“16 and Pregnant” Baby Boom! Stars Kayla Jordan & Devon Broyes Welcome Their Second Babies

Baby boom!
Baby boom!

The girls of 16 and Pregnant keep shooting out second (or third) kids, and this summer has been filled with baby births! Just this month, Season 2’s Nikkole Paulun and Season 3’s Cleondra Carter gave birth to their second children, and now we can add Season 2’s Kayla Jordan and Season 4’s Devon Broyles to the list of ’16 and Pregnant’ girls who gave birth this month.

Kayla, who starred on the 2B season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ welcomed her second son, whom she named Bryce Harper, on Tuesday. Bryce joins Kayla’s five-year-old son, Rylan, who was born during Kayla’s ’16 and Pregnant’ episode that aired in 2010. Kayla is no longer with Rylan’s father, J.R. Davis, but is engaged to Bryce’s father, Zach. She announced that Zach had proposed last month. This marks her second engagement, as she was previously engaged to J.R. 

Now 22, Kayla is still living Alabama near her family. She announced her pregnancy back in February.

Devon welcomed her second child, a girl she named Layla Monroe, today. She went into labor last night and posted several  photos to her Instagram showing her hospital room. Devon is already the mother of three-year-old Landon, whom she gave birth to during her episode of ’16 and Pregnant.’ Devon split with Landon’s father, Colin Crowder, a few years ago and is now dating a guy named Eric Robinson, who is the father of Layla. Devon and Eric recently moved into their first home together. Devon announced her pregnancy back in April, shortly after moving in with Eric.

Devon will turn 21 next week, and still lives in Virginia. (To read The Ashley‘s recap of Devon’s episode, click here!)

While July has been a busy month in the delivery room for the ’16 and Pregnant’ girls, this entire year has brought any extraordinary amount of second (and third) babies for the girls from the show. Season 1’s Catelynn Lowell kicked off the baby boom on January 1, when she gave birth to her second daughter, Nova. In 2015 alone, Catelynn, Devon, Kayla, Nikkole and Cleondra have given birth, as well as Season 1’s Maci Bookout, Season 1’s Ebony Jackson (to her third child) and Season 2’s Megan McConnell.

Somewhere, Dr. Drew is wondering if anybody actually went to ItsYourSexLife.com like he told them to.

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  1. Off topic – Does anyone out there watch the reality show on Lifetime called UNREAL? I am thinking to start doing recaps for it and trying to find out if there is any interest.

    1. Hey, UNREAL is a sitcom that makes fun of reality shows and how they are real in a sense of producers make everything happen. It’s an amazing show, but doesn’t need recaps.

  2. People, people, its OK because they are in their 20’s now.


  3. I just don’t get it. What is so hard about using birth control? At least wait until you get married to pop out another one for f*ck sake. These girls are crazy.

  4. These girls need to understand that the vag is not like a clown car where kids need to continually pop out.

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