‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Has Reportedly Lost Custody of Her Twin Daughters: More Details

Did Leah lose custody of her twins?
Did Leah lose custody of her twins?

In Touch Weekly dropped a bombshell on the Teen Mom world this morning, when it released an article declaring that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer lost primary custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, last week.

The magazine stated that Leah, who has denied having a drug problem, was taken to court by her ex-husband, Corey Simms, earlier this month and a judge ended up awarding Corey primary custody of the twins. Corey first tried to get custody of them last year, as he believed that Leah was struggling with addiction issues, while frequently putting the kids in danger. They were also frequently tardy (or absent) from school and Ali’s therapy appointments.

“Leah’s really been screwing up since then so Corey took her back to court,” the magazine’s source stated. “The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody… Leah only gets the girls on the weekends now.”

The magazine also claimed that Leah’s other ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, is attempting to get custody of Addie, his two-year-old daughter with Leah.

“Everyone is very worried about Addie,” the magazine’s source claimed. “She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted.Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home.”

OK, so here’s what The Ashley can confirm and what she’s working to confirm:

-Corey and Leah did indeed have a court hearing last week, so it is very likely that this was the outcome of that hearing. The Ashley’s source tells that last month, Corey was alarmed by some of Leah’s actions, and was trying his best to finally get custody of the twins. Furthermore, In Touch would not print a story like this if it were not true, as they could face legal issues for doing so.

-The Ashley can confirm that the incident with Addy did happen. The Ashley’s source tells her that this incident happened about a month ago and it scared Jeremy a lot.

-The Ashley can also confirm that Jeremy is, indeed, going to try to get primary custody of Addie. This was something he wanted long before the Addie incident, but it surely lit a fire under him to get to work on it. The Ashley’s source tells her that Jeremy is willing to change jobs, if necessary, to get custody of Addie. (He currently works out of town for days– and sometimes weeks– at a time.) Jeremy is still currently using the same lawyer that helped Corey with his custody case. (Who could forget good ol’ Rusty Webb?!) 

Leah has not yet commented on In Touch‘s report. She did, however, post a few tweets this past weekend about getting to spend time with her girls.

“We are having a fun filled weekend together. ENJOYING each other as a family. At the end of the day that’s what matters most!” she wrote.

Leah also posted photos of her and the girls carving pumpkins over the weekend. 

This change in primary custody will also likely affect the amount of child support that Leah receives from Corey every month.

The Ashley is working to get more info on this story and will update when she has more details.

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  1. Oh, goodness gracious! I wish nothing but the best for those little girls! What a difficult time for them, but, it’s all in their best interest! I hope life gets back on track and they start to grow in a happy and healthy environment. As for the mother, I hope she can use this time to get healthy and be a wonderful mother those kids deserve. She used to be a great mom, wth happened?! Unfortunately, I see Leah doing worse before she gets better.

    I am a single parent myself. My child does have special needs, as well. I can say, in my experience, it is life changing. It is hard. It can break your heart and make you angry. But. When I look at how incredible, funny and smart my child is. It’s like this disability does not bother her as much as it bothered me. Kids are so much stronger and tougher than people give them credit for. Don’t use your child’s disability as a crutch. Don’t pity your child and make them feel like it’s the end of the world. Their disability is what makes them unique, special and so much stronger than the rest of the kids at school. 🙂 Be your child(s) biggest cheerleader and believer that they can and will do anything they set their minds to. Kids need that!

  2. Thank god and I hope JEremy does the same. Poor Leah will have to get a real job instead of popping out kids for child support to live off of

    1. She must go through the MTV money like water. Everyone else lives so nice and comfortable with those checks and she seems to be one of the ones struggling and depending on child support money. Damn shame. MTV should have from the start put all of that money in bank accounts for the kids until they are 18. Not for the parent’s to splurge on.

  3. Maybe the drugs were leahs way of dealing with a child with a disability and absolving herself of the responsibilty. Now that Corey and Miranda have primary they will be the ones who will have to make the most sacrifices for their child. Leah seems like she can’t deal with the severity of Ali’s diagnosis. I remember Dr. Tsao saying patients with this type of muscular dystrophy can have life expectancies into thier 50s and not likely more. Leah will only be in her sixties. I couldn’t imagine. When they received the news Leah seemed very disheartened vs. Corey being so positive for he point where he couldn’t really fathom a diagnosis like that. Isn’t Ali the only kid in the world that is known to have her specific type. She is such a spitfire though, and so smart. She is extremely aware of what the adults are always taking about around her. She’s like a sponge that kid.

