Corey Simms Defends His Actions Against Leah Messer After She Denies Drug Problem on ‘Teen Mom 2’

"I ain't playin' around here, Leah Dawn!"
“I ain’t playin’ around here, Leah Dawn!”

Corey Simms doesn’t say much on social media, but when he does speak out, he usually holds nothing back. (Would could forget his infamous ‘Life After Leah’ tweet?)

On Friday morning, Corey aired his feelings out on Twitter after being criticized for his behavior toward his ex-wife, Leah Messer on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

During the episode, Corey and his wife, Miranda, confronted Leah about her alleged drug problem. Although Leah denied having any sort of addiction, she did decide to go to a rehab facility therapy center to get help. Corey pushed Leah to admit that she does, indeed, have a dependency to medication, but Leah refused.

Corey defended his actions by tweeting that there’s much more to Leah’s alleged problem than what is shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Idk why I’m tweeting this because I honestly do not care what people think or what they say about me but anyways there is a reason for everything that Miranda and myself have said or done,” he wrote. “We simply want the girls to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.”

Corey then revealed that the stories about Leah’s drug use have actually come from people in Leah’s family.

“There is a lot of things that has been told to us by very close members of her family that lead us to believe the things being told are very much true,” he wrote. “If we didn’t care about the girls or the situation we would obviously not have anything to say or do about it Thank you to the people who understand and to the people that don’t well that just sucks now don’t it?”

The looks on their faces during this scene...
The looks on their faces during this scene…

Miranda retweeted Corey’s statements.

It was hard for even the biggest Leah fans to deny that Leah was experiencing some sort of problem with medication during last night’s episode. During one scene, Leah is holding her brother Isaac’s infant daughter while discussing her impending trip to rehab. Unfortunately, Leah is unable to stay awake during the conversation. Her eyes droop and her head drops, and Leah tells her brother she’s simply tired.

Later, Leah speaks to her mom, Dawn, about going to rehab therapy, and Dawn expresses her worry that people will think Leah’s going away to get help with a drug habit, when it’s really stress and anxiety that she’s getting treatment for (allegedly).

Leah says that she started taking meds after a botched spinal tap during Addie’s birth.

“When I had the spinal tap with Addie, they had me on morphine at the hospital, did they not?” she asks her mom. “I got out of the hospital and I was prescribed Hydrocodone and Percocet and Tylenol 3 and when I was hurting so bad, I’d take the medication because I could take care of my kids and my back wasn’t hurting.

“I came to you guys and said, ‘I got this medication, I feel like I’m becoming dependent. I can’t take this medication.’ I stopped taking the medication.’’

Dawn continues to deny that Leah has any sort of drug problem.

“I told you if I thought you was some major addict on drugs or something I would call Corey myself,” she tells Leah.

“Some people don’t know how much crap I’ve hid the past four years,” Leah says.

Of course, MTV probably won’t show you that Leah never made it on the plane during her first attempt to go to rehab. Luckily, The Ashley can give you the full scoop on what happened!

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  1. I’m really glad Carezbear, Claire and some others pointed out how serious an issue this is and the fact people should lay off Leah. I do believe she has an addiction. I work in the mental health field and have seen the signs. I am also in recovery and applaud those of you who pointed out that an addiction is an addiction. For example, a stay at home mom getting drunk all day on expensive wine is no different than someone drinking whiskey under a bridge in terms of their addiction. Also, benzos target the same recepters in the brain as alcohol and require medical detox d/t risk of seizure activity in the brain. Regardless of how Leah’s addiction began or which pill it started with, it wasn’t intended. Some people are predispositioned for addiction. It is highly genetic which is why some people can be prescribed controlled substances and use them appropriately or discard unused pain meds vs take too many, thereby building a tolerance. This is a disease requiring life long maintenance to prevent relapse. And those of you that attack Leah on social media contribute to the stigma. Addicts are sadly treated like criminals. They are not bad people trying to get good, they are sick people trying to get well. Leah wasn’t always like this. We’ve noticed a gradual decline in this young mother. People with anxiety and/or depression are also at greater risk of abusing substances. She probably did not want this struggle addressed publicly for fear of backlash from people like many of you and she loves her children. I’m sure she wants a chance to get some help so she can be the mother she knows she can be before her children are taken. She deserves a second chance, good help and lots of support. And for the record, For and Miranda ganged up on her. The took a most vulnerable moment and went right in for the jugular. They’re not concerned about Leah’s health. They are concerned about their own agenda which is taking the girls from their mom.

