Leah Messer Flips Out on Twitter Over ‘Teen Mom 2’ Scene Featuring Her Ex-Husbands

"All y'all are all liars!"
“All y’all are all liars!”

It’s been a while since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has gone on one of her trademark social media rants. (Who could forget this jewel of a rant from a while back?) This morning, however, she took to Twitter to express her anger over a sneak peek clip that’s been circulating of next week’s episode. Leah claimed that the scene, which featured her baby daddies Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert meeting up to discuss their situations with Leah, was set up by producers to make her look bad.

In the the scene, which will be aired as part of next week’s episode, Corey and Jeremy discuss Leah’s prescription pill problem, and express their frustration that Leah won’t admit she has a problem. They also talked about the relief they both felt once they divorced Leah.

“I was miserable,” Jeremy says of his time being married to Leah. “She went from being normal to a complete 180…prescription pill problem.”

“This drug issue that everyone knows she has was swept under the carpet and she don’t want nobody to know where she went,” Corey says of Leah’s trip to rehab…er, therapy.

After watching the scene, Leah raged on Twitter about how the scene was fake.

“I talked to Jeremy the whole time … Jeremy can’t stand Corey .. This was definitely SET UP and not even the truth,” she tweeted.

The Ashley can tell you all that she is at least wrong about Jeremy hating Corey. The guys get along just fine. (As further proof, you can check out this photo, which was taken in July, well after this scene was filmed. The guys also follow each other on Twitter.)

Leah continued her rant, despite that calling out the show’s editing technically goes against her MTV contract.

“Don’t care if I do get in trouble this is BS .. I should open my mouth way more,” she wrote. “In the scene you can tell Jeremy was looking over at a producer saying something about a prescription pill problem and no they weren’t lol. And they edit it to where it looks as if he is saying that to Corey. I could go on but its best I didn’t …”

But then, of course, she did…

“Not to mention Jerm just told me this scene was filmed before I even left the FIRST time lol.”

Earlier this week, Leah claimed on Twitter that the recent story about her being stopped by the police for not having her daughters in car seats was untrue. Fans were quick to produce screenshots from the show that clearly show the twins riding in a car without car seats.

"I was framed, y'all!"
“I was framed, y’all!”

Leah then took the time to address several other Season 6 scenes in which she came out looking bad, particularly the scene in which she was filmed nodding off while holding her infant niece.

“That wasn’t accurate either .. My brother was like… Wtf?” she wrote.

The Ashley needs to stop and give the ‘Teen Mom 2’ editors some major props. If they were able to superimpose a sleeping Leah’s head onto a non-sleeping Leah’s body and get away with it, they should win a ding-dang Emmy! (The Ashley is not disputing that many things on the show are recreated or set up, however.)

Leah also addressed the scene in which Jeremy yells at her for having her car stuffed to the ceiling with crap. In the scene, their daughter Addie is barely visible underneath all of the stuff on top of her.

“Addie was pulling the stuff down but that wasn’t shown nor was it shown that I just got back from being out of town and had not unloaded my car yet,” Leah wrote.

Corey and Jeremy have yet to comment on Leah’s claims that the scene of their meeting was fake. Watch the scene in question below:


  1. Comon y’all, sweet Leah Dawn Messer-Simms-Calvert-Messer-Soon-to-be-Dues ain’t got no druggie problem! She may have said she “felt like a damn druggie” last season, but she’s clearly gotten her “therapy” this season, after all she only nodded off while holding an infant once this season!! Plus, if she did have a “problem” Mama Dawn woulda told Corey Tyler herself! Apparently she ain’t got no reason to tell Jermy Lynn, but her word is good as gold that she’d tell Corey Tyler. All joking aside, Leah should reach out to Jennelle for help, that girl’s been there “had stress” and admitted her drug “depression” problem and sought rehabilitative “therapy” help, she might be the only person capable of offering Leah the help she DRAMASTICALLY needs!

  2. Leah has serious issues. I want to see her do well though. I just hope everyone in her life including her ex husbands can find a way to rally together and perhaps stage a private intervention with professionals. Leah attaining sobriety and mental stability is best for everyone, most importantly their daughters. I understand why Corey wants full custody, but I really feel they should be devoting just as much energy to finding professionals to help stage an intervention, and give her one last chance to earn some custody when she returns, even if it is minimal.

