‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Drama: Leah & Jeremy Calvert Bring New Significant Others to Los Angeles

Cheers to Life After Leah!
Cheers to Life After Leah!

Get ready for the juiciest Teen Mom 2 reunion ever, guys!

The show’s cast touched down in Los Angeles yesterday to film the Season 6 reunion and Unseen Moments show. While the filming didn’t start until today, the drama started almost immediately after the ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids arrived in So-Cal!

For starters, Leah Calvert is making her first post-rehab appearance at an MTV event. (She was excused from the recent ‘TM2’ press day in New York, due to her being fresh from the ‘hab.) Leah will have to face both of her ex-husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, on stage with Dr. Drew, but luckily she won’t be alone.

The Ashley can confirm that MTV allowed Leah to bring her new boyfriend, T.R. Dues, to LA with her. The couple is still going strong (despite the circulating rumor that Leah cheated on T.R. The Ashley can’t confirm or deny that rumor is true, by the way.) As The Ashley told you last month, Leah and T.R. were house-hunting together. T.R. had been staying at Leah’s mother’s house just weeks into their relationship.

Leah and her twins hung out with T.R. and his family on the 4th of July.
Leah and her twins hung out with T.R. and his family on the 4th of July.

Jeremy was allowed to bring his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr along too. A source tells The Ashley that this will be the first time that Leah will meet Brooke, who began dating Jeremy a few months ago.

While Jeremy and Leah no longer get along, Jeremy was getting on fine with Leah’s other ex, Corey, and Corey’s pregnant wife, Miranda Simms. In fact, Jeremy and Brooke joined Corey and Miranda at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood last night for drinks, laughs and, of course, reminiscing about their experiences with Leah. Corey even posted a photo of the foursome, along with the very telling hashtag “#LifeAfterLeah.”

Corey quickly deleted the photo (after being yapped at by angry Leah fans), but later tweeted, “If you only knew.”

The normally quiet camo-loving dad followed it up with, “Honestly I’ve had enough I usually keep my mouth shut and don’t say much but yeah you’ll see.”

One of The Ashley’s very good ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources tells her that Jeremy is thrilled that his MTV contract is ending, and that he plans to hold nothing back when he gets on stage with Leah and Dr. Drew. He may even have a surprise up his sleeve for his ex-wife!

The Ashley will keep you posted on all the drama happening this weekend!


  1. Really I only think Cory is friends with Jeremy just to get dirt on leah , because Surely when Jeremy was with leah he was always sticking up for her against Cory now all of a sudden he’s all team Cory lol and to get together with there girlfriends to talk about leah is pretty pathetic if you ask me lmao obviously they both are not over her. I would be damn if my boyfriend sits there and talks about his ex all the time

  2. I know one thing, Janelle is now a spokes person for a lot of products, advertising the products on her IG, Fbook, and twitter, that girl IS getting PAID

    1. At least Leah is showing some initiative and branching out in to different things to make sure she’s got some financial security other than relying on just a pay packet from MTV.
      UNLIKE Jennelle, who thought she was irreplaceable!and the MTV dollars would keep rolling in !
      Good on Leah…. I wish her all the best of luck and lots of happiness 😊

  3. I don’t think teaming up against Leah is very tasteful for Corey or Jeremy! She is the mother of both of your children!! And by the way both of you married her. Marriage to people today is like dating awhile and then oh this isn’t going so well! Let’s just divorce not considering your children. Jeremy you wanted a child with her too and knew she already had her hands full! You could have tried to find another job but it seems your job was more important than your family! Very disappointed in you!! Thought you were a good guy with family values! I guess another pretty girl comes along and forget the wife you pledged before God to be thee for better or worse!

    1. God frowns upon adultery, so I’m pretty sure he’s OK with the men divorcing Leah. You can be divorced and still have family values, and you know sometimes it’s better for children to have their parents divorced and happy than miserable and together

    2. This is not a simple case of ganging up on Leah. These men have children with her that she is raising while being an out of control drug addict. They are tired of being made bad guys while she chalks her smacked up behavior to being “exhausted”. Now she has moved in some shady guy who claims to be a “personal trainer” after knowing him for just weeks.

  4. This whole situation is a complete mess. Maybe the girl’s daddies do need to try and gain custody. I hate to see any child taken from it’s mother but, in this case I think it’s necessary for the sake of the children. Leah has a responsibility to her children and bringing all these different men around her children is not being responsible. Sorry Leah but you need to slow down. The girls are at a very impressionable age.

  5. I’m surprised Corey didn’t speak up sooner after the way Leah bashed his marriage to Miranda like in that interview with Dr. Phil (how Corey told her he misses their family shortly before he married Miranda and that Corey cheated on Miranda), in her official Facebook page (that Corey and Miranda’s marriage isnt as perfect as it seems) and comments she made on TM2 (that she and Corey got along before Miranda came into the picture). Funny hoe she hates being called out for her shortcomings as a wife and mother but is quick to judge and humiliate Miranda. Does anyone remember that Reddit Q&A with a teen mom 2 camera man? His credentials were verified by Reddit. He said Leah is the worst. She lets the twins eat food off the floor and there are used tampons everywhere… he also said that Corey is the nicest guy. I’m beginning to think that Corey and Jeremy’s accusations of neglect are true!

