‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Meaningless Mediation & Money Matters

Another week, another 'Teen Mom 2' episode...
Another week, another ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode…

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, it seems that we will be checking off all of the key things that we fans have come to expect from the show after sixty five six seasons: Someone is going to have their hair change throughout the episode without it being explained, someone is going to court and someone is going to fight for child support and/or custody. While these topics frequently come up when we’re dealing with Babs & Co., it’s rare that we are blessed with an episode that comes complete with all three key things– plus a trip to rehab to boot! Let’s get started!

The episode kicks off with Leah, who’s about to head back to the ‘hab. Before she can go back to rehab treatment, however, she is meeting the twins and her cousin Chastity for a picnic in the park. Leah’s cousin and the girlses are already digging into a feast of snack foods, but Leah has yet to show up.

“Mommy’s going to be late!” one of the twins says. (That’s a good assumption, darlin’…maybe a few more times, actually, given that she’s still in her fertile girlseses-makin’ years!)

Ali ain't playin' Leah; you better give her your snack cake.
Ali ain’t playin’ Leah; you better give her your snack cake.

Leah finally stumbles into the park looking like she was just napping on a bench like the other derelicts. Her hair’s all wild and she tells the gang that she’s dragging through the day. She’s hoping that going to the treatment will help her be less tired.

Of course, before she can go off to the ‘hab, she has to sort out her divorce with Jeremy. Leah’s preparing to find out what the “final agreement” is (i.e. how much loot Jeremy Lynn’s gonna be paying her each month) and get the divorce finalized.

Leah admits that she still loves him,but only because he’s Addie’s daddy. (Speaking of Addie, has anyone seen her? No seriously, did she come to the park? Is she still trapped in the backseat of Leah’s trashmobile? If so, someone better make sure to save her a Capri Sun and a bag of chips. It’s only right!)

Chastity is quite the gossip. She wants to know if there’s anything “pacific” (yeeeeees!) that Leah plans to ask for in mediation. (Leah will probably want the house, the trashmobiles and a grip of money, but something tells me that the brooms, mops and cleaning supplies will all go to Jeremy– unused, of course!) She also states that she ain’t planning to do that “back and forth thing” (i.e. bang him in the truck after they divorce) with Jeremy like she did with Corey.

"I'll just be back here if anyone needs me!"
“I’ll just be back here if anyone needs me!”

Next we jump over to South Dakota, where Chelsea, Cole and Other Chelsey are driving around town. Of course, Cole and Chelsea are only speaking to each other in baby talk, and you can almost see Other Chelsey repeating “Remember the free rent. Remember the free rent” in her head to keep herself from making fun of them.

The next day, Chelsea tells her pal Callie that Cole will be moving in, just as soon as he breaks his existing lease. Cole is apparently A-OK with the Kid’s Menu, and understands what he’s getting into by moving in with a woman with a kid. Chelsea’s worried, though, that Aubree wants to call Cole “Dad.”

Seriously, what does this man have against sleeves?
Seriously, what does this man have against sleeves?

In Carolina, Jenelle and Nathan are meeting up at the local greasy spoon to discuss their breakup. Jenelle’s still pining away over Nathan, and is practically begging him to get back with her. She seems unable to process that Nathan has told her repeatedly that he’s done with her (and, apparently, sweatshirt sleeves as well.)

Jenelle tells us that she’s “confused” by their relationship and that she still misses having him at her home. (Look on the bright side, Jenelle: you no longer have to pick up slivers of carved-up sweatshirt all “ova ya damn floooor,” as Babs would say.)

Speaking of Babs, it’s time for her to fight Jenelle for custody of Jace. They are heading to mediation, and on the way there, Jenelle calls up trusty Krista to talk about what’s to come. Jenelle says that Nathan won’t tell her where he has moved, out of fear that she will come stalk him. That’s probably the only smart thing Nathan has ever done, to be honest.

This is Jenelle's "Get Jack Back" face...
This is Jenelle’s “Get Jack Back” face…

Jenelle arrives at the courthouse and meets up with her motha. Jenelle’s wearing her scrubs, but our Babsy is all dolled up in her sassy orange top and white capris for the occasion. Hey, give her a break; this is probably the only time she’s been out of the house sans grandkids in months. This is practically considered a social event for poor Babs.