  3. this is just pathetic. if she honestly thinks she’s fooling anyone with her vague and ridiculous ‘excuses’ she’s dumber than i thought. and this just furthermore proves that she hasn’t dealt with or admitted her drug problem .. if she was truly in recovery or sober she would have admitted that she was (clearly) on drugs but has since received help. dealing with drug addiction is one of the hardest things ever and dealing with it in public is even harder however she chose to come back to the show knowing the public believed she had a drug problem. she should either say nothing on social media or own up to it – this is just confirming what everyone already knows. and i really doubt her brother was “laughing” that she was shown passing out holding his baby – whether is was edited to look that way (and it absolutely wasn’t) or not. how mortifying for everyone.

  4. I cant believe shes denying what happened when she was dozing off with her niece. “That wasn’t accurate” Cmon. No editing is that good Leah. You were wacked out of your mind and everybody saw it. Why are you trying to get us to believe a lie when you dont even believe it yourself. She needs to get real help before something bad happens.

  5. She’s going to kill herself, mark my words. This show has destroyed her entire life (yes of course so have her own ding dang decision makin’ abilities or lack thereof) and now she has a public drug problem and is being filmed improperly caring for her kids in many many ways. If she doesn’t go to Jail first (HI JENELLE!), she’s going to get her kids completely removed from her home (wherever that is at the moment) and her drug problem will become a dead girl problem. And she can’t do anything about it as far as MTV goes because she signed on the ding dang dotted line thingy y’all

    1. Possibly – my mom’s a severe drug addict/alcoholic and has been for the past 20 years. I’m shocked she’s lasted this long – from car accidents, to jails, to rehabs, my mom is miraculously still alive. Either way – it’s sad and scary

    1. Obviously Jeremy doesn’t hate Corey. But the revelation of her affair with Corey (which I believe. I do not think the Ashley would confirm something so damaging without having very solid sources) makes me wonder if they aren’t quite as chummy as they seem. I think its kind of a business relationship, like they are banding together for the girls.

      1. I’m so sickened by that whole thing about them hooking up. If it’s true, then Corey is really a terrible hypocrite who has no right to criticize anyone, ESPECIALLY Leah. And (if it’s true) I would also have no sympathy for Miranda, deciding to stay married to this guy and connected to this circus and furthering his DNA with another child. Leah is a manipulative trainwreck, I would expect her to be constantly begging Corey to ‘tra’ again, but if he gives in (Even ONCE, knowing everything he knows about her) then he is equally at fault and equally as much of a hypocrite. Because I know he and Miranda and Jeremy are all smarter and more mentally sound than Leah, none of them deserve support in their charades against her if every so often they backslide into her bullshit. She’s pretty easy to see through even without the drugs, if Corey really couldn’t help himself then he’s still a bigger idiot than Robbie, who still continues to sleep with her but doesn’t have to give her half his money every month

  6. I don’t understand why Leah feels the need to come and “justify” the things she sees on TV, especially in a vague way that doesn’t really answer anything. It would be a better idea just to let sleeping dogs lie, or write a one time comprehensive and logical statement rather than go after fans.

  7. I don’t watch the episodes regularly, but keep up with the cast via The Ashley – so now that I know Corey was fooling around with Leah relatively close to the time the scene with he & Jeremy filmed their conversation, it makes me cringe.

    I feel awful for those kids, and I pity Leah too because she’s so deep in her addiction she isn’t able to see what she’s doing to her life. Leah will never get clean until SHE admits she has a problem. Godspeed Leah, your kids deserve a coherent mother.

      1. Which makes it seem really odd to me that Jeremy & Corey would be cool with hanging out. Unless Jeremy & Leah have always been cheating on each other.

  8. Leah is acting like a typical drug addict. Drug addicts believe their own lies. I hope she doesn’t do another season for her own sanity. She needs serious help and being on this show isn’t doing her any good. She’s concentrating more on what the Teen Mom audience thinks of her than on her recovery.

  9. I like how she actually refers to him as ‘Jerm’ in writing. I can’t decide if that makes our running gag of referring to him as ‘Jerrrmy’ more or less funny.

  10. You know whats really sad? How this girls own husband used her illness as an excuse to leave his marriage. In sickness and in health means nothing I guess? How about instead of all of her loved ones bashing her trying to prove she is this horrible person, or just flat out leaving her. Why don’t they rally behind this mother and help her though this? Help her pick herself up and get better, regardless of if drugs are the issue. All I seen was her being completely abandoned once shit got rough for her.