    1. Good, they should have gone for the jugular. Corey is divorced from that woman. He does not have to care what she does or how she handles herself. What he has to worry about are his girls and how their well being is affected by all of this. And right now, Leah clearly can’t handle taking care of 3 kids, so right now, the best thing for them to do is try and get custody of the girls so that Leah can work on her own issues for a while. Because clearly she has lots of them to work on. Once she has her shit straightened out, if that ever happens, she can try for 50/50 again. I agree 100% with his actions. If those were my kids, I’d be doing the same thing.

    2. In order 4 Leah 2 really get help she’s needs 2 stop doing the show, admit she has a problem, & start taking responsibility 4 her actions & learning from her mistakes. Her life has been like a snowball effect starting with teen pregnancy & marriage. Instead of learning from her mistakes she makes the same 1s again. Then she wonders y her life is stressful and falling a part. Nobody said raising 3 kids was going 2 b easy or free from stress. She chose this path so don’t complain about it deal with it & for heavens sake stop taking whatever it is u r taking & take care of ur children

  2. I’m just continuously disappointed by this website and the blog writers for there lack of compassion for these real issues these women are going through. Yes they’ve elected to put themselves on tv but particularly in Leah’s case it just saddens me just how little compassion you writers show for her. Truly disgusting. This is a young woman going through real issues, it’s sad to watch and even sadder to see you all make a mockery of her life. Leah taking initiative to try and get help, acknowledge that she’s gotten as low as to admit to suicidal thoughts but continue to seek help is admirable and to do it in front of an audience where maybe hopefully at least one or a handful people may seek help or feel not alone is worth it. Shame on you Ashley, I used to enjoy your witty banter but this constant and relentless mockery of these women’s lives is just disgusting. There’s a way to be humorous while also taking your platform to acknowledge the real issues taking place instead of just using these issues as “tabloid” fodder for your crap articles.

    1. This is a satire website…I do not believe anyone commenting here truly wishes Leah harm or ill will. For me this season took a turn as it became obvious that she was truly overwhelmed with the care of her children. For me it was odd that she prioritized trivial things like cheerleading practice and Mary Kay makeup, while not taking her kids to school on time or getting Ali to therapy. I was disturbed in the episode where the car was so overstuffed with items things were falling on the kids. Leah deserves respect and compassion, but she also has to be ready to hear Corey out when he is upset. He has made it clear he wants his kids to be in school on time and for his one daughter to be at her PT appointments. Co-parenting requires parents to honor wishes of BOTH parties, not just their own when they feel like it.

  3. I am so sick of Leah’s BS. Leah used to be one of my favorite Teen Moms but now I just see her as an ungrateful, whiny, unfaithful, dishonest brat. It kills me that people are trashing Corey. He just wants his girls to be in a safe, stable environment. Leah’s house is chaos. She can’t handle the kids. Don’t even get me started on what she feeds those girls.

    She has a ton of support-her own family (although her mother is a horrible enabler), friends, Jeremy’s family (when they were together), Corey’s family, etc. Up until her and Jeremy separated she was very financially stable. Yet I remember her telling Corey in one episode (she was probably mad at Jeremy and wanted to Corey to bone her) that she has no support. WTF!!!??? If I were Leah’s family I would have taken that comment as a slap in the face.

    Leah has made a mess of her life and it is all her doing. She jumps from guy to guy. She’s been in a relationship since she was like 13 years old. She’s 23 years old and already has two ex-husbands and three kids from two baby daddies. I mean, she got pregnant, on purpose, within a few months of meeting Jeremy. Slow down already! Wondering if we will see TR at all this season.

    Leah has had no problem subtly, and sometimes not no subtly, trashing Corey on social media. Corey has bitten his tongue over the past several months. That can’t have been easy.

    How can anyone continue to defend Leah and deny the drug accusations after her nearly dropping her brother’s baby on the most recent episode?

  4. I think Leah’s problems go deeper than drug abuse. From looking back at old episodes it looks like the root of her problem is Mama Dawn. The advice she gives her is AWFUL! Just my observation.

