‘Teen Mom 2′ Stars Corey & Miranda Simms’ Baby Gender Revealed

"It's almost baby time!"
“It’s almost baby time!”

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey and Miranda Simms told Corey’s twin daughter, Ali and Aleeah, that they were expecting a baby. (The Ashley was the first to confirm this news earlier this year!) The Simms have been relatively tight-lipped about their upcoming arrival, but The Ashley has some news on Baby Simms that she can reveal.

Although reports surfaced last month that Miranda and Corey were expecting a boy, The Ashley can tell you that is not true. The baby is a girl! (Corey sure is good at making little girls, isn’t he?!)

Baby Simms, who is due at the beginning of January, will be Corey’s third child and Miranda’s first.

The Ashley can also reveal that Corey and Miranda have chosen a name for their baby girl. Although The Ashley doesn’t want to reveal the full name (out of respect for their desire to keep it private) she will say that Corey and Miranda are not continuing the trend that Corey and his ex, Leah Messer, started by giving their girls names that start with the letter “A.” From what The Ashley hears, Corey and Miranda have chosen a name that begins with the letter “R.”

Corey and Miranda were staying mum on their baby’s gender back in July when they came to Los Angeles for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 reunion. A source tells The Ashley that Leah’s family (most of whom do not get along with Miranda at all) got very upset when Miranda and Corey wouldn’t tell them the baby’s gender. (It’s not known if the Simms even knew the gender at that point, though.) The source says that while at the reunion Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, told several people that she hoped the baby was a girl, since she knew Corey has always wanted a boy. 

Although ‘Teen Mom 2’ was picked up for a seventh season, it is not yet known if Corey and Miranda will sign on again. It is rumored that Corey has quit the show, but The Ashley can’t confirm or deny that (yet).

Miranda has caught a lot of flak from ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans this season, but one member of the behind-the-scenes crew tells The Ashley that the hate is completely undeserved.

“Miranda and Corey are some of the nicest, down-to-earth members of the whole cast,” the source told The Ashley. “Miranda loves the twins like her own children and has done more for the kids than anyone will ever know.”

Fingers crossed that we will get to see Corey’s new baby girl on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7!

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  1. Oh geeze. Having a baby with the man that cheated on you with his ex wife. I have a feeling that all four of these girls will have to deal with issues of infighting and dysfunction.

    1. Leah’s Mom Dawn
      said she hopes it’s a girl because he wanted a boy
      Always the class act that family
      Dawn causes so much trouble & just ends up looking like a fool.

      She started trouble & told Leah Corey won’t give the kids back. Did she feel good when that lie only hurt 3 little innocent girls, to watch them crying again like that when she left again

  2. Lets guess what it is!!! My guesses are riliegh(sp?) Roxanne Rosie or royalty,haha. Whatever they come up with will be super cute. Or they could name her Amiramda. Because it was totally Corey’s idea the first time, right?

    1. NO WAY! Those names were all Leah.,.,Corey wanted Jane and Sarah for the twins, Leah was like oh no…and thus the AAA sisters

      I bet it will be something totally normal, Like Rose, Rosie, Rachel!!, R

  3. Miranda defiantly isn’t as nice as she appears to be on the show its all bout image for her she is playing a role. You can clearly see with body language Cory is still in love with Leah that’s why he so bitter. Him and Miranda have the most fake relationship. I do t condone Leah’s actions at all but all of you are blind if you
    Think Miranda isn’t the typical jealous stepmother behind the scenes even if not of the girls of the fact Cory had a life before her that isn’t something easy for a girl in her early twenties to just fully accept. Wake up people this girl is a fake as a three dollar bill

    1. Typical stepmom? Yea how about you stop fucking stereotyping stepmoms!! And did you not read what the crew member just daid about her at the end of article, shut up Leah!

