‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Begs for a Date for the ESPY Awards

"Date me!"
“Date me!”
Farrah Abraham has hit a new low. The Ashley didn’t actually think that was possible, given that just weeks ago the Teen Mom OG star was hawking vials of her DNA. (No, seriously.) Today, Farrah managed to find a new (and even lower) limb of the desparation tree to land on.

Our favorite “Backdoor Teen Mom” just posted Instagram and Twitter videos in which she literally begs her fans to help her find a date to the upcoming ESPY Awards. As you may have heard, Farrah recently split with her boyfriend, Simon Saran, so she doesn’t have anyone to take to the sports awards show. Naturally, she took to Instagram to find someone. (Don’t worry, guys, she already has the dress! Now she just has to find someone who’s willing to take her.)

“So I’m single, as you all know,” Farrah says in a video posted today. “I have a sexy dress that my girl Angel Brinks made me, but I don’t know where I’m going to where it, maybe the ESPYs? But I need a single athlete! I mean, is there any takers?”


Farrah then asks her her fans to help her find a date (aka someone who will hold her purse while she poses on the red carpet and the journalists try to figure out why the hell a ‘Teen Mom’ girl is at the ESPYs).

“Fans, help me out!” Farrah says. “Let me know who’s available and I’ll be waiting.”

On Twitter, Farrah posted the video and asked her fans to “Tag your favorite single athlete” to help her catch the attention of a sports star that’s looking for a date. Farrah actually got plenty of “regular” guys who wanted the job, but she also caught plenty of flak for her video.

“Espys? More like the despys!” one clever Twitter user responded.

Her Instagram followers weren’t much kinder.

“Asking Instagram for a date? ‘That’s for ugly girls, babe. That’s for ugly girls,'” one Instagram user wrote, using Farrah’s quote from the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode in which she told Simon that only ugly girls wait for a proposal.

The Ashley will be at the ESPYs this year, so she will keep you posted on all Farrah ESPY hijinks!

Watch Farrah beg for a date here:


  1. Two things that strike me. Every time I see Farrah she looks more and more like a porn star. Also, I am glad she broke up with Simon Saran because every time I saw his name I immediately think Simon Saran Wrap.

  2. She just broke up with her man. She wants to put on a hot dress with a hot date and hit the town. Big deal.

  3. Girl needs to stop with the surgery. Shes on her way to looking like a cat. She looks about 25 years older….like she belongs on one of those housewives shows….desperate housewives

  4. She realizes if she dates a professional athlete they will be the famous one right? I don’t think should could step aside and let someone else have the spot light.

  5. This woman has so much growing up to do. Sheesh. Do some whole-hearted introspection, find out why you are so mean and nasty, fix that before it’s too late, AND THEN find a dude.

  6. Her request doesn’t even seem sincere!! We all know shes single, well not everyone knows or cares farrah!! Just wear your dress to starbucks and be done with it!!

    I’m wondering if the dress won’t be comped if she doesn’t show it off.

  7. I take such sick pleasure in the fact that no one will ever forget that “ugly girls” comment. I just feel bad for Sophia because I fear Farrah will try to make her “beautiful” and ruin her.

  8. So I’m guessing that super involved mom is at a playdate with her daughter? I would never dream of going to one without a cocktail dress!

  9. She is actually more desperate than that. She isn’t looking for someone to take as she isn’t even invited. She is looking for someone with a ticket who is desperate enough to take her.

  10. Ask James Deen maby he’s available?And i said it before but she really looks like the younger version of Amy Fisher.

    1. And did you notice that she looks so much older than 24?I mean she looks like she’s a 50 year old lady, a little bit like Joan Rivers or Hunter Tylo.Fake teeth,fake boobs,fake hair,fake lips…

  11. Farrah nobody wants ur slutty ass. Ur a pice of a shit mom. All u r worried about is what sick I can get next. How about u take care of ur daughter 1st and not worrier about getting lad next.

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