‘Kendra on Top’ Season 4 Episodes 14 &15 Recap: Summer Playboy Party & a Sloppy Drunk Stepmom

"I'm your new Mommy!"
“I’m your new Mommy!”

By Holly Rasmussen

This week on Kendra on Top, we get a break from the usual “Hank-cheated-should-Kendra-cheat” story line! This time it’s, Kendra‘s dad, GrandDude who will be wreaking havoc on the reality TV world.

We catch up with Kendra, who is preparing for the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion. Since everyone is required to wear “lingerie or less,” Kendra decides to get a colonic to shed a few last minute pounds, as you do. Yes, guys, we are actually going to be spending our Friday nights literally watching crap come out of Kendra’s body. We’ve reached an all-time low.

"I should totally sell what comes out of me on eBay!"
“I should totally sell what comes out of me on eBay!”

During the procedure Kendra yells, “Aww! It’s like I’m giving birth out of my ass!” (Thanks for that Kendra; the image of a Hank spawn emerging from your butt will forever be engrained into our brains. Ew…make it stop.)

After her colonic, Kendra’s all set for the big party. Kendra’s mom, Party Patti, ever eager to mooch whatever attention and free drinks she can get her wrinkly witch mitts on, tried to get on the guest list for the Playboy party, but Kendra put a stop to that. Patti was, of course, pissed.

However, Kendra’s father, GrandDude, is coming for a visit and bringing a “surprise.” He shows up and the surprise is….his fiancé! GrandDude is apparently marrying a middle-aged lady in a skintight dress named Amy. She has three kids and three grandkids but is all jazzed about getting to go to the Playboy Mansion for the party.

"Just what I need-- another drunken mother who's obsessed with fame!"
“Just what I need– another drunken mother who’s obsessed with fame!”

Amy said she’s been “watching everything and looking up everything about the Playboy Mansion online for years.” This makes Kendra a bit suspicious of Amy’s motives. Could she be a middle-aged gold digger that’s just using GrandDude to get in with Hef and the gang?

Kendra is not really ready to share the attention of GrandDude with another woman. Still she puts on a happy face (most likely thinking of all the possible story lines this could present for future episodes of her reality show!)

GrandDude is all excited about his wedding and asks Hank to be the best man. Hank is just glad that someone actually like him, so he says yes. Kendra gets asked to be a bridesmaid and laughs in Amy’s face.

While discussing the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, GrandDude tells his daughter and son-in-law that he and Amy won’t have any problems with the dress code because they’re used to wearing next to nothing. He then shows them a photo of Amy in lingerie. Because why not? Kendra and her dad then proceed to talk about what a nice body her future stepmom has. I mean, who hasn’t discussed their stepmom’s lingerie over a cup of Joe?

Please tell me he's not checking out his own daughter...please...
Please tell me he’s not checking out his own daughter…please…

The gang gets all dressed up in their best panties and bras (Hank refrains, however) and heads to the Playboy Mansion. As soon as they get there, Amy starts throwing back drinks.  She’s drinking like she’s heading to prison the next day or something. (Well, to be fair, she is probably going to have to sleep with GrandDude after this so…)

Back at the house later that night, Kendra tells Hank how pissed she is at Amy for how she acted.

“She was wasted! It’s like she was trying too hard!” Kendra wails. “She wouldn’t leave me alone. She was really drunk and sloppy.”

Naturally, Kendra starts plotting Amy’s death.

"I will never get this picture of Amy in lingerie out of my head."
“I will never get this picture of Amy in lingerie out of my head.”

“This was supposed to be a special night with me and my dad, but this Amy girl just ruined it.”

Sorry your special night in lingerie with your dad got ruined, Kendra. Life can be so hard sometimes.

In the middle of the night, Hank gets a call from GrandDude, who tells them Amy is in police custody. GrandDude tells them she’s not arrested, but she got kicked out of the party for being wasted. Hank has to go pick everyone up like he’s their dad. (On the bright side, though, at least Hank is being useful for once!)

The next morning, Hank has to leave for a week for his job and Kendra is left behind to deal with the kids and her crazy potential stepparents. Kendra’s friend, Jessica, comes over…because Kendra is never fully alone with her children apparently. They immediately start trashing Amy.

“I know she’s here for the wrong reasons,” Kendra says, adding that Amy came off as a huge groupie. “I was standing there talking to Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber. I felt young and cool. Next thing you know, Dad’s fiancé came up behind me and grabbed me. She embarrassed me.”

Really? Of all the celebrities at the Mansion, you’re worried about what Kylie and Bieber think?

"Can you get Hef to officiate my wedding to...whatever your dad's name is again?"
“Can you get Hef to officiate my wedding to…whatever your dad’s name is again?”

Crazy Amy even asked Kendra’s friend, Jessica, to be in her wedding. Does she not have any friends of her own?

Kendra decides to go talk to her dad about his crazy fiancé. He’s blabbering on about what a great time they had at the party and how “wild” it got. He tells Kendra how Amy is the one for him and Kendra looks doubtful, but she doesn’t really say anything about it.

GrandDude and Crazy Amy pack up and head back to Singapore where they live. Amy calls to apologize for her erratic behavior later that night.

In the preview for next week, they go back to their tired story line of Kendra possibly cheating on Hank.

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  1. Yeah I’m sick of this washed up has-been who is just angry with her mom because she turned out to be JUST LIKE HER MOM.
    Look, Patti might like to make a buck on the tabloids every once in a while–if Kendra’s mad its only because she beat her to the punch! She’s mad because Patti gets a few $2500 checks to dish out a little nonsense that NEWS FLASH no one cares about anyway Kendra! Regardless of all of that–Patti is the one who raised you and saved your life multiple times (I read both of Kendra’s books, the second one makes Kendra herself look so bad I can’t believe she was willing to release it).

    Now Patti is threatening to write a book of her own, but you know what-I don’t think anyone would publish it anyway because nobody cares about Kendra anymore.

  2. Not to be mean..but Ashley if you can’t tell…we love teen mom drama.. I’m not sure why you keep updating these other reality shows. Keep the teen mom drama coming!! 🙂

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