorce can often be difficult. The experts on our show have the best of intentions and highest hopes for success for each couple. After undergoing extensive background and psychological checks by third parties, couples agree to be legally married on our show. We document their journey for six weeks after their wedding, but we can’t control how they behave, or govern their actions after production. Our thoughts are with these individuals, and as always we have offered each of them significant aftercare resources. We wish them nothing but the best and hope they have a bright future ahead of them.”

A production source told People that the rumor that Jessica brings up Ryan’s cocaine use during the reunion is false. That remains to be seen, however…

UPDATE #3: The show’s executive producer, Chris Coelen talked to People about the Season 2 casting process, claiming that, while they did look to places like Match.com and Facebook to find cast members, (as the message board commenter stated), they did spend a great deal of time casting the season.

“The men and the women are treated exactly the same. We go to bars, mixers, singles events and church groups” in that area, he explains. “We also go on every dating site you could possibly think of – OkCupid, Match, Tinder, Hinge. We also go on Facebook, talk to family and friends and try to make the pool as big as possible.”

Chris also stated that participants being considered undergo “very significant background checks and psychological evaluations by highly accredited third parties. We get their recommendations and they rule out a lot of people.”

To read his full explanation of how the show is cast, click here.

(Photos: A&E, Facebook, Instagram)




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  1. I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I ADHERE TO “COMMENTS” but here is one time I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about so here goes!!! ….After working in Hollywood as a crew member (IATSE) for well over 30 yrs. it still amazes me that people think that a “reality” tv show is REAL. Nothing Nothing Nothing about Hollywwod is REAL… It’s entertainment folks! I have NEVER met a more unscrupulous person than a PRODUCER. They live to “nickel and dime” anything or anyone that gets in their way; finances are finances after all but a good bulk of these cats are on a POWER TRIP… They thrive off of making people cringe! They are not going to eat tuna fish for lunch when they can have lobster! No CEO of any mega corporation has anything on a Hollywood producer; it is a MAJOR part of the American (& global) economy … Trillions folks!
    That being said, it’s not like anyone that goes into this business DOESN’T know this.. Actors and crew cut the best “deal” they can, get on with the work and move onto the next project…backs are stabbed, reputations can be ruined but for the most part things go according “to plan.” Where Hollywood is NOT fake is in the fact that one can not fake something that one know is phoney from the get go… It ain’t theatre, it’s not Mickey and Judy putting on a show with a smiling troupe willing to sacrifice for some weird notion that “the show must go on.” It’s gotta go on because we all want our pay check; very rarely will one be envolved in a production where one feels “at one” with making art… too many egos for that. However, ONCE UPON A TIME, when all the “deals” were ironed out, there was a bunch of OVER THE TOP TALENTED PROS doing outstanding work because they committed to the job and they LOVED what they were doing and proud to be allowed to be part off an industry that allowed that type of self identity. Who LOVES bringing grief into people’s lives?
    WHAT IS UTTERLY SHAMEFUL is how ruthless “reality” productions have become. The only “deal” being given is the “glory” of being “allowed” to be on camera; they will say anything (and they do) to get the “commodity” (that would be the participant) in front of the camera and a “believer” is always the best “commodity.” The ultimate “brass ring” is finding someone that is “ripe” ready forsomething wonderful and HONEST to come their way; a real “Walter Mitty” hoping to close their eyes and wake up to something, well, wonderful.
    This show is so so guilty of abusing that. The producers/creators pitched a project, BOUGHT a team of “professionals” and ran with it. They confidently “FORGOT” to let everyone in on the “deal.”
    People could say that the cast “knew what they were “getting into” but this was MOST DEFINETLY NOT THE CASE with JESSICA, or even for that matter with the other ladies. Once again WOMEN got the short end of the stick. As a ( by the way male) crew member it’s no secret how Hollywood STILL treats women. To this day derogatory attitudes prevail…things like “get the tomato on the set” are so common place tha what is a woman to do!?!; there are numerous roles for guys, not so for the women. The process is already so stacked against them and here comes a show that pretends to be fair and equal all the while WILLFULLY casting any “Tom, Dick or Harry” to actually MARRY a woman. I mean these guys were someone’s “friend,” a dude they found on match.com and a GUIDO (I can say this since I’m Italian-American from exactly where he is from)…. this was not just WRONG, it could have been life threatening. Jessica was paired with a very unstable guy who saw/sees himself as a gift from the gods… States Island can be like walking into the 50’s where Italian guys are the king of the castle and marrying a gal to have the “required” family is de rigueur so they then can cook and clean and wait on said family in servitude for the rest of their lives! The show KNEW the “set up” with this guy.