Finally, we head to Delaware, where Kail and Javi are looking for a new house. Unfortunately, Javi is still butt-hurt that Rappin’ Jo Jo came to his humble abode and talked with Kail without him being there.

Javi apologizes for freaking out about Jo’s visit and asks how the child support conversation went. Kail says that Jo is trying to convince her not to go through the court system  to determine his child support payment, and Javi thinks that’s a bad idea. Kail agrees but is tired of her story lines just being about going to court, so she’s trying to work with Jo.

Kail says that she and Jo are going to meet up again, and Javi wants to attend their next meeting, since he’s been the one shelling out the cash for Isaac while Jo was trying to “make it” as a rapping prodigy.

"I'm not much for numbers and such but I believe I done struck a gold mine with this husband, Mama!"
“I’m not much for numbers and such but I believe I done struck a gold mine with this husband, Mama!”

In West Virginia, Mama Dawn (and her torn-up nerveses) are back. This time, she’s there to support Leah while she goes to divorce mediation with Jeremy. We aren’t allowed into the court room, but luckily Dawn starts pumping Leah for info on what happened at the mediation.

Leah states that she and Jeremy are legally separated, that Jeremy will get to keep the house (since it was his to begin with) and that Addie will live primarily with Leah.

“He done a sample of child support,” Leah tells her mother, whose eyes seem to light up at the mention of any type of “support.”

Apparently, ol’ Jeremy makes a ton of money and is going to be forced to pay Leah over $1700 in child support a month, based on his income. (Just as The Ashley told ya when it was happening!) Of course, Jeremy isn’t happy to be turning over that much hard-earned cash to a woman who obsessively buys makeup, and admits to having a spending problem, but there’s not a whole lot Jeremy can do about the amount.

Personally, I think Adam's already had too much girlfriend...
Personally, I think Adam’s already had too much girlfriend…

Meanwhile, Aubree has arrived home and tells Chelsea that, although she was at Adam’s for a weekend, she didn’t see much of Dear Old Dad, being that he was busy “getting too much girlfriends.” And we all know what happens when Adam “gets too much girlfriends,” guys: he creates another spawn! So far, though, none of the girlfriends have turned up pregnant (yet), so maybe Adam also got some condoms along with those girlfriends.

Aubree says that she likes how her mom did things– only having one boyfriend since Aubree came shooting out of her hooha years ago.

Later that day, it’s time for Chelsea and Aubree to take pictures. Aubree’s being a brat and refuses to listen to her mother. (She’s also talking like Tarzan for some reason.)


“Games!” she screams. “Me play them!”

Chelsea’s pal, Landon, is the one taking the photos and seems less-than-thrilled that his schedule is being mucked up by an unruly Tarzan-talking child. He’s trying to keep his cool, though, and fix Chelsea’s mop for the photos.

Landon tries to bribe Aubree into being good by offering glitter, but it does no good. Finally, Chelsea marches Aubree into the bathroom to scream it out, away from the disapproving looks from Landon and his equally fabulous looking pal.

Meanwhile, Jo is chatting with Vee about the benefits of them living in Delaware. Jo tells her that Kail’s starting to be easier to work with in terms of Isaac’s schedule, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat. Of course, there is the pesky child support issue to work out, so there will be plenty of chances for them to fight (and get the Delaware PD involved).

Why is the kid's bed in a pen?
Why is the kid’s bed in a pen?

Kail and Javi are off looking for a new house. They go see a house that’s huge, has a pool and a weird loft with beds surrounded by fences (for some reason). They love the house and want to buy it.

In North Carolina, Jenelle and Babs have just been released from mediation. Jenelle hasn’t even shoveled herself into her car yet but she’s already calling up Nathan to give him the details of what happened. Apparently Jenelle and Babs couldn’t agree on anything. (I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock.)