    1. Honestly I don’t think Leah is as troubled by Ali’s diagnosis as she is that it means more government money or Corey’s money. I think Leah likes the sympathy and she uses Ali’s diagnosis as an excuse for why things and life are extra hard for her. I’m not saying she doesn’t love Ali or that she likes that Ali has medical problems, I just think Leah’s problems are her own doing but she uses Ali’s health to make people feel sorry for her and for her to have an excuse.

  4. I fell like this Corey never asked for custody unit he got married and c that woman and besides every one haves their ups and downs dose don’t mean that she don’t give a f about her kids and just maybe if her f ex boyfriend gets off their ass and help her instand off act like she could do it all on her own and if Corey was not married then he would have not even took them kids from her because he don’t won’t to do it on he’s own and that goes for the other f to so Leah get it back to get her and get them kids back because u can do it it just that u need to make them kiss ur ass

    1. Okay you idiot, you realize that judges don’t take custody away from a mother just because the father wants it, right? Obviously you don’t, so I’ll spell it out. The mother has to do something very very bad in order to take away custody, like, oh I don’t know, pop pills, or let their daughter wander around outside unsupervised. You really need to mess up as a mother in order to have custody taken away. Do you understand now?

    2. Corey went for custody because his ex wife was doing drugs. Did you watch last season? She fed her kids canned ravioli at midnight, and her house was a disaster zone. Furthermore Addy wondering off by herself is a scary thing. Leah was probably snorting another line or complaining about how awful her life is

  5. I really hope this is true. If it is, then it says a lot about just how bad things must be. Most judges will do anything they can to avoid taking custody away from mothers. I really hope Jeremy is serious about pursuing custody of Addy, especially since she recently wandered away. Did Leah even notice she was gone? Even when I’m babysitting my nephew, he is always close by and within sight and hearing range. I can’t imagine not having my eyes or ears on him long enough for him to wander away. She is delusional if she really thinks she is fooling anyone. Even if someone was stupid enough to believe she does have narcolepsy, does she really think it would make anything she’s done okay? She has still put her kids in danger. If she had a medical condition that severe, she still shouldn’t have custody until it was treated and under control. If her kids wouldn’t be able to wake her up during an emergency, especially one that Ali would need help during like a fire, then that’s a huge problem and it’s scary she doesn’t even realize it

  6. I am so glad he got the girls-he seemed to be taking the high road, and that has got to be difficult with a whining perpetual victim like Leah. She is not equipped to handle the kids right now, and until she admits she has a DRUD problem, not a stress problem, she isnt going to be equipped. Leah, the entire country watched you nod out several times, heard you mumble incoherently about “dye in the babies heads” (love how fast the therapist hung up, wonder how many phone calls like that she’s gotten) so you are not fooling anyone who has eyes and a brain, you are addicted to and abusing opiates. Of course she was going to pass her drug test, she was prescribed that crap, she was just taking way more than she was supposed to. The hush hush pretending it isnt happening by Leah and her family is sickening.

    1. But why does Leah have to admit her drug problem to anyone, aside from herself? She’s already being crucified by fans of the show and the media, I don’t blame her for not wanting to bring more of that on herself. Whether you or others agree, in the medical community, drug and alcohol addiction ARE medical issues. Nobody should have to share private information about their medical histories, no matter what the issues are. Some people wish to open and honest about being an addict (i.e. Amber) and share to details to help others. Which I think it great. But it’s a personal choice – nobody should be expected to share these things just because they are in the public eye. Yes, the first step to getting help is admitting the issue, but the only person she needs to admit it to is herself (and her medical team/doctors). Not admitting it openly to Corey & Miranda, and especially the public, isn’t the reason to blame that she’s slipped again and isn’t doing well. She’s an addict and clearly needs more help. I am admittedly someone who sees addiction as an illness, so I do have more compassion for Leah then the majority of people here, BUT that does not mean I think any of it is ok, and I absolutely think the girls should be with their father. I actually think this should’ve happened sooner. It’s best for the girls (most importantly) but also for Leah. But I disagree that Leah should have to be open and admit her issues to others (aside from doctors) in order to get better.

      1. When you share custody with another person they have every right to know what environment their child or children are living in.

  7. I think Leah is a very good mother she just dealing with alot of b.s. with the two men’s she use to be in love with and how dare the fathers try to turn her out to be the bad person there is no one in the is world perfect so ppl should stop judging Leah …….

