‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Poor Camera Work & The Proposal in Paradise

Everyone remembers their fourth engagement...
Everyone remembers their fourth engagement…

The Ashley apologizes for the lateness of this recap! (Rest assured, though, she wasn’t spending her time this week getting “High! High!” or being seen with “Kieffa!”)

Anyway, this episode of Teen Mom 2 basically picks up where we left off last week. Kail and Javi are fighting, Leah and Corey are fighting, Chelsea and Adam are fighting and, for once, Jenelle and Nathan aren’t fighting (but Jenelle is fighting with her mom Babs so…business as usual.)

We start off in Delaware, where Kail and her gal pals are heading to the concert in Philly that caused such a stink between her and Javi. Nothing has been resolved, and Kail is upset because she feels her marriage is toxic. She tells her friends that she and Javi both know their marriage is going down, but neither wants to be the one to pull the plug. Perhaps they can get Babs involved. She can just call up Javi and say, “Bye! Bye! Kail is sayin’ goodbye!”

"Can I blow anything up with this thing?"
“Can I blow anything up with this thing?”

Next, we head down to the hollers of West Virginia to check in with Leah and her gang of ex (or soon-to-be-ex) husbands. The twins are staying with Corey and his wife Miranda, but Leah and Jeremy’s daughter Addie is at home with them.

Leah’s just ripped open a fresh new box of grenade juice and gives the baby one. (Seriously what are those things? Are they drinks? Are they weapons? And why are they filled with what looks like Windex?)

Anyway, we can tell from the calendar that this scene was filmed in mid-December, during the period of reconciliation between Leah and Jeremy.

Um…so are we not even going to mention the entire Robbie Kidd affair, MTV? Seriously? Not even a line in a voiceover, with Leah saying, “So I was feeling sad so I done slept with my ex boyfriend but it was Corey and Jeremy’s fault.” Nothing?! I’m so disappointed in you, MTV, as per usual.

This was legit Jeremy's face when Leah was talking about not having a drug problem.
This was legit Jeremy’s face when Leah was talking about not having a drug problem.

Leah explains to Jeremy that Corey wants to be the one to pick up the girls from school, put them to bed and give them their sugar water grenades in the morning. Leah says that Corey wants to take them to school because, well, she doesn’t bring them, but, dingdang it, she has excuses why the babies weren’t in school!

Leah then brings up the fact that it was ridiculous for Corey to make her take a hair follicle drug test. As Leah says that, Jeremy just stares at her with this telling look and doesn’t say anything.

Over in South Dakota, Chelsea is taking Aubree to her school’s Christmas concert. Aubree’s hoping that Adam and Paislee will be there, but Chelsea can’t be sure if Adam is in town/in jail.

When you're unsure if you want your TV debut to be on the show 'Teen Mom 2.'
When you’re unsure if you want your TV debut to be on the show ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Chelsea’s boyfriend Cole is there, however, and just as the “Jingle Bells” are about to start ringing, in strolls Adam.

It’s a big moment for the group. Adam and Cole meet for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems that whatever camera guy was assigned to capture this Kodak moment may have been drunk or something. Instead of filming the reaction shots of Adam meeting Cole, the camera guy is filming the floor and ceiling in one big blur.

(Um…did the guy fall over or something?) All of a sudden the camera guy seems to remember that he’s there to film these people’s interactions and snaps back into action.

"Hey, Cole, did ya meet Adam?!"
“Hey, Cole, did ya meet Adam?!”

South Dee-kotah Mary and Randy show up just then to ease some of the awkwardness. Mary seems to be getting a kick out of the fact that this is the first time that Adam and Cole have met. (“It’s a big moment, dontcha know!”) Mary, we’ve missed ya!