    1. To be fair, her “confession” to Dr. Drew that Cory cheated on Miranda, which she admitted Miranda already knew, Miranda just didn’t know that she (Leah) knew, isn’t exactly a bombshell, earth-shattering, life-changing confession. What would it matter to Miranda whether or not Leah knew?
      I do think Leah has her flaws – being REALLY messy to a point where it’s disgusting may very well be 1 of them – the sneak peek for next week’s episode showed an extremely messy car.
      I don’t believe she has a drug problem, though, she took her drug test and passed.
      Honestly, what I think Leah’s main issue is is that, although initially, guys seem to really like her (both Corey and Jeremy seemed to truly like and care for her in the beginning) but over time, for whatever reason, something about her makes them gradually lose interest/pull away. I don’t know what that “something” is – perhaps her messiness, perhaps her neediness, perhaps a combination of both and combined with other things.
      All I know is that this seems to be a pattern w/Leah – they’re initially so in love with her and wanna marry her and care for her and willing to deal w/all her baggage, then later lose interest and want nothing to do with her.
      I don’t think she cheats b/c she’s flaky, I think she cheats because she’s lonely because they end up checking out of the relationship and spending so much time away from her. Then, I think those guys use the cheating thing as an excuse for why they’re ending it, when really, they’ve been wanting out for some time.
      It’s obvious to me that both Corey and Jeremy checked out of the marriage, emotionally, loooong before they found out Leah cheated on them. It’s obvious they’d lost interest a long time ago.

    2. I would be so irritated if I was the Simms family. It’s OK for Leah to say whatever she wants, but Heaven forbid anyone say something negative about her. I wish MTV would air all the things then ex-husbands have to say, but I’m sure they’ll edit it out to make her look innocent, like always. It’s got to be rough always looking like a scumbag on national TV, while your tramp baby mama always gets edited to be an angel

      1. Respectfully, I don’t see what you see re: Cory getting a bad edit. On 16 and Pregnant, it showed Leah cheating on him, etc. and him being a good guy who was in love and stepping up to the plate w/a girl he barely knew, trying to make it work for the sake of their unborn twins.

        1. He was being made out to be a deadbeat dad after Leah married Jeremy. He was edited to look like he chose not to go to therapy or doctors appointments, like he didn’t want the wheelchair because it would cost him more money, and that he wasn’t paying any child support when he was and buying the girls things they needed like school clothes and paying for extra activities.

  6. I want to hear the pep talk Babs would give Dawn about this situation. “Yah can’t jus’ let ya lil’ bitch of a daughta move in with her hustla’ boooyfriend if they’re jus’ gonna be mooching off ya and getting high in front of the baby!”

    1. LOL now I really want this to happen. Babs should host these things instead of Doctor Drew, or at least cohost.

  7. I predict this time next year Leah will be holding a new baby and the divorcing baby daddy will be taking Jeremy’s place on stage. A new baby daddy and baby each year!

  8. Forget Teen Mom OG. Teen Mom II all the way! Forget annoying Kail and boring Chelsea. I’d be happy if it was the Janelle and Leah Show!

  9. Not a good idea for Corey to post this, although I understand he and Jeremy probably need to vent together. But if I were Jeremy’s new girl or Miranda, I wouldn’t want to hear about Leah all the time! Her bringing her new man around her little girls is another story…sigh

    1. I am so glad u posted this! Took the words right out of my mouth!!! I could NOT deal with having to hear Leah leah leah all the time. Life after leah blah blah blah! Poor Miranda has to hear this chicks name all the time and it shouldnt be this way but I guess in a way she did sign up for it since they were on a reality show. I’m a step mom myself and Have been for a LONG time and I swear if I had to deal with hearing the kids moms name everytime I turn around I woulda checked out a LONG time ago! Our life is about us and the children, not hearing about exes and drama! Miranda seems to have thick skin and i just hope she can focus in her baby when its born and not have to worry about her husband constantly talkn about his ex. (Good or bad)

  10. I can’t wait to watch this train wreck.

    Oh jesus that photo and caption is too good! Seriously, can MTV do a spin off show about Corey and Jeremy called “Life After Leah??!”

  11. I hope Jeremy, Corey and Dr. Drew all rip Leah a new a**hole on the reunion show. If her mom and the rest of her family can’t tell her that she’s f*cking up her and her children’s life than maybe they will.

    1. Oh how I wish that were true. But in true Dr. Drew fashion he will just take up for Leah claiming she’s got a lot on her plate. And let’s not forget she didn’t go to rehab for Durg abuse. It was “anxiety and depression” ya’ll! (Cue Chris Crocker making a “leave Leah alone!!” Video!) ugh! Leah makes me embarrassed to be from the same state!

      1. I don’t know. Dr. Drew got down on Amber for drinking and jumping into a relationship with Matt on the Teen Mom OG reunion and she walked off the stage. I think Leah should be scared lol.

        1. Yeah, but Leah will just throw out that she has a special needs child and no help at home. I think Dr. Drew also plays favorites with the girls, and won’t call them on their crap if he likes them

          1. Yeah, I don’t know how Dr. Drew will approach it. I just know Jeremy holds a lot of anger and resentment towards Leah. I don’t think he will hold back at all. I think Corey will speak the truth too but being the gentleman that he is, he will do it in a non confrontational way. We’ll have to wait and see!

  12. jenelle tweet some weird shit to randy and jeff simms. they werent even talking about her but shes pissed. and her and nate unfollowed each other lol

    1. What did she say? I just checked her Twitter and it looks like she deleted it. What a shocker. Yawn.

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