  5. First of all what’s Tylenol 3? Does she mean an epidural not a spinal tap,get your lies straight. Doctors don’t prescribe that type of pain medication after delivering a baby. And I thought her anti depressant and anxiety pills were making her feel like a druggie, now it’s pain medication because of her delivery of Addie? Which story is the truth? Corey and Miranda had every right talking to her like that. Look at the dangerous stuff she does with the camera’s around, think about what’s not on T.V. those poor girls. Good for Corey and Miranda to step in. Those girls need a positive woman role model, if it’s Miranda so be it.

    1. Tylenol 3 is Tylenol + Codeine. Only prescribed & cannot be obtained OTC (over the counter) like Advil or other pain relievers you can buy at CVS, Walgreens, etc.
      It’a crazy to me how so many reality TV “stars” can straight out lie and switch up their story about things while us viewers can catch them in their lies since everything is filmed! You’re right, first it was her anxiety meds, but now all of a sudden it’s due to the birth of Addie?? Which she has never mentioned before?

    2. Wasn’t she also saying it was because of headaches she was getting? I could have sworn the first or second episode this season she said it was because she got blazing headaches. So many stories, it’s hard to keep track.

      1. Yes! I was just about to say that. So was it migraines, an epidural, or anxiety..? She should have at least thought about her cover up better.

      2. Yep, when she agreed to get a drug test her lawyer said, “I’ve already told them about the medication you’re prescribed for your headaches” so now it’s headaches, back pain, and anxiety

        1. Who the fuck cares you know it’s entirely plausible she suffers from all three. Some of those medications for pain can assist with both ailments. It is also very common for people prescribed Anxiety and depression medication to try various different medications before finding the right combination of meds that work best for the individual. I think Leah makes it very clear that she’s acknowledging she needs medical attention but it often takes several different tries of different doses or different medication combinations to see what works. Always assuming the worst in these people looking for the best story.

          1. All three of those medications are VERY narcs, notorious for causing sedation and impaired judgement. No one taking any one of those meds should be driving vehicles or caring for children. In fact many places of employment require people to take time off if they are taking these medicines because they sedate you and slow reaction time. Any one of those meds is strong by itself, taking them together is a very strong combination. Corey is right to at least be concerned if she is looking after their kids while under the influence of prescription pain meds. It does not make you a bad person, but they can make you very tired so that you nod off or don’t react as quickly.

      3. Yes, I distinctly remember Leah saying something about needing pain meds when her headaches were so bad she’s have to crawl to the “commode” to throw up.

        She can’t keep her lies straight.

        Do doctors normally prescribe pain meds for headaches? I have no idea. I suffer from migraines and am prescribed Imitrex and have never been offered narcotics for them.

    3. Not true. I was prescribed hydrocodone (and lots of it) after having my baby vaginally. Those in the ward who had a surgical birth were given Percocet, a stronger narcotic than hydrocodone. Tylenol 3 (a combination of codeine and Tylenol in a single pill) is considered weaker than these two and is prescribed by some doctors in some maternity wards. If Leah had a botched epidural she would have what is known as a spinal headache, which is extremely painful, though would not be longterm in nature. Just as an FYI, many young women who do develop issues with pain killers develop them immediately following birth as narcotic pain killers are often liberally given in hospital and after discharge.

    4. That’s not true they tried to send me home with OxyContin after I had my son but I declined. So yes they do give you those drugs. Especially if you had a difficult delivery

    5. Did Leah have a c-section with Addie? Because she probably had a spinal block for the surgery. I always assumed that’s what she meant. I had it for my surgery and it’s the weirdest feeling ever this big ass needle literally shifting half your spine up and half of it down and then you can’t even feel yourself breathing. It’s takes a couple minutes to adjust and it’s probably one of those things that being even a millimeter off can screw something up and cause injury.

    6. Just a quick clarification in regards to your comment “…Doctors don’t prescribe that type of pain medication after delivering a baby”. They absolutely do, and often! (Depending if the patient needs it). Tylenol 3, Hydrocodone & Oxycodone are the “big 3” that are RX’ed after delivery / the recovery period and the patient needs stronger pain control. Obviously they give you one type…not 3. Leah’s obviously lying about not having addiction, but I absolutely believe this started off as prescribed medication she became addicted to…this is how it happens in the vast majority of painkiller addiction.