Finally, we see what Jenelle is up to. Prepare to be shocked: Jenelle tells us that she and her mom haven’t been getting along. Babs hasn’t let her “bitch of a daughta” see Jace in two weeks, but Jenelle has other things to worry about. She and Nathan are heading to St. Thomas the next day! They are planning on going swimming and snorkeling. (Finally– it will make sense for Nathan to be wearing his signature neon green wetsuit top!)

When you're going to St. Thomas but your favorite green wetsuit top is dirty...
When you’re going to St. Thomas but your favorite green wetsuit top is dirty…

Jenelle’s hoping to see Jace before she and Nate head off to have a “la de da time” in St. Thomas. Barb, however, isn’t answering her phone when Jenelle calls.

“She can’t even answer my calls, dude!” Jenelle says.

Um…wasn’t it last episode that Barb told us that Jenelle refused to answer Barb’s call when she tried to wish her a happy birthday? Just sayin…

Jenelle gets really upset and starts crying to Nathan that she wants to see Jace.

“I’m leaving for a week! I have to see him!”

As the scene fades, they put a photo of Jenelle crying in the little notebook thingy, along with a photo of Jace, which cryptically fades away. Nope, nothing creepy about that!

"Let's send this to Adam!"
“Let’s send this to Adam!”

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Mary chat about how lucky it is that Chelsea finally stopped boinking Adam and didn’t get roped into marrying him and his receding hairline. She marvels at the fact that if she would have settled for Adam, she would have never met handsome and kind Cole.

“Now I’ve got a nice, hot piece of ass!” Chelsea exclaims while Aubree tries to figure out what a “piece of ass” is.

The next day, Chelsea meets up with Taylor and her daughter Paislee to talk crap on Adam and figure out how to join forces in battling him for kiddo custody. They meet with Taylor’s lawyer, who tells the girls that they can actually restrict Adam even more, being that they think he acts like an unhinged hooligan on the regular. The girls decide to team up against Adam, and laugh at how angry Adam will be when he finds out that his two baby-mommas are joining forces!

In Philadelphia, Kail and her friends finally attend the Sam Smith concert. Afterward, Javi decides that he’ll come to Philly to hang out with Kail and the galpals. Javi arrives and apologizes for causing a a commotion. I yawn.

"Do they let you wear big hoop earrings in Delaware?!"
“Do they let you wear big hoop earrings in Delaware?!”

Meanwhile, Jo and Vee have Isaac at their house. Jo tells Vee his plans to move to Delaware to be near Isaac. Vee is not too thrilled about leaving Jersey. Jo basically tells her it’s move to Delaware or bid farewell to him (and her ‘Teen Mom 2’ paychecks!)

He says this, of course, in his typical barely audible monotune. It’s sad that watching them make a gingerbread house is the most exciting part of the scene.

Meanwhile, Jenelle, Nathan and their crew of degenerates arrive in the Virgin Islands. When Jenelle goes to shower, Nathan reveals to his friends that he plans to propose on this trip.

From what?
From what?

But first, Jenelle and Nathan celebrate the fact that they’re on vacation. Um…from what exactly? None of these people technically have jobs. Can you even go on “vacation” if you don’t have a job?

Jenelle tells her pals how happy she is to be stress-free in St. Thomas. (The camera guys filming this are right on target with their shots. They’re just happy they got a free trip to St. Thomas, while the other camera guys got stuck in South Dakota during the winter, filming a kiddie Christmas concert.)

When you know your friends are trainwrecks but you want a free trip...
When you know your friends are trainwrecks but you want a free trip…

Also…why is Jenelle on vacation with Ron Jeremy? Seriously.

Jenelle says that she and Nathan are both graduating from school, and that they are very stable and have everything they need, except for their kid(s). Ron Jeremy seems confused as to why none of them have custody of their kids but he doesn’t say anything because well, free Mai Tais…

The next day, Nathan (using his pink blowdryer and brush, of course) is getting ready because he’s planned a big dinner for Jenelle and the gang. Jenelle tells her friend how great she and Nathan get along these days.

"What does everyone keep asking me what the specials are?!"
“What does everyone keep asking me what the specials are?!”

