‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Confirms Boyfriend Cole DeBoer Is Moving In with Her

Cole's not hard on the eye, either!
Cole’s not hard on the eyes, either!

Chelsea Houska has come a long way since the early days of Teen Mom 2, where she was pining over her crapgoblin baby-daddy, Adam Lind, and peeing out her IUD. Now working (a real job!) as an esthetician and in a stable relationship with Cole DeBoer, Chelsea has managed to remain relatively normal, while many of her ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars have gone off the deep end.

To date, Chelsea has no arrests, no additional out-of-wedlock babies with random dudes, and no social media meltdowns on her record.

Chelsea, who is about to turn 24, recently talked to In Touch Weekly about her future with Cole, whom she has been dating for over a year. She revealed that they have some big plans in the works.

“We will be [living together] soon — within a month,” Chelsea told the magazine recently. “I have my own house, so he’ll be moving in with me.”

Cole, a strapping young lad who works as a traffic control specialist (and doesn’t seem to be a menace to the state of South Dakota like Adam Lind), is very close with Chelsea’s five-year-old daughter Aubree.

“He’s great with Aubree,” she recently told MTV News. “Cole’s relationship with Aubree is so amazing to me because she’s never had like a positive male role model in her life. I mean, she’s had her grandpa. But as a father figure, he completely stepped up to take on that responsibility — more than I ever could have even imagined.”

A production source tells The Ashley that, while Cole will be featured on the upcoming sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ he will not make frequent appearances, as the couple has really tried to keep their relationship private and away from “Teen Mom Land.”

Unlike some ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars, Chelsea no longer has any interest in putting her personal life out there for the world to feast on.

Fans seem to be wondering when Chelsea and Cole will get married. She addressed this topic in her interview with MTV News.

“It’s not like we’re planning on getting married or anything right now, but I definitely don’t see us breaking up,” she said. “We’ll just take the next steps as it comes. I’d love to be with him forever, and I definitely want more kids in general.”

While a wedding and more babies may be in the future for Chelsea, expect to see her and Cole march down the aisle in a “Two Hour Teen Mom Wedding Extravaganza!”

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  1. That first paragraph is HILARIOUS….you got me with the “crapgoblin” LOL!! But Chelsea has come a really long way, and seems like a great mom. She is the most “normal” and “drama-free” (aside from shit with the crapgoblin) teen mom from the series

  2. Good for her!,she’s 24 years old and it’s time to settle and Cole seems the wright guy for her.I am glad for her.

      1. I met my husband at 21 and by 24 we owned our own home together. We didn’t marry until 26 but we definitely knew right away we would be together.

      2. 35 is also still young…In my opinion she don’t rush things and this is a good age to start a family.When your 30-35 and single, only the older and divorced men are available.Cole is a good catch.

        1. A good catch? What? Is he a fish? Makes it sound like Chelsea was desperate to hook a man. There’s nothing wrong with being single (not having a partner) at any age; but especially when you’re only 23/24 years old. I’m glad she has found someone who seemingly is mature & a nice guy. I certainly think it’s being smart to live together before jumping in to anything more permanent. And I do hope she/they wait & don’t have a child together until they at least see how living together long term works out.

    1. This sentence, talking about how it’s time to settle at age 24, could only have been written by somebody else that lives in North Dakota. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.

      1. Uh, except she lives in SD..it’s funny how everyone thinks they are the same though, we just talked about this at work today.

  3. Even though Chelsea’s baby voice annoys me more than any other sound on this planet, I have to give her credit for being a good mom and making better decisions than a lot of the other girls from Teen Mom. I hope this guy is as nice as he is cute 🙂

    1. i think she’s a decent mom but i see aubree growing up to be a total brat. she doesnt seem able to discipline her and wants to be bffs. hopefully that changes

      1. I love how everyone seems to be able to find and criticize every little fault in other people’s parenting. Trust me, you are not a perfect parent by any means, and your kid(s) will be screwed up in some way because of the way you raise them. So stop with the constant judging of everyone else and how they don’t seem to perform up to your standards as parents!

        1. Sweetheart, when you put your life (including your children) on display for the world to see; & you get paid for doing so, you open yourself up to public scrutiny. Your comment indicates you assume everyone who has criticized Aubree’s behavior &/or Chelsea’s parenting, is a parent themselves. I guess that makes you as judgrmental as they are.

  4. Right, Liz? I hope he’s great too but it reminds me of when Jenelle introduced Nathan. Everyone went off his boy next door looks and compared him to a heroin addict. Who wouldn’t look good next to that? Minus drugs, this is the same for Adam.

    1. yea, but Jenelle moved in with Sling Blade in 3 weeks..Cole has been with Chelsea for a year…huge difference

  5. Haha. I’d move into that nice house, too. We’ll see how long he can put up with that annoying baby voice now that he’s living there.

  6. i hope he is a good guy. on all the TM fan sites dumb ass fans are like ‘WE ARE SO GLAD SHE HAS FOUND AN AMAZING FATHER FIGURE FOR AUBREE’ like we literally know nothing about him….

      1. Oh yesss Cole looks definite beter!!Adam is already bald and he has to many tattoo’s for my taste.

      2. Yes. Because it’s so much easier to put up with a good looking guy who turns out to be an a$$hole than an average or not so good looking guy who turns out to be an a$$hole.

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