Jenelle tells Nathan that Barb wants to argue over Jace for another year or two before Jenelle gets custody. During mediation, Babs stated that Jenelle’s completely unstable relationship with Nathan is a big factor in her not wanting Jenelle to have Jace. Of course, Jenelle thinks her mother is being totally unfair. I mean, she and Nate aren’t even together anymore, and it’s been weeks since either of them were behind bars! Good Lord, someone bring them some orphans to care for! They are the epitome of quality child caregivers!

Since they couldn’t decide anything, Jenelle and Barb will now have to go to–you guessed it!–court!

"I'm takin' my bitch of a daughta to court!"
“I’m takin’ my bitch of a daughta to court!”

When Babs gets home, she calls up her giiiiiirlfriend to chat about the crap pile that was her mediation session with Jenelle. (Is anyone else happy that Barb gets to have these random on-camera phone conversations this season? It brings us one step closer to her overthrowing Jenelle and taking her place on ‘Teen Mom 2!’)

Barb tells her pal that Jenelle tried to make her look like a bad “grandmotha.” She is very upset that she has to take her own daughter to court. Babs’ friend suggests that Jenelle may feel that she’s grown up and is ready to have Jace, but Barb brings up all of Jenelle’s bad choices: another pregnancy, dating men who, if you put them all together, still have an IQ of 12, and getting in trouble.

Babs is worried what will happen if she throws Jace into the crazy house with Jenelle and whatever dude she’s banging at that moment.

Sometimes I think Adam's pal Justin is just Jenelle's pal Krista in a bald cap and glasses...
Sometimes I think Adam’s pal Justin is just Jenelle’s pal Krista in a bald cap and glasses…

In South Dakota, Adam (and his creepy yet trusty pal Justin) watch Paislee. Adam tells Justin that while Taylor settled their custody agreement out of court, Chelsea is refusing to do so, so he’ll have to go back in a few months. (Don’t worry Adam, they’ll have your parking space at the courthouse all cleaned out and ready to go for ya!)

Justin’s really struggling to get his producer-requested questions out. He’s stumbling over his words, sweating and keeps rubbing the top of his head. Still, he somehow manages to ask Adam about his relationship with Aubree.

“I don’t even know where Aubree’s going to go to preschool next year!” Adam says.

Um…dude, even I know she has already graduated from preschool. YOU WERE THERE, BRO! Come on!

"Randy's eatin' his heart out, dontcha know!"
“Randy’s eatin’ his heart out, dontcha know!”

Meanwhile, pigs, dogs and kids are running wild at Chelsea’s cabin. South Dee-ko-tah Mary comes in wearing the sassiest of T-shirts. Seriously, I feel like she wore this shirt just for me. It says “Sweet, Single & Sassy.” Yessss, girl, you wear the hell outta that shirt! When you’re done with it, though, maybe give it to Leah or Jenelle? Maybe it will encourage them to wait a few months before marrying someone else.

Chelsea tells Mary that Aubree is starting to see the difference between how she’s treated by Adam and Cole. Chelsea mentions that Aubree acts crazy when she comes back from Adam’s, but that doesn’t seem to bother Cole. Mary’s thrilled that her daughter is no longer sassy ‘n’ single, and that she has a man like Cole in her life.

"Wait now...tell me again whose nerves are all tore up. I have no idea what you're talking about."
“Wait now…tell me again whose nerves are all tore up. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Over in the holler, Corey is meeting with his law-yer Rusty Webb to discuss what a mess his baby-momma is. Corey fills Rusty in about Dawn’s nerveses and how they caused Leah to fly home before getting any treatment.

Like the rest of us, Rusty seems puzzled as to why no one in Leah’s camp is concerned with her getting help for her problem. They are instead focusing on her custody battle with Corey.

Rusty looks totally puzzled as Corey regales him with the latest in the hillbilly soap opera that is Leah’s life. Corey says that he wants Leah to get help, but needs to know that the girlseses will be taken care of. They resolved to wait until Leah gets back from the ‘hab to discuss further custody issues.

Leah's reaction to her youngin' swinging from her bed is kind of priceless...
Leah’s reaction to her youngin’ swinging from her bed is kind of priceless…

At Leah’s house, kids are literally swinging from the furniture. Leah is trying to explain to her sister Victoria that she’s unsure how the girlses will take her leaving again. Leah’s nervous, but is determined to go to get help.