    [One note to reality tv, if your going to edit the hell out of an episode at LEAST be aware of a thing like CONTINUITY; people in different clothes being filmed on the “wrong” side of camera from shot to shot is a dead giveaway. I mean these producers don’t even take a pause so they can at least “match” clothing or camera angles… What does that tell you? Every second costs a fortune but in the past golden days of tv (!) shows were willing to take the time to keep continuity correct out of ENTEGRITY to themselves and their product (regardless if the “goal” was $$). With reality tv why bother?]

    These reality shows already have a built in GULLIBLE audience that is all too willing to accept anything, including shameless editing, just as long as they can see participants squirm & squeal…willing to get those producers that lobster for lunch! …again at what cost? Could there not be a happy medium that was based on at least a teaspoon of honesty & decorum? Entegrity still sells, it’s just too expensive is all.
    It was so painfully obvious that the ONLY reason that Ryan said YES to marriage was that his macho pride would have been DESTROYED if he was turned down on national tv. These Guido’s know how to play a woman, believe me I grew up in this culture…here is where Jessica could have dealt a thunderous blow to antiquated antics moma’s boy Ryan thinks is OK. It was all the more DEVASTATING that she said YES because one knew she REALLY REALLY meant it. He played her so well that I think she honestly believed in him and thus could not/would not make him look like a chump on tv. This gal was such a “find” that all they needed to do was let Ryan loose; they sat back patted themselves on the back and watched well… abuse.
    While Davina was able to “catch on” fast to the the reality of where this show was “coming from,” in the long run she paid a high price for that. Those “pros” let her be portrayed as a “satan,” all for the cheap shot of again, patting themselves on the back. That is still very different than willfully participating in a scheme that probably will affect Jessica for quite sometime. Believe me, they were under no grand ILLUSION as to where Ryan was coming from and if they were not they deserve to have whatever liscences they carry questioned. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. For $ they let her be LIED to…nothing wrong at all in making the bucks, but what about getting those bucks knowing they needed (I’m sure) an iron clad contract to cover their butts as part of their “deal,”… again ok, as long as EVERYONE is “in” (like many a reality show) on the “deal.”
    I am sure she trusted the show to have veted this guy… I mean a simple drug test or a simple “going over” of his finances would have DISQUALIFIED this jerk from ever ever worming his way through this show. Believe me, they were under NO ILLUSION about Ryan. THE ONLY GOOD THING IS THAT HIS “PLANS” POSSIBLY BACKFIRED. He thought he was going to have ladies all over him and I’m sure he was certain fame and fortune were around the corner… Sorry Ryan, wrong show, this wasn’t “Jersey Shore.” He thinks himself a player and THEY let him play. . He was even ALLOWED to call her an actress, a “betrayer” for calling him out about cheating on national tv. Sure, they “sort of” called him out, but wasn’t it great tv when he, humiliated, stormed off! Wasn’t it clever to let him suggest to the host that, between us guys, he knew the host would be on his side, that, as guys, they all were tight and after all, WINK WINK, we all know about these B****ES.
    NO way were any of these guys ready or willing to get MARRIED. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. They were allowed (or was it ENCOURAGED) to outright complain that they were being asked to COMMIT, to meet the gals at least half way. Well that would mean that they would have to leave the bosom of their mommies, actually say goodbye to the comfortable niches where I’m sure mommy washes their clothes, makes their beds and feeds them their comfort foods…did anyone else catch Sean’s mom look of HORROR when the two kissed at the altar! After all these wimps were being “forced” to leave their”grooves” in Long Island, Staten Island, NJ… GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Being from NJ (which I do love) I could not wait at their ages to get to the big city and find my own niche,… they were being handed a new life with great gals… But that’s not how it WILLFULLY & INTENTIONALLY WORKED.