      1. No, she’s *exactly* like all the stepmoms I know! All “positive relationship” this, and “doing my best to assert parental authority without diminishing their mother’s role” that. *rolls eyes*

    2. Wtf!! Leah is that u!? You need to get off of here and go raise your kids! How the hell can anyone get on here and talk so poorly about a woman who raised these twins while their junkie of a whore mother was in rehab? Thats awful! No way is Miranda perfect but damn! Look what shes dealing with! I honestly think Miranda can be lacking some brain cells for actually dealing with all the crap bc i woulda been out the door so fast Corey Tylers head would have did a 360! But for someone to get on here and attack a woman for caring for these little girls, this just takes horrible to a whole new level. Shame on you! Btw–stepmoms are awesome!! I have one, my kids have one and I aM ONE!! And we r all amazing!

        1. Call it what u want. I don’t consider them “broken homes” I hate that term. I look at it as more people to love, more family to love me and a bigger family to spend time with!

    3. lol, okay leah. you can tell by corey’s body language that he can barely stand to be in the same room as leah. miranda has everything leah wants – corey, stability, sanity, happiness, she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t have 10 lbs of makeup caked on, a birds nest on her head, ghetto acrylics.. i mean need i go on? miranda has been more of a REAL mother to those girls by providing stabilty for them, setting rules, not passing out and being emotionally supportive to them. YOU need to wake up – miranda isn’t perfect but she’s a hell of a lot better then leah, for sure.

      1. Ummm I don’t hate Miranda, I think all four of them are fools and Leah needs serious intervention, but Miranda does wear a lot of makeup, appears to tan and bleach her hair.

    4. Agree .. how does anyone know how she is? She stayed w her Cheating husband…then gets pregnant..has this lil prissy attitude… don’t care for her or leah. Plz down vote me! Cause it’s AWESOME to stay with a Cheatin man !Smh

      1. Ok and where you there when he was allegedly cheating on her? NO. He is still her HUSBAND! And if he did, People make mistakes!!! Get over it not your life to live. His alleged affair was almost a year ago, and she was pregnant 6 months later. Leah and her hating ass family decided to sell a story A YEAR later to take attention off her.

        If she would have divorced him then that will just give yall something else to complain about. “People give up on marriage too easily” Yea shut up.

    5. Let me get this straight bc I’m confused. Leahs in rehab, Coreys at work, and whos taking care of these girls????????MIRANDA. Yea I’d say thats reason enough to hate on her. If It was me in this situation I’d be kissing her ass and thanking her for providing a home for me babies bc not everyone has that privledge!

  4. Also – Am I the only person who thought Leah appeared high/ out of it when she was at her new home with chastity and her other friend? To me, she was slurring her words.

    1. Nope, not the only one. By the way her cousin spells her name dumbbell style “chasity”, as befitting to someone related to Leah

    2. Leah was definitely “High!High!” a la post rehab Amber Portwood style. Guess her “therapy” didn’t work. She should count her lucky stars that Miranda loves her girlses so much. They need at least one good female role model to look up to.

  5. It struck me as odd during the scene of Leah running away from Miranda and Corey. I have no clue what moronic therapist would tell you to run away from an issue but I can assure you, no therapist has ever told me that. You don’t “run” from a fear…psych101.

    And boy, many of us have dealt and are still dealing with depressions dn anxiety but I have never come a crossed a person in my entire life who holds that over everyone’s head to explain actions.

    Leah – Be a big girl, sit down with the father and step mom of your children, admit your faults, thank them for taking good care of your girls, apologize, look them in the eyes and tell them you will work everyday to be a better person and mom. Stop playing the victim!!!

  6. I don’t get the miranda hate from fans. She seems very nice and normal. She and Corey should quit the show and move. They have a chance at happiness.

    1. I don’t get it either! She’s done so much for those girls and really stepped in while Leah was in “therapy”. Leah especially should be thankful she had someone trustworthy and kind looking after her girls along with Corey.

    2. I get the Miranda hate. It’s really all MTVs fault. They only show Miranda looking like a b**** and bad mouthing the girls mom. It was the same way with Jeremy. I didn’t like him at all because I saw him talking bad about Corey all the time. I think that Miranda is just not comfortable around the cameras and so appears stuff and stuck up, but she is probably a super nice girl in real life. And MTV edits the show to show the most drama it can so of course showing Miranda only talk bad about Leah will stir the pot. I sincerely hope (and believe) that both Corey and Miranda want Leah to get better because they know how much those girls love her and want them to be happy. That’s not to say that they wouldn’t want primary custody in order to make sure they are safe, but I’m sure they want them to still be close to their mother.

