‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion Part 2: Getting Down to (Monkey) Business with Leah & Chelsea


Ding-dangit, y’all! The Ashley plum forgot to recap Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion special! The Ashley gave you all the exclusive behind-the-scenes tea from the reunion, but now she will recap the actual episode featuring Leah and Chelsea‘s segments!

The episode starts off at the end of Jenelle‘s segment. Of course, Jenelle has stormed off stage, shoes in hand, after Barbara or Nathan or Dr. Drew or somebody said something she didn’t like. She went classic Amber Portwood circa 2011, screaming “I’m done!” and everything.

"Would ya close ya legs? Ya disgustin'!"
“Would ya close ya legs? Ya disgustin’!”

Dr. Drew is trying his best to salvage the segment, even though his biggest trainwreck has gone MIA. He explains to Babs and Nathan that they need to get along and stuff, all while Nate sits there with his legs spread wider than Farrah during a on-camera sex romp with James Deen. Ew.

They wheel off Babs and Nate and bring out Chelsea. Let’s be honest here; most of us are going to fast-forward through most of her segment so that we can watch Leah’s segment. (Watching Leah attempt to beat Corey Tyler with a banjo is way more exciting than listening to Chelsea talk about her pig, am I right? Also…that thing about the banjo didn’t happen…I don’t think.)

"Nice try, Dr. Drew, nice try..."
“Nice try, Dr. Drew, nice try…”

Chelsea comes out and talks about how much she loves Cole. He’s chosen not to come on camera for the reunion. Of course, instead of applauding Cole for being classy and choosing to stay out of the limelight, Dr. Drew’s acting like a teenage girl and razzing him for not coming out. Drew really wanted to interrogate Cole about Adam but Cole wasn’t having it at all.

They talk about the pig (the actual one, not Adam), before finally getting into the subject of Adam. Chelsea says that they barely talk, and that Adam manipulates Aubree. Drew’s about ready to pounce, so they bring out Adam. He’s just downed a protein shake and is ready to verbally spar with the Good Doctor.

"At least I'm not terrorizing the state of South Dakota on the regular anymore."
“At least I’m not terrorizing the state of South Dakota on the regular anymore.”

Adam defends his actions and states that he’s not trying to manipulate Aubree. Adam admits that he could have been a better father in the past. Of course, Chelsea brings up Adam’s absence on Father’s Day and Drew’s eyes pretty much light up at the thought of another thing to bring up to start drama.

Adam states that he “needed to get away” so he went on a trip for Father’s Day.

“Sometimes a guy just needs some time to himself, and I don’t have much of that,” Adam says.

Well, you have plenty of gym time and as Nathan informed us this season, “GYM TIME IS MY TIME!”

Adam says that he went away on a trip in lieu of doing what he used to do, which is get drunk, get in a fight and make a scene. Hell, the police department in Adam’s town probably paid for Adam’s Father’s Day trip. It was probably cheaper than processing him through the system like they usually have to do.

"And I wore my good T-shirt for this and everything...Geez..."
“And I wore my good T-shirt for this and everything…Geez…”

Chelsea brings up the fact that Adam has a ton of time for himself. After all, he doesn’t really work, doesn’t go to school or do anything. Adam admits that he does have time (even time to do abs!) He also states that he’s not just trying to act like a good dad because of the show. Chelsea says that Adam isn’t any better than he was before, and she is worried about Adam’s alcoholism.

Adam insists that he has never had a DUI. (Wait…um..what now?! I guess he forgot about those three DUI arrests he had from 2013 and earlier.) Dr. Drew insists that Adam is an alcoholic but Adam says that the years-long period where he was a drunk driving mess was just a “bump in the road” of his life, and that he’s ready to move on.

Since Adam’s not really getting all fired up about being called an alcoholic like Drew had hoped, he next brings up the fact that Aubree wants to call Cole “Daddy.” Drew’s sure that this topic will get Adam to start throwing chairs on stage, but, again, Adam doesn’t take the bait. He answers very maturely, stating that he’s happy that Cole’s a positive influence in Aubree’s life.

The face you make when Adam is staying calm and being mature...
The face you make when Adam is staying calm and being mature…

Wait…what now? The Ashley needs a minute to adjust to the new and improved Adam. Are we sure that MTV didn’t send him off to Leah’s magical rehab/not rehab clinic for some therapy? He’s like a whole new man– and he’s wearing a full-sleeved T-shirt!