    1. She also had a major problem spending $$$ before she got into drugs. She has plenty of ppl rallying behind her aka enabling her actions…

      1. im not sure i believe that. if youre talking about last season i think she was already on the drugs. she just knew she could say she ordered mary kay because jeremy wouldnt check to see if she actually had bought mary kay

    2. Get off damn social media Leah, it’s not helping. We all have enough problems without taking into account what others think. Stop using, build healthy relationships with your exes, clean your house, get your kids to school and therapy on time.

    3. She doesn’t want help, not real help. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help and who won’t be honest about their problems, spouse or not. Also, she had major spending problems too, and the whole infidelity thing. Her general lack of accountability on her end about anything and everything probably did major damage to their relationship too. From an outsider’s point of view- Jeremy was done with the relationship long before Leah’s drug issues became this apparent, it seems like it was just the final straw. Maybe Jeremy being done contributed to her going so deep into drugs, who knows. I don’t view this as Jeremy jumping ship when things got tough, I see it as him walking away from someone who repeatedly refuses to be faithful, honest, and willing to get real help to make a real healthy change.

    4. What illness? Because if you believe Leah, there is no problem and she is not an addict. (BTW I do not believe that she isn’t addicted to and abusing, at the very least, her prescription meds). And if you don’t buy her crap and know she is an addict, then why should he have to stay in a marriage to someone who refuses to admit or acknowledg that she has a problem (aside from stress) and seek treatment for the real actual problem? She will never get better unless she admits there is a problem and gets help for everything. But she is more interested in protecting her public image and saving face by seeking help for stress and depression, when that is only the tip of the iceberg, and only treating that part of her mental health while hiding the biggest issue is not going to result in a lasting recovery.

    5. Do you watch the show J? They really do try to help her. She has a whole family of enablers and these two guys seem to be the sole voice of reason in her life.

      The drug addiction has been going on for a very long time and probably isn’t the reason for divorce. Leah decided to cheat on Jeremy and they have been on the rocks since then.

      It’s just like they say. If it was them they would be crucified but since it’s a girl it’s ok to cheat, abuse drugs and be irresponsible with the kids safety (not to mention her spending issues).

    6. I thought that too when I watched the episodes, but after reading articles online about how she cheated with Robbie and possibly Corey I think Jeremy had every right to leave. It’s a shame that MTV decided not to confront the cheating issue on the show because it’s unfair to Jeremy to make it look like he left because of her depression.

    7. Well if someone is in constant denial and doesn’t want to get healthy, what else is the other spouse supposed to do? You also have to consider that Leah cheated on Jeremy as well. It’s wasn’t just the drug problem he had an issue with.

  11. Yeah, Leah will never admit she is a drug abuser. I truly hope that Dawn is kept away from those girls, especially after watching how ridiculously dramatic she acted last week with them. They are preschoolers, idiot. And Addie, the forgotten child… she just makes me want to cry.

    1. And Addie is so FLIPPING CUTE TOO! She’s ALWAYS happy and seems really smart but yes her mom and even her father act as if she’s not even around. When Leah dropped her off to Jeremy that one time and shes all screening “Faddy, Daddy!” He said NOTHING and Leah barely told her bye! Just sad ALL AROUND!

      1. Sorry didn’t spell check prior to pushing the ADD COMMENT button for all you spell check police… As most of you know AutoCorrect ALWAYS FAILS, and makes ppl look illiterate.

  12. I don’t understand how she thinks anyone believes she didn’t have a pill problem? The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. There’s no way the scene with her nodding off holding her niece was edited. But I will say Jeremy could be telling her he hates Cory, so u can’t say for sure that it isn’t true,

  13. Leah doesn’t realize we’d at least have some respect for her if she’d just stand up and own what she’s doing because we aren’t stupid. We know what’s going on. Look at Jenelle. We don’t agree with much of anything she has done but that chica owns her sh*t. She might deny something for, like, 2.5 seconds but she quickly realizes she’s going to look like a bigger dummy if she keeps lying about it. Yes, I did heroin. Yes I smoked weed. Yes I was an idiot when went to a Kesha concert against the advice of my attorney. Yes I’m back with (insert any of her ex bf’s names here). On the other hand, Leah is in denial big time to the point it’s truly sad. I hope her family quits enabling her/covering for her/lying for her, etc. Right now she needs some tough love from her family because her babies need her.