  6. My problem with Corey and Miranda is that Leah came to them to say that she was finally getting help. That is what they have been saying they wanted her to do. Instead of being glad that she was trying to make a change, they took that opportunity to attack. I was especially disappointed when Miranda demanded that Leah admit that she wasn’t good for her kids. That was out of line in my opinion and just really mean spirited. I have a different opinion of Miranda after that encounter.

    1. Leah needs to be accountable for her actions. You can ship yourself off to therapy but what good will it do if you can’t admit you have a problem? Obviously she couldn’t admit she actually needed it this time that was shown on TV, because she didn’t even go.

      There are children involved, which makes this more complicated– especially with Ali’s medical conditions. Corey wants the best for the girls, so does Miranda, I don’t think they were out of line one bit.

      1. It’s the timing that makes it out of line. If Corey and Miranda had this conversation with her any other time it would have been fine. Leah was there to tell them that she was going to get help. That makes what they did really crappy.

        1. Except she was still lying about it. She wasn’t being genuine about the help she needed. She was avoiding the real issues by putting focus on ‘fluff’ issues. I’m not saying anxiety and depression are ‘fluff’ or lesser issues, mental health is extremely important, but when a drug problem is present that needs to be dealt with as well, if not first. No one can receive successful mental health help if they’re loading themselves with drugs and denying it’s a problem. There is nothing wrong or out of line with Corey and Miranda wanting Leah to own up to her behavior.

        2. Yeah and she’s lying. I think every parent has a right to know if their kid is being watched by a drug addict, it’s insulting to watch leah lie.

    2. From what I’ve heard though, it was MTV that made her go to her ‘therapeutical retreat’ or whatever spin she is putting on it. She’s still denying all her problems to this day!

    3. I 100% agree. You don’t attack somebody when they are agreeing to go to rehab. She does need to be accountable but they did not handle that well at all. I think it contributed to the failed attempt.

  7. MTV has a story agenda for each girl, and for Leah they want her to look extremely sympathetic because she has twins with one having medical issues. It’s ok to show Jenelle being totally zoned out on drugs, but MTV will not own up to how bad they’ve seen things get with Leah. Sleeping around, drugs, and other Leah issues aren’t shown because it’s not how MTV wants her portrayed.

  8. I’ve read alot of posts where people thinkMiranda overstepped her boundaries. All I can say is that I was Leah 5 yrs ago. Same situation except I have boys. I do not know what I would have done with out my kids stepmom! Thank you Lisa! I know shes not reading this but I definitely think stepmothers should have a voice. If they r helping and raising the kids then they should be shown just as much respect. I was an addict and my boys stepmom was a Godsend to me. She put me in my place several times and called me out when I was wrong. My boys grandparents live in another state so I didnt have any support. My ex and his wife nagged me to death. Showed me tough love. I overcame my addiction and now I’m clean and sober and so thankful for Lisa. (And ex husband) she was there for the boys when I couldnt be. She was there when I was being a selfish junkie and I deserved the harsh words that were said to me. Anyways, sorry to ramble but looking at Miranda reminds me of my situation and I think this woman deserves a voice and respect. She is there for these girls when she doesn’t have to be. I’ll probably get hate replies but o well. Hopefully these 2 can eventually develop a good relationship like my situation.

    1. that’s beautiful! thank you for sharing that. it takes a real strong woman and mother to say what you just said! congratulations on your sobriety and making the right changes for your boys and for yourself! xo

    2. Miranda has always been straight forward and honest – and usually holds her tongue and let Corey talk. It must be bad for Miranda to come out and say have you been a good mom – Leah needs the tough love (sure isn’t getting it from her family) and Miranda is doling it out!

    3. Well done on your sobriety! I’m glad you and your boys had people in their lives to help out the way they did.

    4. no hate from me, you are very brave and honest, Good for you, you should pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done!