Drew is totally disappointed by now, so he brings up Adam’s harem of hoes.

“There was definitely a problem with women,” Adam says, stating that he’s taken a break from dipping it into random broads from the gym and whatnot.

"Come at me, ladies! I can't get you pregnant!"
“Come at me, ladies! I can’t get you pregnant!”

They next wheel out Chelsea’s dad, Randy, to hopefully spice up the segment. Adam looks like he needs a stick to bite on to keep him from roid ragin’ and punching the set wall. Drew then brings up that he “heard a rumor” (um…in the seventh grade locker room?) that Adam got a vasectomy. Adam confirms that rumor, and Drew congratulates him on a job well done!

Adam says that he had to get snipped because, well, bitches be crazy! He said that girls were trying to get knocked up by him so that they could get their name in the tabloids. Um…taking on the spawn of Adam for the rest of your life just so you can see your name up in a Radar Online story seems like kind of an extreme measure, no?

"You guys really aren't going to give me any drama to work with? NEXT!"
“You guys really aren’t going to give me any drama to work with? NEXT!”

Apparently, there’s some broad out there that is insisting that Adam’s her baby-daddy,but Adam denies that he’s the father because, well, obviously, he was in jail at the time the kid was conceived. Isn’t it nice when your being a hooligan helps you out of a paternity case?

Drew realizes that these people are giant bores, so he shuffles them off the stage. It’s time to bring out Leah and, what with a divorce, two trips to rehab/non-rehab and several potential catfights on the horizon, the Doctor is practically drooling.

Leah comes out with her hair brushed and her eyes open, which is something we haven’t seen since, well, Season 4 or so. Drew does his best to kindly recap the trainwreck that has been Leah’s life for the past few months, and eventually he just lets the clips do the talking.

"I know my baby has the ADHD. She has torn-up nerveses just like my Mama!"
“I know my baby has the ADHD. She has torn-up nerveses just like my Mama!”

Drew is tip-toeing around the whole popping pillseses problem, so he asks if Leah’s following through with her after-care therapy and Leah says she is.

He then brings up that Leah’s daughter Aleeah is a hellion. Leah has diagnosed her with ADHD. Of course, Leah is actually an expert on diagnostics. After all, at some point or another this season she has said she has narcolepsy, depression, anxiety, and a bunch of other random ailments. Except an addiction to drugs, of course. She doesn’t have a problem with the pillseses, y’all!

It’s time to bring that dern Corey Tyler out. Corey says that he is basically fed up with Leah’s lies, mainly about the pillseses and whatnot. Corey says he has local people coming up to him and saying  that they’ve seen Leah looped up on whatever meds she can get her mitts on.

He next brings up the fact that Leah can’t stop moving. (Honestly, at this point, the girlseses should just keep their suitcases packed in anticipation of the next move. It takes a long time to pack up all those snack meats, guys!)

Corey says that all the constant moving, as well as the missed school, has prevented the kids from having a stable home, like the one he can provide them. Drew insists that now that Leah’s been “treated” things should be better, but Corey’s justifiably skeptical. In fact, he doesn’t even know what the heck Leah was in the ‘hab for!

"How dare you doubt my ailments, Corey Tyler!"
“How dare you doubt my ailments, Corey Tyler!”

Um…obviously depression. And anxiety. And back problems. And migraines. And narcolepsy. And to find herself. Duh.

Corey says that he’s stressed and anxious too, but Dr. Drew insists that Leah’s issues are “special.” He’s legit holding Leah’s hand during this segment.

WHAT THE EFF ARE WE WATCHING?! Seriously, this is ridiculous.

Corey says that it’s not Miranda’s fault that he and Leah no longer get along. In fact, Corey thinks that Miranda “gave him a backbone” to stand up to Leah and call her out on her various and ever-changing excuses.

Corey says that Leah’s jealous of Miranda because Leah can’t keep a man for more than two years. Leah snaps back, asking Corey where he was in the first few months of his marriage to Miranda, insinuating that Corey was hitting Leah up for some back-of-the-pickup action. (Just curious but, um, Leah, why are you proud of this? Weren’t you married to Jeremy at that time?)