    [i wish Jessica all the best; hopefully she’s strong enough to get through this. As she was busy trying to protect Ryan from deserved humiliation, I was thinking about HER humiliation. I’m sure she is a good Catholic girl (as we were found of saying) ; they DO NOT believe in divorce but here she is… Jessica, it doesn’t count it wasn’t in a church! She is going to go through hell trying to deservedly sue the crap off this production. I don’t even need to look at the contract to know all the fine line tuning in that worthless document. Beyond having to have taken out a restraining order, after Ryan threatened to kill her and her fairly… Yup that’s the word on the streets… She is contractually obligated to stay marry to this guy for six months.! This guy gives we who come from the same culture a bad name… Get them to settle out of court, their favored way of negotiation and then go find s cool guy who coolly will listen. Know that his warped image is out there AND COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY THAT HE WAS A FRAUD FROM THE GET GO…. GO GIRL!! ( is that how one says it??).]

  2. SEan was on that Rainbow League to touch some balls, not bowl. Who’s on a bowling league for years and only score a 60? Somethings not right there. Davina got screwed on that one. Thank God for her they didn’t have sex. Dr. Jackovff was a jerk to Davina at the reunion, obviously she had feelings for Sean and wanted to be his poonbaby.

    Ryan D. seemed roided up at times. Jessica was a dummy to go through that and then stick around.

    Ryan R. is a tittybaby that needs to go suck his thumb and doesn’t deserve a nice girlfriend like Jac.

    Then on a side note, Dr. Cilona’s face is frozen, he needs to lay off the botox.

  3. Hello everyone. I felt compelled to respond to some of the “facts” that have been implied or assumed on this blog. First, I am the president of a Gay bowling league. Second, I have held this position for 2 years now. Third, it is not an all Gay league. There are other straight people on the league, including Sean. Sean and I are friends, both personally and professionally. He bowled 2 years on my team because he wanted to get back into bowling and he trusted me. Strange world when you have to search for that. Anyway, all indications point towards him being straight.

    1. Thank you for explaining, Randy! I stated that Sean did, indeed, bowl for the Rainbow Rollers, but made sure to point out that this did NOT confirm that he was gay. However, that rumor seems to be running rampant in the comment section here. Thanks for the insight on the team! -The Ashley

  4. ….and I think Davina and Jaclyn are educated girls and got it after a while. Davina got very upset with the whole thing while Jaclyn playfully went on with the show…

  5. The three guys and Jessica are weirdos. We have all been had, including Davina and Jaclyn. I feel so bad for these two girls and I hope they have learned a lot from this terrible experience.

  6. I think Sean V. was a closet gay and wanted to be straight. Ryan R. was too much of a mommy boy and could not deal with a real woman like Jaclyn after he got the cookie she was old news. Ryan D. was a anger young man with issues, that he needs to get help. All the woman should have said they wanted a divorce in the end. Davina was a B*&^h Jaclyn was a take charge person who wanted to wear the pants, and Jessica was just wanted to be married to anybody. low self esteem. But can’t wait for season 3 filmed in HOT ATLANTA

    1. I think you got it right. and I tend to believe the commenter about not vetting the men. It’s really awful if they did not test the men for STDs! If they didn’t, and I was one of those women, I would sue the show.This season was a mess, obviously not enough time was spent checking out participants.