    5. Thank you for sharing such a personal story; and this is also exactly why I feel Corey/Miranda did nothing wrong. Addicts must admit they have a problem in order to get help; shes so worried about her “image” (which pretty much anyone with eyes is not buying anyway) that she was not ready at that time to admit it.
      I keep hearing people saying that it was unfair timing because Leah came to them at a low point needing help and admitting she had a problem.
      Umm…what show were you people watching??
      She met with them to give a bunch of incongruent BS excuses and ask them to watch the kids (and I believe from what I read, not pursue further custody while she was away.) She was not admitting a problem, she flat out lied when Corey asked if there were drugs involved! And the fact that this trip to rehab lasted about as long as a romp with Robbie on the deer cam just proves she wasn’t honest with herself, or anyone else. I also blame Mama Dawn, she is a huge enabler. I have seen a couple scenes where Leah looks at her with pleading eyes like she almost wants to admit it, but all Dawn does is deny deny deny. If people want to take issue with someone working against Leah at a low point in life then their anger needs to be directed at Mama Dawn because she is the worst influence in Leah’s life.
      Point is, addicts need tough love. They need people who care about them to call them on their ish and let them know the jig is up, everyone knows, please go get help.
      Trust me, I have been there.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Miranda overstepped her boundaries? She’s the girlses stepmom, not their mom. I get that Miranda and Corey are sick of Leah, but the way they dealt with this particular situation was wrong; they should have encouraged her to get treatment instead of attacking her.

    1. I don’t think Miranda overstepped in any way. They are all in it together. She is helping to raise the girlses. I would bet that dealing with Leah is ten times harder than it appears on TV. Miranda really didn’t say too much and I think that what she did say was respectful and reasonable.

      I think Corey and Miranda just want some honesty from Leah. It’s understandable that Leah would be hesitant to fess up to them about her drug problem. For one, it is hard for any addict to come out and tell people the truth after years of lies and denial. Secondly, Leah is probably scared to death she’ll lose custody if she is honest. That being said, C&M know. Everyone knows. It is painfully obvious that Leah is abusing drugs.

      For the sake of her daughters, Leah should have confided in C&M about the real problem and let them know she is getting help. The charade she’s putting on is a joke and clearly frustrating to C&M. The truth is going to come out sooner or later.

    2. No. She’s watching out for those children and it doesn’t matter that she’s their step mother. Their mother isn’t capable of caring for them at the moment and miranda shouldn’t be pushed aside and told she has no say because she’s the step mom

  10. I can’t believe that there are people who think that Corey is out of line. I’ve read comments online where people are trash talking Corey about wanting the girls more and singing Leah’s praises.

    Watching Leah nod off while holding her brother’s baby is proof positive that Leah is strung out.

    Leah cleary is not fit to care for her girls properly right now. She should of listened to Dr. Drew a few years back and held off on that third baby, but Leah thinks she can’t have a family with someone unless she gets knocked up and pops them out a baby.

    Part of me feels so sad for Leah. Clearly having a third child put her over the edge. Yet she did this to herself. It was a selfish, stupid decision. Girl needs to be sterilized!

    I hope and pray that Dr. Drew calls her out at the end of season reunion, or whatever it is called. Knowing Dr. Drew, though, it is safe to say that he’ll go easy on her.

    Mama Dawn is such a disgusting enabler. In the sneak peak for the next episode Dawn refuses to tell Corey where Leah is. WTF???!!!

    1. That part where she was nodding off holding that baby looked almost exactly like that scene of Jenelle and Keifer nodding off after getting sky high. Does MTV really think people won’t notice the similarities?

      1. Knowing Leah she’ll come up with some lame story. Hmmm…her doctor had just adjusted her meds and they were making her sleepy.

    2. Oh my gawd, I was shocked that her brother didn’t say something to her. I’d be pissed if someone tried to hold my kid and nodded off like that because they were on drugs. (They wouldn’t be holding them in the first place, but ya know…)

      It’s obvious there’s a problem and no one is stepping in but Corey and Miranda. Whether or not they were over the line, someone needs to hold her accountable because the court isn’t stepping in. I can’t imagine how hard that is/was for them knowing that their children could be at risk of harm because nobody was stepping up. Kudos to them.

      Mama Dawn needs to shut up and step down until she can get it into her head what’s going on. Whatever happened to her husband Lee? That man actually had some sense and grounded the family.

      1. Agree. Her entire family are total enablers. Her brother just sat there looking uncomfortable when Leah’s eyes were rolling back in her head and she started nodding out. SAY SOMETHING!!!!

    3. I really hate that Corey’s getting a lot of hate for that. If the roles were reversed and if he were the one with a drug problem then Leah would be applauded for doing what they’re shaming Corey for doing. He never said no, he simply stated and affirmed that he needed to know where they were going. He doesn’t know the type of addicts the facility serves or where the children would be going, it’s good that he’s concerned!

