‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Finally Explains Snapchat Fiasco

"Seriously guys...are you really that dumb?"
“Seriously guys…are you really that dumb?”

Warning: Spoilers lie below. If you haven’t watched The Bachelorette finale, enter at your own risk.

Kaitlyn Bristowe made what could be called one of the biggest blunders in ‘Bachelorette’ history when, during Week 4 of the show, she accidentally posted a photo to her Snapchat account that featured a guy who looked like contestant Shawn Booth lying in bed with her. As soon as the photo went public, Bachelor Nation flew into a tizzy, wondering if Kaitlyn was trying to trick us into thinking she chose Shawn, or if she really had been stupid enough to spoil her own season.

Last night, we finally got our answer. She really was that stupid.

Kaitlyn appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live immediately following the airing of ‘The Bachelorette’ finale, during which she became engaged to Shawn. He joined her and the couple was asked to explain what happened.

“I actually felt really bad! We both felt bad,” Kaitlyn told Jimmy.

The newly engaged couple then regaled Jimmy with the Tale of the Great Snapchat Caper.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, that Kaitlyn...
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, that Kaitlyn…

Shawn explained that he and Kaitlyn were sending Snapchats to one of the show’s producers when things went horribly wrong, thanks to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn accidentally posted one of the Snaps, which showed her and Shawn lounging together in bed, to her public “Story.”

“So I get out of bed and go on Twitter and there’s, like, hundreds of pictures of my stupid face lying in bed with her,” Shawn said. “I start having a panic attack. I couldn’t even breathe! I’m like bent over the bed like, ‘Oh my god! What did I do?!’ I thought it was me!”

Kaitlyn said that she yelled at Shawn for essentially spoiling the entire season by posting that Snap…until she realized it was actually her dumb ass that did it.

“He’s like, ‘I did something really bad’ and I’m like, ‘You idiot! You Snapchatted a picture of us?!’ and then he’s like looking at it and is like, ‘You did it!’”

Kaitlyn said that she and Shawn panicked, as did the network.

“I will tell you that they were very, very mad at you here at ABC,” Jimmy, whose show airs on the same network as ‘The Bachelorette,’ said.

Of course, spoiling the ending of her own season could have had huge consequences for Kaitlyn. Past ‘Bachlorettes’ have said the production company and network have the right to sue its star if he/she gives away the ending of their season before the show airs. Luckily for Kaitlyn and Shawn, it doesn’t appear that ABC followed through with that threat. They did, however, spring into action to try to remedy the situation the best they could.

“They picked me up in a car a half hour later and just drove me home,” Shawn said.

After SnapchatGate, ABC refused to comment on the incident, and Kaitlyn was barred from speaking about it.

Watch the lovebird chat with Jimmy Kimmel about their ridiculously stupid mistake here:


  1. The finale actually would have been pretty good to me if she hadn’t already spoiled it. They did a good job of not making it clear who she was going to pick.

  2. Seeing the two of them kissing and being overly affectionate at the final show actually made me want to puke. I really can’t stand either of them.

  3. Why the hell would you be video taping yourself in bed to send to a producer? Why would you send that to anyone?

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