  7. They kept saying that Sean was late learning of his sexuality so that was clue number one. Then he was crying to his parents saying that they helped him get through a lot…that sounded and seemed very funny to me. What really happened? Was he sexually abused? Not that it matters or is any of my business. I’m just mad they wasted Davina’s time. He did not want to have sex with her. Her friend told him that he needed to make a move. So the whole gay thing is not a surprise. It’s just sad. Sad that he was so not into this for the right reasons. Who doesn’t stay the first night at their new apt with their wife? I was so over them. And Jess knew damn well that Ryan was an a$$hole and she wasn’t going to change that. 4 weeks of yelling and screaming and crying. Disagreements will happen but to be totally disrespectful, unacceptable. And the other Ryan needs to grow some balls. Mamas boy at its finest. I was so tired of him saying he missed his family. Oh good grief. Grow up move out and grow some. I’m so over this show. Watching S1 and their one year was so great that I got sucked into this hot mess of a S2. I will NOT stick around to see S3 and this is my last blurb about this show forever. Reality TV…I tried to give it a chance. Back to foodnetwork and hgtv.

    1. I agree. I guess the women knew early on this season was a fraud. Still feel sorry for Jess who I think really was smitten with Ryan but without all the facts and hoping his behavior had changed. As for the vetting, how deep could it have been if they didn’t even know he didn’t have a job? I, too, am done with the show. Logan should be gone anyway after her tantrum to Davina who got it and didn’t have sex. And I hope the women sue the producers because they put these women in harm’s way.

    2. I completely agree with your assessment. They definitely sucked me in with S1 and the first year S1 follow-up. This season was such a disappointment. All 3 women were duped. I usually don’t watch Reality TV so not real. Back to HGTV, Food Network and DIY…LOL!

  8. Sean is so gay..I have nothing against that but it was pretty obvious. This was the first time I watched this show..Ryan D scared me right away..a bit too quick tempered and RyanR was a def mamas boy. None of these guys seemed committed from the beginning.

    1. SO GLAD someone else found that too!! What a blow to Davina (if she didn’t know)! ANd it is a big deal in the nursing profession. You could lose your license for that stuff!! Plus-how good could the ‘backround checks’ be IF the show missed a prior arrest??? My heart breaks for those ladies!! They were flat out used, and baited with “finding a soulmate” “matched” by experts. No ethics.

      1. He would not lose his license for ONE DUI while on vacation in another state. It’s a misdemeanor. If it was a felony, they he would get fired.

    2. I live and work as a criminal paralegal in Florida. This does come up on A LOT of people. A DUI in Flotida while on vacation is the most common arrest for most tourist areas. You can get a DUI in Florida by riding a bicycle while drunk. Not necessarily a bad guy for that. I bet everyone knows at least one person with a DUI on their record, you probably don’t realize it!

      1. Are you serious?!! So you think driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is no big deal, everyone knows someone who has done it? What a tool you are. I hope you never lose someone to some drunk driving tourist out doing “no big thing”!

        1. Misunderstand much? She is citing facts, not asking for your opinion. She’s the criminal prosecutor. You really are the tool.

  9. I got sucked into a Season 1 marathon about a week or so before the Season 1 finale, and I really enjoyed Season 1 and kept up with Married at First Sight: The First Year.

    While I may scoff and roll my eyes at the premise of the show and meeting at the altar, it really saddens me that they would (allegedly) be so flippant this season and just throw people on the program and hope it works out. And to already have cast and be filming Season 3??

    Yes, money is the bottom line for these channels, but Season 1 was a really interesting look at the “experiment” and how 2 people who don’t even know each other can work together to get through their troubles and make a life together. (Though I ALWAYS roll my eyes at “I have tried everything to find love!” and you’re 24 or 25… calm down, it will all work out)

  10. How is this happening! Every guy this season is a dud! Majority of the scenes feel forced. Even without reading this article through out the season and on the update episode you can tell. Standards are dropping so low, can’t even have faith in next season. And reality check a man that WON’T sleep with his wife…..Either he’s gay or androgynous so lets go with the former!! OMG #mafs WHY?!

  11. Sean is gay. PERIOD. I dunno how no one saw this in the beginning. His fleeked eyebrows are a dead give away. Ryan D. was the biggest douche on the show and Jess didnt deserve any of the BS he would throw at her, and the other Ryan was just a dope. I thought this season was kinda fishy and not as sincere as the first season, and now that all of this has come to light, I really dont suppost it. Thanks Ashley.