      1. I don’t think Miranda bad mouths Leah. She talks bluntly and honestly about the situations; she doesn’t run her mouth calling her names and insulting her, which is what I consider bad mouthing to be. Just because what she has to say isn’t all positivity and compliments doesn’t mean she’s bad mouthing Leah- she’s being realistic to the situations they are all in.

        1. Exactly! If I was Miranda, I would have cussed Leah out to Hell and back by now after all the shit she has pulled. Miranda stays so classy.

  7. I really hope Corey and Miranda choose to stop with MTV,because money is’nt everything.You can see how lifes changed in the view years because of the show.I hope they choose for privacy instead of money.

  8. I really hope Corey decides not to sign on to Season 7 and refuses to allow his girls to be filmed as well. They will be so embarrassed when they have access to social media in a few years. Miranda seems to be great with the twins and really cares about their well-being. Leah should be a lot more respectful towards her and be appreciative of her taking care of the girls. How utterly trashy of Dawn to say that to Corey!

  9. I can understand why The Simms no longer want to be on the show. They have a new baby coming and are wanting to focus on that child. Leah brings too much stress in to their lives. Good for them. I hope that they have a healthy baby and stay focused on their relationshi and not let Leah’s drama drag them down.

  10. Leah and her fucking family so fucking immature. My god, one day they are gonna push Miranda over the edge and shes gonna go haywire on their ass and im here for it. Someone needs to put Delta Dawn in her place.

    1. You’re stating nothing but facts! You can only push a person so far before they snap, and I really feel like Miranda is the wrong one to fuck with. She seems like a really nice and sweet person, but if you piss her off she’ll EXPLODE. That Messer family is messing with the wrong one!

    2. There no reason for them to tell Leah’s family who do they think they are? God she needs to go back to rehab because I agree with Corey 30 days isn’t enough. Also why is okay that Leah constantly had Jeremy with her when she always talked to Corey but now Miranda who takes care of those girls like her own can’t be at meetings? Leah wanting more control more attention. Why Corey risked his marriage for that mess is mind boggling he is very lucky Miranda is a forgiving person

      1. Please explain how Miranda’s presence at a meeting about the care and safety of her step-children was “shady”? Leah always brought Jeremy along whenever she met with Corey to discuss anything related to the twins and no one ever bashed Jeremy for being present at those meetings, nor has anyone ever called out Jeremy for his Corey bashing rants, which occurred on a regular basis. Yet, people are always angry at Miranda anytime she calls a spade a spade because she’s “just the stepmom.” If Miranda didn’t love Corey or his girls, she would have checked out of the marriage and abandoned the circus that is Leah’s life a long time ago. Miranda had every right to be present at that meeting and let’s not overlook the fact that Leah herself brought two of her immature friends to the meeting after she had told Corey to come alone. Add to that the rumours about Corey and Leah hooking up in his truck and Miranda has every reason to be concerned about Leah’s desire to meet Corey alone. That particular scene cemented the fact that it’s going to take much more than a month of rehab for Leah to change her ways and demonstrated once again that she is still an immature co-dependant child who is incapable of taking responsibility for her poor decisions and selfishness. A mature and healthy mother of three would have put her feelings aside and gone into the restaurant and thanked Miranda for the love, support, time, and energy that she has dedicated to the girls while their biological mother was off getting high and cruising for another future ex-husband-baby-daddy.

  11. I don’t understand why Miranda gets so much hate. She appears to be a wonderful, well-rounded person. She obviously loves those girls, and genuinely cares about their well being. Who cares if she’s “just the step-mom”. There are plenty of step-moms who are THE mom in the child’s life, same goes for many step-dads. To me, it’s so obvious Leah and her family are incredibly threatened by Miranda. They know their spiteful, manipulative nonsense doesn’t work on her and is losing it’s effectiveness on Corey because of her.

    1. yup and thats why this last episode as soon as Leah saw Miranda at the restaurant she hauled ass outta there. Did you guys notice how Leah combed that rats nest she calls hair and put on make up when she went to go meet Corey? She thought she would be able to go there and manipulate him, and as soon as she saw Miranda her plan was ruined because Miranda’s not about to put up with that shit.

