EXCLUSIVE: Leah Calvert & Miranda Simms Got Into a Nasty Fight at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion

The claws came out!
The claws came out!

The Teen Mom 2 crew was in Los Angeles this weekend filming the Season 6 reunion show, as well as the Unseen Moments show. With the four girls, their new boyfriends/husbands, their ex-boyfriends/husbands and kids all in town for the taping, things were bound to get tense, and The Ashley can confirm that things got downright heated during portions of the Season 6 reunion taping between Leah Calvert and Miranda Simms.

Miranda, who married Leah’s ex-husband Corey Simms two years ago, frequently appears on ‘Teen Mom 2’ but rarely says anything in regard to Leah and the custody battle going on for Leah and Corey’s twins. However, The Ashley can confirm that Miranda finally spoke up (publicly) during Saturday’s taping, and came out swinging!

According to an on-set source, Leah had been speaking to Dr. Drew Pinsky about her battle with Corey Simms for their five-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah. Miranda had been standing to the side seething while Leah talked, and when she finally had the chance to say something, she went off on Leah.

“She is fed up with Leah’s lies and inability to take responsibility for her poor parenting choices,” a person close to the families told The Ashley. “Despite what you see on TV, Leah and Miranda have not gotten along for years.

“Leah’s entire family hates Miranda,” the family source continued. “They blame her for severing the decent coparenting relationship that Corey and Leah had, but really there were many reasons that they stopped getting along, not just because of Miranda.”

The on-set source told The Ashley that during the reunion taping, Miranda accused Leah of talking bad about Corey to the twins, and stated that the girls have confirmed to her that Leah is lax in her parenting duties.

“Miranda called Leah out for putting the twins in potential danger,” the set source stated. “Everyone on set was stunned. No one expected Miranda to go off like that because she’s usually quiet. Leah couldn’t really even deny that she bashes Corey in front of the kids, because it’s true. Leah couldn’t really deny anything Miranda was saying.”

The source also confirms that Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, was furious that Leah was attacked on stage, and was screaming from the audience!

“She’s concerned that Leah could snap at any minute,” the family source tells The Ashley. “She knows how fragile Leah is right now and didn’t even want her to go to LA for the reunion, but she had to because of her MTV contract. They have to attend the reunions.”

Miranda has no use for Leah’s family either and basically refuses to speak to any of them. The tension has gotten even worse since Miranda and Corey announced that they are expecting their first child.

It seems that Corey is tired of staying quiet about his ex-wife as well.

"Corey Tyler- don't you let your wife talk to me like that!"
“Corey Tyler- don’t you let your wife talk to me like that!”

“Honestly, I’ve had enough,” Corey tweeted on Friday night. “I usually keep my mouth shut and don’t say much but, yeah, you’ll see…If you only knew.”

As The Ashley told you, Leah’s divorce from her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, was recently made official. While Jeremy was in LA and did film a segment for the reunion on stage with Leah, the set source tells The Ashley that things went smoothly.

“They didn’t really fight or anything,” the source tells The Ashley. “Everyone was expecting this big showdown but Jeremy decided not to nail Leah like he had planned to do.”

Jeremy did bring his new girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, with him to LA, and, as The Ashley told you, Jeremy, Brooke, Corey and Miranda all went out on Friday night before the reunion taping. They even captured the Kodak moment with a photo, which Corey tweeted (and soon deleted), along with the hashtag, “#LifeAfterLeah.”

Seeing her two ex-husbands happy with their new significant others no doubt upset Leah. (She did, however, have her new boyfriend, TR Dues, with her in LA, so that may have helped buffer things a bit.) However, her battles with Corey aren’t over yet.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, while Leah and Corey were seen going to court for custody of the twins during a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ the court battle wages on. Corey is not stopping his battle for custody of the twins, and the exes are scheduled to meet up again in court early next month. Corey is still trying to get full custody of Ali and Aleeah.

The Ashley can’t confirm how much of the Leah/Miranda spat will be shown during the reunion taping (if any), but you can be sure that it did, indeed, happen, and was pretty brutal. It’s likely what caused Corey’s father, Jeff Simms, to tweet out this very telling tweet on Sunday.

“How did a show that was pitched to us as being about young mothers coping with having a baby evolve into a soap opera? Ratings perhaps? #TM2”

Stay tuned– The Ashley has more reunion tea to spill!

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  1. Regardless what any of you have to say…..being a parent is the hardest job on the planet. Being a single parent of 3 girls at am extremely young age, that’s been through 2 divorces, had a child with a disability and obviously didn’t have a great example makes it the hardest job in the universe. It’s called growing pains….and growing up….mistakes are going to be made. Miranda needs to respect the fact that those are not her kids or her ex wife and butt out. if miranda and core divorce ……she won’t care what happens to them. She needs to stop making negative comments and influencing Carey to work against their mother……and instead of saying she is putting the kids first actually put them first…..what’s best for them is their mother and father get along and help Leah be the best mom she can be instead of trying to tear the kids away from their mother.

