‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Selling Vials of Her DNA

"Grow your own Backdoor Teen Mom!"
“Grow your own Backdoor Teen Mom!”

You can already buy replicas of Farrah Abraham‘s private parts and, um, backdoor, but if you’re looking to get even more up close and personal with the Teen Mom OG star, you’re in luck!

TMZ broke the news today that Farrah has partnered with the company Celebrity Gene, which basically extracts the DNA of notable people–usually via a lock of their hair– bottles it and sells it to that person’s [very creepy] fans.

“Buying a limited edition product that has the DNA of a famous person alive or dead is the ultimate in celebrity memorabilia and provides an undeniable personal connection to that individual,” the company’s website reads.

Those hoping to buy Farrah’s DNA and use it to create a clone of the “Backdoor Teen Mom” will have to shell out a whopping $99. Don’t worry though– 50 percent of that money will go to Operation Underground Railroad, a charity that helps kids escape from slavery. (According to TMZ, Farrah will pocket a cool 10 percent of the money raised, in addition to the $30,000 the company paid Farrah for her DNA sample.)

“When my daughter Sophia had to get a DNA test it changed her life and created a better future for her,” Farrah told the site. “I hope my legacy can change the world for younger generations and save them from sex trafficking for a brighter future. I’m proud to be an abolitionist, working with Celebrity Gene on this DNA project I hope will help raise funds to change the world for the better!”

The Ashley just…can’t…

Anyway, now that Farrah has literally started going inside her body to find things to hawk, she may have finally hit rock bottom. However, just when we think she has gone as far as she can go in terms of um, self promotion, she goes one rung lower.

If you’re interested in purchasing your vial of Farrah DNA, click here. (The Ashley can’t believe she actually typed that sentence.)


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  1. BEST part of this story: “If you’re interested in purchasing your vial of Farrah DNA, click here. (The Ashley can’t believe she actually typed that sentence.)” HILARIOUS! SO happy I found The Ashley!!!

  2. She wants to change the world for the better…maby she can start with loosing her horrible attitude,that will help maby better than selling this dna.

  3. Am I the only one that nearly choked on the irony of a p0rn star selling her DNA which will benefit a charity that helps children escape the sex trade?

    1. I was just about to say the same thing. By selling her body she’s furthering an industry that many women fall victim to. She’s disgusting.

    1. The moment I knew she was crazy was when Dr. Phil asked her about her DUI and she denied driving drunk after she had admitted driving her car while she was drunk lol.

  4. This girl would sell her soul to the devil himself if it meant more money and fame. She is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    1. I’m, absolutely, convinced she’s sold her soul to some crossroads demon, Supernatural style.

      Hopefully, the ten years are up soon.

  5. I seriously hate her. I do not love to hate her. I don’t love anything about her. I fast-forwarded through her Teen Mom OG segments. She says the stupidest shit I have ever heard. Her entitlement just disgusts me. She doesn’t work hard, she exploits the fact that she was a fucking Teen Mom and is doing any pathetic thing to stay in the spotlight. And I don’t even give a shit about the porn or her working in the sex industry. It’s that tacky ass attitude and her delusional nature that makes me sick. She is a terrible role model for everyone, especially her daughter. Unfortunately, Sophia never had a chance.
    She is a true narcissist and Farrah shouldn’t be glorified. Fuck her, seriously, fuck her.

    1. I feel exactly the same way you do. I seriously despise her and think she is a vile excuse of a human being. I only live in hope that eventually someone ANYONE puts this disgusting egomaniac deluded tramp in her place. I fast FW ‘ed through her stuff too and actually had to hit the delete button when Dr. Drew started to interview her and her insane mother. He just sits there and lets her fling this BS around and does nothing.I want someone to back her up against a wall and tell her to STFU

      1. She’s too far gone to ever actually make any real progress. Her so-called career has reinforced her behavior too much. Not to mention that true narcissists, like Farrah, never really get help because they do not believe they have a problem. Narcissists blame all of the terrible things that happen to them on other people and often make great mental leaps to arrive to their conclusions. She truly and 100% believes the bullshit that falls out of her mouth. She genuinely believes she is a good person and everyone is out to get her.

        If I didn’t hate her so god damn much, I might feel sorry for her.

    2. You stole the words right out of my mouth! Her attitude literally makes me ill. She spews so much bullshit I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or go into a legit rage. Watching her “Unseen Moments” where she talks about being a “New York Times Best Selling Author” nearly made me vomit. She’s the poster child for psychosis. I hope selling molds of her asshole, vials of her DNA (gag) & her career as a stripper/hooker are profitable long-term, Sophia is going to need serious therapy FOREVER.

  6. Maybe I’m just mean..but, is anyone else hoping samples of Farrahs DNA are found at a Satanic ritual scene?

    Her DNA probably could be used to raise the devil, don’t you think?

    Or is it just me?

    1. Its not just u…im gob smacked at the stuff she is coming out with…she needs to b a proper mother to her daugter n stop trying to make out that she is the best mother in the world. I hope no one buys her DNA…

  7. I am apoplectic. How in the world Sophia’s DNA sample improved her life (i.e. made her eligible for benefits when her mother already rakes in a lot of money)is not in any way related to people buying DNA from Farrah. I really hope no one does.

      1. She was tested to verify Derek was her father and therefore, eligible for social security benefits and for Derek’s family to finally believe and accept Sophia as a family member.

        That being said, there is no comparable existence between what Farrah is doing and a parental DNA test.

      2. I think it was for when she needed to have legal documents saying Derrick (his name right?) was her biological dad for Security benefits.

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