Begging Backlash! Jessa & Ben Seewald Shamed for Asking Fans to Send Them Gift Cards

"Send us grift, I mean gift cards!"
“Send us grift cards…er, I mean gift cards!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Our favorite fundie family, the Duggars, seems to be making a cash grab once again. Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald, the one with a bun in her oven, recently made a not-so-subtle plea for gift cards from fans during an interview for the Duggar Family Blog. After Jessa asked fans to send her gift cards for her little bundle of joy, readers started calling her out for being a grifter, eventually forcing her to delete the post.

The post was supposed to be about Jessa’s husband Ben and his “career” (we’ll get to that in a minute) but Jessa couldn’t pass up an opportunity to beg for gift cards from specific stores. Hey, baby denim skirts don’t buy themselves!

“For readers who have asked about sending gift cards to the Seewalds, Jessa told us that her favorite stores are Target and Walmart,” the post read. There was also a post office box address posted for fans who wanted to send gifts or cold-hard cash! This did not set well with many fans, who commented under the blog post on Facebook.

“Love the family but I don’t think it’s right to give an address for gifts and gift cards,” one user wrote. “I may be wrong but TLC and their personal appearances prob pay them well…donate to a charity in their name.”

“I am shocked to read that Jessa is requesting gift cards to Target and Walmart and gives a mailing address for them,” another wrote. “Her daddy has over $5 million and I thought they shop at thrift stores? Or was that just for the cameras? Daddy has taught them well to use their fame to get money.”

This gift card grab comes just weeks after Jessa’s cousin, Amy Duggar asked fans to send her gift cards and gifts for her recent wedding to Dillon King. Jessa’s sister Jill Dillard and her husband Derick also recently got into hot water with fans when they were accused of misusing funds that were donated by fans for the couple’s ministry.  

Jessa eventually took down the paragraph that requested gifts, but left up the text about her husband Ben’s career. According to Jessa, Ben is “taking a break” before looking into seminary school.

Taking a break from what, exactly? Ben is apparently working with Jessa’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, in his real estate business, but was originally hired to do lawn work and odd jobs around the Duggar compound. Jessa added that she also helps with the real estate business. Jim Bob buys the fixer-uppers and 19 pairs of hands get to work fixing them up.

With Ben somewhat unemployed, fans were also concerned about the unborn baby’s health care.

“Since Ben isn’t involved in traditional employment at this time, what kind of medical insurance do these two have?” one fan wrote. “How will they pay for this [baby]? One would think that with a child about to be born, a father would be concentrating MORE on income and it’s financial future, not taking a break from education and working a non-traditional job.”

Jessa is currently 34 weeks pregnant with her first child.

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  1. Lets be fair, how is she supposed to know that having a kid doesn’t translate to money falling out of the sky for you, that’s the way her parents did it lmao!

  2. If anyone wants the REAL story of who exactly the Duggars are, check out They are The Ashley of fundie families.

  3. I just saw an article that said TLC is planning specials with Jill and Jessa. I REALLY hope this is not the case. Jessa is so smug she does not come off as genuine at all and Jill seems shady too with all of her mission work (coming home every few weeks from El Salvador).

    1. So many people have called Jessa smug even on other websites. They are so money hungry. How are they going to ask fans to donate when they have more money than most of us. Please they are all idiots.

  4. the Bible says to keep your hands busy and your nose out of other peoples’ business, to take care of your own. time to grow up. once you’re married with a kid on the way, the time for breaks is over. time to WORK (gasp!)

  5. Stfu Jessa. I’m expecting triplets next year and you better believe I won’t be asking for handouts from anyone. You made that child you better be willing to support it. You’re having ONE baby if your husband actually worked im sure you would be laughing. Also, you don’t pay rent! She is horrible.

    1. Congrats! 🙂
      I am expecting my second next month. I read all the time stories of people asking for handouts and baby items and people actually send them! Like that lady on reddit they sent her tons of things from Walmart and she made an even bigger list on Amazon. So greedy. Everything my kids have (2) are from my husband as he is the head of household including their insurance. We don’t ask anyone for anything and in no way are we as rich as that family.

      I hope these girls don’t end up like their mother with all those kids when they can’t even afford one asking for handouts. Desperate!!

  6. The Duggar family just turned out to be one huge disappointment didn’t they? Hey Jessa, Ben and Jimpimp….what does it say in The Bible about GREED? You all need to get a j.o.b

  7. I wish you both all the best. I miss your show and would love to see more shows.I don’t judge anyone because the only one that can judge is our Lord. Please know that there are people like me who adore you and you’re family. Good luck with the birth of you’re little one. Prayers Sent for you and ALL you’re family! 🙂 🙂

  8. No job and no money = no insurance. I would assume they have WIC, food stamps and Medicaid. Someone has to pay for this baby.

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