‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Kody Learns All of His Daughters’ Names

The girls are clearly thrilled about spending the weekend with Kody...
The girls are clearly thrilled about spending the weekend with Kody…

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time for another episode of Sister Wives, which will basically just be an hour of Kody flipping his hair and bossing his four wives around. Last week we got to watch Kody scream at his wives over a cardboard boat. We also got to see him cry tears of joy at the news that he may now be able to adopt the three kids that his fourth (and favorite) wife Robyn has from her previous marriage.

This week Kody seemed to discover that he has other kids besides the teen boys that wrestle and Solomon. He decides to take Ysabel, his daughter with Christine, and some of the other younger girls on a trip to California for Ysabel’s birthday. 

That moment Kody realized that one of the girls may bring up their periods during the trip...
That moment Kody realized that one of the girls may bring up their period during the trip…

Kody says that the anthropologists who visited the family last season had mentioned that Kody has better relationships with his sons than his daughters. So, of course, Kody now has to prove them wrong by hanging out with the younger girls. (Hopefully their mothers will put name tags on the girls’ clothing to help Kody remember who the hell they are.)

After a road trip, they arrive in Newport Beach and hit up the grocery store.

“I’m kind of worried without female supervision that dad will go a little overboard with the shopping and everything else,” 13-year-old Gwendolyn says. (Just keep him out of the hair products aisle and you guys should be OK!)

"Do you belong to me too?"
“Do you belong to me too?”

“The absence of the relationship politics here…wives verses daughters is going to make this an easy trip,” Kody says. He has such a weird way of looking at things.

Back in Vegas, Maddie sits down with her mom, Janelle, as well as Meri and Robyn to talk about her experience with the LDS church. Maddie wanted to get baptized and join the Mormon Church. However, because Maddie was raised in a plural family and the LDS doesn’t believe in polygamy, it’s causing her some issues.

The LDS Church is refusing to let Maddie get baptized because her parents are very public polygamists. The Church basically told Maddie to come back and try to join again once her family stops collecting TLC paychecks. (You can read more about Maddie’s rejection by the Mormon Church by clicking here!)

In California, Kody and the girls head to a theme park. Kody gives some five-minute-long monologue about how the girls should push their boundaries and go on rides they don’t want to go on. I think he really just likes to hear himself talk.

"Why am still on this crappy show? Seriously...why?"
“Why am still on this crappy show? Seriously…why?”

In Vegas, Meri and Janelle are finally talking about their past. (Someone call Maury. The Browns have some major drama of their own!) Janelle said there’s “a little bit of tension” between her and Kody’s legal wife Meri so they’ve decided to talk to a therapist together. When Meri agrees to see the therapist, Janelle is moved to tears. Hopefully we get to see these therapy sessions play out.

In California, Kody takes the girls to the beach, but back at home, the wives are disappointed that Kody isn’t having heart-to-heart talks with the girls.

“They’re just having a party time,” Robyn says.

"Wait...so these are all MY daughters!? Good Lord I was humping like a rabbit in the early 2000s!"
“Wait…so these are all MY daughters!? Good Lord I was humping like a rabbit in the early 2000s!”

Of course they’re not having hearts-to-hearts. He has a giant litter of kids; he can’t even keep their names straight.

“I have 17 children and if I didn’t think they were all great people, I probably wouldn’t have any more,” Kody says.

But…they are having more. Next week, Robyn announces her pregnancy to the family. Also next week, Kody starts the process of trying to adopt Robyn’s kids.

To read Holly’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ click here.

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  1. I’m not one to judge on others’ life choices as long as they aren’t harming anyone, but I do find it sad that he has so many children seeing as he doesn’t spend much one-on-one time with them it seems. He’s more of a figure than an actual father because between the different households he only has so much time to spend with each wife+kids. In my opinion, it’s important that each child knows they are loved and cherished as an individual by each of their parents, and with him jumping from household to household the mothers are left to do the majority of the parenting alone. I could be wrong, I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but I doubt with that many children and how he doesn’t seem to know each one of them separately that they actually ever get to spend time just one on one with dad. That, to me, seems more of a broken home than it does one big family unit.

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