  2. Truth hurts: all us mothers know that taking care of 1 child is not ez, 2 children u have a hand full & 3 u have to manage to stay sane…I have 3 so I understand what she’s going through to an extent. But I have to agree with Jeremy, she is NOT the same woman or mother she was in the beginning with the twins. From the 1st divorce, doctors & finding out about her baby’s disability, to 2nd marriage, to 3rd baby, to twins in school & therapy… Honestly she’s been through a LOT & I don’t think she’s ever learned how to live IN A RELATIONSHIP. Us as mothers not only have to juggle our kids time but we also have to learn how to make time & COMMUNICATE with our partner in life. Of u don’t lay those bricks down the house is surely to crumble. Yes NO ONE is perfect & it’s heart breaking to watch her develop into a strong woman then to fall back down & not able to get back up. Up out of the depression … It has taken her into a dark place & I’m sorry but regardless of the clips MTV decided to show some of the clips were disturbing, her screaming get out not communicating well, on her phone, not aware of her children’s surrounding or what they are doing. She has changed & if I was Corey I would be a little sketchy myself when it comes to My children. She definitely needs to get help & move into a positive space or this Will not end well for herself or her children.

  3. Leah has taken care of 3 kids as a young mother no ones perfect period and if judge really thought Leah was on drugs she wouldn’t have those kids so obviously she’s ok she’s done a great job dealing with all the bs she has to go thru everyday plus she has a child with diagnosed issues so that’s a lot on its own then throw in 2 other kids no ones perfect let her be a mother the girls haven’t been hurt they aren’t neglected by any means and it’s just mean to call her a bad mother we are not in her shoes Corey and his wife need to back off they are putting stress on the situation constantly bashing her being tardy not a crime everyone runs late try getting three kids ready by yourself every morning Jeremy was never there helping LEAH KEEP YOUR HEAD UP YOUR DOING BEST YOU CAN !!!! Godbless you and those beautiful girls oh and my sons four he makes toast kids are smart they see us doing things that’s doesn’t make u a bad mm either good grief

    1. Thank you! I’m so sick of ppl bashing Leah and praising her exes. I think Leah has done a good job ( a lot better than some of the teen moms on the shows) raising THREE children. Corey sure isn’t perfect. First off he seems to have a nice place to live now that he’s married to Miranda, but when he was with Leah the twins didn’t even have a decent place to take a bath. Leah wanted a nicer place for her and the girls ( it’s not like she was asking for a mansion or even a house lol all she wanted was a decent trailer) and that caused Corey to ask for a divorce. Later he finds out she hooked up with her ex, but it’s not like he hasn’t cheated himself so…He tells Leah he wants a divorce and so then when she actually files for one he gets all upset? She starts seeing Jeremy and Corey kept coming between them because Corey couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to try to fix his marriage with Leah. Obviously Jeremy wasn’t going to stick around while Corey strung Leah along so he put his foot down and Leah picked him. Maybe she should of tried harder to of fixed things with Corey though bc when they got along ( which they really seemed to do until Miranda came along) things were really good between them. He was more of a hands on parent than Jeremy. That didn’t happen though and Leah married Jeremy. Not long after she finds out she’s pregnant and that’s about the time Jeremy started acting like he HATED coming home. I think what Leah said is so accurate which is that he regrets marrying her and having a child with her. So bc he was miserable he was about as absentee of a husband and father as you can get without actually just leaving. I think her sister said he was home one day a week. Leah was parenting 3 kids on her own, one having disabilities, with a little help from Corey and their families. To top it all off Jeremy started accusing Leah of cheating when in actuality it was him that had a gf on the road. The girl he was cheating with was all too happy to share it with the press. That’s why I really do not understand why everyone has always bashed Leah. I don’t see her leaving her kids with family/friends to go out partying with her friends. The most we have saw her do is leave them long enough to have lunch with someone lol. What exactly are her crimes? Not keeping a ultra clean house, feeding her kids food from a can like ravioli, not keeping a clean car, her kids being tardy once or twice from school etc., taking prescribed medicine from a doctor, and the worst thing I’ve saw her do is have spats in front of the kids. Basically things that go on in homes everyday across America. Personally to have 3 kids I think she did really well and I think she would of continued to do well but she got in with Jeremy who ruined her self esteem bc that’s when her troubles seemed to appear is when he stopped wanting to be at home or even come home to her. She may of had a slight prescription pill problem but she did go get help and even when they were saying she was on drugs she passed two drug tests. Raising one child is hard as an adult but this girl was raising twins as a teenager and not doing a half bad job of it. Now she has 3! It just boggles my mind that she gets bashed when we never see her leaving her kids with family/friends/her spouse to go out partying, we never see her in magazines acting a fool, and she doesn’t have a sex tape ( looking at u Farrah). When we see her she’s usually with her kids or spouse ( if he’s even home), so do tell how she’s such a terrible mother? Do we really think that Corey’s wife will treat these kids better and be able to look after them better than their mom? I mean Miranda has a new baby coming and has only cared for the kids on weekends. Ultimately bc Corey works it would be Miranda taking care of the kids the majority of the time. It would be easier for Leah to give Corey 50/50 custody so she didn’t have to deal with the kids as much and she gets her TM2 money so I’m sure she would get by. Yet, I understand why she wouldn’t do that. It’s been her since she was 16 going to their doc visits, taking care of them, not having a social life bc she would rather be with her kids but then she gets bashed for it. And ppl praise the exes.. It’s like Leah has done most the work, getting the baby with disabilities to walk and working with her so that she could have as much of a normal life as possible but now they are older and can do more for themselves so now Corey wants to take them. If he was even just asking for joint custody I might understand but he’s trying to get FULL custody when he knows Miranda would be the one taking care of them most of the time. To rip them away from a mom who has raised them and who they’ve been with the majority of the time is just wrong. and IMO it was sorry and childish of Corey to go out to eat with Jeremy (not like they were ever really friends when Jeremy was with Leah) and his new gf and take pics and post them as lifeafterleah. I do think Leah should of took some time before moving on to a new man, but then Jeremy had already moved on b4 they divorced and no one minds that. I hope Leah gets everything worked out and keeps full custody of her kids. I wish her the best..

