‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Using Maiden Name Again; Praises Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert

"He's my favorite ex-husband!"
“He’s my favorite ex-husband!”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is moving on after her second divorce; She’s once again using her maiden name, Messer, on all of her social media accounts. Late last week, Leah finally removed her (now ex) husband, Jeremy Calvert‘s last name from her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Leah, who just saw Jeremy and her other ex-husband, Corey Simms, at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 reunion in Los Angeles last weekend, seems to be getting along well with Jeremy, despite their divorce being finalized last month.

Leah has moved on from Jeremy and is currently dating much-older father of two TR Dues, who was/is her personal trainer. Still, she took to Twitter today to praise Jeremy for being a great dad to their two-year-old daughter Addie.

“[Jeremy] is hands down one of the best dads I know,” she tweeted. “Couldn’t imagine co-parenting with anyone else. Addie ALWAYS comes FIRST!”

As The Ashley told you yesterday, Leah and Jeremy filmed a segment together on stage at the reunion show on Saturday, but managed to keep things civil. (Of course, the same couldn’t be said about Leah and Corey’s current wife, Miranda Simms. As The Ashley told you, Leah and Miranda got into a nasty spat during the reunion taping!)

Several fans saw Leah’s praise of Jeremy as a jab at the other man that Leah co-parents with, Corey.

When MTV has to get an extra-long couch to fit all of your ex-husbands...
When MTV has to get an extra-long couch to fit all of your ex-husbands…

“This isn’t anything about Jeremy. It’s only to dig at Corey,” one fan wrote. “And Corey is an amazing father who loves his kids.”

Leah denied that she was trying to make Corey angry.

“This has NOTHING to do with Corey. Thank you,” she responded.

Corey is certainly not on Leah’s list of favorite people these days. The Ashley told you yesterday that Corey is continuing his battle for full custody of the twins. Leah and Corey have another court date in August.

Corey and Jeremy have become quite friendly lately. Not only do they share the same divorce/custody lawyer, but they spent some quality time hanging out in Los Angeles on Friday night with their ladies. (Corey’s wife Miranda joined them, as did Jeremy’s new girlfriend Brooke Wehr.)

Before coming to LA, Leah had yet to meet Brooke. It’s not known whether or not they crossed paths while the reunion was taping, but it’s unlikely. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls stay at a different hotel than their exes (no lobby run-ins!) and The Ashley’s reunion set source reports that Brooke was not at the studio during the taping.

That was likely a huge relief to Leah Messer Simms Calvert Messer!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. She’s just happy with Jeremy because he’s too busy with his own life and happiness than to get custody of Addie.

    1. He also beings in a nice child support check where Corey actually wants every day with them and is trying to protect them. Jeremy talks big on twitter but is a puss when it comes down to reunion. Probably because he’s a guilty as she is about sleeping around so they probably agreed to just not speak of it.

  2. Leah Is a terrible mother. What kind of person has their vehicle looking that nasty with 3 children that have to ride in there?? Then as her and Jeremy argue a backpack is smashing addi as she cries out in the back. Not only that it’s no very smart not to have your child buckled up into a seatbelt… stop arguing in front of your children for goodness sake. Leah needs to stop jumping from guy to guy and focus on being a better MOTHER. Stop with ur bullshit excuses and get it together. Stop having children if u can’t handle them!!!

  3. I’m sure the stress of two bad marriages and three little children are wearing on her, but if she’s not using something else sure makes her look busted. She was much prettier and fresh faced even after her twins were born.

  4. This girl is absolutely crazy. When they were together she would CONSTANTLY complain about him not putting his family first and not being there….now that they’re not a family anymore he’s father of the year? huh??

    1. She knows he’s not the best dad. She just said that to try and make Corey look bad because him and Miranda have been calling her out on her bad behavior.

  5. she is a sad lost woman, that finds her entire self worth through the latest male body she is able to attract, doesn’t matter who or what it is as long as it has male parts, she feels whole very sad! Janelle the same way! So sad for her 3 daughters, what a horrible role model she is, they would better off with their fathers all 3. They have no chance in this world with her parenting them!

  6. That’s funny because when they were together, she was always complaining that he was too busy earning money and not paying enough attention to his family. She even says so in one of the new episodes, and he ends up leaving her sitting alone in a restaurant.

  7. I can see it now….. Next yr…Leah married,divorced, and baby number 4. At the reunion show will be Corey n Miranda/Jeremy/and T.R all on one side and Leah on the other side. Miranda still tellin the pillpopper off while Jeremy sits there like the fool he is. Sorry, just a spoiler into the future bc we all know whats fixing to happen with this new relationship. History will repeat itself. Keep going Leah, soon you will have a baby by every man in WV! Go girl!!!!! Hopefully the producers will give us a lil added bonus and throw good ol Robbie Kidd on the couch toooo!!!!!!!

  8. I remeber that reunion a few yrs ago when she said she only wants Jeremy bc Corey wont take her lol! Jer just sat over there like a coward! I was laughing so hard at that fool!

    1. Then there was the other renunion where Jeremy egged her on to say that she didn’t want the cameras catching Corey texting her, saying that he missed his family, before the wedding. soooo. What is it? Does he want Leah? Does he miss the family? Or is Leah a drug addicted fame whore that has no trouble lying to get extra camera time?

  9. Does she really think she’s fooling anyone? She’s praising Jeremy because Jeremy is a coward that only talks smack about her on social media but didn’t make her look a fool on camera at the reunion taping. She’s pissed because Corey and Miranda called her out on her bulls*it.

    1. Also because hes too busy with his own life he would never fight for Addy no matter how bad she is. So his dig on twitter saying Oreo was racist. Jeremy is a puss! No wonder she bossed him around. When was he around? The car fight was just as much his fault. They both are cheaters. They should stayed together as what they both deserve. Corey truly loves his girls and would quit his job or whatever it took go protect them. I’m happy we don’t have to watch Jeremy much more. Another girl came out right after the tatoo girl and he shut his Twitter down. I’d be afraid to date Leah or Jeremy!

  10. It could have been a dig at Corey or a dig at Jeremys girlfriend basically letting her know Addie will alwAys come first.

  11. Everything she posts on her social media is either a dig or has a veiled meaning. She loves to stir the pot.

    1. I agree. She should be single right now and focusing on her sobriety. It’s sadly not a good sign she is dating so soon.

  12. She needs to get the fuck off social media and worry about herself first. Also, obviously Jeremy is better because he’s not fighting for full custody of their daughter.

  13. Of course it was a dig!

    They dont follow each other. After all the crap Jeremy has said about her on twitter, Im sure they have each other blocked therefore he wont see her tweet anyway.
    To be honest, I think they’re both still messing around….

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