‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: Father’s Day Failures & a Felony Charge

Well, Juh-nelle!
Well, Juh-nelle!

The sixth season of Teen Mom 2 is coming to an end, so there are only a few more episodes for The Ashley to recap! Dingdang it! What will we fill our time with when we can no longer gawk in amazement at Nathan’s ability to cut the sleeves off of just about any article of clothing?!

We start off with Chelsea, who is once again dancing around her cabin with Cole. It’s Father’s Day weekend, so Aubree will be spending time with Adam, but she has drawn a Father’s Day picture for Cole. Chelsea presents the picture to Cole because Aubree is too nervous to give it to him. Cole is flattered by the gesture.

I think Alabama Nephew is opening for them this weekend, no?
I think Alabama Nephew is opening for them this weekend, no?

He is also a Wisconsin Grandpa, according to his T-shirt. (Is this a hip new band or something? Did all the kids stop listening to that Justin Beaver character and start liking Wisconsin Grandpa? Someone help The Ashley be hip.)

Next we check in with Kail, who calls up the long-lost Sterling to catch her up on all that’s been happening. Kail tells her that Isaac’s graduating preschool and heading to kindergarten, and that she’s about to move to the mansion with the weird fence beds.

We then go to West Virginia to check in on Leah’s girlseses. Leah, of course, is at “therapy,” so Momma Dawn is left to wrangle Leah’s litter of kids. There are babies crawlin’ all over the living room, and Momma Dawn is trying to get them to keep quiet, because Leah’s fixin’ to call from the ‘hab.

"Gather 'round y'all! Momma's a-callin'!"
“Gather ’round y’all! Momma’s a-callin’!”

We know that these Messers ain’t much for technology and whatnot, so Dawn’s having some trouble figuring out how to use the dingdang iPad to pickup Leah’s video chat call. Finally, all of the youngins gather ’round the screen just in time to see Leah beamed in. She’s all dressed up like she’s going for a job interview. (Apparently there’s a dress code at the therapy rehab?)

There are so many kids that they are having trouble fitting around the iPad screen to talk to Leah, so Leah’s sister Victoria holds it up.

“Ask Mommy how it’s goin’ up er!” Dawn tells Addie, who seems to be having trouble figuring out who the hell the fresh-faced lady is on the screen. It’s been a long time since Addie saw Leah without her trademark eye droop and matted wig.

Well...that went well.
Well…that went well.

Meanwhile, the twin youngins are going batsh*t crazy for no apparent reason. Ali is crying and Aleeah has thrown herself head-first into a blanket that’s randomly lying on the floor. Soon, she starts crying and rolling herself into the blanket, turning it into some sort of tear-filled taquito.

Leah, who is probably enjoying an MTV-funded quiet rehab room, is never going to come home if you guys show her this chaotic scene. They really should bring in Robbie Kidd and a giant box of Sour Patch Kids to put in front of the iPad screen. That will get Leah scamperin’ home in a jiffy!

The girls kiss the iPad screen and all three end up in tears.

"I thought the surprise was gonna be a can of raviolis. What a bummer!"
“I thought the surprise was gonna be a can of raviolis. What a bummer!”

The next day, the twin youngins are at Corey and Miranda‘s house. They’ve recovered from the emotional video chat with Leah and are running wild in the yard when Corey calls them over. He tells the girls that he has a surprise for them and he and Miranda both have giant smiles on their faces. Corey shows them a sonogram photo and asks them if they know what it is.

They reveal that Miranda has a baby in her belly and the girls seem confused and sort of disappointed. It’s the same look Isaac had when Jo told him that his “surprise” was that Daddy’s girlfriend is knocked up. The girls don’t seem to want any more babies around them and declare that they will not help change the new baby’s diapers.

Finally, we catch up with Jenelle. As per usual, her intro monologue is amazing. Seriously whoever has the job of turning these girls’ trainwreck lives into sweet, sane-sounding voiceover scripts really deserves an Emmy.

If you're talking about your shorts, I completely agree, Nate.
If you’re talking about your shorts, I completely agree, Nate.