      1. Thank you for this! I have been saying the same thing I feel bad for the girl. She goes through so much especially having a disabled child whose case is extremely rare. It’s sad what us mother’s go through on a daily basis and the father’s are always the ones who can move on and act like Daddy of the Year. I have a 3 year old and I am expecting soon. My daughter has eaten spaghetti-o’s many times. I will cook a whole meal and she will still want that. Same thing for my siblings and I growing up if we been out all day come home late my parents would heat us up something quick. At least they didn’t go to bed hungry! If it was sooo “unhealthy” and nasty then they wouldn’t sell it in stores. Who cares. Miranda needs to shut her mouth and stay in her place because she is going to end up just like Leah if they get full custody. Two girls and a newborn baby girl. Hopefully there is another season so we can see that train wreck. Look at the beautiful home they have. Look how Corey had Leah and the girls living. It was so sad. Jeremy is never around yet he acts like he can easily raise 3 girls on his house. Okay why can’t you take off from work? You make enough to miss a week or two. He won’t because any chance at freedom he jumps on it. He complains about her spending money, yes she can be more responsible but it’s her money from the show! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her checks that bought that house and their cars. I do think Leah needs more supportive help during her rough time but Corey is making it worse. He is being very spiteful and selfish. I hope she can get all help to needs to over come whatever she is feeling and going through so she can be the best mommy for her girls!

