Mackenzie McKee Reveals She Had Suicidal Thoughts after Starring on ‘Teen Mom 3’

Reality TV fame made Mackenzie's life hard.
Reality TV fame made Mackenzie’s life hard.

Mackenzie McKee went from small-town Oklahoma cheerleader to MTV reality star when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2012, and followed it up by starring on Teen Mom 3 in 2013. The sudden fame apparently took its toll on Mackenzie, who opened up in a recent blog post about the rough period she went through after the show ended.

“Being on TV for just a short time and sort of being in the spot light in my small hometown was not easy,” Mackenzie wrote on her fitness blog. “It seems that people would watch my every move and even dig real deep on my past so they could have something to hold against me. They began to forget my name and I just became that ‘teen mom girl.’ I felt like they saw me as a robot and not a human.”

Mackenzie, who is now the mother of two children (and the owner of two new breasts!), stated that people she used to consider friends would write hurtful things on social media about her, causing her to retreat and, at some points, even wish for death.

“Through this time I hid, I would stay off social media, I would stay home, I was scared to go out, and I clung to my boyfriend who is now my husband. And lets be honest, at the time he was not the best boyfriend but I felt he was all I had,” Mackezie wrote.  Then when I was alone I would lay down, review EVERYTHING someone I knew had to say about me and cry. Yes I would cry and cry and cry. I would cry to the point where I was shaking and screwing up my blood sugars.

“I didn’t have dreams anymore, I would pray to God to either help me out of the country or send me home to heaven,” she added.

Mackenzie wrote that she finally decided to improve her life and did so by purchasing a journal to write her goals in and sharing those goals with her husband, Josh McKee. She stated that it has been six months since this time, so one can assume her rough period was in 2014.

“Not a day goes by where I’m not doing something to take a stop closer in reaching my dreams,” Mackenzie added. “Not only are those big huge dreams beginning to come true but I can honestly say I am truly such a happy person. And being a happy person made me a stronger person, a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend.”

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  1. As much as I can understand the stress social media and reality TV can bring I can’t believe she was suicidal! Wishing your life away when sad/stressed/hurt is not the same as being suicidal!!! Praying to God to “take you home” is not a suicidal thought. Thinking of ways to end your life, researching how it can be done and all the “little” things that have to be done before you try, that is feeling suicidal. Sure, the girl hasn’t had the easiest life,being raised by religious nuts who pander to her instead of being strict with her diet and teaching her how diabetes should be managed instead of praying to God to help, has left her as dumb as a box of rocks, but stupidity and religious brainwashing isn’t the most painful way to live. If she had taken care of her diabetes maybe she wouldn’t have been under as much mental strain but she can’t just throw out the word suicide and say how strong she is for overcoming it all and how happy she is cause she scribbled in a journal. Everyday she’s a step closer to achieving her dreams? What dreams?? How is looking buff in a bikini a dream? A desire, sure, but a dream? Nah. It’s people like her that make a mockery of suicide and the depression that drives it.

    1. No, people who consider themselves the decider of other peoples’ mental states make a mockery of it.

  2. While I’m not a doctor, I’m not surprised when any of the “Teen Moms” end up with mental issues. They’re young, pushed into the spotlight (even if they thought it was a good idea), & with a lot of fame/money too quickly. Put that onto someone still growing up, trying to take care of a new life (or lives), & being judged at every turn.

    It’s so easy for outsiders to tell others what they should do, but I’ll just say mental illness is no joke.

  3. On TV or not, depression is a real thing. People can say really horrible things about reality stars, and I can’t imagine how much having to read all that must hurt. Everyone has their own demons to deal with, and I think people forget that and think that being on TV makes you exempt from this.

    1. Couldn’t of said it better myself. Everyone forgets that these are real people and being reality tv stars doesn’t define them.

  4. Sorry I don’t mean to call out the obvious or anything but you sound a bit jealous. After having watched the show and read many interviews with her all I see is a very young girl from a very small town trying to make it the best she can. Seeing that you are 32 you should give her a little more credit for the sake of being so young and understand that she is still growing up herself. I imagine that combined with the fact that everyone in the country watching her every move under a microscope and waiting to critique any slight mistake must make her life really hard like she’s living in a fishbowl. I think her interview was very honest and genuine. Give the girl some credit for cryin out loud!

  5. Give me break..having a little depression (like Every teen ) is NOT suicidal ! That pisses me off when I’ve had a couple friends who were suicidal..and I miss them everyday! Grow up princess! I use to like her ,I’ve met her, she lives by me… not anymore!

    1. If someone is thinking, planning or threatening to ed their life – that’s suicidal. How old are you?

      1. I’m 32 ..and she’s a young immature girl who needs to Stop chasing her man down,crashing her cars,and pay more attention to her kids..other than boob jobs and fitness competitions! All she wants is attention. Bye! You had your 15 minutes 🙂

        1. Your 32 and you have no concept of depression or suicide? It doesn’t matter what kind of person someone is…depression and suicide can hit anyone…

          1. You don’t know me …and I’m done responding to this each there own.. 😉

    2. You do realize that you’re doing EXACTLY what she’s talking about, right? Whether she lives by you, or is a princess, or your friends killed themselves…she isn’t some TV villian, she’s a human being. A human being who’s allowed to be depressed and allowed to be suicidal. Disliking her doesn’t take the option of depression away, that’s not how it works.

    3. I don’t think that’s really fair. If she was contemplating suicide, then she obviously felt she had real problems that she couldn’t fix any other way. Just because she was a reality star for a brief time doesn’t mean she’s immune to depression or not entitled to emotions. She’s still human, which, ironically, is exactly what she’s saying. People stopped thinking of her as a human being, just like you apparently have.

  6. Not a fan of hers but I truly empathize with the feelings of depression and possible suicide. I nearly ended my life in 2011. Life can feel lonely at times.. Sometimes it feels like there is no purpose but you keep trucking along and make your life have purpose. She’s lucky she has a family support system – some of us aren’t so lucky in that department. I wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she gets professional help if she continues having those feelings.

  7. Cry me a river. You’re not living in poverty, being deprived of food or a victim or sexual or physical assault, Mackenzie. I don’t feel sorry for you that you were on a reality tv show.

    1. Yeah, last time I checked none of those things were required for a diagnosis of depression in the DSM.

      1. Was my comment too insensitive? I apologize if I offended anyone. I was pissed off about something unrelated to this and I wasn’t thinking. I sympathize with anyone suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. I know what that’s like. I shouldn’t of said that.

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