Since she has to leave for rehab earlier in the morning, she’s staying at a hotel the night before. Somewhere in that 24 hours, Leah has completely lost her hair extensions, and is now sporting a wet, gnarled mop of hair where her long blond DJ Tanner extensions had been.

She has to say goodbye to the girlseses, which is hard because they are begging her not to leave. Aleeah is taking it especially hard, screaming, crying and swinging her head full of ponytails all over the place.

When your Mama is leaving for rehab but your favorite show is on...
When your Mama is leaving for rehab but your favorite show is on…

Meanwhile, Addie and Ali seem indifferent about their mom hitting the bricks. Addie barely takes her eyes off of the TV while her sister is screaming.

The twins are still screaming as Leah gets into her car to drive away. (Perhaps she could have left a hair extension with each of them for comfort?) A plane is shown flying away, so we can only assume that Leah has flown back to the ‘hab for good this time.

Mama Dawn and Co. are watching the girlseses in Leah’s absence. The kids are just trying to eat their fried goods, but Dawn keeps bringing up the fact that their mother left them.

“Mommy’s at the doctor gettin’ fixed, right?” she asks.

Well, Jesus God, let’s hope so! She doesn’t need any more kids!

Dawn says that she’s shocked that Leah has made it as long as she has without breaking down, given the amount of youngins and divorces and whatnot she’s had a such a young age. Just then, Dawn gets a text from Leah that causes her to burst into tears. The text shows a photo of the rehab’s sign, which says “Expect a Miracle.”

"If Jace can survive in a house with you and Nathan, he can make it to the bathroom by himself!"
“If Jace can survive in a house with you and Nathan, he can make it to the bathroom by himself!”

Back in Carolina, Jenelle, Kaiser, Jace and Babs all meet up for lunch. Jace goes downstairs to go to the bathroom (solo, as you do when you’re six) while Babs and Jenelle pig out on the free bread. They’re blabbing about custody, and it’s taking Jace an awfully long time to return. This is how kids end up on an episode of Dateline, people!

Babs and Jenelle are talking about how they disagree on where Jace should reside. Jenelle wants him full-time, telling Barb that she’s “just the grandmother.” She accuses Barbara of using Jace to control her. (She does, of course, refer to herself in the third person because she’s talking business.)

Barb starts crying, begging Jenelle to get her life together. Jenelle doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, and says that it’s too hard to have a discussion with two kids to take care of.

In Delaware, Kail and Javi are meeting with Jo to talk about child support. Of course, this can’t be done in a normal setting like a home. They have to go out to a random park and sit out on the benches like vagrants to have the conversation.

This scene reminds me of a child in the principal's office. Also, why are they at a damn park?!
This scene reminds me of a child in the principal’s office. Also, why are they at a damn park?!

Kail tells Jo that what he’s currently paying in child support is not even making a dent in the expenses they pay for Isaac. Jo wants an account of the expenses so that they can figure out how much he should pay. He assures them that if they make a contract, Kail can come after him if he doesn’t pay what he says he will pay.

Jo seems terrified that the courts will make him pay, “3,000 to $5,000 a month.” Um…aren’t you being a bit ridiculous there, buddy? I’m sure the sales of your mixtapes are doing well and all, but even Jeremy only has to pay $1,700 and there’s no way you make more than him in your rapping endeavors.

"Oh suuuuure you're broke, Jo. Don't forget I helped you move your stuff into your new house!"
“Oh suuuuure you’re broke, Jo. Don’t forget I helped you move your stuff into your new house!”

Javi is in favor of letting the courts handle it, and Jo tells him that he has no clue since he’s not in the same situation.  Jo is about two seconds away from starting to sob, wailing that Kail and Javi are going to take all of his money. Kail is worried that if they agree to what Jo wants, he could withhold child support during one of their “spite fights.”

That’s it for this episode, kids! To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ click here!

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  1. I haven’t laughed so hard. I wish they would give Leah and Janelle a show of their own so you can just do these recaps! I’m due in another month but I swear I think my water is going to break from cracking up over here 😛

  2. I’m watching the latest episode right now…”You sleep with me and cuddle with me…have your ***** up against my back…”

    I can’t!

