Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill Her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Housemates

"Don't break my flipflops!"
“Don’t break my flipflops!”

It was only a matter of time before The Ashley figured she’d have to write this story. We all kind of knew that there would come a day in which Teen Mom OG (and Celebrity Big Brother) star Farrah Abraham would start making death threats toward people.

Farrah has been causing trouble in the ‘CBB’ house ever since she arrived last month, but last night she took things to a new level when she went on an F-bomb-filled tirade while in the “Diary Room.” Farrah, angry after getting into an altercation with UK singer Natasha Hamilton, stormed into the confessional area, breaking her flip flop sandal on the way in. Or something.

The broken footwear added to Farrah’s anger, and she soon went on a long rant in which she threatened to “f**king obliterate the f**king scum” living in the house with her.

Is anyone else kind of surprised that Farrah actually used the word “obliterate” in the correct context? That Hooked on Phonics must be doing wonders for our Backdoor Teen Mom!

Anyway, Farrah continued with her death threat, telling the show’s producers that they better fix her flip flop–or else!

“Yeah, and I’m just going to say this: If my f**king flip-flops are not f**king fixed because of your g*ddamn mouth over the f**king intercom, I am going to straight up f**king kill this whole f**king house!” she screamed.

“I am sick and tired of being bothered by scummy a**holes,” she added.

Uh-oh, someone’s “Anti-Christ attitude” is showing! 

Anyway, Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, seemed surprised about her daughter’s actions when she was alerted to the video earlier today.

“Wow! I didn’t see any of this yet! It hurts me,” she tweeted of the video of Farrah’s rant. “I am very sorry! God forgive her being upset!”

The Ashley has reached out to Debra for comment but has yet to hear back.

While The Ashley isn’t able to keep up with the day-to-day goings-ons with Farrah (since The Ashley is in the United States), she will do her best to keep y’all posted if Farrah issues any more death threats!

Watch Farrah’s tirade below:


  1. On last nights show -the housemates had to nominate face to face. Farrah got the most nominations – including from US housemates. One nomination especially really told Farrah what everyone thought of her. She was told she was evil inside and out & that her mouth had viciously upset a lot of people. She stormed into the diary room for hours and I think every second word was the f-bomb! What they all don’t know is that the two evicted on Friday will go into a secret bunker where they will watch the housemates ( been done a few times before) however – the twist is they will tell those in the house the two are watching – so will get them to really wind up the fake evicted! Chances are Farrah at least may be evicted, so will watch as everyone winds her up – until they are then brought back into the main house!! It’s going to be fireworks!! Just off to watch the latest episode of BB US – a totally different game!

  2. I’m in the UK – so watching the show. She did finally open up a bit after some careful prompting by UK housemates, and said she was having therapy to handle how her parents were to each other & the impact it has had on her including how she was now sounding more & more like her mum.
    Even though it’s UK v USA the U.S. Team is very fractured ( until there is a task and then they pull together!) Farrah & Jenna Jameson are a unit against UK (& some U.S.!) Janice and Austin have their feet in the UK camp – though Austin stirs so will bitch to Farrah/Jenna. Snoop was very popular at the start with both sides but since he was made President – he’s not been as popular with some. It’s proving to be a very lively show!!

    1. I can’t believe she still uses her parents’ relationship as an excuse for her vile behaviour. My parents’ relationship is messed up too, but I don’t take my anger out on others.
      Poor Sophia.

      1. I also can’t believe MTV still allows her to be part of the Teen Mom 2 franchise – especially with MTV stating that the docuseries is to inform and teach and intended to extract positive results! Really? With someone as vile and disgusting as Farrah being allowed to take part in it? And I can’t believe she receives money for being an idiotic fool! She shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street without assistance – forget being allowed into another country – her country doesn’t even want her here – I wished the UK would take Farrah and keep her!!!!

        1. She is not only mental – she’s delusional – and playing this ‘child abuse’ card is even more disgusting! Farrah’s childhood isn’t why she acts like she does – she acts that way because she enjoys it! Farrah has the worse case of Borderline Personality Disorder that I’ve ever seen – and she can get better – but she doesn’t want to! Farrah is only concerned about Farrah – she is so wrapped up in believing that she’s wonderful and the best – that she actually doesn’t get – or doesn’t want to – the fact that almost everyone in the U.S. HATES her – she’s nothing more than a joke! She will never change – and if her mom and dad damaged her so severely growing up – then why does she allow them to raise her daughter? MTV promotes this outrageous behavior by continuing to pay her for nothing except making an ass out of herself! Now – with a child involved – Farrah and her family is raising yet another dangerous, physcotic, mentally disturbed individual – and the cycle will never end nine times out of ten – each new breed of crazy will only get worse! I know ‘Celebrity Big Brother U.K.’ Isn’t worthy of an American’s attention – especially since the Brits use it as a means to bash and ridicule American’s every chance they get – but it’s more than an insult to American’s to have Farrah Abraham represent us in anything! That alone is another calculated move from the Brits – paying Farrah to be on the show is the worse insult they could ever perpetrate against American’s – and the Brits are laughing even their asses off! I’d like to play the Brits on an even playing field – then we’d see who’s laughing!!!! AND JENNA JAMESON also representing America? Guess we know exactly how the UK really feels about Americans! The only thing I’ll waste my time saying about Jenna is – I’m so glad she doesn’t have her kids in her custody – THEY ARE ALOT BETTER OFF NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE AS LONG AS JENNA ISNT RAISING THEM!!!! Someone with the power should take Farrah’s daughter too – before it’s too late – the little girl is only 5 and she’s already a little monster!!!!!!!

    2. She’s always bringing up about her parents’ relationship but she is horrid to them while they have spoiled her rotten. They are extremely enabling and fame – ridden as well. Farrah is just evil and her parents are nuts!

    3. So sorry Farrah is representing the USA and you’ve been afflicted with her. I cringe when I see our flag anytime around Farrah!

  3. Probably an unpopular opinion but it is starting to bug me that we take people with obvious mental illnesses and/or issues and put them on tv shows to watch for our entertainment.

    1. Of course it’s an unpopular opinion. Otherwise there wouldn’t be TV shows like this and we all wouldn’t continously watch them and read articles about them and comment on them.

  4. Why don’t they kick her out of the house?.And why will anyone still paying her to show up?Beacause she is a nobody,the only title she deserves is TRASH with a nasty attitude.Let we please ignore her,she is’nt word the attention.

  5. I feel bad for Farrah. She is clearly not mentally well. The teen mom show is one thing, but its not healthy for her or the other cast mates for her to be on a show like this.

    1. Don’t feel bad for Farrah. Mentally ill or not, she’s responsible for her own decisions. I feel bad for her innocent daughter.

    2. They all get psychic valuation test before going on the show and if they fail that test they don’t get in the show

    1. She’s on TV and she doesn’t go away because she gets attention for whatever TV show and network she appears on. And that’s all they are after. Look at how many things are written about her just from this one incident on this show. And then people like us keep reading these things and commenting on them. Exactly what the networks are hoping for. That’s why she’s still on TV, and that’s why she won’t go away. It’s pretty much all our fault.

    2. Fame is a funny thing. Even if you’re famous for being a total dickweed, people will still throw themselves and free stuff at you and treat you like you are some kind of queen. For all the people that hate Farrah, there is an equal amount of people who love her. And fame is easy to get sucked into.

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