‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Spotted with Ex-Boyfriend Kieffer Delp

"Did you seriously already take my wallet?"
“Did you seriously already take my wallet?”

“Well Juh-nelle….we seen ya wif Kieffa– AGAIN!”

That’s right, Teen Mom 2 fans: Jenelle Evans was spotted last night rendezvousing with her ex-boyfriend and partner in crime, Kieffer Delp! Kieffer, the sometimes homeless, usually law-breaking ex who helped Jenelle spiral down into heroin use a few years ago, appears to be back in her life. This comes just days after Jenelle’s former fiance, Nathan Griffith, declared that he was totally done with her and dating someone new. 

An observant ‘Teen Mom 2’ fan was the first to see Jenelle “wif Kieffa.” The pair were spotted waiting to buy drinks at a bar in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Jenelle and Kieffer apparently had a “la dee dah” time drinking and bar-hopping by the beach, as they were spotted at numerous bars throughout the night. 

Just last week, Jenelle was asked about Kieffer in an interview with a North Carolina radio station.

“We talk every once in a while. He’s doing fine,” Jenelle said. “He has a job and his own apartment and stuff now. I’m really happy that he’s got his life sorted out.”

Rumor has it that once Nathan heard that Jenelle and Kieffer were out carousing, he met up with them and got into a fight with Kieffer. (The Ashley cannot confirm this report, however, and she does not have any confirmed details as to why they were fighting.)

Jenelle’s other ex-fiances (there are so many!) chimed in on Twitter, offering their thoughts on the Kieffer and Jenelle reunion.

Photographic proof: Jenelle spotted "wif Kieffa" last night.
Photographic proof: Jenelle spotted “wif Kieffa” last night.

Courtland Rogers, the only man (so far) to actually make it down the aisle with Jenelle, tweeted a message that was surely meant for Jenelle regarding her questionable-hygiened companion.

“I know u see this so for the record… I forgot how much better than u I was lol thank god for self worth.. Make that boy take a shower,” he wrote.

Gary Head, who was engaged to Jenelle a few seasons ago, tweeted (and deleted) a screenshot of a conversation he had with Jenelle about coming to stay with him. He claims that it was from last week.

Unfortunately, none of this will be shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The girls have already completed filming Season 6, and have not signed on for a seventh season so they are not currently filming (despite what you’ve read on other sites!)

So Kieffer’s back and Butch Baltierra is out of prison…is it 2012 again or something?!

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. So I guess this rekindled romance means she won’t get custody of Jace…

    Kieffer Delp-a name as pathetic as the man who bears it.

  2. And I’m over here like” I wish I could drive some of those luxury cars these chicks have” I work 40-50 hrs a wk and can’t affod crap. Chelse works whenever she feels like it and gets vehicle after vehicle and new house and can even afford daycare!! Kail has a mercedes and doesnt even wrk!!! Janelle also has a beautiful car! I must be doing something very wrong! I need some mtv money

    1. I’m with you. I shoulda gotten knocked up by a deadbeat when I was still in high school….what was I thinking?! haha!

  3. What is she thinking? I didn’t hear about her signing temp custody to Nathans mom so I’m not sure if that is true or not. I don’t care how good she says Keifer is doing she shouldn’t be anywhere near him!!..and at a bar??? Babs must be loving this!! she can kiss any shot she had at getting Jace back now! Babs can totally use that in the custody case.

  4. Jenelle is a sociopath with male trust issues (you wouldn’t think, but she displays behaviors pointing that direction).

      1. I meant that she has male trust issues..that’s what is questionable, but I have no doubt she is. The sociopath, theres no doubt about that!!

        1. No, what Jenelle has is textbook Borderline Personality Disorder. Look it up and I swear, you’ll see a picture of her.

  5. This is ridiculous, but not really surprising to anybody I’m sure.

    I feel a little bad for Jenelle after reading the screenshot Gary posted of their text messages. It sounded like Jennele was trying to reach out to get some support. Like she was doing not-so-well and needed somebody to stay with her for a few to days, maybe a last ditch attempt to keep her from going off the deep end again. Gary turned her down, so she turned to Courtland and/or Keiffer. It almost seems like she was trying to do the right (or slightly better) thing at first by contacting one of the few people she knows that aren’t into drugs.

    Of course it would be better if she turned to a trustworthy person and not a potentially abusive and codependent ex, but who does she really have? Tori is a druggie. The relationship with Babs is too strained. Any male is problematic because she has a pattern of trading in sex for their company. It would be really nice for her if she could get serious about NA and get a female sponsor she can use as a “sober buddy” in times like these.