Jenelle tells us that she’s stressed about going to court with the Babster, and that she’s been letting Nathan give her the pickle tickle again, even though he may or may not still be with his gym girlfriend. (Nathan sure is the “Thighmaster” these days, isn’t he? We gals just can’t resist a man with ‘roid rage!)

Jenelle tells no one in particular that Nathan is not going to play her. She storms over to Nathan’s gym (which, for some reason, looks like the diner from ‘Happy Days’) and begins yelling at him as soon as he walks out.

Nathan has been plucked out of the middle of his bench press set and he’s not happy about it! Jenelle screams at him for not answering his phone, but Nathan insists it’s got a dead battery. (Hey, you post 45 gym selfies in a row and see if your phone battery is still charged!)

"Really, Jenelle? MY GYM TIME?!"
“Really, Jenelle? MY GYM TIME?!”

Nathan can’t believe that Jenelle would dare go to his gym and bother him.

“I’M AT THE GYM!” he screams. “THIS IS MY TIME!”

Jenelle insists that Nathan must be hiding his fitness floozie inside the gym but Nathan denies that he’s there with anyone.

Jenelle who, mind you, just drove to the gym after calling Nathan non-stop to scream at him, calls Nathan “crazy.” Nathan insists that Jenelle is actually the crazy one. Seriously, you have no idea how mad it makes The Ashley to have to agree with Nathan, but he’s got you there, Jenelle.

A great car-crying effort by Jenelle...
A great car-crying effort by Jenelle…

Nathan goes back to the gym to finish his set, leaving Jenelle to (of course) cry in her car. It’s been a good episode or two since we’ve had a tear-filled driving scene and it feels good to be back to normal.

Jenelle heads back home to blubber. For some reason, MTV has chosen to play some sort of funeral music to go along with this scene. I’d imagine it’s hard for the editors to find a musical accompaniment to go along with a scene described as “Jenelle finally realizes that nothing comes between Nathan and his gym time.”

Nathan comes home to find Jenelle crying and tries to comfort her. He tells her that “gym time is me time” and that she called him at a bad time.

“I didn’t even do abs!” he tells her.

Jenelle collapses into tears, knowing that her phone call wasn’t important enough for Nathan to stop working out. But seriously, Jenelle, did you expect him to NOT DO ABS?! Come on!

“Where is this relationship, er friendship or whatever going?!” Jenelle wails to Nathan, who just gets up and walks away, protein shake in hand, to get away from the question.

"I can still feel your boner in my back, dude!"
“I can still feel your boner in my back, dude!”

Jenelle protests that Nathan acts like he doesn’t want her, yet just slept with her the night before.

“You had your boner all up against my back!” she yells.

Thank you, Jenelle. The image of an aroused Nathan sticking his, um, barbell up against you will forever be burned into my brain. I appreciate that.

Nathan and his boner go downstairs to get away from Jenelle, but she follows him. Nathan tells her that she’s nothing special, and even though he rubbed said boner on her just hours ago, he wants nothing to do with Jenelle. Nathan starts using his weird high-pitched voice so we know he’s really angry. Jenelle retreats into her bedroom to cry about how mean Nathan is.

This whole time we have not seen or heard a mention of Kaiser. Is he at home? Did Nate trade him in at the local GNC for a month’s supply of sports drinks and Muscle Milk? Can we get a welfare check over here? At this point, I’m sure a Myrtle Beach police officer is just scheduled to sit outside of Jenelle and Nathan’s madhouse at all times anyway so it won’t be that difficult.

"This is more fun when I get a giant MTV paycheck for doing it."
“This is more fun when I get a giant MTV paycheck for doing it.”

In Delaware, Kail is auditioning to be part of her college’s news team. Since Kail has been in front of the camera since she was 16 (hell– she squeezed a human being from her loins on camera at one point!) she nails the audition.

It’s cute that the teacher is pretending that he doesn’t watch ‘Teen Mom 2’ and is acting like this is the first time Kail has been filmed. He encourages her to smile more. Didn’t Dr. Drew tell her that like five years ago?

