‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Adoption Party & A Creepy Portrait

"Meet my newest spawn!"
“Meet my newest spawn!”

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time to head back over to the Brown family cul-de-sac for an hour of the Kody and Robyn Show, otherwise known as Sister Wives. Last episode, the judge ruled that Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s three kids from her previous marriage, so the Browns are still riding high from that.

In a surprising twist, DaytonAuroraandBreanna are going to Montana to see their biological father, David Preston Jessop.  It’s impressive that the Browns are still facilitating this relationship even though they don’t legally have to. (They are, however, very careful to only refer to David as the kids’ “biological dad” now, instead of just their “dad.”)

The kids are excited, but nervous. They haven’t actually spent any time with their father in two years. When they return to Las Vegas, the Brown family will be throwing a party for them to celebrate their adoption.

When Kody and the wives sit down to start planning the party, Robyn immediately starts getting feisty with Kody. When he suggests they have chicken wings at the party, Robyn basically freaks out.


“No! You said you wanted something nice! Chicken wings don’t fit with that,” she says. “You told me you wanted this dinner to be nice!”

Kody gets mad and tells her to “ease up.”

Yes, these people are fighting over chicken wings and, yes, we are actually watching them do it.

Janelle and the other wives are shocked that Robyn is openly defying Kody.

“I’ve never seen you be so openly mouthy to Kody,” Janelle says while “the others” cheer her on as she berates Kody over the chicken wing debate.

In a rare moment of actually being engaged, Meri comes to Robyn’s defense.

“I’ve known this guy named Kody Brown for many, many years and you know what he does?” asks Meri. “He just changes his mind whenever he feels like it and flies by the seat of his pants and just does whatever he likes.”

"I still don't understand why I can't have wings. Waa."
“I still don’t understand why I can’t have wings. Waa.”

Watch out, Kody, The sister wives are uniting to put you in your place.

Kody, ever classy, tells everyone to “get their panties out of a bunch.”

When you're sitting there listening to your sister wife complain about chicken, wondering how this is your life...
When you’re sitting there listening to your sister wife complain about chicken, wondering how this is your life…

The mental image of the sister wives’ panties has now entered all of our brains. Thanks, Kody.

Later, Kody and Robyn go through baby pictures of her  their kids for the party and Robyn gets a bright idea. She’s going to hire an artist to draw a picture of the kids when they were babies…with Kody holding them to make it look as if he’s been there all along.

Wait…what? So essentially Robyn is just cutting out their biological father and replacing him with Kody’s cheesy, smiling mug? It’s as if she’s trying to pretend that their real dad never even existed. That is weird, Robyn. It’s really weird. Does anyone else find this incredibly creepy?

Sweet Janelle goes to the bakery and has a custom cake made in the shape of a tree to represent all of the branches of the family. She’s the best one in this family. She rarely participates in any of the family hi-jinks, but she’s making an attempt to be involved in this party.

Kody decides to make plaques made for each of the newly adopted kids. The plaques will feature a pic of the kids as babies, one of him with them (of course), and one of the whole family.

“This is the acknowledgement that I am their father,” Kody says.

Naturally, Kody makes sure to stress that he doesn’t care how much it costs, and that he wants it to look very expensive. Unfortunately, they end up looking like one of those plaques that Little League teams give their sponsors at the end of the season. All it needs is a little bronze figure of Kody sticking out from it.

"Is it cool if I just put a certain finger in the cement?"
“Is it cool if I just put a certain finger in the cement?”

Desperate to stay relevant to this episode, Christine has cement laid in her backyard so that all of the kids can put their handprints in it. Of course, it’s complete mayhem with kids running around and Kody yelling at everyone.

Meri is enlisted to write the kids’ names next to their handprint, but she seems to be trying hard to resist writing “F**k You Kody!” in the wet cement.

The day of the party, DaytonAuroraandBreanna wrap gifts for Meri and Kody. They get Meri a necklace with three diamonds that represent themselves.

All of the kids are thrilled, as you can see...
All of the kids are thrilled, as you can see…

“It’s kind of a thank-you for what she did,” Aurora said. “She did the divorce so we could be adopted.” They get Kody a watch with “Daddy” and the date of the adoption etched onto it.

At the party, Kody, of course, makes it all about himself by giving a grandiose speech where he cries. He goes through the ritual of blessing all three of the children by having some family members put their hands on the kids’ heads.

“I really want to place a spiritual or religious seal on it,” Kody says. “They should feel special because I find them special.”

In case you somehow missed the message, everything in this family is about Kody.