    In that way I think she is very different from Leah who really seems to be addicted to the D. Jenelle seems to just need companionship.

    I might get a ton of downvotes for this post, but it’s ok. I’m not a Jenelle fan by any means. However the whole “I’m lonely, about to engage in destructive behavior, but the only option I see is trading sex for another human’s companionship” just really makes me sad. Look at her picture with Keiffer at the bar. She doesn’t even look like she wants to be there. She probably just needs a good friend and a hug, and a movie and popcorn night at home. Sigh 🙁

      1. No that’s okay.You give me a whole different view on her and i need to say that i never see it that way.When i look at her i see a person who is insecure around other people,who can not have a normal confersation(exept at Dr,drew she;s like a total different person)whitout yelling,cursing like a upstanding teenager,only when they share her opinion then she’s fine,but when they are’nt agree with her then she start yelling etcetera as long till she’s hysterical.I too think she’s lonely,but she is crazy too.I really don’t think she’s 100%normal.Look how she treat the dog last year,a innocent dog…come on.How she talks to her mom,how much she’s involved with the law…But non the less ik don’t want her to be arrround Kieffer,she a deserves better life.Than a life full with drugs and fights.But is is up to her,she’s an adult.

        1. Oh I totally agree. She is definitely not “normal” — although we should probably say “healthy” instead. She has screwed up a lot, she is violent, manipulative, careless, heartless, doesn’t appear to have a conscience. But at the same time she is helpless, doesn’t know how to stay sober and and manage her emotions, suffers from debilitating anxiety and depression, and doesn’t know who to turn to. It’s hard to REALLY feel sorry for her though, because she leaves a trail of destruction in every life she touches. Like I said initially, I feel “a little bit” bad for her. That doesn’t mean I forget what irreparable damage she is causing others due to her shortcomings (most of all her sons, of course.)

    1. There’s always Trashbag Tori. You know, as long as MTV is footing the bill for something fried. And she’s provided with a script ahead of time. Or maybe cue cards. Her delivery always seems lacking, somehow.

  6. Oh no,this is really a horror for Barbara to see her daughter back with Kieffer.In some way i always felt a bit softness for Kieffer,he wasn’t violent against Jenelle and i think he truelly loved her in the earlier years,but he and her together are toxic.They are both lovers of all kind of drugs,and it’s a matter of time and they both back on heroine.And her childeren…OMG one thing is treu she makes very beautyful baby’s and Jace…i’m glad he’s with his grandma,i hope that Kaiser can life by his other grandma in a lovinghome.Beacause Jennelle is to irrisponsable to raise childeren.The girl is walking a dangerous pad….

    1. He was violent against her. Did you see that episode when he grabbed her and threw her in the car when she was yelling at him about his drinking? She filed charges on him.

      1. No i am sorry but i can not remember that episode.I thougth that he was always the one who was relaxed(probably under influence of drugs?)and walked away when it was to much for him.Maby i am wrong and missed that.

      2. I can’t say for sure, but I think she was hitting him first and he pushed her off him.
        I’m not Keiffer defender by any means, but I do get what people are saying that I don’t get the ragey vibe from him that I do from the other 3. He just seems really sad and mopey, just like her, and then they both end up doing drugs because that is easier than I don’t know..taking care of your kids? Getting a job? Contributing in any way to society that might give you a sense of satisfaction. Nope.
        I’ll always hate him for that ish he said to Babs about Walmart, which seemed very out of character to me, it seemed more like a Nathan thing. Keiffer also seemed like his brain was in dial up mode. Maybe he was horrible and hid it well from the cameras.

    2. He was violent with Jenelle. She said on the show that he dented her car and pushed her, I think. Then he went to jail for it.

  7. She makes me absolutely sick. You want to have custody of your son and you are hanging out with the dude that injected you with herion???? She doesn’t deserve those two little boys. At least Jace has Babs though. Kaiser is who I really feel sorry for.

  8. No! Janelle has been making the teeniest baby steps in the right direction. And someone you ever did heroin with should be completely at 100% off limits, especially when you have children. There is no need to keep in touch. If she so desperately needs to be with a man (which duh is not a healthy way to heal) at least find a new one.

  9. Is she out of her ever loving mind? She’ll never learn and will not get Jace back and shouldn’t. I thought she was growing up but obviously not.

    1. She never wanted Jace back. Nathan wanted Jace in the house so he could terrify 2 people.

  10. So predictable you probably already had this article written, just fill in a couple of blanks and go. I used to make sure I had a boyfriend right about the time I was getting ready to move again. It came in handy. I didn’t date subcompacts until I got moved in.

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