The teacher says that, although she flubbed some lines, he’ll find a way to put her to work because…well, he wants to be on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

The next day is Isaac’s final soccer game. Jo is supposed to bring Isaac to the game, where Kail and Javi are waiting for him. Unfortunately, Jo forgets about the Big Game and doesn’t bring Isaac. Hey, Jo’s a busy guy these days–between his rap career, buying BMWs and knocking up his girlfriend, how can Kail expect him to remember a silly soccer game? Such is the life of a rap superstar, guys…

Even Lincoln is disappointed in Jo...
Even Lincoln is disappointed in Jo…

Of course, Kail is enraged when she finds out that Jo is going to make Isaac miss his last game. The final buzzer rings and there’s still no sign of Isaac. Javi and Kail walk out of the gym, along with Javi’s mom, who looks totally confused as to why she just watched a bunch of strange kids run around a gym kicking a dodgeball. Jo finally pulls up to deliver Isaac.

“You look upset,” Jo tells Kail, completely oblivious as to why everyone is mad at him.

"It's hard out here for a playa, yo!"
“It’s hard out here for a playa, yo!”

Later, Jo, ever the Father of the Year, misses another one of his son’s events. Isaac graduated from preschool but Jo didn’t attend the festivities. Come on, bro, even Adam managed to make it to his kid’s graduation! Get it together!

Meanwhile, Corey and Miranda are chatting about how confused the twin youngins are in regard to Leah’s whereabouts. (I mean, it’s hard to explain that “Mommy is at a rehab that’s actually therapy because she’s not on drugs” to a five-year-old.)

Corey and Miranda have been noticing that Aleeah has turned into a tiny terror lately, mainly due to the fact that she’s allowed to do whatever the hell she wants at Leah’s trashpit. Corey thinks that having the girls live with him will allow them to learn some discipline and give them stability.

Pray for the "Leah's ex-husbands tell all" special. Maybe they will wait until there's one more though...
Pray for the “Leah’s ex-husbands tell all” special. Maybe they will wait until there’s one more though…

Later that day, Corey calls up Jeremy and they decide to meet up. They head to a restaurant, where they talk about what a miserable life-sucking force Leah was in both of their lives. Jeremy tells Corey that his divorce from Leah will be final the next day and Corey, remembering the magical day in which he was freed from the Mary Kay makeup-smeared hands of Leah, is empathetic.

The guys discuss Leah’s “prescription pill problem” and talk about how ridiculous it is that Leah’s still denying it. The guys are tired of Leah getting a pass for being a trainwreck because she’s a woman.

Thank goodness for Jeremy and Corey! They are the only people who tell it like it is and are fighting for those girls to have a stable life.

“If it were us, we’d never see our children!” Corey says, with Jeremy adding, “We’d be crucified!”

Oh, you better believe that if it were Corey Tyler or Jeremy Lynn with the problem with the pillseses, Leah, Dawn and the whole dingdang Messer gang would probably be burning up their AOL dial-up connection to write things about them on the Internet!

The guys agree that they’re both afraid that Leah’s actions will harm the kids, and that there’s no way that whatever therapy/rehab facility she’s at is magical enough to cure her of her ailments in a month. (Post-rehab Leah had a sh*t-fit when she saw this scene. Click here to read more about that!)

"Should I tell my dad that's he's sitting in the exact spot that Adam and I made Aubree?"
“Should I tell my dad that’s he’s sitting in the exact spot that Adam and I made Aubree?”

We go back to South Dakota to check in on Chelsea again. She and Cole are heading to Randy‘s cabin to celebrate Father’s Day. (Isn’t this the cabin where Adam knocked up Chelsea?)

Anyway, Chelsea is upset that Adam is taking off for the weekend and won’t be spending Father’s Day with Aubree. He’s gone off to Denver, leaving Aubree with his parents.

Chelsea admits that Aubree has started referring to Adam as her “first dad.” Chelsea wishes she could get rid of Adam altogether, but she’s stuck with him. The lesson to be learned here kids is to be careful who you let bone (and impregnate) you at your parents’ cabin.

"When ya got no one else, ya always call ya motha!"
“When ya got no one else, ya always call ya motha!”