        1. Yes! I mean I realize Leah isn’t perfect, who is? What annoys me is that she gets bashed all the time ( even by other mothers who say oh, my child is never tardy etc. ) and the exes come out looking great. It was a shame how Corey had Leah and the girls living and that’s the reason they divorced. He got mad bc she wanted a better home and he wanted a new truck. She went and got a new mobile home ( not even a house so def not a mansion) and he pitched a fit. He’s the one that started talking divorce and then he found out she cheated, but he was already talking divorce. And now that he’s with Miranda, like u said, they have a really nice house. Then Leah married Jeremy and after they had their baby he just stopped coming home. People will say but she knew what he did from the get go etc. Yes, she knew he worked on the road and was gone some back then I think it was about two weeks out of the month. He made an effort to come home but then when the baby came he was never home. He went from being home 2 weeks a month to 12 hrs a week so basically 2-3 days a month. That’s a big difference! So yeah she was basically a single mom. I’ve saw where people condemn her for feeding the kids ravioli. That’s funny to me bc ravioli was a regular meal when I was growing up. Lots better than the stuff the school tried to feed us. I just watched the reunion show and it’s like Dr.Drew said Leah has mental health issues. Corey tried to act like depression isn’t real and that people don’t go to therapy for it. Then he actually tried to say he had the same prob as Leah and Dr.Drew corrected him real quick. The truth is that no one knew why Miranda and Corey had been acting so hostile toward Leah but I think we all know now. Since it’s came out that Corey and Leah hooked up late last year. I think that explains so much. Miranda has him on lockdown now. She got pregnant real fast for someone that had just found out their husband cheated. Now, Leah was going through depression and mental issues but Corey was of sound mind then. Yet, crazily enough Leah’s the one getting the blame for that too. I think instead of it being Leah that’s jealous of Miranda that it’s the other way around. And Corey, OMG, he said Miranda gave him a backbone to deal with Leah. So basically his wife carries his you know what’s around in her purse lol. And Leah is right things were ok with her and Corey co-parenting until Miranda came along. The telling thing to me was, IMO, it shouldn’t of mattered why she went to rehab as long as she got help but all Corey and Miranda wanted was for her to admit she had a drug problem so they could use it against her. He is still not seeing if she’s better he’s still pushing for custody. Leah shouldn’t have to tell the world why she was in rehab. I think at this point that it doesn’t matter what Leah does that Miranda is gonna hate her. I think Miranda was jealous of Corey and Leah having a bond of children together so when she felt threatened she got pregnant. And another thing I’d like to ask Corey, if life is so great without Leah then why is it that you keep hooking up with her? I don’t wanna bash JEREMY too much just bc Leah says he doesn’t give her a lot of trouble, but come on now you def can’t say that he is a better parent than her. He provides for his child financially and is a hard worker but while Leah’s home with the baby he’s out living it up. Although it wasn’t hugely reported he was out drinking and driving four wheelers awhile back and flipped it with his gf riding with him. So, idk that he has room to say he worries Leah might wreck when he drives intoxicated himself. Also when this happened he had the baby and could of been spending time with her but instead was out with the new gf. Lastly, I’m gonna say did anyone notice who the twins were standing with at the end of the finale? It sure wasn’t Corey and Miranda! Those girls are mommas girls and if Corey got more than 50/50 custody it would devastate those girls. Leah has raised them since she was a kid herself, but now that they are a little older he wants his new wife to raise them and the new baby? I bet u money, that if Miranda had to do everything Leah does while Corey was gone most the time she wouldn’t be doing as well as Leah. There’s always been something about Miranda that rubbed me the wrong way, like she just seems fake. The biggest thing I want to come across here though a that Corey and Jeremy are no better than Leah. They’ve all done things, but at least Leah’s had a reason and has went to get help for her problems. As for Miranda, she’s prob the only one in the whole bunch ( Jeremy, Leah, Corey) that hasn’t got caught cheating but Corey’s cheated on this girl at least two times with two diff girls so was bringing a child into the mix a good idea? And could the real reason that Miranda doesn’t want Corey getting a long with Leah be bc she’s scared he will hook up with Leah again? Did she think getting pregnant was gonna make sure they stayed together? Idk but if he’s cheating then that means somethings wrong and a baby prob won’t fix that. Just saying!

    2. I agree no one should judge her…. But I’m sorry my 5 year old would NOT be allowed to use any equipment in the kitchen that can burn them until an appropriate age. My kids know they can only help me when I’m in the kitchen…. If my child told my husband that they knew how to make toast because mommy was a sleepy head my husband would have concerns. If I was letting my 5 year olds do their own food in kitchen cause I was on medication, too tired, up all night, then I would ask my family for help in mornings or pay for help. There are way too many risks that can happen in a kitchen. From burns, to cuts, to starting fires…. I’m sorry but 5 year olds are not old enough to be in kitchen w/o adult supervision.

  4. So tired of this story honestly Corey & Miranda are only doing this for the $ I mean if they’re really trying to look after the girls they should give up any financial help and the court should not modify the child support arrangement and then we’ll see if they have the kids best interest. Funny how his father got granted Corey’s custody now he wants to do the same with his kids ok Leah might not be the best in making decisions but give the girl a break and let her grow up and people should start looking at the motive why Corey keeps insisting on being a primary parent of his concern was school and treatments well then he should go for the kids and take them to school and therapy and stop being an ass….
    Shared Physical Custody
    When parents share physical custody so that each parent has custody over the child for at least 127 days a year, West Virginia changes the method of calculation. The court multiplies the parents’ basic support obligation by 1.5, and then apportions it to each parent by the share of time the parent spends with the child. The parent who owes child support pays the difference between the amounts assigned to each parent.

    1. I think that there should be shared custody because I think its too much for Leah and letting Corey have them for a week and her the next would give Leah the break she needs. I think her mom should shut her mouth and mind her business.

      1. My thoughts exactly! And from personal experience when grandparents step in and start running their mouths and trying to be chief it makes these situations EXTRA difficult! Step back Dawn! Let the parents deal with this!(leah,miranda and corey) sorry if I offended anyone but ALoT of the time in situations like these I find that grandparents overstep their boundaries. (I believe Jenelles case to be different with Barbara though, bc clearly the dad was nowhere in the picture so different situation altogether)

      2. I wonder so much if the child support stayed exactly the same if Corey would still want joint/full custody? Plus Miranda has a new baby on the way. She’s only had these kids on the weekends, do u think she would be able to handle 3 kids, one with a disability and one a newborn? bc it would be mostly her taking care of the kids and taking them to therapy and school. Joint custody is one thing but they are going after full custody and IMO trying to rip the kids away from the mom that has raised them is just wrong.

