“16 and Pregnant” Season 3 Star Allie Mendoza Welcomes Second Child

Allie and Chris on their wedding day
Allie and Chris on their wedding day

Allie Mendoza of 16 and Pregnant Season 3 has resurfaced– and is now married and the mother of two boys!

Allie, who gave birth to her son Aydenn during her episode of ’16 and Pregnant’ in 2010, closed all of her social media accounts after she suffered a miscarriage in the summer of 2014, shortly after announcing her pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Christopher Gerena. Since that time, she and Chris have gotten married and welcomed a son together, according to Teen Mom Junkies.

The site reports that Allie and Christopher, who got married while Allie was pregnant, are now the parents of Christopher Eli Gerenza Jr., who was born on September 10. The baby weighed in 8 lbs., 11 oz, and measured 20.5 inches long.

Allie and baby Christopher
Allie and baby Christopher

A July 2015 post on Teen Mom Junkies stated that Allie and Christopher had struggled with fertility after her miscarriage in August 2014. Both are in college, and Allie was working as a preschool teacher.

As for Joey Aranzeta, the father of Allie’s nearly-five-year-old son Aydenn, he is completely out of the picture and has been since Aydenn was a baby. After high school, Joey joined the Army and married a girl named Francesca. They are now stationed in Washington.

By all accounts, Christopher has stepped up and become the father figure in Aydenn’s life.

If you’re having a hard time remembering her from ’16 and Pregnant,’ it’s probably because her appearance has changed drastically since she appeared on MTV. Click here to see a photo of Allie from her episode.

(Photos: Teen Mom Central, Facebook)


  1. she’s the one whose boyfriend’s mom jumped on her about saying she was supposed to feed them right? wonder how that heifer’s doing smh

  2. It still boggles my mind how many girls from 16 and Pregnant have had second or even third babies. I didn’t become a Mom until I was 24 and had some life experience, and I still feel like I should have waited a few more years. These girls are putting so much on their plates at such a young age and I feel like they are depriving themselves of so many things.

  3. How could she say she struggled with fertility after her her august 2014 miscarriage and then give birth in September 2015? So basically she didn’t get pregnant immediately after having a miscarriage so that’s ‘struggling with fertility’? In order to give birth in September she would have had to get pregnant in January.. So she maybe had 3 cycles before she conceived again? Boo hoo. I’ve been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now. THATS struggling with fertility.

    1. Reminds me of Anna Duggar’s little pouty fits every time she had period before she got pregnant with M1. It’s not an automatic thing, people.

    2. no kidding eh? It took me 2 full years and an IUI to become pregnant. Now that is struggling and it sucks. Trying for 6 months is nothing.

      BTW i wish you luck and hope you get your happy ending.

    3. Trying to conceive for 2 years is struggling with INfertility… maybe struggling with fertility is when you can’t stop getting knocked up. I think a lot of girls on 16 and Pregnant struggle with it!

  4. Omg she looks so be beatiful! I wish her and her little family many many blessings! Her episode was so difficult for her, I live in houston at the same time she filmed and always hoped to run into her but never did. She Seemed Such A Sweetheart!I’m so happy for her I always wondered what happened to her after last year. But congrats to the new parents and congrats for the wedding!

    1. Omg her husband is so attractive too!!! He looks waaaaayyyyy better then her first babydaddy! He looks so cute in all his pics!

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