In Carolina, Jenelle is still reeling from her argument with Nathan. Since none of her trashbag friends are around, she calls up Babs for support. (Is Krista on house arrest or something? She never misses an episode!) Despite the fact that Jenelle has been quite the “bitch of a daughta” to her lately, Barb shows up for Jenelle. She and Jace come meet Jenelle for lunch and Jenelle tells Barb the whole sad saga.

Babs is sympathetic, and reminds her daughta that she can’t trust Nathan. Barb, a single gal herself, reminds Jenelle that she is better off without a man anyway.

Que “All the Single Ladies!”

The next day, Nathan comes over to the Madhouse to pick up Kaiser but he brought The Other Girl with him. That, of course, doesn’t set well with Jenelle so she and Nathan end up getting into “a huge fight.” The following day, Krista rushes over to the Madhouse to get all the deets of the Nathan/Jenelle Showdown.

I guess we know where Leah's leftover Mary Kay makeup went...
I guess we know where Leah’s leftover Mary Kay makeup went…

Jenelle explains that Nathan’s truck bumper somehow ran her over…or something…and left her with a big bruise. But wait, there’s more! After Nathan ran her over, he wanted to see Jenelle’s phone, but Jenelle resisted. There was another wrestling match and Nathan grabbed the phone and scampered upstairs with it. (Seriously, for as much as these people wrestle, they should really join the WWF. I’d be down to buy tickets to their matches. Barb can perform “All the Single Ladies” during intermission. Just sayin’…)

Nathan, surely still angry because he didn’t get to do abs, decided to go to the police station and press charges against Jenelle for the scratches she left on him during their wrestling match. A warrant was issued for Jenelle’s arrest so she’ll have to turn herself in the next day. Jenelle says that now that Nathan’s betrayed her this bad, there’s no coming back.

Unless he has a boner. Or wants to get back together. Or have another baby. Obviously.

In West Virginia, it’s divorce day, y’all! Since Leah’s still in therapy rehab, she’ll have to be beamed into the court proceedings. (Hopefully this goes better than her video chat with the girlseses. It will be really awkward if Leah’s lawyer wraps herself in a blanket and rolls around on the floor at the sight of Leah’s face.)

"I'm free! Thank the Baby Jesus I'm free!"
“I’m free! Thank the Baby Jesus I’m free!”

Jeremy and the lawyers arrive and get things squared away within the hour.

Meanwhile at Leah’s house, the family is awaiting from a call from Leah. She rings up, and tells Dawn that she’s learning coping skills in rehab therapy.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on Ali and Aleeah though,” she tells her mom.

Um…you’re forgetting a girlseses, Leah. ‘Member Addie, the one you stack jackets on in the car?

In South Dakota, Aubree has arrived home from her weekend with Adam Adam’s parents. She tells Chelsea that Adam didn’t pick up her calls when she tried to wish him a happy Father’s Day. Aubree says that she wishes Adam acted like Cole.

“My dad having all those girls…” Aubree says, adding that most of Adam’s galpals don’t last long. “Then they’re gone forever!”

Finally, we check in one last time with Jenelle. It’s time for her to turn herself in to The Law, so she’s meeting up with her lawyer. For some reason, Jenelle seems to be having a hard time keeping her eyes open while she chats with the lawyer. (Perhaps she’s suffering from the same “stress and anxiety” that Leah has that causes her to fall asleep all the time?)

"High! High! Ya both high!"
“High! High! Ya both high!”

The lawyer says that Nathan doesn’t want to press charges but the law is making him. Jenelle’s facing 30 days in jail, and the possibility of having a felony on her record.

As our pal Kieffer would say, “Hey, being a felon ain’t illegal!”

Jenelle doesn’t want a felony charge on her record, though. The lawyer is completely exhausted by Jenelle’s antics.

"If you attack everyone who pisses you off, you'll end up in jail every few months. Oh...wait..."
“If you attack everyone who pisses you off, you’ll end up in jail every few months. Oh…wait…”

“You don’t have to have a man to be complete,” she tells Jenelle.