    4. omg when dawn called leah at rehab and was telling her, i don’t think corey’s gone give you the girls when you get back, i was screaming at the tv! really dawn!? let’s not allow her to focus on herself and get better, lets overload her brain with more worries smh. i have no doubt leah was raised the way she’s raising her, barely raising them at all, and that’s why she is the way she is now, she doesn’t know any better!

  11. A few years ago I read online about how one of the camera guys who no longer worked for MTV wrote a tell all blog about his experiences working on Teen Mom 2. He stated how bad he felt for Corey and that how trashy Leah was. He basically called Leah an unfit Mom and said the twins were better off with their father. I don’t personally believe everything I read online but it makes me pay closer attention to her segments. There is no reason for Leah and her kids to live in the filth they live in. It’s very possible to take your kids to school(on time) and then come home and clean and organize your home, especially when you don’t have a job or attend school. I can’t imagine what go’s on in her life when shes not filming…cause she’s doing a pretty shitty job when she knows shes on camera. Bottom line is I believe the twins would be in a better environment with their Dad and maybe that will help Leah get her “issues” under control.

    1. Did you see the IG screen shots that were floating around when they started filming this season? There was one of the crew in St. Thomas with Jenelle (she wasn’t pictured) but the caption said “Just kill me now, ready to go home” or something like that. Then there was another one of the Simms family and their Crew with a caption of “Glad to be filming again, I missed this family!” It just made me think that Jenelle must be absolutely miserable to be around. How can a crew prefer the sticks in West VA over St. Thomas!

      Everything that comes out about the Simms just affirms me belief that they are good country folk. Corey definitely puts the girls in every decision he makes and it shows. I feel so sorry for Addie, her dad isn’t fighting nearly as hard for her.

  12. She mentions Tylenol-3 (the stuff with codeine that’s OTC in Canada) as one of the problems. Who are all these people who get drugged out on codeine? I was prescribed cough syrup with the stuff (I had bronchitis and cough hard enough to crack ribs and pull muscles) in second grade. I have a bottle (that lasts a few months) that I take for headaches. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, people. Friggin’ lightweights.

    1. I don’t really see your point. Druggies will find a way to get high, whether it’s sniffing glue or abusing medication.

    2. tylenol3 was one she was prescribed, not one that she got hooked on, and it barely has any codeine in it. the cough syrup your talking about is also not only codeine, and each bottle has a variety of how much is in it. unless its one with a lot of codeine or you drink a bottle at once or a couple, is when you will get high. when people talk about being addicted to, or just getting high off codeine, its usually pills, which have way more codeine then the syrup…
      every person is different. some people have high tolerances, some have low.

  13. First, I’m an OB nurse so I know what I’m talking about when I say that Leah did NOT have a spinal tap to have Addy. She likely had a spinal, which works sort of like an epidural and is used often for c-sections. It’s routine and very common.

    A spinal tap is sometimes referred to as a lumbar puncture. The goal of that is to remove fluid for testing. Again, Leah is an idiot and didn’t have one to have a baby.

    Secondly, how dare she talk about how she was prescribed pain meds and had a problem with them, but then deny a drug problem? Prescription drug abuse and addiction ARE drug problems and should be treated as such.

    Someone needs to smack some sense into that girl. I hope she gets the help she needs with her “issues.”

    1. I think some individuals with drug abuse problems initially hide behind the fact that their supplier is a licensed physician. This is where that denial comes from, I think this is also why she seemed ambivalent about her drug tests. As an RN I agree that she likely meant she had a “spinal” not a “spinal tap.”

  14. Her mother may not understand but she was enabling her drug use by lying for her. There is NO way Dawn didn’t know she was on drugs. A person does not look or act that way simply from being tired.

    1. What exactly is she tired from? She doesn’t work, go to school or look after her house and she doesn’t even have the twins full time. I call BS, too. Her mother annoys the fck out of me.

  15. why is MTV sooo afraid to approach topics like drugs? Leah is addicted to medication. period. no, she is not a drug addict in a Jenelle sense, she is not using heroin. but yes, she is addicted to prescribed meds which makes her a drug addict. Amber was high on so many occasions on camera along with Jenelle, yet MTV tried to portay those scenes as “stressed out” or “tired”. what a joke… this is bullshit and hypocritical. why can’t they just admit her addiction and speak out about it to send a message to other (recovering) addicts? im afraid my expectations are a little bit high of this craptastic show lol.