  3. Barbara should make a deal with Jenelle,
    Go 1 year without getting arrested or being with someone getting arrested.
    Go 1 year without being around police in a negative way & you can get 50/50 custody
    another 6 months & 75/25 then a total of 2 years primary custody & Barbara sees him every other weekend

  4. Anyone know where Chelsea’s french bulldog Betsey went? The white one. Bc last season Frankie was mauled to death and the black pug Darla died. This season is a pig, a spotted great dane and a new little gray pug. Where’s cute lil Betsy?

    1. chelsea seems to be the only responsible pet owner on this show (javi too is good with his dogs- but remember him crying begging Kail to take care of his dogs while he was gone.. seems to not trust her with his pets!) .. actually, come to think of it the amount of responsibility with pets seems to go hand in hand with responsible parenting!I hate seeing these people bring in and abandon pets repeatedly! it makes me sick! .. but I think chelsea still has the French bulldog. I would hope! oh a side note about the pets- does chelsea eat meat? or pork? because if she does eat an animal that she has as a pet that’s really extra disgusting.

      1. Best advice I’ve ever gotten: (deadpan delivery from a perpetually drowsy coworker with twin toddlers with autism) “If someone can’t take care of a cat, don’t have children with them.” *stares at a point a thousand yards away*

  5. Listening to Chelsea and Cole talk makes me think they are the ones who should be attending kindegarten this year along with Aubree. I must be missing something bc for the life of me I can’t understand why she talks like this continuously. I can’t even imagine being one of her clients when she starts this crap. Weird/creepy! But hey! At least she’s friendly and likable, UNlike Kail. Watching Kail’s segments gives me road rage lol. She’s evil.

    1. I know I can’t stand that dumb baby talk & now Cole does it back.
      Aubree doesn’t even talk like that
      Chelsea seems like the only good, nice & “Normal” mom on the show then she starts talking like that.
      I wish she would stop

  6. Mtv wasn’t exaggerating when they said, we’ve never seen a season like this. The only other season that comes close to the dysfunction we’ve witnessed this year was Jennelle’s heroin addiction season. I have to brace myself for Leah’s segments because I find myself asking why no one has called CPS on that girl? It appears that little Addie is nothing more than a secondary character on Leah’s crazy train. It is absolutely heartbreaking to witness how little attention Leah pays to her all her girls but especially Addie. The episode where Addie was literally crawling on Leah’s head to try and get her attention was IMO even worse than the canned ravioli episode. It is blatantly obvious that those girls are not only starved for attention, but they are in desperate need of structure and discipline when they’re with their mother. The twins (especially Aleeah) are completely out of control and the looks Aleeah gives to her siblings sometimes are downright terrifying. As a mother, I know how important it is that children maintain good relationships with both of their parents after a divorce, but in this case, Leah is just not healthy for them right now. Corey may have his faults (he knocked up Leah and went back for more after all) but you have to give him credit, he is an excellent father and it is clear that Miranda loves those girls too. If that basketcase Mama Dawn would stop making excuses for Leah and actually allow her to make her own decisions, I am willing to bet that Leah would welcome 50/50 custody with Corey, or even grant him primary custody. As for Addie, I feel terribly for her. She clearly loves her mom and dad, but it is also clear that she is completely indifferent when it comes to which parent she is with, if she’s even with a parent. Leah’s friends and the twins seem to do more parenting of that baby than either Leah or Jeremy. I understand that Jeremy has to work and that he shouldn’t have to give up a job he loves, but now that he’s divorced, there’s really no reason why he has to make so much money at the expense of time with his daughter. I can see why he looked forward to leaving to work six days a week when things got bad, but now he needs to consider the emotional needs of his child (which should always come before his needs and his love life). Being a working father is no excuse for being an absent father. Addie needs to have at least one healthy parent looking out for her full time, she’s still a baby for crying out loud and Leah has her 6 year old twins raising her!