Again…didn’t Dr. Drew tell her this like five years ago!?

I think Jenelle needs to go to therapy rehab with Leah. Can MTV get some sort of two-for-one deal if they send them together and put them in a room with bunk beds?

We end the episode with the image that’s synonymous with ‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle’s mugshot.

Next week is the season finale! The Ashley can’t wait!

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  1. When I watch this show I always wonder why they have so many “in-person meetings” with each other? Hopefully this is just all for show bc I know from my own situation and others around me that a simple phone call to work out situations works just fine!

  2. Shame on you commenters! Not one of you mentioned the tiny tear-filled Taquito? BEST. LINE. EVER. The Ashley, you’ve really done something special here.

    1. She lives not too far from the county courthouse I presume. Don’t wanna put to many miles on the beamer bringing Jo back and forth for child support increases and new custody arrangements

  3. Chelsea hasnt even moved in with Cole yet, let alone gotten married and she is coaching that poor kid to think of him as her “daddy” If this relationship doesnt pan out, she is setting the child up for yet another case of a “dad” deserting her. Too soon, Chelsea, waaaay too soon.

    1. I definitely agree with you on that. Although Adam is a complete and total piece of shit, Cole is not her father, and should not be called dad. She should call him paw or something but not dad. Honestly I’m surprised this hasnt scared Cole off yet. And if it doesnt work out with Cole and Chelsea Aubree is about to have a lot more daddy and relationship issues than she already has.

    2. Aubree asked if she could call Cole “Dad”, but Chelsea has said a few times over the last two episodes that she doesn’t know if it’s a good idea and isn’t sure what to say. I don’t think she is pushing it at all. Also, they might not be married but she has discussed Aubree with Cole a lot and asked him if he is comfortable with the role he is taking in her life. I think she’s doing everything she can to bring him into Aubree’s life at a sensible rate, but it’s not surprising if Aubree is getting attached to the only stable father figure she’s ever had.

    3. I agree! she is totally coaching that poor child about the daddy thing. I think its actually disgusting for her to keep bringing that up. she has a father which i agree isn’t that much of one. she should call the boyfriend COLE not DADDY… he isn’t her dad…i used to really like chelsea tooo but i hate these moms that are forcing the boyfriend on their kids. let them take their time. and that whole fathers day card thing…ugh

  4. Are we just going to leave out the fact that Aubree is repeating everything Chelsea is telling her?!? When she asked Aubree why ‘that is bad,’ Aubree responds with ‘because YOU said so.’ How about stop having grown up conversations with your child listening. Chelsea hates it when Adam does that, but somehow she’s allowed to and no one cares?

    1. I noticed that too. but chelsea is being a parent and talking to her child and getting her comfortable to express herself… that’s a great thing! even if aubree is being slightly influenced by the stable adults around her, it’s obvious that she still feels sad about her dad.. I mean wouldn’t you say stuff like that if your dad was that horrible?

      1. Yes, it’s good to talk to your child about things, but you have to make sure that the level of conversation is appropriate for the child’s age. And talking about the issues with another adult where the child can hear it…….NO! Just……NO!