    1. i thought from the beginning that Sean was gay too! there were (not so) subtle signs. like when Davina was practically begging him to f*ck her and he would say “nah i’m tired, i wanna sleep”. i mean i get that working as a nurse is exhausting, but come on… a gorgeous woman with big natural boobs is almost on her knees to have sex with her and you won’t? i’m sorry and no offence but no healthy heterosexual man would say no to that. they were the only couple that never progressed from a friendship level. i think he still is in denial, mostly because he experienced too much bullying he’s afraid to admit a huge thing like that.

      1. When Sean came in with the fake cough/cold….I knew then he was definitely gay. I felt so sorry for him, it must have been really hard to come up with excuse after excuse. I wonder if any of the women will sue the network for damages? I know I would, they put them all in really dangerous situations with men no one really knew anything about.

        1. I couldn’t agree more, Sandy! I think it’s reckless for the producers to put ladies that truly seem to be looking for love, in jeopardy. Why such a rush this time around? I would think they could properly vette prospective male applicants. If these things are found to be true and proven, I will not be watching season 3!!

          Disappointed veiwer!

          1. thank you! the women got tested for std’s and drug’s and not the men? double standard much? made davina look horrible when she must have been so frustrated to not only get a man not invested or willing to move but gay! and ryan d., he wouldn’t have passed a battery of psychological exams so they could’ve saved jess alot of heartache

        2. I wonder if her gay best friend picked up on it at all…u would think if so, he would have said something to her.

        3. Yes. and the one professional above stated that he went through about 400 pages on each of these people…. You don’t go by what’s on paper, you interview, interview, interview, so that you get to know them. and I wouldn’t have slept with any of those guys anyway. As a woman you have to get to know them and see if they’re OK.

          1. “400 pages of paper” and they didn’t know Ryan D. didn’t have a job?

        4. Sandy763, I saw that episode and I knew then too. That whole I’m sick and coughing routine. Then coming in with hot chicken noddle soup. This guy did not want to have sex or anything romantic with Davina, and yes she picked up on the fact that he’s a closeted gay man. His parents particularly his Mom was completely upset and almost disgusted at their kissing at the wedding… A mother always knows…I didn’t understand her reaction at the wedding, but now it’s crystal clear.

  12. There is a certain amount of risk involved in meeting & marrying someone in 1 Day, regardless of who is “supposedly” investigating them! Many Serial Killers probably had no prior records, & were probably referred to as “Nice Guys” by some! Aside from Women who chose a One Night Stand, & although these couples are “Legally” Married, maybe it would serve them well to wait a couple of days before having sex with the stranger?! Season 3 couples can learn a lot from this one! Devina must Not have had that Big Spark all the “Experts” were referring to, as She postponed bedding the homosexual until she knew him better! Wise Girl! Sean spoke poorly of her because he claimed She thought She was above others, yet his attitude, and arrogance, were clear from the start! Perhaps it wasn’t “Bullying” he was subjected to in his younger years,but other’s keen perception, & avoidance, of a real Asshole! Ryan R. was clearly not ready for anything resembling adulthood, so wherever he slept, I’m sure it was with the lights on! IMO, All of these Women Should take with them One Valuable Lesson….And that is, that None of them should have to Change or Compromise Anything about themselves to Find Love. It is So, So Sad, that the Reason they resorted to finding a Mate this way, (Fame Hunting Aside), was so Someone else could handle All the messiness of finding the perfect match for them, So that from the start, Trust would be a No-Brainer! Unfortunately,it was exactly that they were lacking! Each of the Women suspected something was “off” about their Matches from the get-go! Hopefully, this will serve them All well in the future also, & they will All Trust Themselves when they see the first Red Flag go up! Lastly, Shame on This Show for putting Anyone in these predicaments & potentially dangerous situations, Simply for Ratings. It is truly Reality Television at it’s Worst!

    1. KiKi, you are a wise woman. Couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. The women have indeed learned a lot – not changing themselves, and trusting their instincts, as you’ve said. Right ON!!