    1. Leah’s segments make me cringe. The entire group is horrible. Mama Dawn is an enabler in the first degree, Jeremy is a fame-hungry douche, and even Corey is a grade-A hypocrite. It’s all so sad for those little girls. I’m very glad Leah FINALLY got some help though so MAYBE she can at least not kill her kids driving under the influence. I’m not sure why she doesn’t just admit to the obvious drug use unless it is something to do with custody. And Corey should just STFU. If Miranda was his “pot of gold” why did he bang Leah again? He still isn’t over her and I think part of the custody stuff is to punish her. He is such a damn hypocrite. He wanted a divorce because Leah cheated on him (BEFORE the wedding – not right at all but I’ll give her half a point) and yet he cheated while he was married and gets NO punishment. Don’t even get me started on Jeremy. I want to smash his face in ever time he is on camera and have felt that way even when they started dating. Ugh. Poor little girls, this whole family is a disaster.

      1. leah divorced corey remember? he was upset but he didn’t know what he was going to do. she decided to “strike first” and filed for divorce. so maybe if she hadn’t done that they could’ve worked it out. and mama dawn know’s best is right, if her bitch mother had stayed out of it, corey would’ve had 50/50 and they would’ve all been happy but noooo, she’s (ironically) too concerned about how that would look lol

  7. I look at Addie and see the left behind child. The other two are competing to get 100% of mom’s attention and let’s face it with the vision impairment and other stresses in her life Leah only has about 20% to give anyway. If she actually plays with or has any affection for those kids shame on MTV for not showing it once in awhile because all we ever see is driving, screaming and yes there was that one time she cooked ravioli!

  8. As soon as I saw Mary’s sassy shirt the only thing I could think was “I can’t WAIT to see what the Ashley will say about it!”

  9. i really think Jo should let them take him to court. I can guarantee if they calculate his support based off his income it will be way less than Kail is hoping for.

    1. I know Kail gets a lot of slack, but she did have a point about her apprehension due to their spite fights and what happens if he doesn’t pay. I understand they want to work it out outside of court, but it really could protect everyone in the long run. I’m just saying this out of personal family experience. It was nice to be civil and take care of things out of court, but when my uncle started to refuse to pay his agreed portion of child support for my brother (my parents unofficially adopted my cousin) it got messy.

        1. Yeah people get confused by it because he still calls my parents aunt/uncle and refers to me and my other brother as his cousins, but my parents are the ones who raised him. He officially moved in with us at 4, after 4 years of “spending the night”, and continued to live with us until he was 17.

      1. Javi recently tweeted a response to a fan who asked if Joe has a job, and he said Joe doesn’t have a job and that Joe actually told him that he doesn’t want a job.

  10. I couldn’t imagine being Kail, looking to buy that giant house and then asking for more child support. Is she serious?

      1. I totally agree with you, whilst I am still entertained by watching this car crash it is in now was a realistic portrayal of your average teenage parent.

    1. So because Javi works & Joan doesn’t feel like getting a job, John shouldn’t have to support his own kid?

      Javi works Kail has Teen mom & wrote a book, plus I’m sure they made sacrifices to afford the nice things.
      But Javi should pay Isaacs health insurance (Kail mentioned that) & school tuition because he was the dummy that has a job, unlike Jo

      So because they have more money than Jo who doesn’t “feel like working” they should pay for all of Isaacs needs?

      Jo needs to get a job & pay to PARTIALLY support his son.

    2. Keep in mind she is in Delaware that house is probably only $300k with VERY low taxeds
      In my town, that same house would cost over $500k.

      But regardless of the cost of the house why should hard working Javi pay to support Jo’s son.

      Jo needs to man up, get a job & pay to partially support his son

    3. Well, Kail does have ways of income aside from teen mom. She has her books, her clothing line, and her app. I don’t know if she’s drawing in money from those things yet (aside from her first book), but it’s not like she doesn’t have ways to make money. People can make some pretty good money outside of the traditional job career (like YouTube for instance). All of that aside, whether Kail is on welfare or a millionaire, Jo still needs to contribute to the child he helped make. Just by the language they used in this episode when talking about the child support it kind of sounded like Jo has maybe slipped in the past with not paying, or at least being late.

  11. – Chelsea actually has her life together, she no longer belongs on this show. Adam and his bestie Justin can take her place with their shenanigans.