    1. Leah’s life is how it is because of HER actions. If two guys she was married to have experience the exact same thing with her then it’s not them, it’s her! A good mother who’s dealing with a lot gets it together they don’t turn to dick and drugs or put the girls in any harm.

    2. It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what the judge thinks, and he obviously thinks Leah is an unfit mother. Judges don’t give custody to the father because they’re badmouthing the mother, you mosquito-brained nitwit, they give custody to the father when the mother is not fit to be a parent. So you can blame Corey and Jeremy all you want, but reality is that a JUDGE made the decision. Stay in school and maybe your brain will Grinch out and become 3 sizes bigger. Unless you’re Jabba the Dawn, in which case you need to sit down and shut up.

    3. She made her bed. She needs to lay in it. Her life wouldn’t suck if she didn’t pop another kid out knowing you have a child with special needs. As for doing drugs, well WV has a huge problem with drugs. Corey wants his children to be safe, and in a stable environment. At this point Leah can’t provide that.

  8. It is bad that it should come to this.But at this point it’s the best for the girls.I hope that they can keep for ever with their father.I still wish Leah a good future,but she has a long way to go.

    1. No you wont, Cory quit the show. He’s more than happy to get MTV out of his life & take care of his family. I sincerely hope Jeremy does the same. Godspeed Leah, your girls need a healthy coherent mom.

      1. I don’t think he will quit. Does Corey even have a real job or Miranda? No way are they going to want to work with 3 kids and live the lifestyle they are used to ie. Wood paneled homes and pick up trucks lol

    2. Well she handles two just fine so I’m not sure what your point is…are you trying to insinuate that she is going to do a Leah and start popping pills? Yeahhhhhh somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen…

  9. This is what is best for the girls. That being said I’m still not going to mean because Leah is sick she needs rehab and she needs long term therapy. I hope she faces her demons.

    1. doesn’t seem like she’s hit bottom yet though, sadly. the first weekend she had them, she tweeted something like, ‘having QUALITY time on wkend with the girls, not having to run to appts’. she’s STILL acting like it’s all good, and making excuses. she wasn’t taking ali to her appts or them to school so it’s stupid to Still be using it as an excuse. she’s sooo busy lol, busy doing what?!

      1. Probably busy being a mom to three children. I don’t think she failed to send her kids to school and appointments entirely. You must not be a mother. It takes an enormous amount of work to be a mom, even an inadequate one.

      2. I feel like if she was really focusing on her sobriety, she wouldn’t make herself THAT busy with other things. Being sober can be scary & overwhelming as an addict. My therapist & sponsor encouraged me to attend a meeting every single day for the first 6 months… I was really busy being sober.

    2. Nobody should be mean. Some people are being very insensitive and immature about it. A mother losing custody of her kids is probably the most devastating thing that can happen to a woman. People should be wishing her the best to get better, not making fun of her.

  10. Good. Maybe now Grace can go back to being a 5-year-old and won’t have to try and act like a parent to her siblings. Leah and MTV have tried very hard to make sure the true cause and extent of Leah’s issue under wraps but it is absolutely unacceptable for a 5-year-old to be making food for her siblings because mommy’s too busy “sleeping” to care for her own kids.

  11. Thank God the legal system is actually realizing that not all mothers are stable and sometimes fathers should be the primary caregivers. If this isn’t a wake up call for Leah to get her shit together than I don’t think anything will. I understand taking care of three kids isn’t easy but Leah knew what she was getting herself into. She already had two kids, one of them with special needs. Did she really need the other one so soon? Especially with a man that is gone 80% of the time.

  12. As far as I’m concerned Dr. Drew should lose his job as “counselor/therapist” now that this has finally been addressed. How he could sit there holding this drug addict’s hand and defend her – all the time never confronting her obvious drug use- and trying to make Corey and Miranda look bad, when all they were trying to do was save those kids from an obviously dangerous situation. But nope, Dr. Drew never once did anything but cover for her. His panderng and denial could have cost those kids their lives. FIRE HIM.

    1. I agree with you that Dr. Drew was disappointingly limp during the reunion special, but I don’t think he is working in the capacity of a counselor during those interviews. I think it’s just as a host/moderator. Additionally, I suspect that MTV really puts pressure on him to keep the girls happy enough to keep filming during the reunion episode and for the series altogether. He really doesn’t call them out on their BS.

