‘The Bachelorette’ Sinks to an All-Time Low with Next Week’s Death-Themed Date

This is low, even for 'The Bachelorette.'
Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any worse…

The Bachelorette is about to sink to a new low—six feet under!

A date shown on next week’s episode will make a mockery out of death, and make one contestant (and certainly a bunch of the show’s fans) very upset.

In a sneak peek clip of the episode that was just posted to the show’s official website, the guys learn what sick game the producers and Kaitlyn have in store for them for their “date.”

“I regret to inform you that the worst has happened,” Chris Harrison tells the guys in a sneak peek clip. “Kaitlyn is dead…for today.”

The guys all look shocked—but probably not because they believe that Kaitlyn actually is deceased. They are likely shocked because they can’t believe the show would sink this low as to joke about death.

Chris tells the guys that they will celebrate Kaitlyn’s life during a mock Irish wake. They are then made to file in, one by one, to where Kaitlyn is lying in a freaking coffin and give her a send-off message about how great she is.


Unfortunately for contestant Ben Z., this “fun date” hits a little too close to home.

“I thought I was going to keep it lighthearted, keep it fun,” says Ben, whose mother died when he was young. “But when you’ve done something like this before it has a realness to it.”

Kaitlyn and Ben Z. have discussed his mother’s death during previous episodes. Although Kaitlyn seemed to know that it was cruel to put Ben (and the other guys) through this, she doesn’t really seem to care. (Hey—she got to buy a new, cute black dress!)

“I hope this isn’t too hard on him,” Kaitlyn says of Ben. “I meant for this to be a lighthearted thing. I never wanted to upset anyone.”

This is just shameful.
This is just shameful.

Apparently Kaitlyn thinks that death and funerals have the makings for a great big “lighthearted” party.

The Ashley fails to see the humor in a person having to tell another person that they love goodbye, but, hey, maybe she’s just a great big ol’ prude?

Although ABC just released the sneak peek clip of the scene on its ‘Bachelorette’ website, it is already starting to outrage fans of the show.

“I might have a problem watching that… I lost two husbands with cancer,” a commenter on a ‘Bachelorette’-themed Facebook group wrote of the clip.

“I am disgusted that they’ve chose to do this as there is absolutely NOTHING lighthearted about losing a loved one!” another commenter wrote.

As The Ashley has stated in her recaps, the producers have done very few romantic dates this season; instead, most of the dates have involved publicly humiliating the guys, and forcing them to compete for Kaitlyn’s love.

“This season seems more like a circus or a weird game show,” another commenter wrote. “Just bizarre.”

Do you think ‘The Bachelorette’ has gone too far with this “date?” Watch the clip below and then sound off in the comments below and tell The Ashley!

(Photos: ABC)


  1. She knew Ben lost his mother, and he is still very effected by her loss. Why would she agree to set him up to relive that sadness. They did the same thing to Emily Maynard, her husband died in a race car. Then they put her in a race car.

  2. I can’t wait for the new episode recap about Kaitlyn’s quivering loins. I am especially fond of the blue tears of ultimate sadness & despair WAAA!.

  3. the worst season ever.., who is the show runner for this season and who came up with these ideas. One of your bachelors died not so long ago and this is what you do a very short time later? Shame Shame Shame.
    Cheap laughs poor taste, what happened to romance?

    Kaitlyn – if you were do worried about it affecting Ben …why did you go thru with it.

  4. I could really do with out traveling all over the world and these ridiculous dates. Stick to the regular dates more so they can actually get to know each other rather than focusing on putting on a show for the viewers. It must be an insane amount of money they waste on air fare all over the world and hotels. Not to mention shutting down big public venues for a couple of people.

  5. Does not suprise me.
    You can take the girl out of the ghetto but cant,take the ghetto out of the girl.
    This show has gone to far with this prank. Infact the show has hit bottom with recent choices for Bachelorette and bachelor’s. I won’t wast my time watching this anymore.

  6. This is the worst season of Bachelor/Bachelorette that I have ever seen. I think I will stop watching…SHAPE UP, Producers.


  8. This show is starting to seem like “Fear Factor” to me. There is nothing “lighthearted” about a funeral, Irish Wake or not. Very poor taste, but there are people like this in the world, just not people that I would want to know. After watching this show for years (yes, I’m a romantic) I no longer will.