  14. Leah will NEVER recover from her drug addiction until she ADMITS she has a damn problem! She can’t even own it. She’s still lying & trying to convince people the reason for treatment was mostly for depression & anxiety. Uhm no. She went away to needing to detox. You don’t go away do therapy in patient for 30 days. You go away (28 days hello) for detox/withdrawal & the therapy that goes along with it. I’ve been where Leah is. Years of struggling. I know exactly what she’s doing. I’ve done it. She needs to admit to what was really going on with her. The fact that she still hasn’t/can’t admit shit, just shows she is still as deep in her addiction as before. If she was clean now, she would have admitted to others & herself her wrong doings. I know exactly what I’m talking about. Been there. She will end up having her kids taken from her.

    1. If her family (by family I mean her mom, her dad, her brother and her sister) would stop feeding into her BS and do an intervention, she probably would admit she has a problem and get treatment. Her mom didn’t even try to stop her when she decided to marry and have a baby with Jeremy so soon after divorcing Corey. A good mother would of told Leah that was stupid and crazy.

      1. Exactly! Her family is enabling her and I can’t even tell if they are just in complete denial about her problems or if they actually are that dumb and think she isn’t an addict just because the drugs were prescribed by a doctor. And Cory and Jeremy are doing exactly what they should be doing. They have given her every opportunity to admit her problem herself, and get help, and she refuses. Yet they are still supporting her and encouraging her. She should be so grateful for their support and the fact that they were both willing to put their custody battles on hold while she sought treatment (even though she won’t admit to the ACTUAL problem) and not a lot of men would do that. Especially men who have to pay as much in child support as they do each month! Most men would use this an opportunity to destroy her and gain full custody so they don’t have to pay her all that child support anymore!

    2. I think it’s *possible* (not likely) that she is telling the truth. I had severe depression and I didn’t take drugs but slept 16 hours a day and felt like a zombie all the time. At the time I thought that if I could get inpatient therapy for a month and get away from stresses in my life and have help to regulate my eating and sleeping patterns that I could get better.

      I think Leah must be on pills of some kind but I wonder if the normal prescribed dose for pain could produce these kinds of effects in someone who is depressed already. If she is taking them according to the instructions I can understand her saying she doesn’t have a “problem”. Maybe there could also be drug interactions with anti-anxiety pills or anti-depressants?

      Maybe one of the reasons for going to therapy is so she can find a drug regime to manage her symptoms without knocking her out.

      1. No, I’m sorry. She is not telling the truth at all. My father is addicted to narcotics and he acts the same way as she does. She is in complete denial about her problem. It’s sad but it’s reality for a lot of drug addicts. It usually takes a lot to get a drug addict to admit their problem and get help.

        1. Accidentally downvoted this comment while trying to upvote it! I agree completely with what you are saying. She looks and acts like a classic drug addict. Her actions and complete denial suggest she won’t admit to anything unless backed into a corner by some extreme risk to either her or the girls that she can’t downplay or ignore. I really hope for the girls’ sake she can admit and get help before that though.

  15. What she dont know is shes making herself look like a guilty idiot. The more she talks, the more people doesnt believe her.

  16. A lot of it is manufactured for TV, when they are talking to other people about their ‘current’ issues, it always looks staged and fake. One easy solution. Leah don’t go back on and MTV don’t have Leah on again, easy problem solved.

    1. While the conversations may be staged, it doesn’t mean the issues aren’t real. She is on drugs, period. How anyone can excuse her when she has three innocent children to care for is beyond me.
      Interestingly enough, when staged convos air that make the dads look bad, none of those broads feel the need to clear anything up and simply chalk it up to “reality” TV.

      1. You make a good point. Society is quick to drag the fathers for something but the mothers always get a pass or “bad edit” I noticed Chelsea prods Aubrey about Adam same as Adam probes about Chelsea but I guess its only ok for Chelsea to do it.

    2. The conversations are staged. MTV usually misses the actual moment these things happen, so they have to recreate them for the show. Jeremy’s entire proposal that we saw on Teen Mom 2 was fake; they were already engaged at that point.

    3. they definitely have scenes, and they’ve said this, where the producers tell them to discuss the arguments they had, or the court date, erc. but they don’t follow a script or anything, it’s SOme reality, despite what leah may say lol

    1. Yep… Notice she didn’t address cheating with Corey though! Makes me believe it didn’t happen,because if it did she’d be on twitter denying that as well!

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