    2. Believe it or not….there ARE parents in the world who have their children’s best interests at heart and it’s not about financial mumbo jumbo. I’m putting myself in Corey’s place here, and going just by what we see on MTV, I would 100% be concerned for my child’s safety with Leah. From the obvious drug use, to absolute chaos in that house, it seems like a terrible environment. She is WAY over her head taking care of three children, one who is a baby, and one with special needs. Heck, she doesn’t get them to school on time and misses CRUCIAL medical appointments and therapies!

      Last year a cameraman for TM2 did an interview. He said out of all the mom’s, Leah was hands down the worst. He went into detail and if you’re interested, Google it. The things he witnessed were downright disgusting. He also said Corey is a GREAT guy- everyone on the crew loves him and think’s he’s a wonderful father.

      I truly feel Corey and Miranda would give the girls a better chance at normal, functioning lives if they had them for longer periods of times. Their house is not filled with chaos, or a revolving door of men / babies.

      1. Thank you TwittaFame! Im catching up on old articles after vacation and the first 3 comments made my head spin. Thank you for restoring sanity


    1. When it comes to Leah, I have a feeling we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg on the show. Remember, people tend to be a better version of themselves when they have a camera rolling knowing they will be held accountable for their actions.

  6. Leah is not perfect. I think we can all agree on that. She has made her mistakes. However, Miranda at the end of the day is not doing this for the girls but just because she’s the typical step mom. It is just easier for her personal reasons to just cut ties with the ex. Corey is a great dad but is being blinded by what his wife is telling him. I think if they really cared about the girls, they would be spending their time figuring out how they can help the girls keep their mom. Take some loaf off Leah instead of spending their money and time in a court. Not for Leah but for the girls. When you learn to separate both then and only then can you be a good parent.

    1. Oh please! Do you seriously think Leah would accept any help from Corey and Miranda?! They have offered many times to take the girls for longer periods of time (and lets be real- she needs that as she has major trouble doing the simplest things with that many young children, proven by missed school and crucial medical appointments, to putting the girls to bed at 12am on school nights and the constant chaos). It would be better for ALL the kids that way. Addy would have alone time with Leah, and Leah would have one week a month where she can get her stuff together. She’s very vulnerable right now just back from rehab and needs all the help she can get. It seems like she shoots Corey down, and takes his offer to have the girls more as an attack against her parenting when in reality, it would help her BE a better parent.

  7. I live in the same county as Leah and Corey, actually just saw Corey the other day at Walmart. I never agree with a child being taken from either parent unless there is a reason. In this case there is a huge reason. Leah is not the victim that her and her mom say she is. There is no full custody in our state. It’s just a matter of which parent has the majority of the time(it’s either shared parenting or extended shared parenting) no full custody though so people need to get that straight. When push comes to shove children need stability and a routine they can depend on. It seems that Corey and Miranda have that way more than Leah ever has. She needs to let Corey have the kids while she gets herself together. She jumps man to man and focuses on them rather than on her daughters which is the number one priority. If she loved her daughters than she would want the best for them, not moved from house to house, place to place, and step dad to step dad period. I just hope Corey can get the judge to agree Leah is unstable at the moment

  8. In my opinion Miranda is an inspiration. She stepped up and took on the role as step-mom and she has done a Fine job at it and has dealt with so much crap from pillpoppers family. I cant believe they arent grateful for this woman! I applaud Miranda. How in the world do u treat someone so crappy and all they’ve ever done is luv your girls and help u with them any way they could. lots of women would luv for their children to have a stepmom like Miranda! My kids stepmom is in and out of jail!! Anyways, this woman is gunna make a terrific mommy and I can’t wait to see her finally stand up for herself on the reunion show! And as for pillpopper….. baby number 4 will be popped out very soon!!!!!

    1. If Miranda and Corey were to “butt out” as everyone says, and something happens to those little girls then everyone would be complaining that they didn’t step up and do something before it was too late. It is obvious that Leah is going through hard times! I don’t think she should lose her children, I do think that until she can get her head straight she needs to stop listening to her mother telling her that Corey is out to get her and take all the help she can get.

  9. No matter what anyone thinks about Leah, the judge will only look at evidence. And for all the talking Corey does, he doesn’t have much. He’s not going to get full custody of those girls unless Leah starts taking drugs or really endangers the girls with proof from Corey. Talk is cheap.

    1. Leah just got out of REHAB so she was taking drugs pretty recently. That scene in the tanning salon where Leah is nodding off on the phone rambling about dye in baby’s heads is enough proof to me that at some point or another she did endanger those girls. Corey has a very good chance of getting custody as he has had a steady job their entire lives, has always been involved in their lives and has a stable partner. Leah on the other hand, had all the support she needed with the girls (money, family near by) and still could not cope without turning to drugs.

