‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Answers Tough Questions About Her Fiance, Haters & Kieffer

"Let me tell ya..."
“Let me tell ya…”

UPDATE: Jared Pike, one of the hosts of this radio program, has confirmed to The Ashley that MTV did authorize Jenelle to do this interview.

Jenelle Evans put herself in the hot seat this morning when she did an interview with North Carolina radio program Jared and Katie in the Morning 107.5 KZL.

The radio hosts did not lob up softball questions for the Teen Mom 2— they went straight for the gossip jugular and asked about her ridiculous on-and-off-again relationship with her fiance/baby-daddy/boooooyfriend Nathan Griffith, as well as how much money she makes and her criminal record!

While Jenelle seemed more than happy to answer the tough questions, MTV is most likely very unhappy about this interview. Jenelle addressed a few off-limits topics including payment, and gave spoilers for the current season. 

Anyway, The Ashley has assembled some of the most interesting questions and answers from Jenelle’s interview with 1075 KZL below.

Q: Is Jenelle still with Nathan(The Ashley already answered this for you, but here’s what Jenelle said today about it.)

We’re working on things right now,” Jenelle told them.

Q: Is Nathan still a drunk?

Since Jenelle and Nathan are not together at this point, she basically told the DJs that she has no clue what (or who) Nathan does.

“As of now, since we’re like working things out, he has his own apartment,” she said. “We separated not too long ago for like four months, he got his own apartment. When he’s over at his apartment, I don’t know what he does. He doesn’t even live with me anymore, so I have no idea if he drinks at home, I don’t know if he goes out and drinks. When he does drink, he gets very cocky and very opinionated. He’s a very passionate person.”

Q: Does Jenelle still talk to Kieffer? 

Although Babs can no longer say that she saw Juh-nelle wif Kieffa, Jenelle said that she does keep in touch with her ex-booooyfriend.

“We talk every once in a while. He’s doing fine,” Jenelle said. “He has a job and his own apartment and stuff now. I’m really happy that he’s got his life sorted out.”

"Why not interview me? I'm tha real staaah of the show!"
“Why not interview me? I’m tha real staaah of the show!”

Q: How are Jenelle and Barbara getting along these days?

Jenelle gave some major spoilers regarding the custody situation between her and her mother over Jace.

“We’re on good terms…  I don’t talk about [getting custody of Jace] too much with her because for her it’s a touchy subject,” Jenelle said. “Every time we talk about it she just ends up, like, really upset. We’re trying to just stay positive about the whole situation. We’re going to go through mediation instead of trying to work it out through court. We’re going to try to talk it out through counseling.”

Q: Does Jenelle regret signing custody of Jace away to Babs?

Although we know that Jenelle really didn’t have a choice when she gave custodial rights of Jace to Babs, she now acknowledges that it was the right decision.

“I don’t regret it at all,” she said. “Within those years that she had Jace, I did make the choices that I made. Some of the choices were bad. I learned from my mistakes, and that’s why I’m glad that I did get my life together and now I am ready to take that role back. Now I have Kaiser, who is my one-year-old son by Nathan, of course. Raising him, I just want my whole family in my house. I don’t want everyone to be separated.”

Q: Has Jenelle made over a million dollars from being on ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Although the ‘Teen Mom’ girls are absolutely forbidden to discuss the financial aspects of their contracts with MTV, Jenelle did touch on the topic a bit.

“I wouldn’t really say that [I’ve made a million dollars],” she said. “I would say a little bit over maybe half [a million]? I’m not really allowed to discuss it.”

Q: Has being arrested so many times hurt Jenelle’s chances of getting a career in the medical field?

Jenelle recently graduated a medical assistant program and, while her haters have been skeptical that she will be able to get a job in the medical field due to her insane arrest record, Jenelle said it hasn’t been a problem.

“I was just offered a job this week, so I might start working soon,” she said. “I’m really excited and I love the medical field. I want to go back [to school] for surgical tech.”

Jenelle, who stated that even she has lost count of the times she’s been arrested, said that her arrest history hasn’t hurt her career choices.

