‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Makes Relationship with David Eason Facebook Official

"Well Juh-nelle! I see ya wif ya new booooyfriend!"
“Well Juh-nelle! I see ya wif ya new booooyfriend!”

Just weeks ago, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was adamant that she was going to stay single for a while, after breaking up with fiance Nathan Griffith. But it seems that Jenelle has had a change of heart because she already has an new booooooyfriend!

Jenelle has been posting photos (and awkward Instagram videos) with new guy David Eason for the past few days, but today she made her relationship with David “Facebook Official.” She announced on her private Facebook that she and David were officially together. 

It’s par for the course with Jenelle, who ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have watched go from one relationship to the next with only days in between. On September 1, she told RumorFix that she planned to change her habit of going from man to man.

“I’m not looking to date anytime soon,” she said. “If anyone pops up in my life then so be it, but I’m not going to go looking for anyone.”

Somewhere between then and now it seems that David “popped up” and caught Jenelle’s eye. Unfortunately, David appears to share the trait that many of Jenelle’s beaus have: a criminal record.

The official announcement, posted today
The official announcement, posted today

Not long after Jenelle began posting about David, her trusty gang of online haters began digging up information about him, revealing that he has an extensive criminal record. David, a 27-year-old from Wilmington, North Carolina, has been arrested numerous times for assorted crimes. His rap sheet includes charges for felony breaking and entering, second degree trespass, larceny, obtaining false pretenses, DUI, and possessing drug paraphernalia, to name just a few! (Even Kieffer Delp would be impressed by that list of crimes!)

It appears that David even spent some time in prison (as you do). According to All About The Tea, he was locked up from October 2014 until January 2015.

And, of course, David has a couple of his kids of his own with an ex. Naturally.

The good news is we’ll get to watch Jenelle’s next relationship play out on TV! As The Ashley exclusively told you yesterday, ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been picked up for a seventh season, and the girls will begin filming very soon.

It is not yet know if David has the same aversion to shirt sleeves that Nathan does.

(Photos: Facebook)

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  1. I’ll save you some time. She says “come on guys, he’s different. Even my mom likes him. It’s different I swear.” it’s good for 3 months. Then they start fighting. She’s pissed he’s a man that knows any kind of woman, at all. They get into a fight with his baby mama. They make up and things are “really great now” according to Jenelle. 2 weeks later he gets arrested for domestic violence. 2 days later they get back to together. The next week she gets arrested for domestic violence. The next day they get back together. She gets pregnant. All is well for 3 months. They both get arrested again and they break up. Rinse, repeat. All while she keeps popping out babies she has zero interest in raising and “fighting to get my son back!!! wahhhhh” but actually too busy fighting with her new baby daddy to give a shit about the previous kids.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Since the first season I have been saying she is NOT bipolar and she is absolutely BPD. What’s sad is that she will not change because she chooses this behavior and won’t get better for it. She needs to be sober, DBT & CBT, long term therapy, and stay single. Because she won’t do these things, it’s going to continue to be a constant train wreck until she ends up in jail or dead for good, unfortunately.

  3. Is it really fair to call these people “Jenelle haters”, though? They are only pointing out the truth and reality of the situation. Perhaps we could call these people who try to serve Jenelle a heaping plate of reality something a little nicer, like “Reality Caterers” or something. LOL

    Seriously, though, this chick just can’t/won’t/refuses to help herself. She has NO self control.

        1. This one sure is crispy looking.
          I wonder if Babs got his record in the mail yet and how thick the file is. You know she runs a background check on all these creeps. Those poor kids. I can’t imagine that this one is better than Nathan. Nathan may be a egotistical jerk, but he didn’t have a criminal record until he got tangled up with Jenelle.

          1. Not true!! Nathan had a handful of DUIs (it’s rumored that his infant daughter was in the backseat during one of them and that’s why he has supervised visits, though I’ve never seen proof of that) and an assault charge against his ex.

  4. When I hear these types of stories about Janelle and Leah jumping from one guy to another, it just confirms that they are train wrecks. It makes me wonder, were they train wrecks therefore they were selected for reality TV or are they train weeks as a result of being on a reality show? I guess we can all think positively and hope this guy is a reformed criminal who has learned his lessons and changed his ways & will be a positive influence on Janelle. I’m not holding my breath though.

  5. Seriously… Is there some way that CPS can step in for poor Kaiser since Jenelle keeps bringing these horrible guys with criminal records around Kaiser? Look at all these current stories of babies and toddlers that are found dead and it always turns out that it’s the boyfriend or step-father, who has a criminal past, that murdered the child while the mom covers for the guy or is too high to see the abuse! Jenelle, STOP bringing these kind of men that you JUST met into your life and around your children!

    1. IF and that’s a big IF she still actually has custody of Kaiser, he’s with Nathan’s mom all the time. While that’s not the ideal place (see Nathan; there’s no way he didn’t have a fucked up childhood), at least, physically, Kaiser is safe.

  6. Jenelle is just like Leah where all they do is talk about how they are going to change and do better yet their actions are completely opposite. They both think that giving little speeches about doing the right thing means they are fixed. I have to hand it to Chelsea, she’s the only one that really put her daughter and school first before boys and now she actually has a chance at a good guy/relationship. Jenelle is such a horrible person and I really fear for Kaiser.

    1. Leah and Jenelle also seem to think the only way to sustain a relationship with a guy is to have his baby. It is really disgusting and unhealthy. Poor Addie and Kaiser, they were both conceived out of complete desperation.

      1. Does anyone else remember when Jeremy and Leah first got together, and she got pregnant like a couple month later, but list the baby, and she was talking about how it was just meant to be and probably for the best and said she was actually relieved because they just weren’t ready for a third child. Then like a month later she gets pregnant again on purpose with Addy!

  7. If he is working now he probably won’t be for long since being Jenelle’s buoy-friend is kind of a full time job. She is like a chameleon in looking nice in one pic than slutty for the next ten!

    1. And broken up, domestic charges filed and dropped, back together, neighbors calling cops due to loud fighting, Jenelle crying in her car…rinse and repeat.

  8. says he’s a welder. so at least he has a job and, if not already, the potential of making good money. step up for jenelle’s men. the ashley, are you going to tell whether teen mom og has been renewed or not!?

      1. Yawn.
        Another season of Tyler patting himself on the back and praising himself.
        Gary being gross.
        Farrah being Farrah.
        Amber on the couch.
        Macy boring us to tears.

          1. God, Tyler is just the worst now. So completely arrogant on OG. He used to be one of my favorites but he is so smug for accomplishing so little.

    1. Just like Nathan was a football player/ college student/ underwear model/ real estate agent… He probably USED to do something in that field at some point and just doesn’t want to put MTV boyfriend in his profile

  9. She really knows how to pick them doesnt she lol…She cannot be single for more than 2 weeks, and is too dumb to realize these guys just use her to get on TV, and for a cut of that MTV check.

    Taking bets on how long before their first domestic abuse arrest! I’m giving it 2 months!

    BTW…Her lip injections look awful

    1. Of course she can’t be single for more than a couole weeks, I mean, you don’t actually expect her to sleep at night without some douchebag’s boner pressing into her back, do you?

  10. she obviously has borderline personality disorder (and she′s definitely not bipolar). and for a borderline she′s a pretty impressive textbook example.

    aside from joking, she needs dialectical behavior therapy asap. seriously.

    1. This is how I feel about Jenelle. It’s easy to mock her & get frustrated with her decisions, but I think she really needs help. I’d venture to say part of her drug/alcohol abuse may be due to self medicating

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