Newlywed Amy Duggar Says Duggar Cousins Were ‘Shocked’ That She Isn’t Pregnant Yet

That look your Duggar cousins give you when they find out you're not pregnant....
That look your Duggar cousins give you when they find out you’re not pregnant….

Former 19 Kids and Counting guest star Amy Duggar did not come back from her recent honeymoon pregnant, in case you were wondering. Cousin Amy, who appeared on the Duggar family’s reality show many times over the years it was on the air, married Dillon King in September and the couple recently returned from their honeymoon in Mexico. While it was evident from all of the honeymoon photos that Amy posted to her Instagram that there was plenty of romance on the trip, there was no baby-making, Amy says.

“There’s no honeymoon baby,” Amy told Us Weekly. “[We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon.”

While many newlywed couples shy away from having kids right away, this concept does not seem to set well with Amy’s baby-crazed cousins, the Duggars, who were shocked that Amy came home from her honeymoon without a baby in her belly.

“My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked,” Amy told the magazine. “I mean, shocked! They were…almost upset, you know?”

Anyone who watched ’19 Kids and Counting’ knows that those Duggar girls take that whole “be fruitful and multiple” idea to heart. Jill Duggar became pregnant immediately after her wedding to Derick Dillard in 2014, most likely concieving on her honeymoon. Anna Duggar, who married (now disgraced) eldest Duggar son, Josh, became pregnant less than two months after her honeymoon. Jessa Duggar only waited several months before becoming pregnant with her first child.

The fact that Amy does not want to have kids right away is probably confusing to her youngest cousins, who have seen the girls in their family shoot out kids as soon as they say “I do!”

When Amy told the Duggar girls that they don't have to get pregnant on their honeymoons...
When Amy told the Duggar girls that they don’t have to get pregnant on their honeymoons…

“We don’t want a lot of kids,” Amy added.

Amy is always more than happy to talk to the press. In another interview, she trashed her cousins Jill and Jessa for going from one end of the chastity spectrum to the other instantly.

“I can’t even imagine courting like that,” Amy said in July. “It works for them, and I hope to God they have successful relationships…But what if they suck at kissing? I can’t imagine not kissing to full blown ‘let’s do it all’ in 30 seconds!”

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  1. She claims to follow most of the jimbob rules but she always said that she wears modest clothes but she loves jeans.
    She also said she kissed before but fully planned on not swiping her V card until marriage.
    But I’m thinking she had not been a virgin for awhile and her wedding turned into a incredibly slutty dress and kegger hoe down. I don’t think she is doing anything like the dugger clan.
    I don’t think Jimbob drink at all but I’m not sure…

  2. This whole family needs to go AWAY!
    Amy included.

    People are now “famous” because their relative had no idea how to use birth control.

  3. For once Amy is using her brain and making sense. Enjoy being a newlywed for a minute before you start having children. They may not even want children.

      1. Remember how irritating Anna was when it took all of TWO months? I would have gotten it if she’d gotten genuinely concerned that she might be infertile (not that two months qualifies in any way, but I had my college roommate do the ‘smile’ assessment on me a few times when weird migraines got it into my head that I may be having a stroke. Humans are very good at worrying about things with minimal evidence) but she was getting pouty and whiny about not being a mommy yet. Go enjoy your sexual predator, soon to be unfaithful husband for a few months before adding to the dysfunction.

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