“When I have background checks done, I had my record expunged for all the dismissed charges I’ve had,” she said. “Really, I don’t have anything on my record other than arrested numerous times. I’m not having a hard time. I have people coming to me saying, ‘Hey, can you come work for us?’ They’re really excited to have me as part of their team, and it makes me really happy for them to be excited and not look down on me.”

Q: Why the hell has Jenelle been arrested so many times?

Jenelle seemed surprised to have been asked this question by the interviewers, but she offered an explanation as to why she fell into so much trouble in the past.

“Where I grew up at, there’s a lot of country. There’s nothing to do,” she said. “There’s a beach in the summer, and in the winter there’s nothing. There’s not much going on. You can easily get in trouble there. Everyone knows everyone and it’s a very small town. When I met Nathan, I was like, ‘Well I guess it would be the best choice to leave my hometown and get away and start off fresh somewhere. So I did that and it’s been working out for me in Myrtle Beach ever since. I’ve been staying out of trouble.” (Except for this little incident, of course.)

Jenelle did not, however, reveal why Nathan insists on wearing shirts like this...
Jenelle did not, however, reveal why Nathan insists on wearing shirts like this…

Q: How does Jenelle deal with all of her Internet haters?

Jenelle has possibly the biggest anti-fan base that The Ashley has ever seen for a reality TV star. She was asked about the Internet trolls who spend their days hating her.

“Instagram I definitely don’t look at,” she said. “That’s just them commenting and critiquing my pictures. The more you ignore it, the easier it is to deal with it. In the past, when I used to be all about seeing what everyone says, it just really upset me and it ruined my whole day. I can’t let this effect me every single day. I have to ignore it. You can’t stop them, and if you argue back they’re just going to keep going. That’s like their job; that’s like their profession.”

To listen to Jenelle’s full interview with Jared and Katie in the Morning 107.5 KZL, click here.

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  1. The Ashley – Around here homes go from 500k-10 million. The issue isn’t where you live, the issue is what you can afford. You aren’t entitled (no one is entitled) to live on a certain area. The bottom line is one should buy within their means. The general rule of thumb is buy within 30%.of your income. End of story. If that means you can only afford a condo for 250k then so be it. Sitting here making excuses about poor financial planning is ludacrous.

    And since so many people didn’t see the point I’ll say it again – these girls could have paid off a home and gotten an education debt free.

    1. I don’t see anyone arguing that the girls are great financial planners. Or even just financial planners. Heck, ‘planners’ may even be a bit much.
      But life isn’t neat and tidy and sometimes people have to do such crazy things as spend 35% of their income on housing. Shocking, I know.

    2. In case you are STILL wondering why you’re getting down votes, your delivery sucks! Your financial advice might be sound (albeit a bit idealistic), but you won’t gain many friends with your holier-than-thou attitude.
      Also, not everybody agrees that the goal of life is paying off your mortgage ASAP. It might not even necessarily be the best financial move, depending on your financial situation and investment options available to you.

  2. nate just gave an interview to radar saying she is crazy and he’s back with that jessica girl LOL. and that he will only do another season of teen mom on ‘his terms’ he is such a joke

  3. I would seriously look elsewhere for a physician if Janelle worked there. Any credible physican would not even consider hiring her. The only reason someone would hire her is for free publicity of their practice. Just like that lady did who hired Chelsea. She knew her office would be shown on national tv.

  4. they are not together anymore and are not “working things out”. Jenelle tweeted (and deleted) that Nathan is still messing with the same girl he did last time and she’s shattered.

    surprised? no.

  5. So she has pulled in 500,000 Dollars? Which means every other mom has pulled in that much. And how exactly are they struggling?

    Goes to show you how every single one of these girls didn’t invest, but instead spent.

    500,000 is how much my single family house cost which my husband and I got paid off within 7 years so at 30 we are mortgage free.

    Common sense is lacking with these chicas

    1. Just so you know, being able to pay off a mortgage for a $500,000 house in just 7 years is not typical for, I don’t know, 98% of the country. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you make enough and were able to do that. But my house was in the upper 3’s, and with 2 incomes, we probably won’t be able to pay off the mortgage too much sooner than the 30 years. We might be able to get it down to 22 or something.