    – Anyone else feel like Javi is Jo’s “knock off” and Kailyn now has buyer’s remorse. Jo is coming off as genuinely mature this season and Javi is looking better too. It seems like she is regressing as all the adults grow up around her.

    -Jenelle is not going to last one second in health care. The pay is nothing compared to what she gets for the show and the first time she runs her mouth at a client she will be let go.

    -Congrats Leah, you don’t have to work now until Addie turns 18. I don’t have kids so idk but if you pay child support, does the person getting it have to itemize expenses? Otherwise what’s to stop her from spending it at the tanning salon, etc

    1. In response to your child support question:

      The parent receiving child support can spend the payments however they see fit. There is no system of accountability whatsoever.

    2. Don’t worry, Jenelle will never get hired ever so she doesn’t have to worry about getting fired!

      As for Chelsea-hey we need someone to show that while having a kid at 16 is really hard, it doesn’t mean you have to destroy your own life like Jenelle and Leah.

    3. Jenelle is in for a HUGE wake up her first day as a surgical tech. My husband used to be one and he said it is crazy stressful and the surgeons will scream at you if you aren’t fast enough or give them the wrong instrument. One time when he handed one the wrong thing, the surgeon threw it at him. And you can’t say anything back to them or you could lose your job. Yeah, Jenelle won’t last through surgical tech clinicals let alone get an actual job as one.

  12. it’s sad how little attachment addie has to leah. it’s exactly like my sister-in-law whose son we have now. she had 2 girls then had him and promptly got into drugs. but she had been a decent mom to the girls for a couple years so they’re devoted to her while (now my)son could care less. i hope he doesn’t grow up to be resentful, and i hope the same for these kids. can’t believe this chick has never had a real job for any length of time, has drug, sex and spending “issues” and is still getting almost 2 grand free and clear every month. and that’s not including corey’s payments and her teen mom money. i guess i messed up going to college and taking birth control, shoulda got knocked up. anyway, people can stop bashing chelsea for talking about adam to aubree, a, she really never does, maybe once they’ve shown, and b, aubree’s very smart and can see just fine on her own. i like the ashley and all but fyi, when chelsea asked other chelsea to move in, they discussed her paying rent and some of the bills. so she’s not bumming a free ride like nathan was. stop with that s**t. javi needs to tread lightly here, he’s going to find out for himself one day what it feels like to work a full week and only keep a part time pay check. and kail didn’t say jo’s money didn’t make a dent in isaac’s expenses, she said it didn’t make a dent in his TUITION. you know, the luxury she doesn’t have to have for him? i’m sure delaware’s public schools are just fine, get over yourself already.

        1. yes, i’m saying he will be the one begging her not to take him to court and having to deal with his child being around another man, mark my words.

        2. Yep, Javi you are next! Get ready bc I see court ordered child support in your near future! Professional student Kail has to have them baby daddy checks rolling in. She needs money to pay for them sleeve tattoos. Btw LOVE the recaps @theashley!! So perfect and funny!!!!

      1. He’s in the reserves so he works one weekend a month. Everyone that I know in the reserves work a full time job and then do the military thing once a month. Why does Kail always want to go hang out with friends, go on vacation with friends. Then she gets up set because Javi gets mad. When your a mother of two young children and married living the single life is over. I know you need time alone but Kail your the one that had a baby at 16 and then another one so soon. Girl time is put on hold ’til your boys grow up.

  13. The Ashley, your teen mom recaps make my life…but what you really excel at is the picture captions. So. Friggin. HYSTERICAL!

    1. I agree! The recaps and the picture captions are absolutely gut-busters! I actually quit watching this crapfest for a while but when I stumbled upon this blog I was hooked just as fast as Leah with her pillses! (Yes I did just go there!) In all seriousness..I was absolutely saddened to see Jace go into a public restroom alone for an extended period of time w/out mom or grandmother checking on him. Totally unacceptable! $1700/month for child support?!? If I was Jeremy I would have looked into taking part of that chunk of change and investing it in some sort of college fund for Addie when she’s older. That way it can’t be used for pillses..nailses..extensionses..etc. I read somewhere that Leah blew through $50,000 of Ali’s money that was in a trust fund. And what the hell was up with Aleeah’s octo-tails?!?!?