    2. Jaclyn waited . . . Was she in love? Per the story, Ryan went home every night. I’m confused about the living arrangements between him and Jaclyn now. I guess each realized they had a role to play and did their best. I am sorry for Jaclyn. Actually for all three of them. And most disappointed in Ryan R.

  13. If you have the chance, you can watch the episode of “Brooklyn 11223” titled “I swear on my dead dad” on YouTube. You have to pay $1.99 but I couldn’t resist. Ryan D. is in that episode as one of the main guys friends. When he finds out his friends girlfriend shows up to “guys night”, OMG, he treats her HORRIBLY! Flash to 3 years later with Jess, sounds almost identical! Ugh, I want to just PUNCH him in his stupid Jersey Shore wannabe face!!!

  14. I apologize for my long comment in advance but this was an Interesting article! Honestly Sean is the one I watched closely since the first episode (the other two were way more obvious). I think he played the game, he was fake and there was no emotion behind anything he said. He lied numerous times and didnt seem to care for Davina what so ever. I can bet behind doors he also has a nasty little temper- remember how he treated the hotel staff the minute he decided they must have stolen the ring? There were little markers of his temper throughout- he just did a great job of remembering the cameras were there unlike Ryan. Even the last episode where he said he found religion again – the words seemed very hollow and planted just so the women in the audience would buy it. Which they did. I never bought what he was selling and Davina paid for his games on social media. She was constantly attacked by women saying how horrible she was for being so mean to “sweet wonderful” Sean.I mean did these women watch the same show as I did? And yes it was mentioned at the beginning of the Season- I believe the matching special, that Sean was friends with Doug. As far as Jessica and Ryan , I’m not surprised at all. He had no problem showing what an abusive a$$ he was on camera so imagine what he was like off film? Plus a quick Google search would have shown that ryan was trying to get into acting and modeling and that Jessica was trying to do the same. (I found this week 2) She was in some reenactment on some OWN network show. With Jaclyn and Ryan I had wondered why the minute they had s3x he backed off. I thought perhaps it was because the chase was overand he was now bored but the ex girlfriend thing gives it a new angle. I’m not surprised his mom wanted him out he seemed like a huge mommas boy who’s not ready to play grownup yet.
    What really disappointed me about the show was the experts and how they were constantly on the women for their mistakes but yet let the men slide again and again. Which also fueled the fire for the hate on social media. They had a narrative and stuck with it. No marriage counselor would be ok with how any of those men treated the women yet excuse after excuse was made.
    Let’s be real apparently the drama off scenes is so much better than what they caught on film!

    1. I think all 3 men are gay, Ryan R seems very gay too, and Ryan D go on his personal FB page, he’s all roided up with his gay boy friends,seems like a typical gay gym rat to me, maybe that’s why he’s so angry all the time, still in the closet!

    2. Great post, Tiffany. Couldn’t agree with you more.

      Tiffany writes: “apparently the drama off scenes is so much better than what they caught on film!” My thoughts exactly.

  15. I feel bad for the women since it seems they were in it for the “right reasons”–sorry I’ve watching a lot of bachelor lately.

    It’s funny how at the start of these type of shows I will usually get all these red-flags about some of the contestants, only for it to slowly go away as the show progresses and then to come in full circle at the end of it.

    My first impression of De Nino was this guy is in it for the fame, Ranellone I thought was looking for a sugar momma, and Sean, well… if Davina has to beg him for intimacy and her friend beg him to f*** her, well, ‘A quien le dan pan que llore’.

  16. First of all, ALWAYS trust your gut instincts, especially when they are as strong as all 3 women so clearly showed they were feeling when the final decision day was either close or there – it was only due to the power of her inner conviction that Devina held back from sexual intimacy with her then husband and quit him in the final episode – Jessica C. was so committed to her concept of no divorce that she was ignoring the screaming of her inner heart- which was ‘run for the hills!!’ And now look: the guy has turned out to be the opposite of what he was portraying to her and has threated to kill her. Jaclyn couldn’t stand her guy on sight – her gut was screaming at her to bolt, also – and why should she have had to contort her natural personality around and around like a pretzel because he husband found it too overwhelming – she’s a pistol and needs a real man, not a mama’s boy who is as weak and wimpy as her so called match.