  10. The poor Leah bs is getting really old. All I hear are excuses whenever I read an article about her, and for every excuse I can give you a reason she set herself up for failure. You have a child with special needs and are stressed? DON’T HAVE A THIRD CHILD UNTIL THE SITUATION IS UNDER BETTER CONTROL! Your husband has to work a job that’s keeping him out of town alot? Get a job and cut back on the things you don’t need like cable, 786 cars, all the moving HORSES, etc.

    And good for Miranda for finally standing up to Leah and all the lies she tells about their family. Enough is enough. Just because she is a step parent, doesn’t mean she is any less of a mother figure. Her pinky nail has more motherly instincts than Leah ever has. Leah reminds me of those people that suffer from that syndrome where you constantly make your spouse or child sick, so you can keep attention on you. There’s always at least one Leah fan in her corner because “she has a disabled child”. Lots of people have disabled children and don’t turn out like Leah, and have less help and are doing leaps and bounds better than Leah. She’s just a lazy, lazy child

    1. Munchausen syndrome by proxy, totally agree, leah’s always at her best when she’s taking ali to the japanses doctor who diagnosed her. she looks like the best super mom and just beams and then cries. she loves her kids but i don’t think she has sense enough to be a good mom, she never does anything constructive with them. they’re always running around fighting, stringy haired, and screaming with her, but at corey’s miranda’s got their hair pulled up and corey’s pushing them on the swings and it’s all smiles. it’s clear the better home for them is corey. can’t feel sorry for her when she makes the same bad decisions over and over again

      1. Munchausen syndrome is when you have a healthy child and keep her/him ill. Leah has a handicapped child with a real disease so its not the same thing.

        1. I don’t believe the above poster is claiming Leah has it, but was rather replying with the name of the disorder the other person mentioned (and saying Leah “reminds” them of someone who would have it).

      2. What does having a child’s hair pulled back and pushing them on swings prove ? That’s a ridiculous assumption. It’s all a show in front of the cameras. Betcha when those cameras are off Corey and Miranda yell and scream and fight and are un constructive with those girls just like apparently Leah is.

        1. Not everyone’s life is screaming and fighting. Most people don’t live like that so why would someone assume that a family is?

        2. No but Corey and Miranda are not the perfect lil couple ppl make them out to be either. Has Leah got Orin’s? absolutely! Did she go to rehab? Yep.. For drugs? As long as she got help idc why she went to be honest. She wasn’t obligated to tell the world or Corey why she went. She passed two drug tests! She’s been raising 3 kids on her own, 2 of them since she was a teenager and TBH she’s fine a better job than a lot of adults I know raising kids. But I’d she perfect? Heck no, she’s a cheater if nothing else BUT guess who else is cheaters.. Jeremy ( yeah google it he had two side pieces on the road that’s why he started never coming home, ppl think the reason he and Leah were having proud was her but in truth he couldn’t handle 3 screaming kids and started being gone as much as he possibly could. He went from being gone 2 weeks a month in the beginning and toward the end he was home 12 hrs a week averaging 2-3 days a month.. What kind of marriage is that?) and who else is a cheater.. Corey ( he cheated on Miranda with a random girl which Jeremy and Leah told during a reunion and it just came out that he cheated with Leah late last year and then it was also insinuated that Leah and Corey were hooking up early in Corey and Miranda’s marriage) so they are all three cheaters!!! It’s just odd to me that the timing of when Corey decides to go for full custody is around the same time Miranda found out about the cheating. Also odd that someone finds out their husband just cheated and you decide it’s a good idea to get pregnant. I’m sorry I do not have a horse in this race but I believe that right now Miranda has Corey eating out of her hand bc of him cheating but when he gets tired of it he will be hooking up with Leah again. For some reason those two can’t stay away from eachother and I think that he’s gonna grow tired of Miranda bossing him around. Another thing Miranda is actually gonna be the one raising the girls if they get custody bc Corey works most the time so when she has 3 kids to deal with that should be interesting but personally I doubt Corey’s ever gonna get full custody of the girls. I know ppl think Corey wants the kids for the money, idk but what I do know is that everything was fine until Miranda found out he cheated with Leah.

  11. Honestly, I’m glad the Simms family is speaking out and hopefully honestly. Corey’s father is right, the show is only produced for ratings rather than any educational value. I used to like Leah, but what we see of her parenting, the constant blaming of others or how stressed she is, yet won’t accept help from the girls fathers says a lot. I truly believe she craves and loves the attention. I would love to see a couple of episodes focused only on the dads – yes the moms all go through a lot but so do the fathers. Especially the dads of teen mom 2 (well Corey and Jo – Adam is a douche and we don’t know much, if any about Andrew).