      1. I’ve looked it up, kids being molested/abducted from public restrooms is an incredibly uncommon event given how often the opportunity presents itself.
        I also wouldn’t be surprised if one of the crew took him, or at the very least checked in on him.

        1. It has been reported that the crew doesn’t intervene unless absolutely necessary so I find it hard to believe that he was accompanied to the restroom. I live in a small town and the closest mall to me is approx. 25 miles away. Years ago a young boy that was in that mall w/his mother and grandmother was allowed to use the restroom alone. The child was molested and beaten w/in an inch of his life. He wound up w/some mental impairment after the incident. I cannot remember if the man was caught or not..but the point is although it is rare things like this do happen. Why on earth would you take the chance? My girls are 14 and 9 and they are not allowed to use a public restroom alone. It also shows in that scene that he asks to use the restroom again so it is possible he didn’t even go the first time..and if that’s the case..where was he?

          1. Asking because you brought it up-why exactly don’t you allow your (at the very least ‘almost’) high schooler to use public restrooms alone?
            The six-year-old going to a bathroom outside of a caregiver’s line of sight is scraping the bottom of my comfort zone, absolutely; but unless your daughter (and no disrespect towards her or you if that *is* the case) is disabled in some way, I can’t come up with a reason why she couldn’t do that solo at this point.

          2. My first thought was that he was scared. It seemed like he tried the first time but got scared and came back to the table but couldn’t hold it anymore. I was horrified that he went alone and it was downstairs. Someone could of walked off with him and they wouldn’t even have seen. My daughter is 10 and if she goes to bathroom by herself the bathroom is in my sight so if I seen anyone go in there then I go do a check in.

        2. Yea pretty sure that whole toilet thing was staged anyway. He went to the ‘toilet’ twice, seemed to me like the crew took him away and accidentally took him back to early or something.

          1. The first time he said he wanted to go to the bathroom but the second time he said he wanted to do a poo so maybe he just had a pee the first time and then realised afterwards that he needed to do a poo too. Six year olds do that.

      2. I believe the crew kept Jace busy.. you can see he’s running around the empty restaurant while Babs and Janelle talk. It would have been inappropriate to have him sitting right there while they discuss custody.

        As for Jeremy… I was upset with my mom when I realized, as an adult, that when I was a child she let me use my father’s child support on expensive clothes etc., instead of saving for college.. and he was giving about $400 a month!!! I can’t IMAGINE how painful it would feel to fork over $1,7000 a month to a woman who has a known drug problem, and is so irresponsible! THAT’S SO MUCH MONEY! That’s more than I make in a month. My boyfriend makes way more than I do, but I would not want $1,700 straight to me if we had a child and separated. I would INSISIT that a portion went into savings/trust.. so that we’d BOTH feel a lot better about the money.

    2. Yes I definitely look forward to the recaps.
      I know The Ashley is busy but I wish the recaps didn’t take a week & not every episode has a recap.

  14. I was thinking about the lack of park scenes just the other day! Remember, Jenelle would take Jace to the park, and then Keiffer would emerge from the bushes in his green hoodie?

    1. For some reason there isn’t a reply button under your last comment about allowing my children to use a public restroom alone so I will just put it here. I should have clarified that a little….my 14yr old does use the restroom alone..it is my 9 yr old that I don’t allow to use the public bathroom by herself.

        1. Thank you! I crack up every time I see ‘Leah’s Penis Fly Trap’! You should check out Teen Mom Junkies if you haven’t already. The comments section and screen names are absolutely epic!

      1. I agree 100% with you. This is a dangerous world why take the chance. Beside him being abducted in the bathroom for so long,what is he doing. Playing with paper towels and water, getting himself all wet. He’s to young to go into the restroom by himself

  15. Baby Addie seems to have the most personality amd common sense out of the whole bunch. Shes much needed comic relief in the sad tale that has become of Leahs life.

    1. I agree! She’s a doll and so cute and funny!!! Love watching her and wanna squeeze those little cheeks!

    1. Well yes and no and maybe.

      Yes he announced that but it was after this was filmed

      and Maybe because—when has Adam ever said anything truthful ever?

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