EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Renewed for Seventh Season!

"We're coming back!"
“We’re coming back!”

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 airs tomorrow tonight, but have no fear–there will be more Barbara & Co. coming our way!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been picked up for a seventh season!

Several of The Ashley’s show sources tell her that the cast and crew received word a few weeks ago that MTV was renewing the long-running reality show. Season 6 was full of excitement– what with the rehab stays, arrests, car-crying and custody battles— and the network is eager to keep that momentum going.

The Ashley’s source tells her that some of the cast is set to begin filming within the next two weeks for Season 7 and, while The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm that all four girls have signed on, the source tells her it’s almost certain.

“I highly doubt that they would continue without one of the lead girls,” the source said.

Last season, both Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska were hesitant to sign on. Leah Messer even quit the show, but later signed on for Season 6.

It has been rumored that Leah’s ex-husband Corey Simms has quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ but The Ashley has not been able to confirm that rumor.

No air date has been given yet, but The Ashley will keep you posted when she gets more details!

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  1. The only teen moms I can stand watching are Leah and Amber. Leah because she has so many changes going on in her life, and I would like to see if she is really in a relationship with that T. R Dues the trainer/fitness guy. And Amber because I want to see how much weight she has lost. She is doing much better and I cant believe the coping skills she has utilized from being in prison. Chelsea’s segments are so boring because she doesn’t have any drama going on, gosh that sounds bad but it’s true. And Jenelle’s life just goes in circles and I really don’t like her ever since they aired the way she treats her pets, which she seems to have several! Did everyone forget about that? How can the camera men and producers film her when they can blatantly see the way she locks them up and treats them! Ive had enough of her, she needs to be taken off the show. And Kail has a difficult personality, I can imagine how hard it is to be with someone like that. Also the amount of things that girl does on the side; writes books, sells jewelry, candles, fit tea, tummy corsets, home decor, tshirts, anything else she wants to rub in peoples faces that she does with 2 children. We get it. But I could never sell stuff like that and try and milk as many people as I can, because you have to have a special/ salesman personality to do that. I digress lol

  2. Great…. So now we can watch as they all waste money on new cars, new houses, and expensive vacations instead of investing their mtv pay cheques for the future….. Wonder if mtv will do a catch up in 20 years time after their cash cows have ended……

  3. oh cmon….lets be real. Nobody is gonna quit that show. That’s their meal ticket and they know it. Corey stop playing games lol

      1. Yeaaah, but working a few days a week as a – what’s that even called, beautician? – doesn’t really bring in the Benjamins quite like MTV does.

        1. esthetician, and they actually make very good money, especially at the high end places like chelsea works. my old roommate does it and she was making more money than me (who went to college) just working her own hours. idk why people insist on bashing her chosen career. so she didn’t go to school to be the ever popular nurse and she’s fortunate enough to have flexible hours AND make good money, Stop Hating lol

          1. Umm I was not bashing at all. Why so sensitive? I really wasn’t sure what the profession is called and I still stand by my opinion that the >100k she gets from MTV per year is more than she makes as an esthetitian. I have a MS in a technical field and make good money, but it’s also less than MTV pays these fools for two seasons, so yeah, not bashing.

      2. im not convinced she actually works. MTV says she does but the one time they showed her at work her hair was a mess and she was wearing sweat pants?

      1. Corey, Jeremy, Javi do have jobs…but as far as the main girls only Chelsea has one. Though I heard that its a come in and work as you wish type thing…so not really a M-F 8-5 job…

        1. What I really wanna know is, how the heck does Jo survive? I know the guys don’t make as much as the girls since they are not on as much. Does he live off of Vee’s kindergarten (or was it daycare?) teacher income??

          TheAshley, any input on how much the dads make?

      2. They all have jobs on their own, but I’m sure what they’re making on the show is way more than what they make at their actual jobs number 1, number 2 they all now have multiple kids to take care of, which means multiple college funds, more bills ect. and the more money the better. Maci “quit” and came right back. Leah “quit” and came right back. Jeremy “quit” and hes back. These people aren’t going anywhere. The money is too good. You’ve seen Kail’s house, Maci’s new house, Jenelle’s house, Farrah’s house, ect. There is no way in hell any of them could afford to live that way without their teen mom checks. The men included. Jo drives a BMW, when was the last time you heard him talk about his work schedule? Corey Tyler has as many trucks as he wants now. They may have “well paying jobs” but none of them pay as well as that MTV check.

        1. Agreed 100%. Allegedly Jeremy makes more than the MTV paycheck would be, but honestly MTV is super easy money for all of them. Why stop?
          Also, college funds?? I doubt more than one or two of the TM kids have a college fund (sadly).

          1. The only people who have actually “quit” the show and followed through are Jo’s parents. If the ashley said Jeremy is up in the air I would believe that only because he seems over the drama. Everyone else is signing on. And you’re right, the only ones with college funds are probably aubree, isaac, and lincoln :0/

  4. I’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning, but I think it’s time to hang it up. Can’t say I’ll be watching a seventh season. The only well-rounded, emotionally healthy adult is Chelsea, Kail is a close runner up but is bitter and hard to watch, Jenelle has matured but still needs MAJOR work in the self esteem department, and Leah is a fucking trainwreck being coddled by her mother and by MTV. That girl needs some serious help and I can’t watch them exploit her or Jenelle anymore. Once the MTV well dries up, Jenelle might have a shot but Leah’s in trouble. Imagine yourself, at age 23 with two divorces and three kids under your belt. She seems to be regressing if anything and while I can see how it’s fascinating for some people, I’m just bothered by it at this point.

    1. I also will not be tuning in to season 7. I honestly was so excited about season 6 and it was a let down. Leahs story was set up to make her look like the victim. Didnt see the Robbie stuff at all. A lot of holes in the storyline. I just am over all the child support crap, visitation blah blah. If I get curious about something I’ll read it on @theashley!!! But I won’t be tuning back in

  5. On one hand, I’m glad, because Jenelle and Leah have been great entertainment this season. On the other, I’m disturbed…these girls need to not be receiving a paycheck from MTV and need to figure life out.

    Not to mention, how the hell are they going to cover any Chelsea story? Girl has her life together now…which doesn’t make for good TV 🙂

    Maybe they should just do the Leah and Jenelle show.

      1. Absolutely. My fantasy picks for the most entertaining TM show ever would be to throw Leah, Jenelle, Farrah, and Amber all onto one show. Better yet, stick all four of them in a house to live together for a few months Real World style, and I would pay to watch that!

      2. The only way I’d watch that video s if MTV stopped paying them. Maybe then we might see some realism of being uneducated and breeding irrsponibly.

    1. According to Adumb, we’ll see her agreeing to allow him more time with Aubree. He’s talked about season 7 on IG before.

  6. They’ve been filming for almost a month. Chelsea and Jenelle have both been seen filming in their cities and their camera crew has been posting pics on instagram of it

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