"It seems like just yesterday we was bangin' in yer truck!"
“It seems like just yesterday we was bangin’ in yer truck!”

They are both making weird faces at each other. (Wait, is this like their version of foreplay? Are they gonna do the hillbilly horizontal mambo right there on the couch in front of Dr. Drew!?) Corey says he’s not scared of Leah revealing his secrets anymore, and that if he did the things that Leah “done,” he wouldn’t see his kids anymore.

For some reason, that makes Leah call “Monkey!” (Read all about what that means here.) No one seems to pay any attention to Leah calling her safe word, so Leah’s mom Dawn screams from the audience that Leah done said “MONKEY!”

Corey’s confused as to why Leah’s screaming about a random animal, so Dr. Drew explains that “Monkey” is Leah’s safe word and that when she doesn’t want to go into something, she yells that and everyone has to stop what they’re talking about. Corey looks like he just found out he entered the Twilight Zone.

"I don't know nuthin' about no dingdang monkey!"
“I don’t know nuthin’ about no dingdang monkey!”

“I’m gonna start callin’ monkey!” Corey says, clearly exasperated that MTV done drug him out of West Virginia, put him on the air-o-plane and flew him to LA, but they won’t let him discuss what’s really going on in their lives.

“I don’t have this problem with the other father,” Leah says smugly.

Corey then brings up that his kids have to make their own breakfasts on the regular because Leah is passed out cold most mornings and unable to be woken up. Of course, Leah has a reasonable, medical explanation for that.

“The doctors thought I had narcolepsy!” she cries, adding that Corey Tyler and that bitch-of-a-wife of his, Miranda, gave her no support for this latest illness. Leah insists that she doesn’t lie.

With this latest statement on the table, Corey decides to test her word. He asks her if she’s dating a new guy. Leah insists she’s not, and says that she’s not living and sleeping with any new guy like the twins have told Corey. He’s just a friend, y’all. (At the point this was taped in July, by the way, Leah had been seeing T.R. Dues for several months and had already been living with him. In fact, Leah brought him out to LA with her for this reunion! But…she doesn’t lie, y’all!)

Finally, it’s time to bring out Miranda! (Hopefully the production assistants had the ladies remove their shoes before they let Miranda hit the stage. I mean, safety first.)

Corey's like, "Can I get some popcorn over here?"
Corey’s like, “Can I get some popcorn over here?”

Miranda comes out, ready to tear those fresh extensions out of Leah’s head. She calls “Bullsh*t” on everything Leah has said. Leah claims that Miranda’s mean to her, and sometimes throws the girlseses carseats across whatever random parking lot they’re doing the kid exchange at. (Maybe Miranda’s heaving car seats at Leah to try to get her to actually use them?)

Leah claims that she and Corey were getting along (and getting busy!) before Miranda came along, so clearly Miranda is the issue. Leah claims that Miranda has a bad attitude toward her. The girls start waving their hands all Jerry-Springer-Show-esque and it looks like there’s about to be bleached blond hair a-flyin’. Corey, however, crushes our dreams and tells Miranda to call “monkey” and explains that stops any conversation.

“Freakin’ MONKEY, OK?!” Miranda yells. (Did The Ashley mention how much she loves Miranda? Get it, girl!)

Leah explains that she should get to talk, and then Miranda should get to talk. This is something that Leah tells us she learned in therapy. (Somewhere, the MTV exec who OK’d paying for Leah’s trip to therapy is shaking his head.)

Dr. Drew, ever the medical professional, says that he’s sensing that Miranda is hostile. UM, you think!? She’s literally about to chew Leah’s face off. Good to see that medical training is coming in handy, Doc.

"Me and Corey was doing the no-no in his truck."
“Me and Corey was doing the no-no in his truck.”

Miranda says that there are a lot of reasons that she is hostile toward Leah, mainly that Leah’s been disrespectful to her and her marriage. Leah and Corey both admit that “things happened that shouldn’t have” and they apologized.  (So basically…they’re all talking about this incident, in case you were wondering.)

Leah denies that she’s ever disrespected Corey or Miranda any other time, but the Simms claim that Leah’s always bashing on Corey on-camera. Corey says that he’s watched ‘Teen Mom 2’ and seen Leah cuss him out to Jeremy while the girlseses are in the car, and Leah kind of goes silent.