        1. We know now that Leah & Corey had been hooking up. If assume it’s when he’s supposed to be meeting her to talk about the girls… That’s probably why Miranda goes with him now. Leah knows how to get what she wants from the men in her life, but obviously Miranda wasn’t going to let that happen.

          1. If Miranda has to watchdog it to keep it from happening, then she’s best to leave now. I wouldn’t want to stay married to a man I have to keep watch over.

            It’s not like Leah is some kind of witchy woman or something. She doesn’t have mind control over him, and lets hope she isn’t forcing him..and he isn’t filing charges. He did it because he wanted to. That’s on him.

            Jeeeze.. I know Leah has earned some hate, but seriously? Corey is a grown man. If he did the deed, he did it because he wanted to. No one made him.

    2. Can’t stand leah but Miranda needs to step outta it.. she was at the meeting because at that point in time, leah was banging corey in his truck bed! Which makes me think Way less of Miranda for staying w corey.. can u say Doormat miranda! Js

      1. Have you considered that maybe Miranda was at the meeting because Corey invited her to be there and perhaps Miranda genuinely cares about the twins?? If Corey did cheat, it is blatantly obvious now that Miranda made the decision to forgive him and remain married to him, it does happen you know and it doesn’t make Miranda any less of a woman for choosing to stay. Giving up is easy, Leah’s done it twice already. It takes a very strong and confident woman to forgive after such a betrayal. Put yourself in Miranda’s shoes for a moment and consider the important role she plays in the lives of the girls. If my husband was told to leave me at home to attend a meeting with his ex-wife to make decisions that will directly impact my life and the lives of my step-children, I would definitely want to be present, especially if we were about to have a child of our own.

    3. Miranda has a good reason not to like Leah. Leah tried to get back together with Corey while they were dating and Leah never even apologized to her. And if the story that Corey and Leah hooked up in the back of his truck a few months ago is true then Miranda definitely has a right to not like that girl!

      1. Right. Leah and Corey having sex would be all Leah’s fault because Corey tripped (that Leah must have stuck her foot out) and his penis fell into her vagina. Whoops!

        Damnit Leah, watch where you put that thing. Men, specially married ones, can’t be expected to keep it in their pants!

        1. But is that really the truth?I don’t believe it for a minute.It is not because it’s on the internet that is is all true.Who bring that story in to the world?And why?

          1. Jenna- Whoa, slow the butt-hurt with the name calling. You seem to have a huge hate on for Leah, and to a point, I get it, but lets not go throwing the whole cheating scenario blame in her lap. Clearly, Corey had his role in. If Miranda is stupid enough to stay (and have a kid with) with someone who essentially just pulled a Leah (like Leah did with Robbie), that is also on her. Stones, glass houses and all.

            Celine- Who knows the truth, except those 3, maybe 4 if we include Jeremy.

          2. I just said that. Corey is to blame too. He’s actually ore to blame because he was the one that was married to her. All I was trying to say was that Miranda had a reason not to like Leah. I don’t think any woman would like someone that allegedly slept with their husband.

  12. I used to be a fan of Leah’s, but her actions over the last season or so have changed my mind. She may not be a party princess like some teen moms, but her issues are also concerning. She doesn’t watch those girls closely, she doesn’t stop Alleah from being rough with Ali, she complains that Corey and Miranda are concerned about the girls and she complains about stupid things like a child. She should be thrilled that Corey and Miranda want to be hands on with the girls. She needs to less about her friends and more about the girls safety. As for Mama Dawn she is a trouble maker to the max. Part of Leah’s issues come from her Mama. #TeamCorey

  13. Omg how hateful Is mama dawn, she acts like she has to put up with Corey or Miranda personally. It’s her daughters fault that things between her and Corey didn’t work out. That family is so trifling. I hope Miranda and Corey have a very healthy baby it’d be so awesome if the little girl (or boy you still got time to not be too sure) come out beyond adorable and makes the Messer clan even more envious of the simms!

  14. props to you Ashley for having respect for their privacy and not reveling the name. I think that’s really classy and cool of you.

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