    I am so appalled and disgusted at how the lives of 3 women were soiled and spoiled by TV executives for the sake of the almighty dollar. I do not believe any of the alleged reports were gossip – and I will never again watch such rubbish again – no more shows unless it is nature or travel, you know, REAL life.

  17. suspected all along that Sean was gay, and not surprised they are all done, I’ll never watch another season. Thanks Ashley for your great detective work!

  18. I don’t see the histogram shots showing a restraining order. It shows a court petition filing. A restraining order doesn’t not look like a motion. It is an issuance of a mete civil action given to all parties: petionor, respondent, police. On one episode Ryan’s eyes did look high. What about Jessica and her provocative air brushed modeling shots? Receptionist? They are both volatile people.

    1. Your put down of Jessica, who has been the VICTIM of her husband’s verbal abuse, and now death threats – make you sound like an abuser, too. FYI, it is typical of abusers to blame the victim(s).

      1. @etsie Exactly!! There is no way Jessica could or should even be compared to Ryan. Even if we just only base that off what we saw on the show. One is verbal abusive and vindictive ( and who knows what else ) and one isn’t. Jessica acted like a doormat the whole time. So what that she likes her photos airbrushed. I mean is that even serious comparison? Wow. I would love to know exactly what made Jessica disturbing or equal to ryan and his horrible temper.

        1. But what if both Jessica and Ryan D thought this is a soap opera and they acted like two fictional characters…? Just to be ” launched” in the industry?

      2. I agree and she should call a really good attorney. These idiot producers put her in an unsafe situation. Can’t help but think of the new show on Lifetime, Unreal. After watching a few episodes you know the drill.

      3. and for abusers to play that “Oh, when you find out the ‘real’ reason I did some shady thing, you’ll be sorry you ever doubted me” kinda thing. He did it with the wedding money and he’s doing it with the Instagram restraining order post. It’s all a power trip to him. No a-hat just tell the truth, don’t see if you can manipulate and take advantage of a person’s good nature, just be honest.

      4. Jess was the only one to really try to make a home. I read early on about her modeling and acting desires but gave her credit for the attempts she made to really hae a marriage. I was on target with Sean (narcissist) but missed on Ryan R. I won’t blame Jess. Not at all. She is a lot stronger today and I wish her the best.

    2. Tina, you hit the nail on the head. They are BOTH disturbing people. This season was a disgrace and people really loved Season 1. Just because we are all talking about the show doesn’t mean we respect it anymore. FYI better do damage control and use the other two couples positively as they have proven to be ambassadors for the show….. That’s if they wanted to save face.

    3. how is she volatile? even when she raised her voice it wasn’t a scream. to compare airbrushing photos that were for a portfolio to being high and violent to the point of someone taking a restraining order out (which ryan d stated himself it was) is beyond petty. that’s a major theme throughout this show and the women commenting, everyone making excuses for the guys and bashing the women just cuz the guys are cute smh

  19. I loved season 1 – as did many and perhaps therein lies the issue. Season 1 played – and felt – much more of a scientific experiment. It proved a great success with 2 happy couples. The pressure was therefore on to replicate the shows success – making it much more of an entertainment driven show rather than so scientific. Highlighted by them bringing forward the start date.
    Unlike S1 – these couples had some key basic issues – like where they lived -but also all 3 had much more darker feeling issues. S1 of course had issues but I felt uncomfortable watching some of those on S2. I admit to surprise when 2 out of 3 stayed together this time.
    Unfortunately, as S3 has started taping, lessons learnt can’t have really been put in place. I certainly wouldn’t let my daughter or son, go on the show,

    1. the network got greedy after they realized the success of season one and took shortcuts that affected peoples lives and safety.