    1. I agree — it’s obvious to ALL of us that it’s a substance abuse problem. WV has a TERRIBLE substance abuse problem, which is even leading to a heroin epidemic in some places in the state. MTV lying about her drug abuse in order to keep her on the show to make money is disrespectful to two groups of people:
      -actual recovering addicts who have admitted their struggles
      -people who actually suffer from depression/anxiety problems and get LEGITIMATE prescriptions to treat them…

      They keep talking about “all those meds” she’s on because of her “anxiety,” which is terrible to me because I take anxiety medication, but it’s not like I’m abusing the medication that I take responsibly, and I don’t take it to be all drugged out.

      Maybe Leah was prescribed Xanax, and that’s why she was passed TF out. However, she clearly took WAY too much of her Xanax because she couldn’t even function. I don’t want all people who seek professional help to be called druggies because MTV is covering up the illegal habit of hers that was bankrupting Jeremy and her family.

    2. Its because Leah refused to be apart of this season of Teen Mom 2 unless MTV agreed not talk about her drug problem. So instead they tip toe around it and make her look like shes “stressed” or maybe has too many Tylenol PM’s. It’s the same reason why no one ever brings up the fact that the real reason Jeremy wants a divorce is because Leah cheated on him. People who don’t follow the Teen Mom fan sites are always wondering why Jeremy and Corey have smirks on their faces and I think it’s because they are not allowed to talk about whats really going on with Leah, and I’m sure that’s super frustrating for them because they come off as jerks.

      1. I wonder if part of the deal was for all the cheating to be left out too. I’m so sick of hearing Leah talk about “alleged cheating” “drug rumors” ” therapy treatment center for stress”. This season has honestly been a disappointment. Stop insulting our intelligence

    3. Just a side note-addiction to prescription opiates and heroin is more or less the same thing. Whether you take Vicodin, Percocet, Oxy or heroin, it all becomes morphine in your body and affects you in the same way.

      So in a sense, Leah is a drug addict like Jenelle. When Jenelle was in her active addiction, if she didn’t have smack she would get sick-puking, diarrhea, etc. The same probably goes for Leah.

      At least Jenelle was able to own up to it. Same for Amber.

      I completely agree that the way MTV is tiptoeing around Leah’s drug addiction and adultery this season is ridiculous and maddening.

      That Leah hasn’t come out and owned up to her drug problems makes me wonder if she hasn’t been able to kick it yet.

      1. spot on, thank you. there’s millions of mothers who have medical conditions that may require some pretty heavy duty meds at times, and they take them as prescribed and handle their business. even though they take pain meds, they keep their house and their kids clean and cared for. then there are others who eat up their scripts before it’s due again, buy more on the streets, and end up throwing away thousands of their (and their husband’s) money and the kids suffer. leah is the latter. she’s not holding it together and why it took so long for anyone to call her out is beyond me!

      2. Exactly – an opiate addiction is an opiate addiction. People often think that the “legal” addictions like prescription meds (which is only truly legal if you have a proper prescription and aren’t supplementing, which Leah seems way beyond the point of – she must be doctor shopping at the very least) and alcohol somehow aren’t as “bad”. It’s true that there is some quality control in the substance you are taking – you get what you bought and no surprises – but this almost creates a false sense of security, which gives people the unfounded confidence to fuck around with the dose a lot more. Prescription mess are only verifiable safe at the prescribed dose; double-triple it up and throw in multiple scripts, and it’s just as much a game of Russian roulette as street drugs – drug trials will not show what happens when a much larger dose is taken over a period of time, it was only a specific range that was deemed safe.
        I’m an alcoholic in recovery, and I always find it funny when people think that street drugs are worse/”trashier” than their “legal” counterparts. An addict is an addict and our behaviour around substances will turn what ever our drug of choice is into a risky situation – doesn’t matter if it’s benign to most of the population, or if some people take more of a medication than we do for legitimate reasons, being in active addiction means throwing pretty much all caution to the wind and risking your life every time you use.
        Dawn I think buys into the false sense of security, but the truth is a small woman like Leah could very easily overdose and die from abusing Vicodin, Percocey or Tylenol 3’s, never mind the three combined.

        1. or nod out and wreck the car with 3 kids in it! corey has Every Right to be concerned. i’ve always thought that was funny too, people actually say, yeah i drink, maybe do a little coke here and there or a xanax, but i don’t do dope! alcohol is every bit as devastating as heroin!

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