  5. so are the og’s having another season or what? i have to admit, they’re pretty dull compared to these chicks but i still hope another season’s on the way. the ashley? so kail is simply an unhappy person, she will always insist on being miserable no matter what she has. it’s a shame because her boys are great and her life is going great. and no need to worry about lincoln, little boys can be like that. they’ll not talk or use the potty etc for as long as possible, it’s normal. and why freak about jo missing graduation? we didn’t have a ceremony for finishing kindergarten or second grad or anything before high school. all the other parents i know, mostly, complain that it’s another drain on finances and it’s during the day, when they have to miss work they can’t afford to miss. this whole thing of celebrating every little thing is not going to be good down the road. is it really necessary to have 4 parents and a grandparent at every. single. function? i see no reason why, why not take turns? anyway, i also don’t see why people are so up in arms about chelsea’s voice. just goes to show no one on tv can do anything right. people will find Something to bash. jenelle is making herself look pathetic begging that pos to come back to her. is she not even worried about std’s? wtf?! over her doing things that i know she knows better than, she just gets manic and goes off the rails. the sc police are loving it, they never miss a chance to get a fine. leah. oh leah. those poor girls. the twins, especially gracie, are out of control and they need to be checked asap, before it’s too late. a person who suddenly decides to call their child by their other name has been a red flag for me, crazy bitch alert. it’s just odd. is it aleeah or grace? but notice hoe much more settled they are at corey’s. of course they still push, but not nearly as much, because they’re getting Positive Attention. it’s called parenting, and it’s what you do rather than scream at them to get out so you can hear the phone every time you see them. poor addie, she’s not even on the radar at all and she’s so sweet. she’s another indicator of how bad leah fell off. the twins are somewhat attached because she was at least present when they were babies. addie’s never had a normal mom. her willingness to go with anyone other than leah speaks volumes, as does the fact that she could care less when leah leaves, since all she’s ever seen is leah leaving her. yet leah has no support. corey’s absolutely right, one month isn’t even close to what she’d need. they faked that scene lol, she really thinks everyone’s as dumb as she is. or her mother. her kids will have a whole lot to say later smh

    1. if you mean the fact that aleeah (?? how do spell that crazy name) mostly goes by gracie now, that actually came from the Simm family. i saw Corey’s dad post on twitter say that aleeah/leah sounded so similar that they started to call her gracie to differentiate

  6. I feel like this season flew by. ANYWAYS. did anyone else DIE at that pic the ashley posted of Jenelle and Leah? “High! High! Ya both high!” HAHAHA!! Jenelle was high as a kite in that lawyers office KML. Nathan is such a piece of shit. He always goes tit for tat. Jenelle had him arrested so he goes and antagonizes her to the point she gets violent and she gets arrested. She’s an idiot for falling for his antics EVERY TIME…but still…he sucks. Adam is Lord of the douches, and I’m interested to see what he has to say during the reunion about Aubree wanting to call Cole “dad”…Cole is more of a father figure to her than her own father. And Gracie is SO BAD. She needs some serious attention and discipline, and poor Addie, everyone just always forgets about her. Cant wait for this finale and reunion special!

    1. To me it appears that jenelle is not high…that she was crying her eyes out. That’s why her face is so red. but she didn’t seem to make eye contact with the lawyer so who knows

  7. The Ashley, correct me if I’m wrong; it was my understanding that Well Juh-nelle left baby Kaiser Roll at day care to go to the gym and scream at Sleeveless Nate!

  8. does anyone remember any episode where Jenelle is sobbing about losing custody of Jace? like ever? she cries uncontrollably about every dude in her life yet I cannot remember a single time she was even remotely upset about Jace. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I am more disturbed every time I see her crying and caring more about her boooooyfriends than her child! totally revolting!

    1. The only time I remember her crying about anything remotely related to Jace was when Barbara was not answering her calls or letting her see Jace a few episodes ago…however the tears had NOTHING to do with Jace, but Barbara had control, and wasn’t playing her games. It’s all about control with her.

      I know a ‘Jenelle’. In fact, she’s a very close friend (though she’s a million times smarter, and not trashy). She gave up her kid (which she conned a guy into having she was afraid of losing), she had the same issues with men- dating complete jerks, and going CRAZY at the thought of losing them. Very similar personality issues, and it was extremely hard to deal with her. I know all the games ‘Jenelle’s’ play and the insane sense of entitlement and disregard for others. My ‘Jenelle’ is now in her late 20’s and stabilized via medication. Her life is awesome, she’s got an amazing boyfriend (finally!) and is a pleasure to be around. I really hope Jenelle grows up like my friend did and takes responsibility for her actions and life.

    2. I have noticed this too. She can cry like her heart is breaking at the thought of losing her BF but I have never seen her shed one tear when she talks about not having Jace. all she refers to is how pissed off she is at Baaahbra and how she is gonna get that kid back from her just to show her who’s boss. She barely acknowledges the kid when she is with him. She just sits around talking about her BF troubles while he looks lost and ignored.