    2. I agree 100%. I was livid watching the way he trivialized all of Corey and Miranda’s concerns and enabled Leah to fall furtber jnto denial over the realjty of the situation. I can’t even imagine how Corey must have felt. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he quit the show for good and forbid Leah from filming the girls too.

      1. I think the next season is going to be classified as Season 6B instead of 7. Adumb mentioned in one of his Instagram rants that he couldn’t get out of filming for next season. I’m pretty sure MTV put a “b season” clause in the contracts; they did it with season 5b because they knew Leah would pump the breaks about signing up for season 6.

    3. dr drew isnt there though to be a therapist. he is there to be nice to the girls and facilitate conversation. he’s just doing what mtv asks him to do to get paid

      1. If he’s just there to play Jerry Springer that’s fine but he needs to drop the “therapist” act because that is exactly what he is trying to pass himself off as and that is what Leah thinks he is. Therefore, when he sits there enabling her addiction it just gives her more ammo to stay in denial.”well, Dr Drew thinks I’m OK so I must be OK”

    4. Unfortunately, since the girls still see Leah unsupervised they’re not out of the woods yet.

      MTV is really doing a number on Leah, like you said below (but probably above my comment) “Dr. Drew says I’m ok, so I must be ok.” That combined with her horribly enabling family and the fact that so many fans have bought into the cover up–Leah could find herself in a mess of denial.

    5. I lost it with her comments when Cory said he still didn’t know what Leah had gone to rehab for exactly. Her reply “therapy and stuff.” Seriously? I wanted to punch Dr. Drew. Telling Cory he “doesn’t know what it’s like.” He has NO idea what goes on with these people when the camera aren’t rolling. Why he continued to defend her is beyond me. We aren’t stupid, we as viewers can pick up on it. I lost all respect for Dr. Drew during that reunion. As well as doubted his role as a therapist.

    6. I TOTALLY agree with you-Dr Drew should be ashamed, and it was irresponsible of him as an “addiction specialist” to sweep it all under the carpet and go along with the “therapy for stress” charade. What a joke. I lost complete respect for him. He’s not doing her any favors, as the drug addict she is, by playing along with her head in the sand antics.

    7. I’m sure, legally, he cannot discuss things unless Leah is OK with it. Just because he does a follow up after the show doesn’t mean he knows all the facts either And, lets not forget that Miranda has an ulterior motive as well. I’m not saying Leah should or shouldn’t have custody. There’s more to the story than what’s on MTV and in gossip magazines, and we’ll never know it. So, it really isn’t our place to judge.

      1. And what is Miranda’s ulterior motive? I have no idea what that could be. All I’ve seen is a woman who married someone and got involved in a whirlwind of drama and psycho baby mama bs. Chick is pregnant, having to deal with Leah’s drama can’t be easy. And those girls obviously adore Miranda, it shows in the scenes where they are playing with her. Only motive I see of hers is to be a good wife and stepmother, and soon to be mother. If she lost her temper with Leah, so what. She’s been dealing with this drug addled chick for a long time, and she’s hormonal.

    8. While I understand where some of you are coming from (re Dr. Drew being there as a host not a therapist) HOWEVER, it is my understanding that he is, in fact a licensed doctor. It is unethical for any doctor, under any circumstance, to enable a drug user and perpetuate their denial. Which is exactly what he was doing.

  13. This is what is best for the girles and Leah. She clearly cannot handle having three kids. She has denied having a drug problem (that is laughable). I’m glad the court is doing what is best for the girles. Maybe they will attend school regularly, eat somewhere besides junk food, ride with seat belts on and Ali will get the therapy she needs so that her disease does not progress as quickly. I’m so tired of Leah’s family and all of her friends enabling her and her lies. The only person I feel sorry for now is Addie. She is alone with Leah and who knows how she is spiraling now.

    1. I’m glad you figured all that out about Leah’s life from an edited 8-10 hours of “reality” TV. How about you let the world judge tour whole life based on 8-10 hours that someone else can edit and manipulate for entertainment purposes?

      1. I would not of had a problem with it. Of course it would of showed my kid is/was on a schedule, got to his therapy appointments on time, as well as me working a full time job.

        Pretty much what we do now, even though my son is now an 18 year old college freshman.

      2. It is Leah’s choice to let the world see her life on reality t.v. Everyone has the right to have an opinion of what they witness on that t.v. show. Whether it is right or wrong for people to judge her, this is what they will do when watching the show. If she doesn’t want to be judged then she needs to stay off of our televisions and find a different job.