    1. i totally agree!!! and i think leah’s mother, dawn, needs to step back and realize SHE is leah’s biggest enabler!!! maybe if she wouldn’t have wanted to be her friend but be her mother, she wouldn’t have hlaf the problems she does!!!

  12. I am not in any way defending Leah. However, I feel very strongly that step parents should stay out of parenting fights like this. Things are already tense enough between Cory and Leah, more people adding in their opinions is only going to make it worse. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the kids and what is best for them.

    I do understand that it would be very hard as his wife to constantly bite her tongue, but that is the life of a step parent.

    1. I disagree, Miranda would be the provider for the kids and she is more than okay to be concerned and voice her opinions. I believe that with normal couples and splits either party should stick to themselves and be open to share suggestions, but with Leah she is putting the kids in danger and Miranda has more than enough to spout her side as well.

    2. miranda has gone above and beyond to stay out of it, enough is ENOUGH! love how she blames miranda but her co-parenting decline was directly correlated to her starting to pop pills. and it’s ok for leah to drag jeremy into everything and for jeremy to confront corey all those times while miranda just stood there? she lasted a whole lot longer than i would have keeping quiet. leah’s got her twin that’s not disabled, aleah, acting like a hellion, talking back, stabbing her sister, etc and corey needs to get them before it’s too late

      1. Why do they have this drop off point. All visiting parents pickup and drop off but to be packing up in cars and car seats and switching them makes no sense.

  13. Oh I cant wait to see this all go down…It’s always when the quiet ones (like Miranda) snap, that you dont know what to say or how to react lol you’re just so shocked. You know Leah’s gonna be making those crazy faces she makes before she starts to scream and cry, because I know she never thought she would see the day Miranda would call her out LOL. And Leah’s mom yelling from the audience? ohhhhh this is gonna be gooooood!

  14. I’ve always had the best feeling about Miranda. She’s always been quiet but when she speaks (and what the producers/show editors show her speaking on camera) it is always so eloquent, mature and to the point. Let’s all just keep her as who The Asley refered to her as “looking flawless” in her last recap. She looks flawless because her inner beauty shines out through her elegant and flawless appearance and I only see her as having the best intentions for her step daughters. She has the least to gain financially or famously from being involved in this TV show she ended up on. I can’t wait to see the reunion. I’m team Miranda all the way.

  15. Leah, Jenelle & Farrah should have their own season together… they could duke it out to see who is the hotter mess.

    1. Seriously- MTV should do a “TeenMom Parenting Charm School” show. Put the 3 of them in a big house doing parenting competitions and classes (leave the kids at home, use fake babies). Sharon Osbourne can host. Can you imagine the interactions between Jenelle and Farrah? Jenelle calling her “dude” and Farrah bashing the fact she doesn’t have custody of Jace and stating she’s the superior parent.

  16. I understand they are angry with Leah, but I don’t necessarily think it’s productive to “nail” her. I think for the sake of the girls they all should be coming together to hold her accountable in her sobriety. But at this critical moment I don’t think the public bashing is going to help. It’s to everyone’s benefit that she gets well solves her underlying issues and stays well.

      1. JV,
        Funny that the ONLY person that gets called out for cheating is Leah when the whole bunch of them are cheaters. Yes Leah cheated on Corey with Robbie, then Corey cheated on Miranda, then Jeremy had a gf on the road when he was gone to work ( which was 6/7 days a week) he had a gf on the side. So they are ALL a bunch of cheaters…

        1. LoL speaking of them all being cheaters it just came out that Corey and Leah hooked up in Dec of last year so no wonder Miranda’s so bitter and keeping Corey on a tight leash.

    1. Disagree completely. I’m in recovery myself and the best thing to do is hold them accountable. She needs to know she can’t slide by with her actions, it’s only “public bashing” because she chose to sign up for a TV show that is public. She needs to realize that you can’t get away with the actions she has chosen to do, and there will be consequences. You can’t pet her forever and expect that to help her in recovery. You can’t be “fragile” that’s not how it works. You need to hold them accountable without bullshit and let them know exactly how you’ve fucked up their lives too while in your addiction. She works on her underlying issues herself, with counselors, therapy, whatever it may be she has chosen. The people around her who she has hurt need to let her know exactly how, and why they feel that way.

      1. Exactly. Leah chose to openly bad mouth Corey and Miranda, to point fingers at their marriage, to question his ability to parent, etc. Her THOUSANDS of fans. If she’s taking her sobriety seriously then she owes an explanation and apology as big and wide spread as the accusations she posted.

      1. Legally she can change it or not as she wishes, the same as anyone else (provided that the courts don’t have reason to believe that it’s as a way of evading creditors). In theory she could pick a completely different last name (say, ‘Wilson’), or Jeremy could change his, Corey could take Miranda’s maiden name-there aren’t a lot of rules on the matter.

