‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Answers Questions About Marriage, Babies & Weight Loss

"Ask me questions!"
“Ask me questions!”

The sixth season of Teen Mom 2 has proven to be one of the most dramatic seasons yet– for everyone in the cast except Chelsea Houska, that is. While her cast mates are going through divorces, breakups and legal issues, Chelsea seems to be living the good life. Now that she’s finally over her baby daddy Adam Lind (and has replaced him with beau Cole DeBoer), Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ segments have become much less dramatic than those of previous seasons. While that makes for semi-boring TV, it has made for a stable life for Chelsea.

Last night, Chelsea answered fans’ questions on the official ‘Teen Mom 2’ Facebook page. She revealed a lot about her recent weight loss, and her relationship (and future) with Cole. And, yes, she has baby fever!

On getting married to Cole:

Chelsea told a fan that she “sure hopes” that Cole is the man she’ll eventually marry, and gushed about their relationship.

“I am so so so grateful every day for that man,” she wrote. “He has adapted [to being a father figure for Aubree] above and beyond what I could’ve ever expected. I feel very lucky.”

She credited Cole with adding happiness to her life.

“I think just having a good routine and a nice family dynamic is so great right now,” she wrote. “Both Aubree and myself are so happy having Cole around.”

On having more kids:

“I want more kids one day for sure,” Chelsea wrote. “But not until I’m married!”

Chelsea admitted that she thinks about having another baby all the time, but is preventing any more out-of-wedlock pregnancies. (Sounds like someone went to itsyoursexlife.com!)

“I’ve probably had baby fever since Aubree turned 1!” she told a fan. “Haha but seriously, I love kids and I’ve always wanted a big family…and Aubree turning 6 and starting kindergarten really made me miss having my little baby! But I have the Mirena IUD and plan on waiting until I’m married to add any kiddos.”

On losing weight:

A while back, a company that hawked Garcinia tablets claimed that Chelsea was using its products to lose weight. During her Q&A session, Chelsea vehemently denied that she used the pills, or had anything to do with that company.

“[That story] was absolutely NOT true, and it makes me sad that they can use my name and pictures…even fake texts…to sell their product,” she wrote.

Chelsea has lost a noticeable amount of weight in the last year, something she attributed to her diet and exercise plan.

“I try to eat a lot of chicken and lean meats over spinach…and sweet potatoes!” she wrote. “I work out 3-4 times a week.”

On how ‘Teen Mom 2’ has changed her life:

“Never in a million years would I have thought [I’d be on TV],” Chelsea said, adding that even though she is known by millions of fans, she lives a typical life in small-town South Dakota.

“I live a completely normal life!” she wrote. “Nobody really says anything to us when we are out and about, but when they do they are always super sweet.”

She did admit, though, that it’s sometimes hard to have her parenting style and life choices judged by millions of viewers. 

“It’s hard knowing that no matter what you do, people are going to have their opinions,” she wrote.”You can’t win!”

Her boyfriend Cole has had a hard time adjusting to having cameras following him around.

“He’s shy on camera and he’s way more quiet than usual,” Chelsea wrote. “When the cameras aren’t around he’s a huge goofball and loud and crazy.”

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  1. I think Chelsea is doing a great job and has really turned her life around. The one thing I wish she wouldnt do is promote this business of Aubree calling Cole “dad”. Adam is a sorry excuse for a father, no doubt but until Chelsea is settled and married to Cole its not a good idea to have Aubree think this guy is her dad now. If things dont work out the poor kid is going to be traumatized losing another father figure. Let’s keep this “dad” thing on the back burner until they make it legal and permanent.

  2. I like Chelsea, she seems to really have it together. People complain about her high pitched voice, but really that’s not important. I’d take baby talk over jumping from guy to guy, drug abuse, and domestic abuse any day. Sure, she took a while to get over Adam, but many of us have that one turd we struggled with letting go of. I’m sure wanting to have both parents in the same home for Aubree and feeling like failing to provide a “family” really kept Chelsea holding on longer than if Aubree wasn’t in the picture, which is understandable whether we agree or not. It’s evident that she truly loves Aubree and puts her needs before herself and really wants to be the best mother she can be. I’m happy for her and Aubree, she deserves to be happy and in a healthy relationship with a guy who genuinely cares for her and Aubree. Aubree deserves to see her mother in a happy and healthy relationship too, so she can see how people who love each other should really treat each other, instead of the tumultuous relationship she’s seen between her parents and any relationship Adam has shown her with anyone in his life.

  3. Aside from it taking years for Chelsea to get over douche bag Adam, she is one of the only TM girls who hasn’t devoted so much of her time and energy to dating. She’s largely focused on herself, being a good mom and improving her situation. Yes, it took her ages to get her GED, but she did it, went to skin school, etc.

    She now seems to be in a really good place with a great boyfriend and limited baggage.

    She still only has one baby daddy and hasn’t popped out another kid.

    I feel like the other TM girls were all so obsessed with finding boyfriends/husbands/father figures for their kid(s) that they emotionally stunted themselves. What 20 year old guy is going to make a good partner/father figure? Most guys at that age are not ready for that and this is something none of the TM ding bats have ever grasped.

    Kuddos to Chelsea for waiting! She’s a bit older now and seems to have found a good guy who has his shit together and is at an age where he is ready, willing and able to take on a single mom.

    Leah/Kail/Jenelle-Stop accumulating baby daddies/husbands/ex-husbands and popping out babies!

  4. even though her segments are not AS interesting because she’s not a trainwreck, I think it’s a good thing MTV still has her on teen mom. hopefully, maybe someone out there that is a teen mom can watch her and realize you don’t have to act like trash the rest of your life just because you had a baby at a really young age.. seems like a good person and deserves the good things that are happening to her and that she’s worked for. and I like her laid back attitude, she really is just a normal person. good for her 🙂

  5. Chelsea deserves all the happiness in the world. She’s a great mom, has a lovely daughter and has always put Aubree first. Happy for her that she held out for the right man and good for her for committing to marriage before babies. You rock Chelsea!

    1. Eh I dunno. Their vibe together reminds me of my husband and me, just chill and relaxed, super silly and a bit dorky insider jokes, no trace of drama (that we’ve seen so far). You can just tell they’re 100% comfortable around each other. From what I’ve seen, they seem to have built a good relationship there. Wow, that’s gotta be a first between all the other girls’ relationshits!

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