‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown is Pregnant with Kody Brown’s 18th Child

"Keep 'em coming!"
“Keep ’em coming!”

With all the hubbub surrounding the Duggar family lately, we’ve almost forgotten about that other controversial family featured on TLC– the Browns! The Sister Wives stars announced today that Robyn Brown is pregnant with the family’s 18th child.

Robyn and Kody, who became legally married last year after Kody divorced his first (and only legal) wife, Meri, already have one son together, three-year-old Solomon. Robyn has three children from her previous marriage (who, in the upcoming season, Kody may try to legally adopt). Kody has one other child with Meri and six with each of his other wives, Janelle and Christine.

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family!” the family told People.

The Browns have not stated whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but did reveal that Robyn is due on January 7.

In a photo released to People, the entire Brown family is shown pointing toward Robyn’s baby bump. (Anyone else love Meri’s expression in this photo? Her face clearly reads, “There, I did it. Now give me my paycheck, TLC!”)

Anyway, Kody told People that after “surviving 15 pregnancies” (um…pretty sure he wasn’t the one squeezing a human from his loins), he knows how to treat a pregnant woman.

“I try to always be kind and tender, but when a woman is expecting, you have to be ultra-sensitive,” he said. “And always do the dishes.”

Oddly, none of the other Brown wives have posted about Robyn’s pregnancy on their social media accounts. In fact, Meri’s Twitter account is full of inspirational sayings and quotes about forgiving people, moving on and making mistakes. She hasn’t engaged any of the other sister wives, or her husband Kody, in over a month, and makes no mention of being on ‘Sister Wives,’ causing some of the show’s fans to suspect she may have left the show– or Kody.

Check out the major shade that Meri threw at Kody and Robyn on their five-year anniversary in May!

We will have to wait until this September to find out…and to see Robyn shoot another yet baby from her gentleman greeter!

(Photo: Twitter)


  1. Meri taking a step back so Robin and Kody can adopt her kids is out of character for her. She has gone out of her way in the past to make life a living hell for her sister wives. I don’t think Janelle really cares much what Kody does and Christine, the only one who probably ever cared about him is getting fed up.

  2. Christine and Janelle have it rough in the plural marriage because Kody is all into Robyn and she is the center of his attention since she joined the family. Meri Barber has burnt some important bridges.

  3. Actually, the entire family is NOT pointing at Robyns belly. Plenty of the kids aren’t and Kody isn’t either. Big deal!

  4. Looking forward to this season. Honey Boo-boo busted, now the Duggars scandal, I hope sister wives is not next. I love my TV “smut” At least Sister wives don’t go around claiming to be better than anyone else. They are a plural family, and seem to be trying their best at making it work. Lets see how this season pans out.

  5. Love the show, but can not stand Cody. He is such a jerk. I can’t stand how he treats the other wives (who were there first, 2nd and third) when robin is around. So disrespectful to them. Having yet another kid is not as special as it should be when you already have 17 kids with 3 other women. No matter how they try to spin it I’m not convinced that they (other wives) are happy about it. Not to mention the older kids, who understand and know what’s going on. Mary you made the best decision you could have made in over 20 yrs, by divorcing that guy!!! WTG Mary!!

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