      1. That wasn’t my point but please keep blabbering on about your mortgage.

        And anyone can easily pay off a mortgage if buying was done the right way. A mortgage should never be more then 30% of your income.

        1. In a perfect world, yes. But in some places (Southern California springs to mind) *any* house is expensive, more so if you can possibly manage the payments that get you a place that reasonably safe and has halfway decent schools.
          I was talking to some friends once about our childhood homes. They were fairly similar. The suburbs of Boulder and Seattle fell between the two, but what $140,000 (with basement and a decent-sized yard, a neighborhood that insurance companies have ranked as among the safest nationally, and a public high school that sends a few kids a year to the Ivies) buys in Eastern Washington; $500,000 buys in SoCal. And that’s with half the yard, a security system, and semi-obligatory private school.

          1. I’m in Washington dc so you just wasted your breath. I’m a financial advisor, as is my husband. Your mortgage should never be more than 30%.of your monthly take home pay. This isn’t something I am pulling out of my ass, this is a general guideline all advisors will advise. If you are managing your money correctly, paying off a home and having zero debt is easy to do.

          2. Unless you live in Southern California and don’t want to have to dodge gang wars bullets on the regular. It costs half a mil to buy a 2 bedroom here! -The Ashley

          3. Life happens. It doesn’t always fit into neat little boxes, and sometimes you end the day realizing that your potassium rx (Apparently I’m the cousin from “Honey I Shrunk the Kids?) just ran a quarter of your paycheck and you’d rather shell out the dough than have muscle cramps and cardiac arrhythmias.
            Does anyone know why it’s SoCal that seems to run into this the most? Is there a weird apartment-to-single-family-dwelling-to-public-transportation-to-beachfront-property ratio or something?

    2. congratulations on being 30 and mortgage free. obviously the girls didn’t get a lump sum of $500k – its spread over what, almost 8 years? and what would you expect these girls to do with all of that money when they are in their teens and very early 20’s? of course they squandered it.. it’s not all a lack of common sense, its lack of life experience, maturity, the ability to plan for their future, etc etc.

      1. To say “of course they squandered it” is an assumption that ALL teens and early adults lack common sense and maturity, and it is completely false. Yes, maybe for these particular women I can understand you saying this, but as a broad statement, I do not. I am a young 24 year old woman who started saving for a home at the age of 16. I now own a 350K home and and put 20% down, last year- and also paid for my wedding! I very much agree that SOME are like this, but not ALL. 🙂

  6. Three things:
    1) Hopefully Nathan takes being described as “passionate” better than Kail.
    2) I want to see the messed-up Brady Bunch of Jenelle, Jace, Andrew, Kaiser, and Nathan.
    3) What the hell happened to Andrew? Like, I realize he went AWOL *during* 16 & Pregnant, but there was that story arc with confirming Jace’s paternity, so he’s able to be hunted down. And after Babs’ mafiosa-style assurance that she would get her money during that season’s reunion episode, I *really* want to see that go down. I want to see a wearing-all-black-down-to knit-cap Babs appear at Andrew’s window at night as he practices his O-Town dance routines. Or, you know, Jenelle and Nathan could get in another argument.

    1. I read somewhere that Andrew’s excuse is that he doesn’t want to be part of the drama of the television series and that he plans to be a dad once TM2 is over…while I understand his perspective to a degree, it sucks that his kid has to suffer.

      And I believe he signed all rights over to Babs, so he may not owe child support.

      1. Agreed. Sounds like a lame Andrew excuse. It’s not like they film every minute of the year, and he could be offscreen (like Mike was most the time, until he made the mistake of cheating on Babs with a Hooters waitress. That was perfect.) and there’s Team Blurry Face, like Adam’s parents were for years.

  7. Any idea if there’s any truth to Nathan’s mom having custody of Kaiser rumour?
    Of course Jenelle would never admit it herself so I don’t trust her when she says Kaiser is with her.

        1. YES. If The Ashley ever has a poll on ‘Favorite TM2 One-Liner’ (hint hint) that might be my vote.

        2. oh yessss, that’s one of my favourite quotes too! my other fav line is :”you ain’t nuthin’ but a hustlin’ liaaah”

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