If you ever see two women making these faces at each other, just know that weaves are about to fly.
If you ever see two women making these faces at each other, just know that weaves are about to fly.

Then Miranda and Leah both start making these weird smiling faces at each other, like they’re best girlfriends about to braid each other’s hair. Of course, we know that they are anything but, and are actually seconds away from making the evening news for a brutal on-stage fight. Corey looks absolutely miserable.

"This paycheck ain't worth this crap."
“This paycheck ain’t worth this crap.”

Corey asks that Leah inform him of where his kids are going to school, and requests that the kids stay in one place for a while with Leah. That causes Leah to burst into tears for some reason. She looks like she’s about to run off the stage, Jenelle-style, but instead she sits there and cries. She says she feels judged and ganged-up on. Drew assures her that the girlseses won’t care if they see Leah being a trainwreck on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Dr. Drew ends the segment by talking about Miranda’s pregnancy. As Miranda talks about how excited the twins are for the new baby, the camera pans to Leah, and you can just see that she’s hurt that Corey has a new family. They say you never get over the guy that knocks you up in the back of a truck on prom night, and I think Corey and Leah are clear proof of this.

How we feel after watching this reunion...
How we feel after watching this reunion…

(In case you’re wondering, Leah did film a segment with her other ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, but MTV chose not to show it, given that the segment with Corey was much more interesting. The Ashley’s source told her that Leah’s sit-down with Jeremy was rather uneventful and that there was no fighting.)

Until next season, y’all…

To read The Ashley’s recap of the Reunion Part 1 featuring Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans, click here!

(Photos: MTV)




  1. Am I the only one who heard Corey say that he cheated with her so that he could see his kids? Was Leah trying to use the girls as a pawn to try and get with Core again?

  2. Leah was just discharged from the hospital and I think there were some demands about making certain accommodations (I.e. Monkey, the most ridiculous safe word ever invented), otherwise she may have refused to film).

  3. I thought something happened at the reunion where Miranda was offstage and started yelling at Leah when she was on the couch talking to Dr. Drew. I’m bummed that was cut out. I wonder if that happened before Miranda joined them on the couch or after.

  4. I don’t know if I’m in a bad mood, but watching the reunion I am getting so mad at MTV and their lack of ownership over Leah’s condition and her denial of it. Typically they force each girl to relive their problems, yet Leah gets a safe word, no mention of drug use, cheating, or a new boyfriend and yet gets coddled. I have no respect for her or the film crew for MTV at this point. Yes, its low grade reality TV, but as they constantly point out how the show lowered teen pregnancy, what about helping those people who deal with actual drug and mental issues..you can’t just go out into the real world and call out MONKEY!

    1. well I gotta say I like your bad mood cuz everything you said is true true true! not talking about the drug use is annoying and unhelpful- but not acknowledging mental illness (other than “dr” drew holding Leah’s hand and telling Corey she has a mental illness and he doesn’t) is a huge mistake! there’s young people suffering and maybe their only hope of starting to get help is watching this low grade reality show! same goes for never discussing jenelles mental illness.

  5. Couldn’t bring myself to watch this hot mess of a reunion. Love ya Miranda girl! And I’m on your side but I don’t think I could take the cheatin with the ex-whore. That would be somethng I could never forget if I were you. Girl get this drama out of your life. Get yourself a good man that doesnt cheat with an ex-whore and raise your baby. You deserve so much more respect than this! That bitch should have been giving u a big hug and shaking your hand and thanking you for taking care of the little twin girls while she was away in “therapy”. If you stay in this you will never have peace.

  6. I was yelling at my screen watching this reunion. Narcolepsy?! Monkey?! Why is Dr. Drew defending her??? SHE NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL HER ACTIONS! She’s blaming her “mental illness” (which I 100% don’t believe she has, just a shitty attitude) for all her mistakes. UUGGGHHHH. I think my eyes are permanently stuck in the back of my head.

  7. I just wanted to reach through that screen and slap Leah and “Dr.” Drew. Leah hasn’t changed one bit. Her being coddled by everyone around her is only enabling her to continue with her terrible behavior. Those poor girls. I really hope Corey and Miranda continue to push for more time and are successful in gaining it.