  17. Damn! I wasn’t expecting Miranda to be the one to have the balls to call Leah out. I was expecting Jeremy to be the one to do it. He sure as hell always has a lot to say on twitter. I guess that just proves that he’s a coward.

  18. Go Miranda! Fragile my butt! Leah put herself in these situations. Everyone makes mistakes but that doesn’t mean Leah should get special treatment. She has no one to blame but herself.

  19. I havent liked Miranda since she joined the cast u can see she puts her two bob in its just not shown jeremy i think your not as innocent as u make out same with corey u three act like u r perfect or your shit dont stink well it does . Not saying leahs perfect everyone makes mistakes. But those 3acting like they never do anything wrong is bull.AND ITS SO RUDE THAT COREY THINKS MIRANDA SHOULD RAISE THOSE GIRLS THEY SHOULD BE WITH THEIR MUM. HE L BE AT WORK MOST OF THE TIME SAME WITH JEREMY HOW COULD HE GET CUSTODY WHEN HE WAS NEVER HOME DURING THEIR MARRIAGE

    Jeremy wanted his 15mins of fame and that was it u could tell that from the start.

    1. Delusional, thats is whats going through my mind reading your comment. Please inform us when all 3 of them pretends to be perfect? The girls are going to school now so how will Miranda be raising them? He works because he has bills to pay. When MTV stops funding them, who will be on welfare. Leah will because the bitch is too lazy to work.

      Everyone makes mistakes but how many passes are yall going to give Leah whenever she fucks up? Yall favorite line to excuse her behavior is “Everyone makes mistakes” Usually when someone makes a mistake they try to correct it, Leah just keeps fucking up.

      1. Judging by the incoherence, I would guess it’s granny sandy. Then again, it’s no secret that mama dawn dislikes the ashley.

        1. I think Sandy as well . “Two bob” is REALLY old slang…not something I’d expect anyone under 60 to be using. It actually just Googled it as I wasn’t sure what it meant…it’s basically never used in the US except in some southern states. (I love how you can find a map of where slang terms are popular, haha).

      2. Don’t worry, judging on their wonderful “grammar” and never ending sentences I am assuming this person is like, 12. Therefore their opinion is not valid.

    2. Why should the girls be with their mom? Just because a woman or a man contributes to making a child doesn’t mean they’re a good parent or even capable of being a parent. By what’s been shown on the show and other media outlets, Miranda seems more than capable and competent to care for the girls. Who cares if she’s “just a step-parent”. In some situations, step-parents are the better option. At this point in time, Miranda seems the better option over Leah for the sake of the girls.

    3. I couldn’t even fishish reading half of this!! it gave me a headache… wow. please learn to articulate and punctuate how you express you’re opinion. please and thank you.

    4. Mistakes are learned from. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results. She needs to LEARN from her mistakes, the past keeps repeating herself so she is not learning. She’s sliding by blaming and justifying it on whatever she can.

      1. Really, maybe u should tell that to Corey since he keeps cheating on Miranda. It came out recently he cheated on her again with Leah late last year. How many times is he going to repeat his mistakes? Why do u think Miranda is so hostile? Did u really think it was just over the kids? No, the kids are just being used to get revenge against Leah. I’m not saying that’s Corey’s motive, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that is partly Miranda’s.

  20. I went to part of the taping, I saw Kail & Chelsea’s segments. I had the opportunity to stay for the rest but due to other obligations I chose to leave. Kicking myself for leaving now!! I knew I was going to miss something juicy!!

    1. Definitely should have stayed! You KNOW Jenelle and Leah’s segments are going to be the most entertaining. Plus, Babs on stage…

  21. Fragile? Oh please…I’m a recovering addict and the first step is not only admitting you have a problem but stop playing the victim!

    I can’t f***ing stand the families victim playing…

    Good for Miranda!!!

    And Jeremy – he loves to talk the talk but he sure can’t walk the walk now can he? Yes just on huge p**sy.

  22. Oh, I’m sure the fight between Leah and Miranda will be shown.

    I wonder why Jeremy didn’t end up calling Leah out on whatever he was planning to call her out on. Maybe Randy talked some sense into him the night before when he joined them for a beer. Or maybe he’s afraid he’ll look bad in front of fans. Or maybe, once he saw her, the anger kinda subsided and he no longer felt a need to embarrass her.

      1. Oh, do you know Jeremy, do you know his life, do you know anything about him. If not, then maybe you should get to know him before you pass judgment on him. Or does that make you feel good about YOURSELF.

        1. HAHA oh please. Jeremy has been saying for MONTHS he was going to “Call Out Leah”. First he was going to do it on social media…then on this season of the show…then at the reunion. I don’t care if he does or doesn’t, but he’s proven he’s all talk and no walk.

    1. Jeremy is a coward. He let her stand on national tv a few yrs ago and say” well I’m with jeremy bc corey wont take me back”

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