      3. Signs of drug addiction cannot be edited in that much. She’s can barely drive, has no patience, can’t even hold her brother’s baby. Her slurring and nodding out are allll her. And she actually got a lot edited OUT. Like being caught cheating on Jeremy with Robbie on a deercam. They didn’t address that at all, and made it look like Jeremy just up and left her for no reason.

  14. It’s amazing how the good doctor completely and blatantly decides to look the other way when it comes to Leah and her pill, er, anxiety issues…

    The children involved and their safety should always come first and it is so unprofessional & negligible of Dr. Drew not to confront her on how her addiction is endangering her children.

    That darn stress of her is so bad that she entered a drug rehab program… I knew that high levels of stress could lead to substance abuse but never that it could actually get you high all by itself, who’da thunk it? Ya know what? I think I am getting a little stressed just thinking about all of this… maybe I should go to my nearest drug rehab centre and get treated.

  15. This woman is on a downward spiral. It is her own fault bit MTV should know when to just STOP. I mean I’m all for watching a good ol trainwreck but geez. This woman is fixing to hurt herself and her girls! I just can’t support this show by watching this any longer. In my opinion enough is enough. And one more thing… F#*k You Dr. Drew! Shame on you!! You are an enabler and if you were a real dr you would not have sat there and let this woman lie about therapy for stress when it was clearly a pill problem! This is a serious issue. I hope baby Addie stays safe.

    1. Right. Her “therapy and stuff,” comment killed me! Seriously stop lying to all these people who you are supposed to be a role model for. I’m glad this was finally the outcome! I have zero respect for Dr. Drew since that show. I literally only watch because I think Chelsea and Kailynn are doing great, and they are good role models.

    2. I agree, Dr. Drew has lost any credibility he had, and none of these girls are expected to take responsibility for themselves. They always play the victim. I also am done with this show.

  16. Hopefully Leah realizes that it’s a blessing in disguise for both her and Addie. She was clearly overwhelmed with taking care of 3 kids.

    1. Totally agree with you. It’s been too over whelming for her. She’s just not prepared for the responsibility of 3 young children and especially one with special needs. Corey is on the right track trying to put stability in the girls lives. Kids need structure and limitations. With their mom they didn’t have that. Isnt Leah already involved with a new man?

  17. I know the Simms clan doesn’t read here, although I believe the Messers do…Dawn, please pass this on!

    Congratulations Corey, Miranda, Ali and Gracie! I’m thrilled for all of you! May you have the peace and stability you’ve needed for a long while now. Hope Corey banns the kids from teen Mom 2, since he and Miranda already quit it!

    1. I have been saying the same thing for quite some time. It was way past time to get the twins off that train wreck of a tv show. Now they will have stability, discipline, and a proper diet. I just hope Jeremy steps up to the plate for Addy. He was lucky she wasn’t hurt/killed/kidnapped after wandering off from her home.

  18. Does anyone know if MTV is currently filming for the next season? I’m always interested in how these big story lines pan out once they’re aired. It makes me think of Jenelle in the most recent season and how they combined two of her domestic violence charges into one arrest for the show. Any way, I’m very interested in how this will be portrayed on the show considering the recent edit they gave Corey and Miranda.

      1. They edited out most references of Leah’s addiction and made it seem like Corey and Miranda were unsympathetic toward Leah’s “anxiety and depression” instead of being two concerned parents who are fed up with dealing with an addict for a co-parent. Dr. Drew talked down to Corey and Miranda throughout the reunion while holding Leah’s hand.

        1. I was also like “WTF Dr. Drew?” They were turning Corey and Miranda into the bad people here! I get that addiction is more than a choice, it’s also an illness, and sometimes stems from a mental illness. But you have to face the truth. I get not wanting to air all of your business, but if they’re not going to make Leah be honest, why force Corey and Miranda to go along with the lie *AND* be nice about it?

        2. The best part of the reunion was when Miranda wanted to know what the hell Monkey was and when Corey explained it’s the word you say when you don’t want to talk about your problems, Miranda said, “Well then frickin’ Monkey.”

          Leah obviously has serious problems (I just saw the Unseen Moments episode last night and she was driving the girlses around and she was clearly stoned out of her mind), but MTV and Dr. Drew just shine the light the other way instead of trying to get her real help.