Nathan is all suited up in a black dress shirt and vest for the evening. (Does he only have two looks: waiter or wet suit?)

In West Virginia, Leah’s taking a “night off” from her parenting duties to go get Chinese food with her sister Victoria. (I can’t even imagine how bad the Chinese food in West Virginia would be…dear God. My stomach churns just thinking about it.)

"It smells like class, y'all!"
“It smells like class, y’all!”

Leah, of course, orders champagne at the Chinese food bar. (Because, nothing goes better with chow mein than cheap champagne, y’all! We fancy!)

Leah’s sister (like her friend last episode) tells Leah that she “looks tired.” (Re: rough) Leah laughs as she tells Victoria that she hasn’t slept in two days. She tells Victoria that Corey’s making her take a hair follicle drug test, but that she has good reason for taking all of those pain meds. After all, she has headaches so bad she had to “crawl to the commode to vomit.”

Well there goes my appetite. At least they didn’t close the segment with a cartoon drawing of Leah spewing chunks into the “commode.”

"They done took a chunk of my hair!"
“They done took a chunk of my hair!”

The next day, Leah has to go take her ding-dang drug test and then wait on the results. (“Damn you, Corey Tyler!”)

Leah won’t have to take any more drug tests if she passes, but we’ll have to wait a few days to find out if she does. Meanwhile, all of the youngins are back home and screaming for cookies, so Leah’s stressing out. She’s losing her mind (well, that seizure-inducing disco light Christmas tree in the corner is probably not helping), and the timeout chair is getting a workout.

At Corey’s cabin, all is peaceful. It’s quiet and calm, as Corey talks to his dad about being worried that Leah is all “jacked up” and driving the kids around while she’s “High! High!” He does air quotes whenever he mentions Leah’s “prescriptions” and says that he doubts he’ll ever see eye to eye with Leah on parenting decisions.

Will someone please make me a shirt with this on it?
Will someone please make me a shirt with this on it?

In between the endless commercials, we are treated to a bonus clip of Jace riding a tricycle. He demands his “mom” Barbara try the trike, and she does. She starts getting into it, yelling “Oh this is fun!” while cackling. That clip made watching this whole boring episode worth it.

Back in Delaware, Kail and Javi are trying to get along but are still struggling. They take some time to discuss how bad their fighting has gotten, and that Kail doesn’t want to hang out with someone she fights with all the time. Also, I’m pretty sure this conversation is taking place in a broom closet or something.

Kail and Javi say that they are both at their breaking points but resolved to stay in counseling.

If you know you're going to pass the test...why look so scared, Leah?
If you know you’re going to pass the test…why look so scared, Leah?

In West Virginia, it’s drug test result gettin’ time! Leah goes to her lawyer’s office (which is decorated like Little Laura Ingalls’ house, for some reason) to get the results and is looking very nervous as her lawyer opens the envelope. The test comes back negative and Leah breathes a huge sigh of relief and almost seems surprised that no drugs were detected.

She goes to celebrate with her friend and Addie over passing the drug test. She screams, “I passed!” and whirls Addie around, and can barely wait to show dern Corey Tyler that she isn’t all hopped up on the happy pills.

Finally, we check in one last time with our Caribbean lovers, Jenelle and Nathan. They arrive at the fancy dinner and Nate pulls out Jenelle’s chair for her to sit. (Normally, however, he pulls out Jenelle’s chair and then probably sits in it himself.) The gang make a toast to having no stress, and then Nate starts making weird sounds like he’s constipated.

"Hold on, lemme go deliver the salads to Table 9 real quick!"
“Hold on, lemme go deliver the salads to Table 9 real quick!”

He then stands up and yells into the restaurant about how crazy in love he is with Jenelle. The poor people in the restaurant are trying to figure out 1) who the hell these people are 2) why there’s a camera crew with them and 3) why their lobster ravioli is taking so damn long.