      1. Match.com? They got someone from Match.com? Are they nuts? Pick up guys in a bar? These girls can do that themselves. I think the people who select the cast members are sick.

  20. Look Sean Varricchio up on USBC.com under Find Members. Type in his name and New Jersey and you will see that he bowls in the Rainbow Rollers league year-round!

    1. Knew it. My gaydar is rarely wrong and the first thing I thought on the first episode was “Why is this gay guy (cute btw) on this show?”.

  21. All the guys need to grow up. These guys are lucky to have these girls in their life. Jaclyn and Ryan: we’ll Ryan saying he missed his family, Jaclyn you need someone that put you first. Ryan need to go home and take his bottle. Jessica and Ryan: he need to cut His attitude out.
    Sean act like he’s gay and he want to go home for his bottle. Ladies you can do better.

  22. So many things wrong with this article. Correlation does not equal causation. Sean has never hidden the fact that he knew Doug and that Doug and Jamie’s relationship inspired him to apply for the show. The show has not hidden this either. The fact that Ryan D. was on a previous reality show doesn’t prove he didn’t go through the audition process. Jamie from season one was on the Bachelor – do you doubt her sincerity or the validity of her marriage to Doug? And the fact that you can’t find Ryan’s business doesn’t mean it does not exist. He described it as a consulting business. Perhaps it’s just a sole proprietorship (i.e., just him working for himself). Not necessarily going to find evidence of that. Don’t get me started on this sentence: “on the fake profile Jessica allegedly created for Ryan … she allegedly made a meme about him selling coke and phones.” Lots of unsubstantiated allegations in that sentence and in this article. These are people’s lives you are messing with.

    1. Sean’s arrest record is a matter of public record. Did divina know about it or did she request that medical professionals with a history of alcohol/drug realted charges were a ‘deal breaker’ for her? I don’t know. But the experts didn’t find her a person willing to honor his committment to moving if need be, either. So maybe.

    2. They exposed themselves, put themselves out here open to criticism. If they don’t like it, they need not to this type of show. Obviously, it won’t hurt them at all, because this is idle conversation. Wow, you sure you’re not Dr. Pepper?

  23. UGH! My head is spinning from al the gossip about MAFS Season 2. It is never-ending! On the upside, his is a lot of free publicity for the network. The downside is that it could really cost them viewers/ratings if it goes much further. That the show could be a farce & that they may have put the womens’ lives in danger due to sloppy vetting while casting the men is a real turn-off. We’ll be waiting to see what actually pans out over the next 2 wks. and beyond.

  24. You left out sean being on probation out of sarasota count florida n he violated that probation Dec 2014

        1. Which could be very problematic with his state’s Nursing Board. It is a big deal. Some states revoke your nursing license. Maybe that is the real reason he wouldn’t move to New Yourk. Either he’d lose his license or maybe have a rough time finding a new job if he has to disclose a DUI.

          1. Also, you do not have to disclose one single misdemeanor and if you do, the applications say they overlook it.He may not be hired, but he would not lose his license. You need to stop until you know for sure. Besides this happened in Florida, not Jersey. The board doesn’t check on your record once you get your license. Either does the hospital.

  25. this season definitely had a different, less genuine feel than last season. it doesn’t shock me to know that they completely rushed casting and focused more on making sure there was drama between the couples rather than good matches who would have some issues along the way. there’s a part of me that doesn’t feel bad that these girls didn’t find their soulmates/husbands because its pretty unrealistic to think these ‘experts’, who also have to provide entertainment with the show, would 100% have the girls best interest at heart. i do feel real bad for jessica if its true that he is a drug addict and a drug dealer and lied about his job. she seemed like such a sweet girl who wasn’t in it for the reality tv aspect of it like jamie from season 1 was. i always thought they were paired because they looked good together and ryan probably came off as such a good guy to the producers when in reality he was a dick. i wonder if jessica has any recourse for them not extensively looking into ryan or if the contracts they sign take away all of the networks liability. poor girl.

  26. Sean did mention in an initial episode that he knew Doug from the first season and that was why he believed in the process.

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