          MTV protected Juhnelle from violent Nathan by having security stay with her for a week, but then didn’t even attempt to save the girlses from a druggie mother.

          1. Excellent point Chicken Lips! What if she caused an accident while texting or driving around cracked out and injured one or all of her girls? Or some other innocent person on the road? MTV is playing ‘Russian Roulette’ and is just asking for one heck of a hefty lawsuit.

    1. Corey said he’s not signing up for the next season, so if he doesn’t, that will be one way for Leah to avoid the custody story line. He might even refuse to let the twinses be filmed. That’ll be the end of Leah’s meal ticket. LOL!

      1. No, they’ll keep her in it but instead of footage of Leah being a mom it’ll just be her nodding off in between talking about her stress and anxiety and about how everyone is ganging up on her.

        …So basically, nothing will change.

  19. waiting to hear what the leah worshipers say now lol. literally ALL she had to do was get the kids to school regularly and on time, and she couldn’t manage That! praying for miranda, it will be a difficult adjustment bringing them in full time (almost) and a new baby. but she’s got it, she’s a Dream compared to leah smh

    1. She thinks being a mom is “so hard.” All she does is sit on her phone while they are running around. Duh they are acting out! Kids want to be played with, they want attention, they want you to get off your phone and play with them! I’m confused why this doesn’t click with parents??

  20. Reality is setting in reallllll hard for her! YOU HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM!!! Now hopefully she’ll get her shit together!

  21. I don’t think Corey will make her pay for child support. I am sure he will ask to have his adjusted to accommodate the weekends.

        1. You’d think that, but it doesn’t work out like that all the time. My dad had full custody of my brother, and his egg donor had two days a month visitation. My dad still had to pay her about a thousand a month in child support for almost two years before the courts decided he didn’t need to. She didn’t have to pay him back a dime of that money, and when she was ordered to pay child support it didn’t even come out to a hundred a month.

          1. Isn’t that pathetic.

            I feel ever worse for the “Dads” that find out, and are made to pay for, kids that aren’t biologically theirs.

          1. If Leah is “cheap and easy” then so is Corey! Enough with the double standard.

          2. Corey wasn’t apart of this discussion. I don’t believe he cheated on Miranda, once they were married.

            If you watched the interview, “Dr” Drew eluded to them being “together” when all of them were still dating.

            But, no matter…were it true…Corey is still a much better person than lowlife Leah.

      1. Come on now Dawn, stop playing! We all know it’s not just her baby daddies she’s been humping. What about Robbie, what about T.R.? What about half the town she probably been sleeping with??

      2. Maybe not if you keep the baby daddies in order, but you can’t go back and forth!

        Don’t forget it was: Robbie, Corey, Robbie, Corey, Jeremy, Corey, (Robbie?), Jeremy, TJ…

        That’s definitely dick hopping.

      3. Hopping from Robbie to Corey, to Robbie, to Corey, to Jeremy (probably with another Robbie overlap there) to Robbie again, then Corey, then back to Jeremy until he found out about the latest Robbie hop, then to TR Dues. I don’t know, that sounds like a lot of dick hopping to me, Guest.

          1. Dusty is the guy Jenelle slept with. And FYI, Corey admitted to cheating on Miranda.

          2. Google is your friend…

            Dusty Haas, leahs ex circa 2011

            Dusty Sullivan, Jenelle lawyer

            Oh, and FYI…no, he didn’t.

    1. Do you think she said that in court? They asked her to take a drug test and she just screamed monkey at the judge lol

        1. Monkey!!!! Monkey!!!!! I’m getting anxious cause your conversation doesn’t follow along with the big ol’ pile of dung being spun by Leah’s camp (i.e. Mama Dawn, Victoria, Chasity, and Chasity’s bubblegum)!!!!

          What adult in the real world gets to just scream Monkey when things are hard? I could see me saying “Monkey” at work when having a convo with the boss! I bet my Monkey azz would be Monkied right on down to the unemployment line.

          1. Leah wouldn’t know what it’s like to work an actual job,one you rely on to pay your bills.

          1. come on now y’all! she was busy with her Mary Kay business, birthin’ babies, dealin’ with hollerin’ youngins, takin’ Ali to the geneticissticses appointmentses and gettin’ some good lovin’ with Robbie cause that damn Juhremy Lynn is outta town every week! This is monkey madness!

        2. I lost it when she butchered the pronunciation of this on the reunion show. No honey, you don’t have narcolepsy… Just stop. haha

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