    3. i agree.. she invests in these scum of a boyfriends but yet won’t control herself or her life to get her child back. he is so much better with babs anyways…

  9. Does anyone else think Jenelle got hit by Nathan’s car because she was standing in the way of it? The way she said she was hit/ he was driving (him reversing while turning which caused the front end of it to clip her hip, if I am remembering correctly) totally sounds like she was purposely standing in the way thinking she could keep him from leaving. I could absolutely picture her yelling about his boners while trying to body block his car. The way she was blowing up his phone, crashing his sacred gym time, and following him to his place afterwards kind of supports my theory/ assumption. I feel bad for that little bread roll of a baby who’s stuck in that mess, however I don’t remember him even being mentioned in this episode.

  10. “Hopefully this goes better than her video chat with the girlseses. It will be really awkward if Leah’s lawyer wraps herself in a blanket and rolls around on the floor at the sight of Leah’s face.”

    OMG, that’s it. I’m DEAD.

  11. Kail-She really is just an unhappy person. I couldn’t stop laughing when the professor told her she needs to learn to smile; rage-yes, smile-not so much!
    Chelsea-It is sad that Aubree did not get to spend father’s day with Adumb or that he couldn’t be bothered to pick up her phone calls. Poor sweet girl!
    Leah-I think the fact that she forgot Addie says it all. She is the forgotten child and the twins are out of control. Gracie is screaming for attention and she is not going to get it at Leah’s. Leah needs visitation until she gets her act together and Corey needs primary custody.
    Jenelle-Seriously she was so high. I am impressed she turned herself in when she was that out of it. On another note, when her and Babs were driving to eat, Jace was not buckled in a carseat or a booster. What is it about child safety laws that these girls don’t understand!?!?!

    1. Spot on! I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.
      I was horrified that Jace wasn’t in a seat. Correct me if I’m wrong, but after pausing it it looks like he actually *is* in a backless-booser seat–the color is super close to the car’s seat color and it made it hard to see.

    2. Jace was buckled up. He was in a booster seat that doesn’t have the back. In order for him to be in that style has has be 4 years old and 40 lbs. My son is 4 years old and is 34 lbs so with Jace being a year older than he probably meets those requirements. I read all these comments and recap before I watched the episode so I paid attention to when this scene came on.

    3. kail really is the most miserable person ever! and then she plays the victim.. like fighting with Javi she will have attitude and then be like, what did i even say or do??? she is such a bitch. i am sorry Joe might have his short comings and maybe had some issues with child support of whatever but from what i see he is a great father. and to move to be near him says alot. Kail was such a biotch when this was going on saying well im not changing the visiting and schedule… like dude im sorry if my kids father was doing this to actually be a part of my kids life then i would welcome that! its not about the parents its about the kids and this girl fails to see that..

      1. My heart literally broke when Jo and Vee sat down and talked about child support. Vee started crying and I could see the stress all over her face. I agree Jo isnt perfect but damn! He and his girlfriend have uprooted and moved closer to his boy. That itself says sooo much! Kail is a selfish bitch. Anyways I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….. Prepare yourself Javi bc you’ll be in Jo’s situation very soon! I can see right through this girl and I’m sorry but I can’t stand her. She makes my skin crawl watching her segments.

        1. No, no no. I’m sorry, did you catch the part about Jo not having or trying to get a job? Vee probably makes all the money for them. I like her, but she’s clearly dumb to stay with him and have a child with him. If the court rules Jo needs to pay a certain amount, then that’s because it’s the amount he OWES. He is EQUALLY financially responsible for Isaac, so any amount the court decides on is not ‘cruel,’ it’s what he owes for being a parent! Children are expensive. Just because there’s another child on the way isn’t Kail’s problem? Why should they ‘give us a break’ as Vee said? Giving them a break meaning pay all the child expenses so Jo and Vee’s money is for them solely? And so he doesn’t have to get a job? Trust me, I think Kail is too hard on him in many other situations, but this is not one of them.

