PHOTOS: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Shows Off New Adult Toys at Convention

"Buy my stuff!"
“Buy my stuff!”

Farrah Abraham has stated many times that her venturing into the sex industry has “ruined her life.” That hasn’t stopped her from attending more sex industry events, however!

The Teen Mom OG star appeared at the Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo (ANME) in Burbank, California, earlier this week to promote her new line of sexy time toys, which include, but are not limited to her Inflatable Farrah Doll.

Yes, kids, you can have your very own blow-up Farrah to do The Sex with.

Farrah was on-hand signing autographs, meeting fans and hawking her new Topco Sales toys, which also include a three-speed vibrating bullet and a few other vibrating toys for ladies. Of course, who could forget Farrah’s previously released plastic lady parts? (Click here to read The Ashley’s account of her trip to Farrah’s toy release party last year.)

The Ashley interviewed Farrah last year when molds of Farrah’s private parts were released, and Farrah explained that she didn’t regret her decision to make sex toys. In fact, she had a very good reason for hawking duplicates of her lady parts.

“Because I am young, fun and 23,” she told The Ashley in July 2014. “I felt like I would regret it if I missed this opportunity. So I figured, ‘Why not?’

“Is it weird to see my body on display? No,” she said. “It is weird to hold it though! But when I’m holding it I just keep thinking, ‘Damn I look so good!’”

Farrah’s new vibrating toys aren’t shaped like her privates, but she did take the time to pose with them in front of a giant display of her plastic butts. (I mean, as you do.)

Check out the pics from Farrah’s visit to the ANME convention on Monday below. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge them. They’re worth a gander!)

Farrah's dream come true: A wall of Farrah No caption needed. Farrah poses with her new toys. Attack of the plastic Farrah parts!

(Photos courtesy of Topco Sales)


22 Responses

  1. I really think she is SO DISGUSTING and it has nothing to do with the Tape. She truly is a very UGLY PERSON!!! I can’t stand the way she treats and talks to her Parents. OMG my Mother would have killed me and gladly went to jail. She is a Selfish, Self Centered little Bitch. I don’t care how Beautiful or Handsome a person is , if you’re ADDITUDE is bad then you will come off as the Ugliest person, I mean how many MEN has she gone through? Nobody can stand Her or that BRAT KID of hers… She needs to keep her ass home and teach that kid some manners. BUT LETS HOPE SHE TURNS OUT JUST LIKE HER ,!!., Then Debra can sit back and laugh. My heart goes out to you Debra because something went wrong when you were raising her!! YOU are so kind , BUT she is such a little BITCH!! I am sorry it is her daughter But truth is truth. Farrah needs some INTENSE THERAPY!!!

  2. I think it’s less that she’s “just doing the same thing Kim K did” and more that she’s completely in denial of the fact that her choices reflect poorly on her and that she is completely self righteous about every thing she does. She is constantly deflecting any responsibility she has in her life. She blames everyone in her life for her troubles.
    I am no fan of the Kardashian klan but they are more likable than farrah.

  3. Will someone please tell me how Kim K can do a sex tape and nude photos and be celebrated and admired by the public while Farrah gets crapped on for the same thing? Is it because Kim K is wealthy and comes from a well known family? I don’t get why two people can do the same thing and be treated so differently.

    1. It’s because she was single and child free at the time. And because with Farrah there is tons and tons of evidence that her child is neglected physically (pacifier with 5 years old) and emotionally (crazy behavior witnessed during each and every scene with her). No such things with Kim’s child AFAIK.

    2. If you think people hate Farrah solely because she did the porn video, you are missing the point entirely.

    3. I am no fan of Kim K but I dont recall her ever appearing at a cheap porn convention hawking rubber replicas of her rectum and vagina for men to masturbate with. And Kim’s sex tape started out as a private video with her BF at the time that got leaked. Farrah’s was made in a studio with a porn actor.

    4. It is because Kim K. Made the tape with her BOYFRIEND and he leaked it!! And Farrah knew that she was making a PORN MOVIE ,,, come on Backdoor Teen Mom or whatever the name of it is . And then look at HER my god SHE LOOKS LIKE PORN PERSON ,!! She went and had all that PLASTIC Surgery AND MY GOD LOOK AT HER LIPS. NOW REALLY ??? And you don’t see Kim K. Out there pushing the Porn crap. And Kim K. Doesn’t act like her either….

  4. Farrah’s definitely made some strange career choices. But the first paragraph of this article is a bit disappointing. The Ashley brings up Farrah’s previous rape allegations and then remarks that it hasn’t stopped her from attending the same conventions. It’s pretty messed up in my opinion to imply that a woman continuing to go to work after being raped there somehow means her accusations are false. I’m not saying everything on a gossip blog needs to be PC but I still think that The Ashley can do better than this.

    1. I tend to agree. I do not doubt Farrah being “drugged and raped”, perhaps not in the classical, “Bill Cosby” form of “d&r”.
      Possibly she makes “deals” with men and it does not go as planned. Not sure, I wasn’t there.
      As far as her returning to the conventions, she has no choice if she wants to continue her porn career. Raped or not, she has money to make.

    2. Oh for the love of God , she was never raped. She has nothing to back this up and she is a hard core pathological liar. Whenever she is backed into a corner she just pulls this stuff out of her backdoor in hopes of gaining sympathy.

      1. She is a LIAR !! The Studio told her to take a Lie Detector Test and if she passed they would give her a MILLION DOLLARS and in another Blog she had to ADMIT SHE WAS A LIAR!!! They were going to SUE HER if she didn’t stop her bullshit lies. So think about that for awhile. Just sayin.

  5. I don’t get the big deal. Yes she should own up it wasn’t a sex tape but is a porn. But other than that who cares? Plenty of people are in that industry.

    1. For me it’s the fact that she sits there sulking on Dr Drew’s couch and alluding to being taken advantage of by people she trusted, being raped, being a victim of the evil people in the sex industry. She says doing the “sex tape” was just her turning a terrible situation around to at least benefit her and Sophia (she always makes sure to mention it’s all for SOPHIA). Yeah right! This just proves she’s full of shit. It’s all for her! Her money, her “fame”, her trying to land a famous guy to take her to award shows and further her “career”, etc. Meanwhile her daughter is falling through the cracks. She says she never would want Sophia to follow her lead and do a sex tape. Yet she voluntarily continues to put herself out there in the sex industry. She’s not making any sense and she’s not putting her child’s needs first. AND she’s still trying to play the audience for a fool. Not cool IMO.

      1. Yes she should admit what that tape is. I have children I want better for them than what I do. It’s lucrative for her. It makes Farrah so much money. Is it what I would do? No. But it’s her life to live. Millions work in the sex industry. I don’t look down my nose at them, and I don’t Farrah.

  6. Oh, is the money running out already? I thought the porn, uuuh, sex tape set you and SOPHIA (remember her?) up for life.

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