Nathan proposes and Jenelle tries her best to act surprised and happy. She accepts, of course, and the two kiss in the romantic glow of the restaurant’s neon lights.

Until next week, kiddies!

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65 Responses

  1. These girls should at least have to hold jobs to be on this show. (With the exception of Chelsea bc she has a job) the show seems to be all about relationship struggles w man after man and pregnancy aftet pregnancy while mtv foots the bill for fancy cars/ frequents salon visits/ etc.. This show fails miserably to show the reality of single parents struggling financially to make ends meet working 2 jobs to support your baby. Chelsea is the only one who really learned from her past.

    1. ikr i’m so sick of watching them sit on the couch all the time. nathan, amber, cate and tyler, maci, so many of them just don’t so Shit! of course they blow up drama and have babies, they’re bored and have no life. get up and get out for God’s sake, u can’t just play video games and wait til time to get your kid back for your time smh

  2. My favorite was the “juice gernades”. Makes me wonder if there wasn’t a costco full of industrial sized boxes of processed foods right down the street-would the A-girls get any thing to eat at all?

  3. Always such a pleasure to read your recaps. I often find myself laughing out loud at your tongue-in-cheek, dry, wit and look forward to recap days. Your website is a guilty pleasure I’m proud to have.

  4. Yours is my favorite recap of any other site! I liked Leah’s “ding dang” too! Can’t wait to read your reca of this week’s episode!

  5. Why is Kail always so miserable.
    She is begging Javier to leave.
    She had a tough childhood so it seems like she can never be happy or doesn’t want to be happy.

    Joe is trying to be a good dad & is picking up & moving to Delaware so he can be there for his son & she complains, “I don’t want you moving to Delaware” who is she to stop anyone from moving anywhere?

  6. the relief on Leah’s face and the celebration when she came out that office made it obvious that she was stressing. those girls look so unkempt, they are ever seen eating a good meal or even fruit or a sandwich for goodness sake. corey needs to at least have 50/50 custody but I wish he had 100%.
    Kailyn needs to get a life and if she wants to be on her own, then leave Javi and stop your crap. Javi’s a sincerely good guy, and Kail needs to stop acting like a toddler with the mentality that she can do what she wants and speak to people how she wants, but when Javi stands up to her, she gets mean and defensive. She really has to grow up

    1. She seems really worried about Javi looking at her phone. What is she trying to hide? I don’t lock my phone from husband (not that he looks at it), but I have nothing to hide.

  7. Does Janelle have a job? Does Nathan? Chelsea seems to be the only one with her head on straight. I think it’s no coincidence that she is the also the only one who didn’t rush to find another guy and have a kid with him right away. It’s obvious Leah, Janelle, and Kailyn resented sharing their children with their exes, so they had another one that would be completely “theirs.” Now that those relationships aren’t working (Jeremy/Nathan/Javi) they will just have double the custody situations.

    1. I couldn’t stand Chelsea for a long time because I absolutely can’t stand her annoying voice but she definitely has made better choices than the other girls. I think that has a lot to do with her having great parents. Randy spoiled her a little too much but he has always encouraged her to finish school, get over Adam and get her cosmetology/esthetician license. Kailyn’s parents were never really in the picture, Leah’s mom doesn’t give Leah any guidance at all, Barbara tried to control Jenelle but Jenelle is….well…Jenelle.

    2. I think these girls rush into having more kids bc they think it will either”fix” their relationship or make the guy stay with them bc of the child. When in reality its does the opposite.

  8. that episode last night was pitiful, leah gets chance after chance and her ONE job was get the kids to school on time and she was out the door at ten til, after the kids were up til midnight! damned right she was surprised, there’s no way her scripts should not have shown up unless she used the special shampoo to cleanse it all out. hope to God corey keeps on til he gets them

    1. Some may disagree I think Leah actually needs to get a job. She needs to have some other motivation and I think working might actually help her structure her home and build a routine. She used to be my favorite, but it is awful now. Those girls weren’t even eating bread off of plates.

