‘Married at First Sight’ Season 1 Cast Coming Back in New Spin-off Documenting Second Year of Marriage

"Can we pretend that Season 2 never happened?"
“Can we pretend that Season 2 never happened?”

The couples of Married at First Sight Season 2 have all split, but two of the Season 1 couples are still together– and coming back to our TV screens!

Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion, and Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, who married in 2014 during Season 1, starred on the follow-up series, Married at First Sight: The First Year, which documented their first year as newlyweds. The show ended after one season and, although an FYI network rep told The Ashley last month that the show was not renewed for another season, it appears that has since changed!

Perhaps due to all the negative publicity that ‘MAFS’ has been getting over the past few days, the Season 1 cast seemed eager to share some good news with the show’s fans. It appears that the show will be reincarnated as ‘Married at First Sight: The First Years’ to continue documenting the marriages of Cortney and Jason, and Doug and Jamie. Both couples celebrated their one-year anniversaries in March.

married at first sight season 1

The Ashley reached out to one of the show’s reps yesterday to get the network’s official word on the spin-off. The rep stated that no info has been released on ‘Married at First Sight: The First Years.’

Today, however, People magazine reported that the show was, indeed, happening and that it would air this fall.

Last week, a commenter on an online message board who claimed to work on the show’s production team revealed that the Season 1 cast’s spin-off was in the works.  As The Ashley told you previously, many of the other comments and spoilers written by this commenter have since proven to be true. The commenter stated that ‘MAFS: The First Years’ may also contain updates on the Season 2 cast, if they decide to sign the show’s contract.

They are making a second year following the first season couples. They want to do updates on all 6 from this year. Through out it as they all have met already. As they did with Monet last season.

It is a very brutal contract when you are single vs being married still. I find it very doubtful all these ladies if any will sign it after what was done to them.

It seems unlikely that any of the Season 2 cast will sign on, given that they’ve all split with their made-for-TV spouses, and some have gotten into arguments with Season 1 cast members over the past few days.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information!

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  1. I loved season 1 and the First year..looking forward to 2nd year. Very disappointed in Season 2 but will watch Season 3. The girls on season 2 were really put in bad situation, glad they found friends in each other. Would love to see more of them.

  2. I don’t think they should give them an out. I think they would take it now serious. I think there’s always this little thing in the back of their mind saying I only have to do it 6weeks then divorce and get pd. Let the experiment go Six weeks and let them get their own divorce or keep it top your self you’ll help. But they would take it more serious if there wasn’t an option out

  3. I love their love!!!!! I couldn’t be more excited about their return. Frankly,I hope we’re watching the 25th anniversary special!!!

  4. i am not sure how i feel about the season 1 couples. i always thought jamie was mostly there for to exposure to further her reporting dreams. something about her being on the bachelor and bachelor pad has always rubbed me the wrong way. jason and courtney were okay .. nothing too special or entertaining, but seemed genuine.

    1. alex, first of all, if you watched the ENTIRE show, you would of seen that Jamie almost walked off, gave up and just called it a day…she was SO unhappy, did not want to be with Doug and had she “wanted to be furthering her dreams,etc”, then I might give your response credibility, BUT, she’s very genuine, she wanted to fall in love and really tried HARD, gave Doug many, many chances and then as time went on, she did fall in love with him~~so, IF she was just there for HER own self, she would have demanded they 1. either get her another gentleman, or, 2. walk out and say, I am DONE w/this after the honeymoon trip ( since that would be a FREE trip for her, as your way of thinking goes!! I’ve watched her over the years and she’s not a fake, not someone who’s got a family to depend on/fall back on…SHE’s the one her family depends on and is still raising her siblings…so, before sitting in judgment of her, or anyone else, try walking a few miles in their shoes, THEN see what comes out of your mouth!! Just saying, I would not have said a word, but everything you said is totally incorrect~~just saying….and, yes, I DID just type that twice, and it was worth typing twice….!!!

    2. Alex, I do agree with you and your right to comment without being belittled. I agree that Jason and Courtney are just not very interesting. I also feel uneasy about Jamie. Although I never saw her on the bachelor shows, she has continued to come across as self centered and entitled. Worse than that, but compelling as subject matter, are her clueless rude conversations we have seen with Doug. I did see every episode and felt bad for her home life growing up. I also liked that she helped raise her siblings. But that doesn’t make it okay to tell Doug how she compares him to her ex. I’m still hearing in my head, ( and no doubt so is Doug), how perfect the ex was, how she may have made a mistake, how she still spends time thinking about her ex, how she doesn’t like Doug’s approach to initiating sex and on and on. I doubt she would have liked her new hubby to remain best friends with an ex. For me it comes down to pitying poor Doug. It seemed like only a short time after Jamie was belittling Doug and singing the praises of the ex that she was asking Doug to buy a home and start a family. I’m betting on divorce for these two with Doug as a divorced dad and Jamie in a nice home still torturing him only now for money and child custody issues. Doug could have someone who puts him first, adores him and will someday look back on Jamie as an awful mistake.

  5. Now this makes me happy! I loved the first season and the 1st year!! Yay, they are back!!! I cant wait to see Jamie continue to evolve!

  6. Ahhh…now it makes sense why Jamie was so vehemently defending the “experts” and “process” on SM the past few days. When I first saw it, I was annoyed because she seems like a genuine person. So I told myself that maybe since Season 1 was genuine and done properly and produced her marriage, maybe all the talk of the BS and fakery in S2 pset her because it was like people were undermining her experience.
    But, NO. I was being too kind. She’s just backing her boss, no matter how much she has to lie, to get another paycheck.

    1. I too was hoping she & Jason Carrion weren’t tweeting support for season 2 because they were genuine, but of course not. I won’t bother watching Marriage Year 2 because now I know they were just looking out for their paychecks.

      All done with this phony show.

    2. Seriously?? Why can’t you just be reasonable and not have to be “haters” when hidden, not only in name, but in pic as well….does the “crying Tori” well us what type of person you are….OMGoodness!! How about giving Jamie and Doug and the other couple a BREAK?? NO ONE knows what their actions are unless you’re up their behinds, or are their family members and know exactly what they are thinking~~so, ‘crying Tori’ and ‘Dianna’….how about, “If you don’t have anything nonjudgmental to say, say NOTHING at all”!!! Even Thumper from Bambi knew that was the correct thing to do….GOSH!!!

      1. How about I’ll enjoy the First Amendment & comment what I want to? So as long as I say “YAAY!” then I can comment? Grow up.

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