  9. This season’s dates have all been terrible. There has been no room for romance or getting to know each other, just room for who is willing to embarrass themselves doing ridiculous tasks. Kaitlyn has been the worst bachelor or bachelorette ever. She is the least classy person they could have chosen. This season has been trashy. A funeral date shouldn’t have been chosen for Ben Z especially. She knew it could be an issue for him.

  10. I think they are running out if ideas. This season has had the worst dates. They use to go to more ecotic locations too. Kaitlyn is always apologizing and ” hoping not to hurt anyone, when all she does is hurt these guys!
    Not liking the last two seasons, except for Chris Soules. We

  11. I love that kaitlyn is the bachelorette and i love the show. But when it comes to death and someone you love passing way its one of the hardest things youll ever go thru. And to habe her pretend to be dead and make the guys look at her laying there and say stuff when they havnt even gotten to know her that well yet is soo wrong. Theres nothing light hearted about viewings and funerals. Yes people always say its to celebrate thier life but its not fun its not funny and its hard enough to do when it actually happens so who in this world would want to do it as a “date” let alone in general.

  12. To stand beside a casket and say goodbye to a person you love is nothing less than a traumatic experience. What a pitiful decision for abc to go to this length to be “entertaining.” But, there is only so much of Caitlyn kissing that viewers can take….. they probably thought it was a novelty to have a no kissing/dead bachorette scene. FYI…. Real Housewives of Orange County already did the dead scene last week. ABC…. you lose.

  13. My mother died this year, and I still am trying to get over her death. Maybe you might consider another way to find amusing things to do to continue the show for another week.

  14. This is sick. Why.. WHY would anyone in their right mind think death is entertaining?.. SHAME ON THEM.. Come on people gang up here and help get this stopped!!!

  15. This guy Nick can’t just show up and have a right to passage without them letting him on. This is crap. And trashy.

  16. This is horrible. REALLY ABC???? Ever been to a wake for a loved one murdered? Guess I should have laughed. Funny thing is I never thought to. PTSD is supposed to be funny?? Who knew. This is stupid. I’m out

  17. How rude, crude and uncouth is ABC producers going to go next? Kaitlyn was THE WORST possible gal and quite frankly at this point most of us really wish she really would die…along with the white trash producers! Pathetic people, really pathetic!!

  18. This season is TRASHY. I have ALWAYS HATED the trashy fantasy suite segment, but liked most of the rest of the show. I immensely disliked the suggestion or reality that there was sex with the dates….sex with multiple dates is sleazy. I most likely will not tune in on the last segments of this season. POOR choices on the bachelorette and bachelor choices this time. SLEAZE will not bring success to tjis show.

  19. I’m done, this is too hurtful to anyone that has lost a loved one. I’ve been to enough funerals in my day, not watching this nonsense on television. I’ve always been a faithful follower of this show, but enough is enough.

  20. I was happy Kaitlyn was chosen, however, that’s when the season stopped being fun. This has become the worst season EVER! I am a true, dedicated fan, but the happenings make me feel “played”.
    It’s become just stupid and scripted.Unbelievable, please consider our intelgence. This looks like high school antics.

  21. I didn’t like the way the season started with 2 potential Bachelorettes so have watched very little. Show is going downhill…Sean and Catherine had the last best season. Tired of the ridiculous antics and constant foul language…go back to casting people with values and morals.

  22. Kaitlin doesn’t choose the dates. She signs a contract and has to do whatever abc tells her. Duh

    1. This is not entirely true; numerous Bachelorettes have stated that they do, indeed, have a hand in choosing dates. Ali Fedowtosky was very vocal about this. -The Ashley

  23. I think they were trying to pull off a thing like the theater production of Flannagan’s Wake, which is a funny comedy. However, it DOES not work in this situation. This season is just horrible. Terrible, horrible, disgusting, ridiculous……..Kaitlyn sucks.

    1. Seems like each episode of Bachelorette gets worse. I’ve started channel surfing during the last 2 episodes because I was so disappointed in the tasteless episode. This week I’m going to skip the whole episode completely. I think I’m done. So sad, but there is no class to this season.

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