Special Wedding Moment: ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Dance with Daughter Carly

Tyler dances with Carly during his wedding.
Tyler dances with Carly during his wedding.

These photos even warm the cold, cold heart of The Ashley!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra hosted over 150 guests at their wedding this weekend, but one guest was a bit more special than the rest. The couple was delighted that their oldest daughter, Carly, was able to attend the wedding! Brandon and Teresa Davis, her adoptive parents, were also there.

The couple even shared a special moment on the dance floor with Carly and her parents.

In photos posted to various Facebook accounts, Tyler is shown dancing with his firstborn (who is now six years old!) while Catelynn danced with the couple’s infant daughter, Nova. Brandon and Teresa later joined them, bringing their adopted son out with them.

(The Ashley chose to not post any photos that show Carly’s face, per her parents’ previous wishes.)

How cute is this photo!?
How cute is this photo!?

Catelynn and Tyler placed Carly for adoption right after her May 2009 birth. Over the years, her adoption has been a frequent topic on ‘Teen Mom,’ and last season things got tense between the couple and Carly’s adoptive parents. However, Catelynn denied the rumors that were circulating in March that Brandon and Teresa had cut her and Tyler off from communicating with Carly.

“All the crap of ppl saying that Carlys parents are taking away communication from ty and I are all lies! Don’t always believe what u read!” she tweeted.

The wedding photos from Saturday clearly show that Tyler and Catelynn have maintained a great relationship with Carly and her parents. While Carly attended the wedding, she did not participate in the ceremony like Nova did.

The Ashley posted all the exclusive details on the wedding, as well as a bunch of photos. Click here to read that post!

(Photos: Facebook)

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  1. this is truly heartwarming. Cate&Ty did the right thing placing her for adoption. glad to see Brandon and Teresa are putting Carly first, not their personal feelings about Cate and Ty’s involvement in Carly’s life even though they admitted on the show they feel just as insecure about it as Cate&Ty.

    on another note, many of the 16 and pregnant girls should have chosen adoption like them. especially train wrecks like Jenelle, Valerie, Aubrey, Kianna or Alex…

  2. This shows how much love Brandon and Teresa have for Carly. They always put aside any drama that comes from her birth parents being on a reality show to make sure Carly has a positive relationship with Cate and Ty. A lot of people wouldn’t want to put themselves through that.

  3. I feel bad for Carlys parents. If I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t want my childs birth parents as involved as Tyler and Catlin are.

      1. There’s always been an undercurrent of not really understanding their boundaries, or at least giving that impression. Although that might be a side effect of the simple fact that it’s being broadcast. Kudos to The Ashley for not showing Carly’s face as per her parents’ request, btw.

  4. As much as I snark, my heart melts at this. I’m glad that Carly has a good relationship with her biological parents. It might have been a long road, but that little girl has so many people who love her. I’m glad Brandon and Theresa are so patient and loving towards Catelynn and Tyler, and they all seem to be doing well with their boundaries and relationships. Such a sweet moment!

    1. Cate & Ty now are not the Cate & Ty 6 years ago. Carly is in a much better place, and Cate and Ty probably wouldn’t have gotten to where they are now if they had kept her.

      1. Wasn’t there a moment during a breakup where Ty said to Cate (completely deadpan, nothing bitter or vindictive) something like “I am so glad we gave up Carly right now?” I had a morbid humor laugh there. Yep, you realize that being used as a pawn in your parents’ high-school breakups would not be a healthy environment for a child. Have a Dr. Pepper.

        1. They’ve said things like that several times. I remember Cate yelling at Butch (when he was still her stepfather, living with them) that she was glad they gave up Carly, or Carly would be stuck living with Butch like she was. Tyler has also said that if they had kept Carly, he was sure that they would have broken up. I think they both realize that they were in no place to raise her at that time. As much as they wanted her, they couldn’t have given her a good life.

          1. Yup, that scene where Catelynn is yelling at Butch is what always pops into my head when people say they should have kept her. Very sad. Adoption was truly was the best decision for all of them at the time.

    2. If they never gave her up for adoption this photo would not exist. Let’s not forget that the main reason Catelynn and Tyler were on Teen Mom was because they placed Carly up for adoption and therefor had a unique story line. Because they made that choice they were able to transform their lives and become better people instead of repeating the cycle and mistakes their parents made.

        1. Yes, but they were chosen for Teen Mom because they had chose the adoption. Teen Mom did not exist when Catelynn and Tyler were being filmed for 16 and Pregnant. They did not know at the time that there would be a spin off show that would bring them a large income. It happened to work out that way because of the difficult decisions they made to go through with adoption.

        2. In part, sure. But without the adoption their relationship probably wouldn’t have survived, with or without MTV. All of the other girls have had bad relationships and train wreck moments, despite the MTV money.

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