Nope, nothing creepy about this at all...
Nope, nothing creepy about this at all…

Next, Robyn reveals her creepy picture to Kody. It features a younger Kody with all three kids when they were infants and toddlers.

“I created a moment that didn’t exist until now,” Robyn says. It’s obvious that she’s quite proud of herself for being so darn clever to come up with this.

Next, the kids present their gifts to Meri and Kody. Meri tries her best to act like she’s at all interested in anything going on at the party, but she can barely muster a smile. Kody, meanwhile, makes sure to stress how expensive and high-quality the watch that the kids got him is. WTF?

On the next episode, Robyn and Kody find out the gender of their baby and the whole family takes a vacation to Alaska. Meri also cryptically tells the family she’s “struggling with stuff.” Uh-oh, it sounds like they’re finally going to discuss Meri’s catfish catastrophe on the show!

To read a recap of last week’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ click here!

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  1. Janelle is very pretty and super smart, a real nice lady. She and Christine are much too good to be in this going to hell in a hand basket sin train. Hope they can escape and seek forgiveness. The whole set up is a bloody mess and shameful.

  2. It isn’t about the catfishing, it’s about Meri’s health problems. That’s what they’re addressing and that’s what Meri’s pensive about.

  3. That scene where Meri was sitting at her desk and on her computer when the cameras came in to talk to her, then she got a text, looked at it and put the phone down face down seemed to be a prelude to what’s coming next week.

    1. OMG I noticed that too! I was like guess “sam” just texted her!

      But I agree with Jeff, I don’t think they are going to bring up the catfish on the show.

  4. Robyn now runs this family . She is a Drama queen a cry baby.
    Why did she divorce her x ??
    That picture was really creepy?
    Those children are being used for a big tax write off .
    Marri, Christine and Janelle are just there for Robyn to use and let them that she is charge.
    Kody is scared off her.
    I can ‘t watch this show anymore because the children are being used.
    They are going to be know as the Adopeied children , Not a real Brown!
    Shame on you Robyn & Cody. You Are both going to change who those children from feeling who they really are.

  5. First of all your picture caption of Robyn is PRICELESS!! The picture Robyn had made was the creepiest thing ever and not just because it has Kody’s face on it. I know Meri could care less about any one but herself but I thought maybe she could put more effort into saying thank you to the kids for the necklace. Despite everything those kids are innocent and they didn’t ask her to make such a “sacrifice”. I also thought it was a little sad that Kody was bragging about his fancy watch and all the kids got was that ugly plaque! And I love Janelle and Christine. I think Janelle is the most genuine person in the whole family.

  6. So, wasn’t one of the reasons for the adoption that the biological dad was not involved? I find it unsettling that as soon as the adoption was finalized, the kids were off for a visit with him and seemed excited and happy about it. Makes Robyn seem a little more manipulative.

  7. Can we not refer to children as “spawn”? No matter what you think of the parents, the poor kids didn’t have a say in any of this.

  8. Thought: You know how MEchelle Duggar manages to make everything about *her*? (Trotting out her wedding album at every chance, rehashing the birth of whatever child is reaching some milestone, inserting herself into the kids’ courtships in general-Although JimBob makes literally *everything*, including turkey hunting, about sex. They’ve got to have hobbies outside of not raising their nineteen children.) IT’S THE SAME WAY WITH KODY. I seriously want to see a formal narcissism competition between the two of them. And I want to watch it from Meri’s wet bar. I’ll catfish her and see if she’ll let me stay over for a bit.

    1. I always thought JB was the narcissist and she was the enabling partner who had developed tendencies. Their family is so text book it’s scary, especially down to the Golden Children getting favored above everyone else.

  9. Janelle is really the only wife I like in this series – she’s level headed, articulate and actually chose this faith rather than being born into it. I wish the other wives could learn from her.

    I wonder how Kody’s other kids feel about the expense and big deal this event was made into. I get that the adoption is a big deal, but has he ever made this big of a fuss over his other kids?

  10. I don’t even watch this show I just read your recaps. I’m sorry that is creepy as hell to have that picture drawn. Let’s just pretend they never had a bio dad. Creepy. Whatever the story is there, it’s pretty disrespectful to do that. How confusing for those children.

  11. These recaps are the highlight of my mondays, hahaha. The Browns are fenomenal; disgusting and entertaining at the same time.

  12. I really wanted to barf while watching this episode. Is it always about Kody? He probably lit in to Robyn about her standing up to him. Christine looks heavier than Janelle these days too.

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