Farrah Abraham Appearing on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Already Getting in Fights

Farrah Abraham is taking her bad attitude (and plastic body parts) international.

The Teen Mom OG star is currently in the UK appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. It was officially announced this week, although it’s been the worst-kept secret of the summer that Farrah would be appearing on the show. Farrah will be representing the United States, as this season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has a “US vs. UK” theme.

Really? You have to judge us by one of our worst specimens?!

Anyway, Farrah had only been in the ‘CBB’ house a few hours when she got into her first argument. After UK star Natasha Hamilton chose not to include Farrah in a cast party because “she’s a sore loser,” Farrah became angry.

“I was a happy loser,” Farrah told Natasha. (Well…that’s at least half-true….)

While watching her cast mates party without her, The Mirror reports that Farrah started firing off the kind of insults we Americans are used to hearing from her.

“Party on bitches,” she yelled sarcastically. “You know what I want to do with this f***ing water bottle? Hit a bitch. I wonder if I can spit on someone from up here.”

Why not just throw your plastic vagina sex toys at them?! Now that would scare a person!

Since ‘CBB’ does not air in the United States (except online), The Ashley will do her best to keep up with the latest Farrah antics. If you really want to get slap-your-mama angry, watch Farrah’s ‘CBB’ intro video below.

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  1. Im from the uk and am currently watching celeb bb. If noone in the UK knew who Farrah was from Teen mom 2 they sure do now. She is now nationally hated by the UK public! She has gone in there and been a vile nasty person who obviously has mega issues. Its like cringe tv watching her and her nasty mouth. How this nasty vile women is a celebrity i have no idea.

  2. Ugh, I would much rather see her getting some sense beat into her on Celebrity Wife Swap than this. Shoot, I’d actually love to watch Babs on Wife Swap too… hmmm…

  3. I’m not sure if she was fed those lines or not, but she has never been famous except for in her own head. This girl needs a serious reality (non televised) check.

  4. On one day she’s cursing to the wrong person and is she the one who’s been beaten with the waterbottle of worse….She is trash and that is what she’s shows.

  5. I’m in the UK so watch CBB. Farrah made an idiot of herself. She has done everything possible to avoid any mention of her video or sex products – she simply says she is an entrepreneur and is famous for Teen mum. She was very disrespectful to Natasha – talking about spitting on her? The other team US are Jenna Jameson, Tila Tequila, Fatman Scoop, Austin Armacost and Daniel Baldwin. An interesting bunch!

    1. If there’s such a thing Z list celebrities, these representatives from the US are. Farrah isn’t even a celebrity. She’s notorious and nationally hated by us…someone who continually amazes with her stupidity, blind egotism and hatefulness. She’s a joke of the highest order. England, please accept our apologies! We can do better than Farrah!

  6. Interrogated … The next doctor she sees needs to have PHD at the end of their name, she needs to have knowledge implanted in her, not more silicon.

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