Hank Baskett & Kendra Wilkinson Finally Reveal the “Truth” About Hank’s Alleged Affair

"Gather 'round, kiddies, it's time for a story!"
“Gather ’round, kiddies, it’s time for a story!”

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have finally gone public with what they say really happened with Hank and the transsexual model who started a firestorm for the couple last year when she went public with audio tapes made of Hank begging her not to reveal their encounter. We fans have sat through an entire season of the couple’s reality show, Kendra On Top, as well as this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (and even a few “specials” full of Hank blubbering–but not talking!) waiting for Hank to finally reveal what happened last year.

Now that Hank and Kendra have milked the sex scandal for all it’s worth, they have finally gone public with the story of what happened with Hank and the transsexual model in 2014, while Kendra was eight months pregnant. The couple talked to People magazine in an exclusive interview published this morning.

Hank told the magazine that last April, he saw a couple smoking pot in a grocery store parking lot, and he approached them to buy some pot (as you do). He claims that the couple gave him an address to go to in order to pick up his weed. He went to the house, used their bathroom and when he emerged from the toilet, he says he “saw something I thought I would never see in my life.”

He says that he saw two transgender women, naked and making out.

“‘I froze,’ says Baskett, visibly shaking as he recalls the memory,” the magazine reports. (Seriously?! Visibly shaking?)

Anyway, Hank says that he didn’t engaged in any sexy time with the transsexual women. However, one of the women did fondle him through his basketball shorts, he claims.

“It was like a bank robbery,” Hank told the magazine. “You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.”

Hank said the reason he didn’t open up to his wife or the media when the news broke several months later was that he was too humiliated.

“I was this big former football player,” he said. “I was the alpha male. I could do anything to protect my family but I couldn’t protect myself.”

Kendra made her husband sound like a big ol’ oaf who didn’t know any better.

“Hank was very naïve and gullible,” she told People. “He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the hell that we’ve lived….I don’t say the word ‘cheat.’ I can say he was not loyal to me. I don’t care about the act. I care about how he reacted to it and how I was told by the media what happened. That scarred me.”

Kendra said the recordings released of Hank attempting to pay off the transsexual model were really Hank’s attempt to keep the woman from exploiting the situation.

All of this over a little over-the-shorts touching? I don't think so...
All of this over a little over-the-shorts touching? I don’t think so…

“I wouldn’t have pissed off that predator either,” she said. “I would have said, ‘I’ll give you the world, please don’t ruin my life.'”

Hank claims the reports that he sought out the model after seeing photos of her online, and the reports that he and the model diddled each other, are all false.

The transsexual model, Ava Marie London, has yet to comment on Hank’s story. What he and Kendra are saying happened is very different than what Ava has said. In October 2014, Radar Online paid a polygraph company to administer a polygraph to Ava.

She claims that she met Hank on two separate occasions at her apartment, that they both diddled each other, and Hank paid her $400 for the first encounter. She also claimed that Hank paid her $2,000 to deny ever having met him, and later offered her $5,000 to deny their affair. According to the polygraph test, Ava passed on all questions and was telling the truth.

Why are Hank and Kendra coming forward to tell this story now? The Ashley‘s best guess is that this will be revealed in the next episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ so the couple wanted to make sure to get one more payday out of it before it went public.

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  1. This whole “scandal” seems so made up and fake and a desperate attempt for them to stay relevant, because after reality TV they’re going into oblivion with no real jobs

  2. so we are expected to believe that random pot smoking people in a grocery store parking lot sent hank to a house where two transexuals happen to be going at it and one rubbed hank down and he ran away (without his pot?) and then later found her number to call her and beg her not to tell on him? that is the dumbest story i have ever heard. i can’t tell if it’s so dumb it has to be true or if it’s just so dumb.

  3. What I think it boils down to it who has more reason to lie, so far Ava has provided the receipts, and Hank & Kendra just keep not really talking about this. I think they milked the story and this was the best cover up they could come up with. I mean, they could have said this on their show(s) and still played up the fighting/counseling.

  4. This sounds made up. BUT neither Hank or Kendra are the brightest bulbs. I’ve found that dumb shit, a la truth is stranger than fiction situations, often happen to dumb people. Dumb people may approach rando grocery store customers in the parking lot and proceed to go to their house, all while forgetting that they’re famous and probably have more suitable drug connections. I’m not saying I believe this, but I am saying if you’re dumb and you do dumb things…. I’ve also seen people cover up dumb things because of weird insecurities too. Again, I’m not saying this is accurate…as much as I’m playing devil’s advocate.

  5. that or they really do keep track of peoples’ comments and tweets on their shows (right now it’s marriage boot camp, saw how everyone was bashing them for still dragging it out, and tried to do damage control. epic fail. they really think the public is that stupid when they’re the ones so stupid to come up with this story. OR kendra is so stupid she Actually believes hank

  6. there is so much back and forth with this one, I understand that Kendra doesn’t want to brush it off like it is nothing…BUT…you cannot have it both ways. either you have to stop trashing Hank and decide to work on your marriage, or you have to agree to part ways and stop the mudslinging. her children will be old enough to read all of this someday!

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