    4. Kail is so unhappy and so is Javi he is such a little b*tch. The type of man that hangs around all women to gossip and talk sh*t. She has pretty much everything she needs in her life. Healthy, smart boys, a beautiful home, cars and money put away. But yet she will nit pick on any little thing. Miserable.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks Chelsea has become annoying AF? Don’t get me wrong, she looks great and seemingly has her shit together but dear lord her voice is the most annoying thing ever!! ALSO it really bugs me how much she pushes the whole Cole being the dad issue. Yes, Adam is a loser but he isn’t completely absent and really seems like he cares about Aubry even though he sucks. But CHELSEA asked Aubry if she wanted to make something for Cole it wasn’t her own doing and Chelsea is always asking if things that lead Aubry to think of Cole as a dad. She should not have her call him dad (even if she asks) when they arnt even engaged. Like calm down. I’m sure Cole is great and I’m sure Aubry loves him but Chelsea just really bugs the shit out of me this season. The other girls are total train wrecks but at least they are entertaining. Sorry- rant over… Just seems like I’m the only one to feel this way!

    1. Honestly, Chelsea’s voice doesn’t bother me. I don’t understand why people get so fussy over it, as (to me at least) it isn’t even a thing to pop up on my radar. She doesn’t talk like that when speaking with her lawyer or clients (in the clips shows at least), she’s just doing it when in the comfort of her own home/with her loved ones. I make funny voices all the time, but I also know when it is and isn’t appropriate and use discretion; something that Chelsea appears to do too. Sometimes it seems people get so worked up over something that (again to me) doesn’t seem like an issue. Of all the things to be outraged by on this show, a silly voice here or there isn’t anything. I’m not saying you or anyone on this site is getting worked up, but I’ve seen other places where people were really going in on it and taking it to an extreme.

      1. When she speaks to her attorney or anyone else she sounds like she has half a brain tbh – she has a “valley girl” thing going on and it makes her appear unintelligent. Maybe she is a smart girl but her valley girl/Kardashian California accent doesn’t help…

    2. Chelsea’s baby voice is like nails running down a chalk board to me. I just hit the mute button whenever they show her and the tiny terror. If her and Cole were married I could see her having a special name for him but- I think the name “dad” should only be used about Adam. I know some will say different cause he’s not been a good father but Aubree will figure that out as she gets older. It is what it is. Chelsea should stop talking smack about Adam in front of her. It’s going to come back and bite her one day when the tiny terror rebels against Chelsea. Whose to say that Cole doesn’t wise up and leave Chelsea? Then the tiny terror will have lost another “dad”. My mother had a saying and I think it’s appropriate for Chelsea…why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

    3. I totally feel the same way. She has annoyed me to no end this season, with her insipid baby voice and pushing Cole on Aubree. Every time she talks about Aubree and Cole to her parents I think they’ll caution her to not force Cole on Aubree and vice versa, that this moving moving way too fast. But they just smile and condone it. I’m really tired of Chelsea.

      1. So glad I am not the only one! I haven’t seen anyone say anything about it and it was driving me crazy! She is SOOO desperate to make Cole a father figure and it kills me! People always say she’s so great and doesn’t talk about Adam around her and that’s so completely untrue! SHE ALWAYS a talks about Adam around her she just talks in some sort of code… Aubry knows what’s she is saying, she’s smarter than Chelsea gives her credit for when it comes to that.

    4. I’m not sure I like the baby voice thing, but I have to disagree with your point defending Adam’s parenting skills. He isn’t ‘completely absent’ but I think that’s only because of the show. He benefits financially and other ways from appearing on the show. If I try to picture what it would be like if there were no cameras and this had played out naturally, I think he’d be even worse of a deadbeat dad than he is now. All the hugging and acting like he lovessss his daughters just comes off as so fake and not genuine, I don’t see that he sees them as more than accessories or extensions of him

  13. Love the recap! Hilarious as always ..but Ashley we gotta know..Are Victoria and Kayla pregnant? What’s Miranda having and Who is this new beau of Jenelles??

  14. This episode was a hot mess lol Leah forgetting about Addie was unbelievable and totally just reaffirms the fact that she is literally the forgotten child. Jenelle really needs to get her shit together like the whole time watching her segments, I was just like what the fuck

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