  8. First of all, “He then brings up that Leah’s daughter Aleeah is a hellion.” Oh Ashley. You truly do make my day. 😀

    Anyway. I suffer from anxiety and depression- have most of my life. My issue with Leah isn’t that she has problems, because we all do. My issue is that she LIES about it. She probably does have anxiety and depression, but she also has a drug problem. Dr. Drew pissed me off so much because he kept coddling Leah when in reality she needs to own up to her crap. Can we send her off to the ‘hab or whatever hole she lives in at the moment and replace her with Miranda permanently?

  9. Why didn’t anyone call Leah out on her many many nodding scenes, especially the 1 when she was holding the baby, nodded out & as the baby was slipping out of her arms someone had to wake her up?

    They didn’t ask because she would yell monkey or just lie, that was me that was MTV editing, or that was in the script or my favorite yes that was my narcolepsy

    1. its so annoying because I bet you if Leah didnt always play the victim Dr. Drew probably wouldve asked her about it. MTV probably had to promise that they wouldnt “attack” poor Leah by calling her out on her shit. That was probably the only way they were going to get her out there to tape the reunion show, is if nobody made poor little Leah look like the pill popping druggie she is.

    2. Don’t worry, they’ll probably send her off to “sleep therapy” next season. “I’M JUST TIRED, COREY TYLER.”

  10. Miranda was about to go off…when she was snapping at Leah like “What do you want me to get out of the car for?? Do you want me to ask you how your day was Leah? How was your day?” I was DYING because that’s exactly how Leah was acting…Leah played the victim hands down. She wants to be babied and it was so pitiful…She wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but everyone sees right through her bullshit. Dr. Drew just sat there and pacified her because he didn’t want her to leave the stage…and I also think the only reason why she didn’t leave the stage was because she couldn’t walk in those heels…. Oh and Adam gets uglier and uglier each season….wtf is up with that whacked out mohawk he has, looks like hes going super bald and hes trying to hold on to whatever hair he has left. He looks like a 40 yr old turd.

      1. cant argue with you there…it seems like right after he got those DUI’s he just became a dirty looking old man and hes only 24

      1. I think we could all sympathize with Corey feeling like he had just entered the twilight zone with the whole “monkey” thing. Completely ridiculous.

  11. I think you are being too harsh on Leah. Depression is a real and tough because there is no easy cure. Given her life it’s not suprising that se fell into deprssion. And Miranda was mean to her not because she is worried about the girls but because she slept with her husband. She is taking out all her anger on Leah insted of Cory who is the ono who actually cheated on her.

    1. Yes Depression is real & it’s no joke but Leah continues to lie about everything from drugs to what time she goes to sleep

      Maybe if she was honest with everyone they would help her but she just wants to keep playing the victim & denying everything. How can you feel bad for a compulsive liar

    2. Ok first of all how do you know Miranda didn’t take the cheating out on Corey? You think she said, “Oh, Corey it’s not your fault that you cheated on me. It was all Leah’s fault. She forced you to have sex with her.” Um….yeah, I don’t think so. Miranda obviously forgave him but that doesn’t mean she didn’t get pissed at him about it. And I don’t doubt Leah is depressed. She is a single mom to 3 little girls and had both of her husbands leave her. I would be depressed too but the thing is she has a drug problem! That can’t be ignored just because she is depressed.

    3. Well, it is easier to be mad at Leah, than the man she took vows with, and she is carrying his child. You work through things and forgive in a relationship with someone you love, you don’t have to forgive anyone else. I don’t blame Miranda one bit. It’s an avalanche of crap from Leah. The fling with Corey, running her mouth about them on tv, her constant need to be coddled, her lying about her drug addiction, her severe neglect of the kids. She makes the men into monsters when they wise up to her crap and leave. Pooor, poooooor Leah. Nope, don’t blame Miranda one bit.

  12. I’m don’t understand why they coddle Leah! Girl you messed up! Own it! The whole world knows it. And Dr. Drew is literally the worst. It’s painfully obvious his role is basically to instigate a fight, not interview and give his “medical” opinion. And I’m sorry but Miranda has every right to be pissed off.

  13. I think everyone should write in to Dr Phil to do a segment on these girls and see what he can do. I still remember what he did with Farrah!

