Farrah Abraham’s Father Reflects on His Daughter’s Adult Movie Past: ‘She is a Survivor’

You've got to give it to Farrah's parents: They really do support her in whatever she does...
You’ve got to give it to Farrah’s parents: They really do support her in whatever she does…

Farrah Abraham may have starred in two very successful adult movies….er, “leaked sex tapes,” but that doesn’t make her a p0rn star, according to her father, Michael Abraham.

After Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska joked during this week’s “Unseen Moments” episode that a good p0rn star name would be “Farrah,” Michael responded to the comment in a new interview with Real Mr. Housewife

“Farrah is not a p0rn star,” Michael told the site. “A p0rn star is a person that has made countless adult movies and works and invests major time in that industry to make more and more movies.”

Sorry, fans, but there will apparently be no more “Backdoor” Farrah films to look forward to…

“Farrah has not nor will not [make another film],” Michael added. “Yes, Farrah’s adult movies are some of the highest money-earning videos in history but she is not a p0rn star.”

Michael explained that his family and Farrah have moved on from the sex tape scandal.

“We practice unconditional love, forgiveness, and hope in our family,” he said. “The mistake which Farrah admits to was over three years ago and we have moved on to new things.”

Chelsea later clarified on Twitter that her comment was meant to be lighthearted and not meant to be a dig at Farrah.

“I actually like Farrah, and I’m glad she is successful!” Chelsea tweeted.

In his interview with Real Mr. Housewife, Michael applauded his daughter for leaving what could have been a very lucrative career in the adult industry.

“It’s sad that women don’t see the real successes Farrah has made,” Michael said. “The big one [is] breaking away from the adult video industry and making the mistake … Lemons… Into lemonade… She is a survivor!”

Last year, Farrah told In Touch Weekly that doing the “Backdoor” sex tape (and its spin-off, which contained unused footage from the original movie’s shoot), was a major mistake.

“If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life. … Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming,” she told the magazine. “I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

However, Farrah followed up the tapes with appearances at adult conventions and clubs, as well as a sex toy line that she continues to produce products for.

As you do.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. “I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”
    Don’t worry Farrah- nobody was looking at your face during your porn that wasn’t a porn, even though you attended the AVM’s (ya know, that awards ceremony for porn stars. Weird, but I seem to remember you being up for an award, which is so strange since you aren’t a porn star).
    Farrah has tarnished her reputation long before her movie porn debut. Even Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif didn’t particularly want to work on her since she always places false blame on others.

  2. “My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star!”

  3. They’re so delusional. It’s gone beyond believing their own lies and moved on to thinking they can Jedi mind trick everyone else into believingthem too

  4. So by definition she is not a porn star because only one of her films were released…but I think Farrah would love to be considered a star for doing something only once, ironic.

    And yes Michael we know there are several more tapes where that one came from. Farrah just couldn’t get Vivid to shell out the huge $$ numbers she was demanding.

  5. The issue I take with this is they are shaming women who do choose to have a career in porn, by not wanting her associated with them. If you ask for no judgment maybe you should also not judge others.

  6. Unconditional love in the Abraham household and by their definition is why Farrah is a spoiled, hateful brat. She has never been accountable for her actions, and her parents are both scared to death of her and riding the gravy train. The odd thing is we know how horribly she treats her parents, and yet they see she does no wrong. They are all extremely sick people who’ve sold their souls to the dollar and infamy. Sophia has no chance.

  7. Ok,whatever,Farrah made a porn tape.Old news!I’m so sick of Chelsea acting all the time that she is so holier-than-thou & better than everyone else.You can tell she looks down on everyone on that show.Which is stupid cause she herself was 16 & pregnant!She needs to be careful how she raises Aubrey to doubt her dad.That sweet little girl is not going to be little forever & you never know if tables turn & she realizes her own mom was filling her head on how to feel towards her dad & Cole.Thats only going to push her away from her.I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’ve seen the exact same thing happen before. Sorry for the long post:/

  8. It’s too bad. She actually seemed like she had stuff going for her when she was going to cooking school. I think she was much prettier before all of her surgery – she looked fresh-faced and yes, like a young mom, but that’s not bad. One leaked grainy sex tape MIGHT be a mistake, but several vids and selling adult sex toys is clearly trying to make a buck. I don’t care that she’s doing it, but don’t try to convince me it’s anything else.

    1. When it comes to celebrity s*x tapes- there’s no such thing as a “leak”. They can say it was “leaked” all they want- but it’s bogus. There’s a federal statue against that. When a tape like that is sold / distributed commercially, the individuals have to sign off on it, and are making MAJOR profits. The distribution company would be shut down by the federal government and massively sued if they “leaked” a tape.

  9. I kind of choked when I read ” we practice unconditional love, forgiveness and hope in our family”

    Well,I think they need A LOT more practice, because I think Farrah has never felt those 3 things.

  10. And there he is again Farrah’s doormat.Her parents only “love”her soooo much because they life on her money.He and Deb are parasites.

  11. Can we Please stop seeing articles about her, this will be the Last time I comment about her, because that’s why she’s still around.. people keep her relivent.

  12. “However, Farrah followed up the tapes with appearances at adult conventions and clubs, as well as a sex toy line that she continues to produce products for.

    As you do.”

    What I call “being a shameless fame whore” is apparently what Michael calls “making lemonade from lemons”.

  13. I wonder what Michael and Debra’s cut is on this deal? What kind of “parent” encourages their daughter to cheapen herself by doing porn? What type of example is this for Sophia? I can see why Derricks family want no part of Farrah.

  14. I’m so glad Michael is here to remind me Farrah isn’t a porn star. I keep forgetting because she LITERALLY STARRED IN A PORNO.

  15. Can someone tell Michael the definition of a porn star is someone who has been in porn?! I love that Farrah is still calling it a sex tape… sorry honey once you bring in a film crew and get a paycheck it becomes porn.

    1. Exactly! I didn’t know there was an actual definition and requirements as for what constitutes a p*rn “star” versus just someone who was in a few adult movies. The Word According to Michael. Farrah was in a p*rn. HER p*rn…front and center. She “STARRED” in the p*rn. Therefore she’s considered a p-star.

  16. Chelsea was her (usually edited) snobby jerk self during the reunion and unseen moments. No surprise she tweeted that to keep her ridiculous facade going.

      1. Next time I go to the doctor and the medical assistant takes my weight and blood pressure, I’ll be sure to thank them for saving my life.

  17. So what part of the regret and what part survivor went into selling replica body parts for your next move? I see where Farrah gets the delusional part of crazy delusional.

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