      1. Babs reminds me of my favorite neighbor Patty. The talk just alike and Patty is the self appointed neighborhood police.

    2. That test was the biggest waste.
      no thinks she is on Heroin or coke.
      they feel that she is ABUSING her prescription.
      The test shows only a positive negative for Heroin, Coke, LSD
      Give her a test that can determine how much is in her system, a test that can tell if she is abusing her medication.
      If she has a script for Oxy & she buys extra in the street she is abusing it but that test she took won’t tell us that.

      That is why she was so shocked, she thought it would determine she was abusing them

      1. they really should have checked the levels. i agree, she really does love them, i just don’t think SHE was raised with any kind of structure and doesn’t have the sense to do it right. she needs parenting classes, since she obviously doesn’t know how much sleep kids need etc. and people saying why didn’t corey bathe and feed them, listen to her when the scene opens. she says she got them back from corey the day before, they weren’t coming from there so there’s no reason those babies shouldn’t have been in bed. i do think a job would help too, give her some time with adults u know?

  9. The whole Nate making the “kid free” reference drives me insane. We know in reality that they are always kid free…Babs has Jace and Doris is on her way to getting custody of Kaiser…

  10. I have a feeling Leah only agreed to do the season if Mtv agreed that her affair with Robbie wasn’t going to be mentioned on the show.

    1. Your are probably right.
      if I remember correctly she refused to be in the season & at the last minute she signed.
      The affair staying out was probably how they got her to come back

  11. Get this, Liz – that wasn’t her engagement ring from Nate in the previous ep. That was Snortland’s weddin’ ring. The Twitters said so!

  12. Jenelle and Nathan’s proposal was painful to watch. It seemed like two high school kids who decided to marry after a 10 minute conversation. There was no love shown between them during the proposal. Nathan had to make a big scene for everyone too watch but I bet everyone in the restaurant could tell what a douche he is and could care less. A proposal is for your significant other not for the strangers in the room.

    1. I was pretty bad. He seemed nervous, yes, but he didn’t say much about Jenelle at all, it was just kind of all about him showing off.

  13. Am I the only one out here disappointed that the Robbie Kidd saga isn’t being mentioned? I mean it was a big deal right? This show sucks more and more every season. I won’t be tuning in anymore.

    1. It is a pretty significant event to leave out. While I do think Leah needs some compassion and support as she battles with addiction, I also think honesty is very important. It lacks transparency to not acknowledge it. But maybe it gets mentioned later in the season as they split up. Also by not mentioning it, it doesn’t give context to her conversation with Jeremy about couples therapy. Like yes duh, you need therapy if you are going to try and work this out after an alleged affair!

      1. They also leave out the reasoning behind Jenelle’s big fight on their vacation. Somehow mentioning that I wish you had died in combat got left out. If they are going to share their stories, the least MTV can do is tell their stories correctly.

      2. The affair is all we heard about for months! And for mtv to not even bring it up disappoints me! Like you pointed out, maybe they’ll address it on a future show. Mtv tends to leave out very important interesting events. I was so looking forward to Jenelles fight in St Thomas and of course it was left out. All we heard about and read about for months with this affair with Kidd should definitely be aired. Thats what these chicks signed up for and are getting paid for.

  14. Nathan making a speech to everyone in the restuarant was soo funny. He could barely talk. That was painful to watch

  15. I die when she calls corey…”corey tyler”. Highlight of my week “the ashley” keep making me laugh! 🙂

  16. It’s so annoying how whoever “the Ashley” is makes Leahs parts sound. I don’t like Leah at ALL but we do not all speak “hillbilly” in West Virginia!!!

    1. Yes, but Leah happens to speak it fluently. And her girlses will most likely do so as well. Unless derned Corey Tyler makes them get book larnin’ from beyond the holler.