    1. it’d be entertaining for sure, but it’s not like it did farrah any good. it went in one ear and out the other, like everything else her dumb ass hears lol

  14. I think Dr. Drew has become close to these girls over the years and is completely biased now. You can tell he always sides with them no matter what the circumstance is. I didn’t expect him to call Leah out for being a druggie but he didn’t need to make Corey and Miranda look like the bad guys. They aren’t pissed at Leah for no reason. They obviously have dealt with a lot of crap and they are sick of it.

    1. I think “Dr” Drew doesn’t know a thing about these girls, nor watches the show. He’s hosting this crap for an easy paycheck.

  15. Your words mean nothing Miranda when your actions are the complete opposite, Miranda. You say that you & Cory aren’t attacking Leah, but are concerned. However, you’re sarcastic, disrespectful, judgmental, & completely disregarded Leah’s feelings. Plus you & Cory never truly listen to her. You’re ugly personality definitely came out on ‘Teen Mom 2 – Season 6 Finale Special’ & it’s contagious with Cory. Feed up or not take the high road. Make your personality match your outer beauty.

    1. Are you serious? Corey and Miranda are dealing with a person that is a compulsive liar. They have a right to be upset. Why would you think they are that hostile towards Leah if there wasn’t a good reason behind it?

    2. i should let the 25+ down votes speak for themselves but i’m not as good at keeping my words to myself as miranda is. it took her This long and Multiple incidents of disrespect from leah, culminating with screwing her husband, for miranda to act like this. and GOOD FOR HER! when she said, well, freakin’ monkey, i just about died laughing and cheering. how the hell is it fair that leah gets to sit there with that shit-eating smirk and out corey, but when corey starts to bring up what she’s done, she calls monkey and no one gets to confront leah? that’s BULLSHIT! her saying miranda doesn’t get out of the truck, after she threw a fit when miranda was there to meet with her, is so hypocritical it’s insane! leah wants to pull the strings, she wants miranda there, she doesn’t want her there, let’s all jump around and bend over backwards to try and figure out what princess leah is feeling today lmao. um, NO. she’s ruining her children’s lives, and corey is devastated over it all. i’ve never seen a man cry so much over his kids, since they were born that man has been crying over those girls. he’s not perfect, God knows if he slept with leah he’s not, but he and miranda are better parents than leah or her punk ass mom have ever dreamed of being. leah hasn’t changed one bit, already moved in with another guy, bringing him into her kids’ lives, because, she can’t just focus on her kids, you know, like corey did for over two years, just be single and focus on the kids? since you’re defending her, maybe you don’t know smh

        1. IKR?! If that was Dawn, the whole thing would be in CAPS, with no punctuation, and “their”, “there”, “they’re”, “to”, “two”, and “too” would all be used improperly.

    3. Why should anyone listen to Leah?
      Why should anyone respect her?
      She lies constantly

      Everyone makes mistakes own it & move on. But when you lie & deny it shows that you are not willing to better yourself

    4. Why does everyone have to consider Leah’s feelings? I don’t see her considering anyone else’s, not even her own children. She never plays with them on camera, she’s always shooing them out of the room or putting them in timeout. If I put up with half the crap Corey and Miranda do, I would be snappy too. Why should Miranda consider Leah’s feelings? Because Leah was really concerned with Miranda’s feelings when she screwed her husband.

    5. You’re delusional! Seriously you must be related to Leah because only Leah’s gang believes and sticks up for her. Everyone else, all the sane people, know Leah is full of bs and a horrible person!

  16. dr. drew was even more useless than normal, i wish he would just go back to malibu to do yoga and stop dishing out his ridiculous advice to people. he is as bad as leah’s mom when it comes to defending leah’s behavior and not demanding accountability and truth! he had no issue confronting adam, and joe, Nathan, but not the one who needs it the most, LEAH!!! if he buys that she is too delicate to be truthful, he needs to stay out of addiction issues altogether-a medical license doesnt automatically qualify you to dispense advice to a mess like Leah. narcolepsy!?? thats the funniest thing she has said yet

    1. i agree with you totally and i think dr drews clear defending of leah probably dissuaded her-Miranda was the one VICTIM up on that stage and dr drew still spoke condescendingly and coldly to her-while basically breast feeding leah. it was ridiculous!

      1. You know, Miranda probably didn’t want Leah to blab that she f’d Cory. MTV would have ate that shit up. I feel so bad for her, she should have ditched Cory and raised her baby sans psycho-drama.

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