‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Married! Get all the Wedding Details!

First photo!
First photo!

After over a decade of dating, two kids and a TV show, Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell  and Tyler Baltierra are finally married! The couple just tied the knot today at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan– and The Ashley has all the details!

Catelynn and Tyler, who met in seventh grade and have basically been in a relationship ever since, have been eagerly awaiting their big day, often sharing some of their wedding planning with ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

Catelynn in her wedding dress!
Catelynn in her wedding dress!

Who attended: Both of Cate and Ty’s daughters, Nova and Carly, attended the wedding, as well as Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. Also in attendance were the couple’s fellow ‘Teen Mom’ stars, Maci BookoutTaylor McKinney (as well as Bentley and Jayde), Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier and Kail Lowry. Tyler’s father, Butch Baltierra, was recently released from prison and able to attend the affair as well!

Many of the ‘Teen Mom’ producers including ‘Teen Mom’ Big Boss Morgan J. Freeman were there, as was the couple’s adoption counselor, Dawn Baker.

Who didn’t attend: Farrah Abraham wasn’t invited to the wedding, which is no surprise, given that she has a strained relationship with the couple. ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Gary Shirley didn’t attend, and neither did the other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise girls– Leah MesserChelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans.

Rehearsal: The couple kicked off their wedding festivities last night with a rehearsal (that was, of course, filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG’). After that, Catelynn and Tyler and their friends and family headed over to a nearby restaurant for a rehearsal dinner.

Clothing: Tyler posted a photo of him in his tux, standing next to a very dressed-up Butch.  Catelynn wore a strapless, fitted ball gown made of lace with small sleeves. Catelynn wore her hair down and carried a bouquet of red, white and gold. Catelynn’s bridesmaids wore red, while all the groomsmen wore black tuxes with red trim.

Decor: The reception hall is reportedly dripping with elegance. The couple went classy with their decor, using lots of candles, green moss and ribbons. A harpist played live music for the guests at the reception.

Ceremony: The couple’s ceremony took place outdoors and was reportedly non-denominational. Catelynn’s father, David Lowell, and her mother, April, walked her down the aisle. They married in front of a castle adorned with greenery and red flower bouquets. The couple wrote their own vows.

“Tyler’s vows were incredible!” one guest tells The Ashley. The guest added that Nova was part of the ceremony. (She was pulled in sitting in a wagon!)

Reception: Guests were treated to a plentiful American-style buffet and had fun in the photo booth. Catelynn danced with her father, David, during a special father/daughter dance, and Tyler danced with his mother, Kim, to James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend.” The Ashley’s wedding guest source says that Tyler and his mom were crying during the dance.

Tyler and Catelynn also had the opportunity to dance with their oldest daughter, Carly, at the wedding. Click here to see photos of that adorable moment!

See photos of the festivities below! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge the photos.)

tyler and butch  amber and maci  wedding decor rehearsal

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(Photos: Facebook, Instagram)


  1. Addendum: I do like your optimism and support toward the teen moms, Reanda. I just wanted to point out that other piece out. Not everybody quite agrees with your position and that’s OK! 🙂

  2. Reanda(?) No, I didn’t look like Tyler Baltierra in my wedding photos.. Lol! When people make an observation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same thing happened to them…

  3. All I can say is “It’s about time!”
    I didn’t actually think they’d really get married, so I’ll eat my words on that one.

    Good on them, BTW. I hope they are happy and that they will beat the odds.

  4. Ok people get a life the only reason anyone says anything negative about them is because your jelouse i mean they made a good choice for their baby got their life together and still managed to stay together. Stop being jelouse and grow up…. tyler an Caitlin your amazing i love you both and also from mi keep it up n never let anyone steal hour happiness

    1. Telling others to grow up…when you can’t even spell “jealous” correctly. And it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

    1. It kinda looks like she had to change into an emergency backup outfit because Jayde sicked up on her or something. She wouldn’t wear white otherwise, right?

  5. Katelynn why did you guys wait on your wedding so we could see it also we would of love watching you both say your vows,, but on the other hand congs on you both hope you have many more years to come GOD BLESS YOU BOTH

  6. Although they have been together a long time I don’t see this relationship lasting until one of them passes away! Few relationships do last that long, and I see this one either! But at least they had a very nice party, because really that’s what it’s all about a very nice party. If there were any more to it, way more people would stay married!

      1. I’m married and think the same thing. If you’ve only been with one person – you’re insecure…plain and simple…

        Tyler is a gorgeous man, but Cate is nasty

        1. Ty is also very angry, seems like he could be gay, and has a lot of unresolved issues. He also seems to be forced into this, he has said he didn’t know how she would react if they would break up, I think it’s all about what he thinks people expect of him versus what he REALLY wants to do! Big difference!

          1. exactly, he knows he’s so loved because he’s stuck by cate thru everything and who knows what reaction he’d get if he left her? he really has wanted to at least date other people some and i feel like she should’ve let him. anyway, hopefully i’m wrong and they’ll live happily ever after. how is maci so thin already omg!?

      1. “Yes! We’d love to have you! Just you, or bringing a guest? ‘Your mini-me’! Awww, maybe we should seat you near Brandon and Teresa so Sophia and Carly could run off and play if they got antsy sitting with the ‘big people’. Wait, you made a mold of your….? No! That’s…I’m sorry, you can’t come.”
        *three hours of shower running and sounds of frantic scrubbing that will never reach the brain*

      1. ugh god somebody get this girl a drink or something and calm her little ass down. why are you all over here telling everyone they wish they had this and that blah blah blah. you’re boring. and unoriginal.. and can’t type in proper English or even sentences.. oh wait.. you must be.. hi Farrah!!!

    1. Yeah, and I’d write it off as ‘random photo op’ if not for the fact that it didn’t mention that Javi attended. Odd.

    1. I think she looks wonderful after just giving birth and surviving a car accident while she was pregnant and had her son in car also u wish u looked like that I bet

      1. Maci looks great; her outfit looks like a tie between “I don’t understand what to wear to a wedding” and “I did not realize we were going to a wedding”.

    2. I hope you intended for me to read that like Frank Reynolds. Because I totally did.

      Seriously though, Maci looks way too casual (are those shorts?!).

      And Tyler looks miserable. I feel sorry for Catelynn. He’s such a wet blanket on normal days, he couldn’t even bring himself to act happy on his wedding day. Selfish selfish.

    3. I don’t think Maci looks like a whore. Compared to some of the other guests (cargo shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.) her outfit looks middle of the line between casual and formal. I know some brides really care about guests wearing white, but some couldn’t care less. Maybe Tyler and Caitlynn didn’t have a dress code and told their guests to wear what feels comfortable? I personally don’t find her outfit inappropriate.

  7. Beautiful wedding can’t wait to see it just wondering if Carley and her parents attended?you are amazing people love you zo

  8. Congratulations Tyler and Caitlyn. I pray for a happy and healthy marriage for you two! Glad that dapper looking Butch was there too…lol

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