      1. You’re feeding into a stereotype. Most of us are actually very well educated and don’t all live in “hollers”.

        1. But, you’re missing the point. Leah does talk like a ding dang hillbilly and she’s teachin’ her youngins to follow suit. That’s why The Ashley recaps them like that. Keep up, for real.

        2. That wasn’t a statement about the people of West Virginia; it was a statement about Leah, who happens to both live in West Virginia and talk like that.

        3. Leah does speak like that, as does her mother Dawn, her step father Lee, Corey his wife Miranda, Cory’s father and step mother, so anyone connected to Leah speaks that way. FACT!

    2. West Virginia is gorgeous…it’s a beautiful state.

      And we all know the rest of West Virginia is normal:) Just not the Leah hilljack clan. 🙂

    3. If movies have taught me anything, it is that West Virginia is filled with inbred mutant cannibals that live in the woods and kill whoever comes their way. And I’m pretty sure the movies wouldn’t just make this stuff up.

      1. You forgot that we’re always on the front porch of our wooden shack built on to our trailer with our cousin (who is also our husband/wife), pickin’ a banjo, while grinning ear to ear with most of our teeth missing while we wait on our roadkill to get done frying on the stove.

        Sure, we have a certain stigma slapped on to us, and the movies about us don’t really help, but ah…what can you do? Every state has ’em. I’ve lived here most of my life and always get people asking about my accent when I travel across the country, stating how much they love the place. I know you don’t think we’re mutant cannibals going on a murdering spree on anyone and everyone, though. We just do that to the outsiders that get a bit too nosey when it comes to our property, silly. 😉

    4. I’ve lived in Morgantown, Charleston, Beckley and Teays Valley/Hurricane.
      Y’all talk hillbilly whether you think you do or not. Its not a stereotype – its the culture.

        1. I was born in Beckley but spent most of my life in Maryland. We talk like hillbillies, especially in the southern half of the state, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing shameful is how prescription drug abuse has taken over the state, case in point: Leah.

    5. Um…many of the things written in her “hillbilly speak” are actual Leah quotes. I would never generalize an entire state from one group of its citizens. -“The Ashley”

      1. Exactly! Like how Chelsea’s mom really *does* say ‘dontcha know’. And Babs-well, Babs is just a treasure. A South Carolina-by-way-of-Boston cackling treasure. I hope she knows about her cult following.

      2. Btw, those “grenades” are called barrles. They’re a juice drink. Not exactly healthy, but they’re cheap.

        1. Those drinks may be cheap, but like Atomic City said, water is free. Even at the very least she could have cut the juice with water so it still tastes juicy but isn’t such concentrated sugar. That way she could even spread one juice container amongst all three girls if you want to get economical about it.

          1. You people are ridiculous. Oh God, the sugary juice and a can of ravioli. What trash! I believe the word you all are looking for is “privledge”

          2. I have no problem with the canned ravioli. My statement was a response to the possibly unintended implication that the grenade juice was necessary because it was cheap, when in reality water would have been nearly free and have had no sugar. My mom was hit when chronic fatigue when I was six, after work she was completely wiped and twenty years later I *still* get excited over Hamburger Helper. I did just fine on a boatload of Cheerios. But I’ve never suffered a neon-juice deficiency either, as I could, you know, reach the faucet.

        2. Lil’ Hugs, I believe, is the brand. I grew up with them and still see them in every grocery store. Definitely not the healthiest and if you drink more than one, you can guarantee you’re going to have a stomach-ache. I guess it’s all the sugar added in and artificial flavoring.

  17. i love how nate kept mentioning that he was so glad to be ‘kid free’ thats like 90% of your life nate.

    plus we all know nate proposed over christmas. in the previous episode jenelle was wearing the ring on her middle finger while screaming at babs

  18. I wait for these recaps every week! The caption of Nathan looking like he should have been a server cracked me up!! Love your sarcasm! Why watch the show when your recaps are sooooo much more enjoyable!

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